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NRB Chronicals - Kathy Branzelle National Day Of Prayer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 2, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicals - Kathy Branzelle National Day Of Prayer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 2, 2021 5:00 am

Interview with Kathy Branzelle from the Task Force on The National Day Of Prayer


What are tremendous during the pursuit Thomas got take your passion the news of the globe.

We know you know me well you know what my favorite passions's prayer and so one arm and really want to honor that we have here) was the president of the taskforces that would for the national Day of prayer E. Ramsdell. He welcome to shoot some might still get to be with you and so how you know what an opportunity we have every year to come together as a nation right enjoy second Chronicles. I am delighted that another nationally. The lot right yes right and so Kathy may be further from how to share your vision of as you came to the national broadcasters convention the spirit you what you hope and that that that people would catch fire for for this year's allow while I came here because I know there's a lot to get news out there and I ran around like you would think.

Thank you for sharing good news and giving people action in itself for this next national day of prayer because we are really mobilizing prayer every single day of the year. Thursday May is our celebration culmination. It's really my hope that we will help our nation to earn our eyes back fully on Jesus. We've gotten kind of distracted. If you notice a little divided. If you haven't noticed on with. There's lots of stats distinct Altera about how people are feeling and acting in Jesus is the answer we can communicate with our Creator through prayer and praise is a great healer, being thankful is a great life and so it's really my hope over this next year that we can help people through prayer and loving them up back back on track and that we would mobilize United prayer for America throughout the year and you know for me when I think Frederick will support apparently my people) are called by my name admitted to get called by Christian Beckwith grant we are children of God and so is it a beautiful thing that all we have to do really does turn our faces right like straight and go to that place where the source of healing.

That's right, and bound said our prayers move the hand universe.

If God is not powerful. If that's not good news. I don't know what is right so it's reads you don't have an option to see if it is whatever this country report to secure us to know the only place we really can transfer solutions is like wow our government. There was a law in order to be able to do this so to get involved in the national vapor, but obviously regular the appropriate one of the things I understand from your organization that you had an opportunity to witness were actually involved in was for Native Americans. I know most for a listers.

I have heard of this.

I guess a lot of our listeners haven't heard about what happened as well as you toast us out this year for the national Day of prayer. When you think that God really put on my heart with saying I'm sorry and America's not real good at that, though for over 20 years. I think friends with Native American leaders across the country and Sam Brownback, who was once Sen. Gov. than Amb. had written in 2009's apology to the Native American people tried to get through Congress tied to Congress finally was tucked into a defense bill. It was past I Congress and signed by the president. Pres. Obama stuck in a drawer. It was never spoken and free listeners out there.

I want you to know that the most important part of an apology is dang thinking it not just intending to say it actually Sam, sorry we please forgive me and so I we have been trying to get a president to say I'm sorry.

Still hope Manuel but for us spiritual kingdom trunks nationalism in a nation so we went to the many, many, and think of the tribal nation leaders and said if we say were sorry out loud with that mean anything to you in a sense course.

So at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC like people don't even know exists. We went there several Native American leaders and we read the apology that is a lot of our land and we apologized and said, forgive us and we received their forgiveness and we prayed in solidarity for God because he says in second Chronicles to secure sayings of 14.

He says I will hear from heaven and we wanted to make sure he heard us say we were sorry.

I'll forgive their sins and Montpelier land. So were now watching to see what he does VCR land that happened in almost every other state, across the nation with our coordinators and with Native American leaders.

There is violence.

We are so grateful to participate in wow what a picture of what God would have us see in the way we treat everyone right straight to speak the apology above the power of the that that happens.

It's almost like God allowed it so that the Native Americans get more of a stage of your nerves really invest times in these products.

These people work sincerely seeking God's forgiveness violate right this was a prayer right.

It absolutely was, and I can almost feel the kite had his forgiveness and healing anything in the minute we said were sorry we please. Forgiveness is almost like I said I thought you'd never ask. And opened his hand for that forgiveness and healing to come in and also for it to be a model for everything that's going on in our nation today. I don't know that you've it over the last couple years. I think I probably done and set things that I it was not acting in Christ loving way towards another person. You think that might indicate an and we wanted to model that you can take personal responsibility and say I'm sorry we please forgive me it's never too late to say you're sorry, but it's also never too soon right here.

Sorry, but also we to corporate responsibility for the sins of our nation. You know before we ever lived, but we took that corporate responsibility just like they had biblically Daniel BMI has so many others we said were sorry. Please forgive us for me as I sit back and think about while God look what you organized. I guess the national Day of prayer has been a burden for a lot of folks that we are on the shoulders of many fathers and mothers headed this up and so you Cheryl. A few of the wonderful people of God's had in your old allow Miss Barnett bright Ron NL at her husband Bill Bright found a campus Crusade for Christ crewing out of me, and then so she headed for many years and she handed the mantle over to Ms. Shirley Dobson, who headed this up for 25 years. Both of them, unless the state was a mentor in my life and I administrate.

I worked with them and I was on the Board of Directors and did special projects for them and admit inground lots with that interim for us for a year as Ms. Dobson retired. Of course Mr. Ronnie Floyd for a couple of years before he went back to Southern Baptist convention and then there are a God of me on the shoulder and I've been with NBP for 21 years and loved it deeply. So many deep relationships that I just love to mobilize her, so I'm grateful for this opportunity right but you have this passion for Native Americans and so God try to see where he was. His heart was in this at and so as people look forward to the event. Of course, how would you tell people to get involved, get organized.

What what what what are the steps that they were practical with the could do between now and next. Yet, because where we have 19,000 coordinators.

So if you we need more me to start with that because we want to coordinator in every ZIP Code in every county and were mobilizing prayer all year long and still you can go on our website.

National Day of and find out how to be a coordinator you can apply for that you can be praying along with this where on Facebook and Instagram. I do a blog every Friday. You can pray with us, you can sign up for our newsletter. We are sending out teaching people how to pray in uniting prayer together throughout the year. So many people call us email us when we were doing bus tours they'd almost run us off the road. She says in the parking lot think teach me to pray. I want to have a strong, vibrant prayer life know what to say. So we want to do that for the nation throughout the year so they can find out a lot more national Day of so well just recently listened Grossman and life man relate relate Kathy what should I do teach me to use. I would say get in the word so open your Bible and find out more about Kyle Sadie's three words no him more that sprays grow in him more next Thanksgiving that's being a disciple that people don't know that were disciple actually meet people.

Student Sylvia student. If a student of his worry look to see what God's doing enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise and then in his word read in Scripture and find out how you can put that into practice like teach me how to love people like teach me like teach me, Lord, show me how to be this year where it says I am this shown me and of course we always intercede. Always ask him have not because we ask so I would just encourage you to be diligent the stent every day to pray well as root word it was your say couldn't help but note solution for thinking about what she does know God is to pray like to talk to people but you know it all by talking tall. But God's word is Jesus just as in the beginning was the word of the work the word, so whenever reading the Scriptures are literally talking to set your learning more about invest in that process, which is everything to do with the Hebrew term yacht which just means is, like intimacy, like right like you would take somebody by the hand has everything to do with that idea what you want to God by the hand open up his word and then if I might just suggest you want some really fun turn to if you can find is producing in the book of first Samuel right.

Chapter 2 there is one of the most fabulous prayers that is ever verbatim for violating just give them up. Her only son, but she prayed to receive straight man of prayer. So it's really fun. From my perspective to look at some of the great prayers that people prayed through the centuries and the book is about is not a book of exceptions. This is a book of examples of how people grow in their relationship is so here you have a hammer at Ryan freight right persecuted made fun of torture. Basically dry her husband's other wife and then also as she sat in freight at the temple. She was accused by the prophet of being drunk and she's like no I'm just so desperate to soak. Desperate, just like I'm not drunk I'm desperate.

I'm just a charming child for God to answer my prayer is that sorry. He said you will receive your son and she got Samuel. That was the answer to prayer. So you know I love if you just thought you teach me to pray Rob your report Kathy. I would love to know how to pray more Saddam itself to serve and bless her right, bless her right to thirst to decrease your prayer life.

That's just so wow there's other resources that are there available) gas failed everywhere as national Day of Kathy, what an honor. As I said, just a modern really to have a chance to meet you and talk to you like I didn't expect this to think just so blessed. Thank you. Thank you. We look forward to playing with you more damage to

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