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Classic Car Guy Comedy - Supreme funnies

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 30, 2021 4:38 pm

Classic Car Guy Comedy - Supreme funnies

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 30, 2021 4:38 pm

Supreme funnies

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So you knew I told you I had to do my riddle, so I'm going to. And, you know, we both guess you meant you might have noticed we're talking about the Supreme Court. So speaking of Supreme, yeah, I think of Taco Bell. Lately, I've noticed the Supreme Court has been a little more ruthless. She's not there anymore.

She's not. So it's, yeah, it's kind of what happened. Yeah. And it's crazy that they only have one. I don't know if you knew this. They only have one unit of measurement in North Korea.

Just one? Yeah, especially when it comes to their drinks. They use the Supreme Leader. Supreme Leader. Oh, look, I'm glad. Reese enjoyed it. He did.

And you're going to like my last one, Bethann. Oh, good. Before we get to the actual riddle. Okay. Picking a Supreme Court justice is a lot like crossing a river. Have you thought about that? It all comes down to Roe versus Wade.

Which do we do? Yeah, there you go. So you knew the riddle was coming. It's here. Yeah, you can win today.

All you have to do is answer this riddle. When some fall away from the faith at their day in court, why will there be no hearing?
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