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Bible Wonders - The Will Of The Crown

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 16, 2021 10:23 am

Bible Wonders - The Will Of The Crown

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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As a Bible about submitting to the will of the Crown was really really neat words in Hebrew will start out with will. So when we pray with the Lord's prayer, which I enjoy doing myself every morning, we say, your will be done and so to an extent when we are starting out. The Lord's prayer were kinda right in that realm and that word in Hebrew will is pronounced red zone and it is really neat letters in it. But not only does it mean well, but it really means delight and so I actually often pray Lord your delight be done because the Lord delights in us doing his will. I mean there's just this kind of synonymous in the neat thing about that word. If you look inside of it has to do with high-spirited you know like he wants us to be either hot or cold, and he certainly wants us to be hot and then there's this is that ache which we talked about many times it means righteousness. So it's like we Jesus is the righteous one. And so you know his will is that we would have Jesus clearly and that we would live in that righteousness and in seeing what's right with God is clearly his delight, and it's also his will. So it's really really cool and then the word ends. You might hear at the end sounds the rats on that end. At the end is both very much faith and very much a seed okay oh. In other words, there's nothing that delights God more than you just trusting them and believing them and you know just counting on him to make it right. It's it's a beautiful thing. So that word red zone when I think about it is just phenomenal.

From the standpoint of his delight. His will be done. Your will is similar. By the way you want people to have faith in you. You want people to do things right and and and you want people to be spirited. You don't want people that do around you that don't really care that are apathetic and so it's kind of interesting that it be really cool to have people around you that want to delight you, and I certainly want to delight my wife and I certainly want to delight my children and so I love that word that some and then the word crown which is cancer, which we talked about before the Jewish people where this, no yarmulke because you know they want. This crown is telling them that that God's will is above ours and and so we are going to bow to the will, the rats own of God by in their case they put physical credit on on to give them the sense of oh yeah am I supposed to be going to get drugs right now are my supposed be going at work or whatever that would look like. We actually submitting to what God's will would be or just being conscious that he's got this right that it's good I love the seventh anointing in Isaiah 11 the you have the anointing's of the spirit of God in the last one is that the light in the fear of the Lord and that means that you know you have nothing if you just delight in the fact God's got this whatever's going on in your life you just as it and some of if we can just bow to his will to his crown and say your king you are going to handle this. What can I do to make it better and and praying.

This is usually where that start being in communication with you and I love the way David did in the 23rd Psalm Lord you are my shepherd, I lead me and pass because if you allow him to lead you the paths of righteousness for his namesake to know plenty of food. There's all over. We talked about that. The 23rd Psalm and then beautiful is the ending. Obviously he's going to lead you to life everlasting. And you'll dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Something to wonder about today on Bible wonders

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