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Bible Wonders - The Power of Witness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 15, 2021 4:08 pm

Bible Wonders - The Power of Witness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 15, 2021 4:08 pm

Presentation with out demonstration is mere conversation is what we trained in car business but in sharing Christ it is where the rubber truly meets the road.

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Today on Bible wonders. Let's wonder about the power of witness, but to be somebody's witness like it says map impacts chapter 1 verse eight works is you receive power from high to be my witness.

So how do you get this power well in the car business. We explained it like this. It was something we taught every new salesman that presentation without demonstration is mere conversation and to give you practical examples that you know you we sold Jeep Wrangler's what look like the old Jeep CJ's and the nice thing about Jeep Wrangler isas most of them didn't have a top and it was one thing to experience a Jeep writing in it with the top the doors on all the other stuff that if you took the top down and you took the doors off literally took the doors off so that there were no doors and then you went and got on the dirt road somewhere and you put it in four-wheel-drive. Then all of a sudden it was a completely different experience than just driving the car that you could talk all day long about how cool it was to take off the doors and all that but when you actually put the person of the seat and they experienced four-wheel-drive in four-wheel-drive low and the power of that was phenomenal. While the idea is that you can tell people all day long about you know what God can do and how God can do it and things that you learn in the Bible but actually what you witnessed him doing is like this phenomenal powerful thing that I remember one time my son had this new girlfriend and I got I got set up that you she really was in favor of homosexuality. And so my kids got entrapped me wanting me to get in trouble with her which the trapdoor irked another words I could see that she began to get angry at me. In this discussion and also in addition, years I'm sure by power of the Holy Spirit was my I just said you know sexual sin of sexual sin. Undoubtedly, I've had my share of that and so I can agree that I can agree with you more that none of us are without sin. See after my discussion with her about far from perfect. I said I might never forget when I was once like you are. I didn't believe in God and I didn't think it was any real reason to begin to even think about it until I read this book by Norman Vincent Peele and I took her into my story.

I shared with her that I went from this position of feeling. I certainly wasn't qualified to have a relationship with God. Based on all the things that I had done wrong and as I began to understand why Jesus really did have to die and that he did take my place. He paid for those sins that I have done so that I can actually have a relationship with him, which would help me not only in falling more in love with God, but falling more in love about the people I share with her how God really change my life. She actually became intrigued. All of a sudden wanted to know more about how that happened in the next thing I know she became the producer of the Christian current radio show and ended up doing a documentary on me at Elon College went from being in a completely against God or any concept of Christians to definitely seeing God as part of the solution you know she's raised raised Catholic and she had some understanding of those things she never had a practical experience with God and when she saw that was possible. She entered into that in her own way again the presentation without demonstration of how that actually worked out in your life that your witness is where your power is and so you wonder how can I talk to somebody about God.

Well, one of the fistfights I can think of is to talk about what he actually has done in your life, some to wonder about today in Bible wonders to

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