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Bible Wonders - Lies Make You Skinny

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 8, 2021 10:59 am

Bible Wonders - Lies Make You Skinny

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 8, 2021 10:59 am

The Spirit of Poverty tells us lies that keep us impoverished-Skinny

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As the day Bible verse. I'm wondering, did you know that lives make you skinny of its amazing how God brings things back around that of been studying and you may remember last week I do Bible wonders on my struggles with lying and so if you go back and listen to podcast last week that be good but it would help you with this one.

If you haven't heard it, but essentially you know it's fascinating that in a couple days ago I did the podcast on how truth in the most part has to do with this part of your body called a call, which has to do with the fact that surrounds the liver and also surround your stomach like this guy just has me on lesson plan. Of all my goodness I had not put these two together so when you look at the word lie in Hebrew.

We talked about this last week its kibosh which is got this half followed by a head followed by his shin which it does look like something's getting consumed here. I mean that's the way that that letter shin is is means consume more to oxidize some sums getting burned up and specifically since it's a happens right before that shin it would look like life is getting burned up and that hoof in front shows that that's kind of done of our wearing our own crown rather than using the crown of Christ so it's interesting that lives actually consuming what they consume would appear to be fat. Now isn't that interesting that we talked about how the fat is what protects us our innermost parts, because you know in Psalms 51 word. David said you know God desire truth in the innermost parts.

What he doesn't desire is lies and lies actually consume fat. According to Psalm 119 24 it says my knees are weak through fasting and my flesh failed with a fatness for that word failed with is the same word as lie, so what is showing us is that as we make this practical right is that when you have a spirit of poverty, but you're making an agreement with the lie that God is not going to meet my needs and so if you're like me and every single day.

You know, my car makes a sound and I got all that's gonna be $500. Or, you know, I see light flashing on my septic tank the yard to go after the thousand dollars and all the sudden Satan flips a little lie out there. I grabbed a hold of it and the next thing you know I have an agreement with the spirit of poverty in the spirits of poverty, literally make you lean they make you skinny because as we talked about in a couple shows ago that God desires truth in your innermost parts and truth has to do with fatness. I never made this connection, but this is absolutely beautiful when you put together to go okay so what you're telling me as I study the word of God, the Bible, it is Jesus.

And so as I consume the word of God.

I am creating a layer of fat in my call that my spiritual call right that helps isolate me from the infection of lies. So as I bring in more truth which no since the day I began word reading the Bible that Norman Vincent Peel told me you know if I want to sell more cars. I need a positive mental attitude and how to get a positive mental attitude is to read the Bible, which made no sense to me at the time, but I took him up on it. What he knew is that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God or the word of God is Jesus. And faith does come by reading the word and seeing how God came through time and time and time again and continues to come true, even to the end of the story. Obviously the beautiful thing is all my goodness, the more I study the word of God, the more I see that, of course, God's gonna work it out with my septic tank course God is going to provide for my needs.

Let noise I'm hearing in my car. Of course I don't have to worry about my daughter's actually driving to Alabama today. He's going to meet that need. He is on my side if I start making agreements with lies. I'm really making myself poor. I'm making myself in poverty. I'm making myself skinny because to live in the kingdom is to live in absolute faith that God has your every need met and he is definitely with you and for you, and when I think about that. I do not think that somebody who is dying of starvation is believing that and how many people do. I know that don't spend any time in the word of God and all my goodness.

No wonder they believe so many lies. No wonder there's so starving for affection so starving for joy so starving for all those things because there's so skinny they need God they need the Bible how do we know something I wonder about is how do we share that message to

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