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Bible Wonders - My Lieing Struggles

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 31, 2021 9:28 am

Bible Wonders - My Lieing Struggles

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 31, 2021 9:28 am

Like Sara in Gen 18:15 too often I don't tell the whole truth and deceive. God showed me withing the Hebrew words for Truth and Lie could be some clues to help.

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So today on Bible is on why I live so much, which is really sad truth but you know God kinda brought it to my mind, and some conversations that I had yesterday which I have a lot because I met a lot of people that at times I exaggerate things and sometimes I don't tell the whole story and you know classic example for me. As you know I'll come home and I go to open the refrigerator. My wife usually asked if you wash your hands and that's the kind of thing about I'll say oh yeah, or elected seven dwarves in sleeping beauty and snow white listed.

She asked him if they wash their hands or said recently that part may be little humorous, but what I do is not at all funny and it isn't is obviously something that I'm really trying to work on with God and so I thought as he brought it to my mind this morning and something that we needed to revisit I might study a little bit and see if I can find something so that I could take the nasty plum, so to speak out of my view for me to admit that before but Pastor James with encouraging prayer. Once did it a bit more like if you can just fall into to God and your inner just envelop I am then everything becomes okay and so I really want to take the nasty plans when it comes to my problem with lying, but you're not there yet. So here's here's what I kinda discovered I hope you I hope it helps you is I feel like it's, help me find out here the next few days so the tendency to lie in Hebrew the word is cash and interestingly we find it in Genesis 1815 for the first time with Sarah and when you know she'd laughed after the Lord the visitor to Abraham told them that she was going to have a child and that visitor/the Lord asked her, you know, why did you laugh, and she denied it and that were denied is actually the same word is the word line, because obviously it's the same kind of thing that Sarah did there like did you wash your hands and so she she covered actually was going on and it seems like a minor thing but obviously to the Lord. It wasn't and he called her out on it and then after she lied.

He said oh you did. You did laugh, and then he left Sarah and he went on to talk to Abraham and you know there's the deal like this isn't good. So when you look inside the word. It really is descriptive of what's really going on when we lie that word starts with the hoof which means like the palm of your hand. So it's to cover something or to suppress something which deceiving is doing. And the thing that you're suppressing is the letter. Are you the letters had in the letter shipment and so when you have that letterhead that that letter means life. More specifically, if you look inside that letter. It is glory, coming down from heaven, a male energy and a female energy reflecting it. So here you have God's reflection going back up to God. Underneath this hoopla of marriage and so to suppress that is to suppress God's glory. Literally that's what you're doing and that shin on the end would then be you know the chewing or the consuming the oxidizing of that particular glory. So what you what you're really doing is is your covering up God's glory and you might think will G if I added something to a story.

How did I cover up God's glory. Well, the truth was the way that God wanted this situation to really happen, even if it may look really bad on God. He still is completely in control and it is what truly is. And so in some way, it reflects him the truth does every single time because he is the truth and and so the word truth when you look at that word. It starts off with an island and then a man and then at Tom, and the reason is is that that's the beginning of the alphabet the middle of the alphabet and the end of the alphabet because the truth is the truth. At the beginning at the middle and the end and although things may look really bad.

As we talked about with the letter to letter tests that the concept of goodness is there even though we can't see it. God is doing something really good in all things, and it will be revealed how it all fits together into God's plan and so getting back to my little situations as I is a begin the process you know what's causing me to do this well, it says and that passage about Sarah. She did it because she was afraid and and so when you're afraid your focus is on yourself, rather than the fear of the Lord, which is your focus being on the Lord and so it's like a check engine light.

I think this is what I'm thinking that if I catch myself wanting to live if I can do that is like the check engine light going off like Robbie, you are not taking the nasty plum share you're not trusting God with what is in and you need to get your focus off whatever you're afraid of, and you need to get your focus back on how God's glory is amazing even though it may not look amazing to me right this minute because my faith is that I know he's got it under control and that idea of the seventh anointing of the heaven spirit of the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 11 a delight in the fear of the Lord tells you bit this stuff is beautiful and I know it's hard for me to even interpret that as time dealing with people and finding myself is my focus goes back to myself how I'm in a being perceived were trying to make myself look better than I do, because in some way I'm hiding. However, I'm covering it. It's being covered and what I'm covering is the truth of literally covering life uncovering God's glory so that another way to put it is photo bombing Jesus right. I gotta get my face in the pitch. Sometimes that may be completely pride oriented or maybe always it pride oriented stuff that I gotta wonder about an obviously that'll work on as I so grateful for the Holy Spirit convicting me of my deceiving my cup hash from God's glory to

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