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Bible Wonders - The Relationship of Family to Banquet

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 30, 2021 10:29 am

Bible Wonders - The Relationship of Family to Banquet

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 30, 2021 10:29 am

The Royalty of the Family Dinner Table or even Better The Family Alter

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Raymond today on Bible wonder with me about the concept of family and banquet going to go together. I've never realized the relationship but when I looked up the word family this morning. It was word that God gave me to look at this morning as I was thinking about a shared vision. I was amazed as I studied it to see the relationship between family and banquet and so when you word family in Hebrew, the first letter is on them, which we talked about many times, has to do with water, but it certainly is equivalent with Jesus and and is very much the idea of a king's word kingdom starts with two atoms like that and the word Messiah obviously had begins with a RMM or the word King which cell starts with a M Malik and so when you see a man at the beginning of a word you realize the sort of a royal word okay make would make sense that family would be along those lines. The second letter is a shin which usually means to chew on something okay or to oxidize it in the third letter is a pay which means essentially a mouth or presence which kinda goes really well with chewing and then there is a hat which means life and a hay which we talked about at length which means to express something more to say hey now, when you look at that word and then you look at the word banquet there very very very similar. The word banquet is a ma'am and a shin starts out exactly the same way so you have this sort of Royal eating thing going on and then you have the last letter of the Hebrew let out a bit, which is a top of which really means truth and and it also sort of God signature on something because it's the end of the alphabet and it's the end of the story. In the last letter in the word feast is also a hay so this is an expression again of this godly feast of people chewing together in this case on the truth so is it fascinating when you think about the family mealtimes and I was blessed to have a father that definitely believe strongly in that we all came to dinner and that was what was supposed to happen. As we sat around the dinner table. You know there was a lot of truth in it. Quite often, was a banquet you know when I was raising my own children. We got to do that quite often in those times are absolutely wonderful and sometimes it run restaurants you know it was it was an amazing thing to sit down with my family and have a meal and it's something I dearly love to do these days when I get a chance to sit down with all of my grandkids all my kids it's it is a feast and you can feel the royalty of it and so I'm not terribly surprised that that members that the front of the word.

I love the fact that the truth is, and that word and I don't know if you ever know I'm one of the things that I think sometimes we had a chance is a family to talk about the word of God used my kids to school and we would talk through the Bible every morning on the way to school and I think about the banquet that is there when we have a chance is families to chew on the word of God together as an expression of what family are banqueting really is something to wonder about today on Bible wonders

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