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Bible Wonders - The Bride Encircles The Groom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 25, 2021 10:51 am

Bible Wonders - The Bride Encircles The Groom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Bob wonders like a about one of my favorite things to wonder about his if you ever go to a Jewish wedding.

You'll notice that the bride encircles the groom seven times, and you may know that in Jeremiah 3122 there's a Scripture I just dearly love it says the Lord is going to do a new thing. The bride encircles the groom, which is actually the new thing is the church itself is going to encircle our groom, which is Jesus in the 45th Psalm speaks to this a whole lot and I don't know if you ever realize that I had and I just learned about this this week so much what they were doing when they went around the city of Jericho seven times like a Jewish bride would go around her groom seven times.

It has a whole lot to do with this idea of creating a house for God so the letter saw Mike which looks exactly like a circle in the Hebrew language is representative of a wedding ring also is representative the concept of infinity because again, our marriage, Jesus is going to last forever so that ring has everything to do with that.

But the Jews have this tradition that they say the 15th day of their month evolve is the joyful last day of the year because it is the day where the Jewish maidens would all get out in the meadow and hold hands and a big circle and dance and then they asked agenda men to lift up their eyes to depict for themselves a bride and this is definitely a circle on purpose. And if you ever go to a Jewish wedding. It's a really beautiful thing in the idea is goes like this, that the bride when you see her approaching approaching the groom. She will walk around the groom seven times and the reason that is is they are to an extent nesting that the idea of nesting around us.

Obviously, God's idea, and the woman as she is to support the man in the sonic in the Hebrew language means to support social what is she saying is I'm going to build this house for you on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. You know the old saying, a man may work from sun. The sun, but a woman's work is never done. And that's because of the sonic because she is going to support her husband all seven days of the week. Now again, why did the Jews go around Jericho, seven times, well they are going around because there going to make a city fit for God so first they had to bring down the walls which just like a bride would bring down the walls of her husband's heart all seven days of the week and then right they had to get in there and sweep up the mess. Unfortunately, in the case of Jericho. You might remember they had to kill all that was living and offer those things and sacrifice and clean up the mess so that it is fit for God, which is exactly what the bride does.

We now being the bride of Christ are all about witnessing to Christ to help people come to Christ because as they come to Christ right they clean up their hearts and they make a place fit for God to live there and on the story goes as we the bride of Christ do our job. It's a really really really beautiful thing, but one of my favorite parts of a Jewish wedding is when the man which is again a picture of Jesus. He takes the ring. The wedding ring again a circle, a sonic and he puts it on the bride's finger and then he says I will support you because again the woman assaying him as a porch on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday.

He says now I'm going to support you in obviously financially, which means taking care of all your needs or clothing right. Jesus is going to give us amazing close and he is the word so he's been supplying for your needs physically and emotionally and spiritually.

Since the day you were born and he will continue to meet those needs as he is our support that ring and he's there for eternity.

He he he essentially is your groom so the husband the case.

The Jewish wedding recites these things about meeting his bride's needs, from a standpoint of support, physically, emotionally and spiritually pathway the man is the head of the house from a spiritual standpoint, as that is his responsibility to support his wife in the spiritual matters, which you know unfortunately Adam Blewitt in the garden of Eden, he was supposed to support Eve.

It was supposed to be there to make sure that things didn't happen at and so he chose Eve over God and and now we have an opportunity to choose Jesus right is our groom and begin to nest Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, this is not Sunday as the bride of Christ. It's all about right preparing our own hearts for him to come live in us, but also preparing the world with this idea of the sonic which again looks like a circle in the Hebrew iLife base

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