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Bible Wonders -The Lion Eagle Ox and Man are One

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 12, 2021 5:00 am

Bible Wonders -The Lion Eagle Ox and Man are One

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 12, 2021 5:00 am

Ezekiel 1 The Cherubim Faces share a key insight to "ECHAD" or Oneness from Deut. 6:4

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Today on Bible wonders we get the about the animal heads of the cherubim from Ezekiel chapter 1 as we were talking about the man of naming animals that he had special wisdom to actually capture their essence and cyber Hebrew letters from which he named these animals.

And so it's kind of anything because you can study both the animals and their essence, but also the essence of some these letters by looking at them.

So for example the heads of the cherubim you know if you looked at the front of them since they have the face of Adam and from the back. They had the face of an eagle from the right. They had the face of a lion and from the left.

They had the face of an ox well. Interesting thing is in each of those animals described their not the man but the animals there is a rage of the letter ration Hebrew means head since.

Oh, when you think about what eagle and ox and a lion all have in common is I don't know if you've ever gotten in a pen with a real live bull before that had horns like there's no doubt that he's in charge when he's in with your if you jump in the cage lion. I mean once again that he's in charge. Or maybe, like me, you've had a chance to steer an eagle down and I think it's just absolutely phenomenal thing that in each of these cases, you'll find that ration yesterday.

We talked about the Eagle today I want to talk briefly about the lien want to talk a little bit about Adams wisdom and something that we could might could learn from all this what God will show me this morning so if you look at the word lion in Hebrew, the first letter is an Alice which you might know was like the alpha male. Well, all I am is is like that but it is certainly a connection to father like when you hear the word right, it's an Alice in a bed, meaning the head of the house and so when you think about a lion he certainly is the house case you didn't know. I will I'm sure you'll do know that Jesus is the line the tribe of Judah, so he is the head of that house. There's no doubt about it, and then the second letter in the name lion is a rage in the third letter is a good and we talked about that that unit is the little that means a lot and it is the letter that begins the name of Jesus. Since the beginning letter of the word Jehovah and so you can see that this lien in all sorts of ways is definitely connected to God and would be a picture and you cannot but wonder when God made the cherubim to be making before he made the animals and they had their essence art of the cherubim were sort of the picture of the essence of the animals that we would be able to see here on earth, but Adam had the joy of describing their essence in their names as you see the animals were paraded in front of Adam, and he named them.

So as I was thinking about this concept got just a kiss Tearing my head here oh Israel, the Lord is one which actually the verse itself reads a little bit differently than that, but that's what I kept hearing in my head so I decided without these cherubim had for faces, yet they were one or you know they were in one accord, so to speak, and so I decided to go look at that verse and and there's a couple's very significant things when he says here oh Israel, that word here is very much connected to the word name because here in Hebrew would be pronounce Shama but it spell almost exactly like Shem, you might've heard. That means name so it's a shin and amendment means name while you put a lien on the backside of that or sort of yoking to that and you get word here 20 saying here is like when you call somebody's name you get their attention. And so it's like you know hey Robbie get their intentions when he says here oh Israel.

In other words, he's calling their name and he's getting their attention. So this obviously significant the word Israel when you really think about it is a beautiful thing in this particular context because when Jacob got his name Noah he God. It was by wrestling with God and all of you ever noticed, but boys loved to wrestle with her dad and why is that because they love to test their strength, I can remember wrestling my dad. He was like iron to me when I was a little kid like man wrestling him was like wrestle the best.

It's a great way to test your strength and so this is exactly what Jacob was doing. He was a contender.

He was contending with God.

He was wrestling with God. He was testing his strength and I don't know if you've ever noticed wonderful disciples have a tendency to contend wrestle with God throughout the life of tough questions they take to God, like David did in the Psalms, and so here he is saying God is saying listen you contenders. Those of you who have tough questions for God here this right and then to use a double name. He says the Lord, which means Jehovah's words translated Jehovah hello hi which we talked about those words in the names of God's will use a double name of God and so you got to words. But then he says is Yahweh a cotton other words, one God, one Lord, so again were seeing the four faces of the cherubim, you know many people like this, but I do that, you know they have different faces. They used in different circumstances, yet they are united and in the beauty of the church was in one accord clearly when you know the book of acts, and so the word one is a phenomenal word because it is a but it has the power of an adjective.


The word one could mean united. It can also mean that it's the best. In other words it's first in line like were number one that's an adjective it's singular. In other words means the simply one thing, but also can mean an indefinite indefinite article like someone right or it can mean that it's incomparable like there's only one also can mean in time. Once upon a time one time. So there's a there's another aspect of the word one when you really look at the word cod in Hebrew. It is very much again starts with an elephant means the head which makes sense because it's number one. And then the next letter you look at that letter.

It is the word for United.

It means marriage to an extent. It's a female energy in a male energy underneath the Hoopa and and so this is a united word so when you think about one you got the head you've got United that's another letter and in the last letter in the word of cod which is beautiful is a doll. It in a doll. It means help right and so like when God was looking for all those animals he was trying to find Adam a help meet right and that word help like every little kid you ever met.

They always have a million questions are contenders right now is what is this what is that everything is always unfair because there contenders but then they always want to help like how can I help how can I help how can I help and that is a big part of oneness like when were united with God. How can we help how can we help how can we help and certainly when you see those heads of the cherubim you can see there there to hear so going back to this verse. Deuteronomy chapter 6 here oh Israel, the Lord Jehovah hello hi is a cod is one and that one this is a significant thing and a significant power right your God is one wonder about that today on by wonders

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