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If I Were A R$ch Man

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 13, 2021 12:36 pm

If I Were A R$ch Man

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 13, 2021 12:36 pm

The Christian Car Guy is a lot like a Postal Delivery person.  No MATTER what weather or obstacle thrown on the route, the Christian Car Guy carries on!  Wait.  No.  That was God :)

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, you made many, many poor people.

I realize of because it's not shame to be poor so what would have been so terrible if I had to move, for which I will reroute the other David. David David all I wear well in card radio show with Rich over the time that this parade and maybe this is because some of the seven is every day and that this thing is rich if I were a rich man today on the Christian card I show me that some of ponder is that I was hoping that we would be live and we are alive today but I was hoping you could call in and share but I don't because we had an ice storm last night and so we are on emergency power which doesn't apparently right now include reference the hamsters are exhausted and so what a great time to think about what if I were a rich man. I mean it's it's it's it's a wonderful thing to think and you note to VA I think that's how you pronounce his name. As I write Bipin that is great music well heat if you listen to that last verse that he saying, which I think is absolutely mind blowing. But it tells you how much the Jews appreciate education and he certainly did in that movie date.

They appreciate learning and that kind of stuff that I think it's fascinating when you look at what he said that it doesn't require any money to do what it said was the sweetest thing of all the him. He said he wanted to sit in the synagogue and pray maybe have a seat by the eastern wall map that may take money. I don't know but I love what he said I would discuss the holy books of the learned men several hours every day for those holy books are actually very significant because the Jews have three books, at least, that they that he is talking about there you have the Torah which we would call the Bible but they have another thing called midrash, which means the story and so that mission that really started with Adam and is a really important issue when it comes to being a rich man.

Adam was pretty rich and in his descendents as they came down but they told this story in the midrash, which is really a beautiful thing and we can talk about that some today but they also have commentaries like we have Matthew Henry Henry and in different commentaries that we got a study to figure out how to interpret the Scriptures what their commentaries are in that what they call in of the atomic so when you hear them become first kings in Spain and Chronicles where they say art this all written in the books of the annals of these of the other books that they're talking about so their rabbis study these every single day right and and and think of what he is saying here.

It would be the sweetest thing of all to sit with the learned men and want to talk about the no talk about God or maybe I'm hoping you're like me and you have several Bible studies, groups, Sunday schools before you can sit with the learned people and be completely open with your questions or your interpretations and you can argue and you can just have yourself a heavy a time. You know discussing these learned books Mimi's would learned people in and in. I like an alignment would be the richest man of all because what I do and radio is every single day when I come to work I get to interview people like James Banks who you know wrote.

I don't know how many books on the subject of prayer and then I get to interview you know the people from land and rescue like we had on last week that are out there in the field rescuing in a young ladies and and they have a completely different thing that I get to hear from them and and as my day goes on.

This I get to interview all these different people all the time. I'm like, man.

I'm a rich man. My question today for the band, you know, what would that mean to you to be a rich man amenable over what rich woman, as the case may be, what what what would that feel like and what would be the sweetest thing of all, I and it would be interesting to actually sketch that is interesting. By the way that discussion with God so today you blessed.

I think to me. To me it really and I may say this every time I really feel this may be the best episode of Christian card I theater ever. It is just the acting in this particular episode was beyond good and it also has a and I'll give you a little spoiler alert. We finally get to see valiant make it to the cross and so don't want to miss this particular episode I know we haven't had one for a while through the Christmas and all is been going on but this episode of their Christian card. I feel it's come up in the last segment and it's absolutely out of this world cool so you want to stay tuned for that and getting back to our if I were a rich man. I do find it fascinating from the song when I think about some of these books because I studied some this week one of our patriarchs. He was called in and can you might remember any walked with God.

There's not a whole lot of written about in the Bible and but for whatever reason I felt like it would be really even ask name and what is that really mean and so I went to a lot of different places to look for that and what I discovered was that while what most English commentators of the Bible. When you look at the definition if you go and I'll do it Bible dictionary or some of the other places interlinear that you would go when they look at that name. They would they would translate that word is devoted and and you'd find it in the Bible like when they devoted the home. The new temple. When Solomon built it. You know after that that they use that word, the same exact word is in ink the root of that word to say temple but then there's another thing that really kinda blew my mind when I saw that same word is the word for train up a child on the way that he should go right that would train up when you look at it is that same concept of scenic or them.

I found a wonderful video actually that was at Shabbat, which is wonderful to recite where they go into great detail on the name they believe in what they believe in. It means his educator so that's one of the learned men when you think about it and that's what how it goes to the song, but a Marine from this site with what it teaches about the make.

Now I know this is from the beverage and its from some people standpoint extra-biblical information and it certainly is that I thought I still find it terribly fascinating.

If we don't hear a lot about eating but here's what they have to say about only in the time of any course the seven generation move removed from Adam. Did men improve their contact conduct which the Titanic had everything to do that unit devoted all his life and his work to the service of God. We live for many years, a life of isolation and prayer.

When he returned to live among the people they seem recognizes great wisdom and justice, and elected him as their leader.

Under his rule. There was peace all over the world. He restored faith and law among the people, so that no one stole from his neighbor Rob the traveler.

This order lasted until the year 939 30, which is the year that Adam died and you may know that the Jewish calendar starts like day one and it just keeps running it it doesn't have an AC Army-Navy unit does like that. So this order lasted till the year 930 when Adam died. What is think about how cool this was what they're telling you here is that for how many years did Ina get to hang out with Adam and can you imagine what Adam he knew the membership. Obviously, either the story better than anybody. I mean, to actually sit down with Adam and have a discussion with him so anemic again after his his great grandma great great great-great-grandfather died he would do withdrew in the seclusion, appearing only occasionally to give advice to the people and answer the questions that have arisen among the time of his absence in it did not die like any other human beings. He was one of the few that God took away alive in Nick's name from a Jewish perspective means educator so just when you think about that train up insolence of what I tried to do was to start asking God. How do you connect these concept of devotion right or devoted and educator and all of a sudden it hit me like if you're devoted to anything right with him so while we got to go to break devoted to anything out that you end up teaching consciously as you can help Michele try trying similar to be back with more on if I were a rich man to find some themes in Genesis all about club in Richmond and so will be back and then we got this because I theater, not thinking, you're listening to the Truth Network and My rich sense. I if I were rich with an overwhelming as the case may be. Today show, so we did figure out a way we can help.

Like if you have a thought on these lines, like if you are which rich man a rich woman right Beth and Remy let you know you know working on getting the phone working on getting Internet email backup we had that ice storm and he will be the technology on our side. Let's text and I said I'd be more than willing to give my cell phone out and they can text their thoughts. Begin 43363912649 so that's my cell and I love to get it to extent.

I'll share will share with Robbie 336391264949 and you know it's easier than have to be on the air. You could just text Beth and then she'll tell me you know what you would do what would be the sweetest thing of all. If you are a rich man or woman. I would love to know that so we can try to get that feeling and we got the card I theater coming up in the last segment today and as always forgot to mention of love in the application support in recently really were.

Since Christmas it like often they do and so UBP praying for that ministry again. You can find out more about that a Christian Car see the actual phone right yeah so the phones are now up the normal 866-34-TRUTH eight if you want to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH working even in the eyes that may be so, as we start to think about this idea of like wow, how cool the study God like you would on Valentine since this is Valentine's Eve. It's a great thing because it is when you gone those first dates and you you get to study that person find out things that they like and they don't like and and you and you get to see what they know in their expert to write what they're devoted to. I bet you anything that can teach a few things and I can tell you how many things my wife is taught me what it's one of the beautiful things about my wife. By the way, since I can save this on Valentine's Day as it must loves children and very specifically loves babies and set when she is when she and him again. She worked in a daycare for number years when she is holding babies. Tammy is and she did that at church to she is in her element, and if you want to know some about holding neighbors are getting connect to the babies or whatever and how that was is what my life was devoted to it. I guarantee you she could teach you all sorts of things on the on the concept of of of of what babies need and in those kind of things she wanted school to learn about all that stuff you get some type like real pretty serious well is true.

So getting back to our ancient relatives of Adam and Eve in the Lincoln boys while one of the more interesting things I found in my study this week was that essentially a theme throughout Genesis has to do with clothing and the word clothing in Hebrew. You can either translate it is clothing that you can equally translate it as the trail, but it's spelled exactly the same way, which is really another really cool connection like why would close be the same thing as betrayal. Well, things are not what they appear so a lot of people when they think about being a rich man. Things are not what they appear. And when you look at the close original ones right. They were they were fig leaves while they had betrayed God and so they wanted to hide from God. You know they they did not want God to see them make it obviously. And so they're standing there with her fig leaves and so the first clothing was that way and God made them special skins which the Jews teach much about that skins the skin someday about to do a show on on what all happened with from the perspective of the story. The midrash, but just staying with the concept of betrayal and close when you think about Jacob and Esau when they you know when Jacob wanted to get the blessing his mother set him up to what deceive Isaac and and so they had input on the hairy arms and the garments right and all that comes to what was he doing he was deceiving right. His father Isaac while not too long, and later in Jacob's life. Unfortunately, his son's coat got taken right and they use that code they dipped in blood, to deceive Jacob that he was dead and then interestingly doesn't take long and Potiphar's wife. You know, tries to frame Joseph and that he tried to rape her what she used to set them up clothing right heat. This reasonings wholeness garment is because he try to write her.

She was told his garment and then very interestingly at the end of the book of Genesis early in the book of Genesis, you'll see that that originally betrayed their father with the blood on the coat trick. Now get deceive because they don't recognize this guys Joseph right he's wearing the whole you know Egyptian Viceroy garden and they wouldn't think a million years that that was Joseph and and so they get deceived themselves. But interestingly all these things end up working for good, so when you think about cars. I've always thought this was cool. You know what you see is not as you get up to 10,000 feet is not always what you might think so.

When Lee Iacocca took over Chrysler know they had the K cars that they just come out with in the cake are sold okay but in so all that great when he took basically a K car and he put a caravan body on it.

He designed that caravan body and he became a genius. It was the same thing as a K car, but it just looked like a caravan. What was just completely.

You know nothing that whatever amount to much, became actually one of the American car icons for the Dodge Caravan edited you know it's you can still see minivans to this day because of what Lee Iacocca did. He took a K car underneath. Things were not what they appeared at the van was so much in all flexible in all sorts of things. Similarly, the grand Cherokee, which we'll talk about when we come back that he still we do now have lines open so what if you were rich man a rich woman, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH Christian Car Guy theater, you're listening to the Truth Network and were rich over the time to live (maybe this is because some of the seven laws in the lives of if I were a rich man understands that good today on the Christian Car Guy show.

We would love for you to call another we have phones 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and by the be able to do that because coming up next after the segment will be Christian Car Guy theater, just a wonderful episode. I'm so excited for you to get here. It I know I instruct ideas.

If I were a rich man, surreal try to climb out of 20,000 feet and see what what's got teaching on this theme of close here. It's easy is actually opinion that things are not what they appear. Don't go by what you're seeing. Like maybe you're with me right this minute. You can see a lot of things that don't look so wonderful that but remember that when Joseph was in jail. I look pretty bad, but but God was going to do some with that story. When Jesus was upon the cross that looked really bad. But Jesus was going to do something and and you might remember faith comes from hearing doesn't come from seeing at end. Very interestingly, God is showing that this deception and what we see and he is in that line at the end of Genesis. What can I do meant for evil God meant for good and he is working in all of our lives.

What we see mate but it's it's our opportunity to see past that is.

Abraham did and believe God, and will be counted to us is righteous, so what you think minute and a low score that my father worked for Buick motor division. Mallette met he worked for General Motors but back in those days, a Buick had a Buick engine. There were General Motors engines.

There was a Buick engine so when you open the hood on a Buick, tension, regret, if you open the book. I'm in the hood on the Chevy. The engine was sort of this to you is bluish color that the Chevy engines had an and so you may know that that some other models may have looked alike but what was underneath was a Chevy or what was underneath was a Buick. But they figured out in the mid-60s early 70s. That way we could make a lot more money if it is consolidated all this and put the same engine and everything and all the sudden the engines were in different colors anymore. By the way, Oldsmobile engines were gold and all the sudden you know when you saw in Oldsmobile Cutlass and a Buick regal in the 80s when when compasses were selling like crazy Buick regal students also how they were exactly the same car with a little bit of difference in the sheet-metal they had the same engine the same transmission made me were the same car. One sold like hot cakes another one didn't for a number of reasons that have to do with obviously perception it just really that's where that's where it was at and when it came to Iacocca was a genius. Let me tell you when he bought Jeep. They had a car that you might remember, was called Eagle station wagon in this Eagle station wagon. Really, if you followed its heritage back. It was a Rambler American station wagon.

Many became a hornet sport about and then it became a Eagle station wagon, none of which sold hardly at all. When Iacocca bought Jeep from the French. They had it been Marino takes a look at this. I think it must've been the 1997 and 1998 Eagle station wagon because Alyssa liver cell because it's a Eagle working to make it a Jeep and he just took the exact incidence a beautiful car were just it wouldn't sell as a Eagle order to make it a Jeep and working to call the Jeep grand Cherokee. If you want a fun little exercise go look at a 1998 Jeep grand Cherokee picture and compare it to an Eagle station wagon of 1996 and you go all my gosh, well, here's another interesting little fun fact that Eagle station wagons at the time sold for 15 and $16,000 and they were hard to sell okay when Iacocca disagree badge that is a Jeep and sold it is a Jeep jam grand Cherokee. They were $23,000 apiece and of a gone up of several thousand dollars in price and you could not not because we were Jeep the Jeep dealer. The time you couldn't keep a Jeep grand Cherokee and start a meeting with we sold them as fast as we could get a memorably or slightly given the same exact vehicle but just a little bit different. Interestingly what's taught on this idea as well is sometimes when you put on the close you start to become the person that you're representing them and I remember when I started a car salesman I was no more car salesman. The man on the moon. But when I put on that certain code I had little name badge little daytime in my pocket. I started to feel like a salesman and not any kind of it and pretty soon you please to the closure very comfortable with you not comfortable without those close gives you and have become in a cutpoint and so think about this. This is really cool when you look at and remember Moses and the boys were in the desert and these people were complaining and arguing that God and Moses about the food and everything else sent the snakes or serpents depend might want to read it in amongst the people right snakes everywhere they started biting the people and the people start dying like crazy because you know they put down God and Moses and soak Moses Paredes for them. And God says take a bronze snake and put it on a pole and put it up in the air. I so that people can see the snake and when they look at the snake then you know the will be healed well. This is no ordinary incident because Jesus in John three right in John 316 a Reading quote that works for you know, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Look at John 314 and 15 because that's where Jesus quotes this he says like this make was lifted up in the desert so will be the Son of Man that you may have eternal life. That's always been peculiar to me like why would Jesus compare himself to a snake by pretty weird well find out that men studying this for idea for years and actually Matthew Henry, I must read it three times that it finally caught on in Romans 838 it says that's the put on sin. Okay. And if you think about it, the Israelites were looking up at the snake that bit him.

Brian well what bit me what bit you is sin exit when you look at the Son of Man lifted up. He was right score and he was scorned like a snake and your seeing your own sent you're seeing Ryan and and he was despised from so that I could be in a redeemed and put on these white close right your whole life, God is preparing you any put white close on you so that you will be ready for the wedding supper of the Lamb. I mean this is how this kind of words when you when you think about and let me just tell you, the more that you are dedicated and you like TiVo tell you how you saved the plan to the activity. I was ready for. But anyway, you are so off I do know you're talking I that I had to fit. Remember that idea that when you're devoted to something like he wanted to be sitting there with a seven learn admit you know all every day when you are devoted to Jesus.

He's constantly fixing up of the daytime or nice tie is making a salesman you get out of there because what is needed. In this generation riot. He knew he knew God. He knew Adam and Eve in it and so he went and told the people look things may look bad. I mean I'm just an elder might be a flood, and I'm just saying it's all good. The officer man it's gonna be awesome and it is going to be awesome so again and through this we think about this.

If I were a rich man well it's a neat thing that the more you devote yourself in my opinion, to studying God finding out him about him or your wife this Valentine's Day right it's great to be learning new things about Tammy is one of the things I really hope God continues to teach me as I do realize there are new things about my life. She's not the same person I married, not at all and and there's new things that I need to study and I need to think about a need to appreciate the God is done with her as many things about literature children or your aunt, your uncle, you know, there are new things and just like God. There are new things everyday and it in one of the delights of doing medicine you want to go share the good news right you can't hold back the rights the rocks will cry out some of the neatest things I ever read was the book the Pilgrim's progress and so Beth and I mean no and all denied we leave conspired to do this for years to actually do this long series on the Pilgrim's progress in today's episode just makes my heart go to the past so I hope you enjoy yourself to Pilgrim's progress right is minimal with off-limits progress we have Plymouth valiant, nothing; come up. You're listening to the Truth Network and time versus purposefully and completely based on John Bunyan's classic the pilgrims from today's episode 11 is car both as a podcast along with episodes one through 10. So you can easily catch up with a series but also you can find a follow along. Of the original book. Today's episode, and most importantly the Scripture references that go along with today's episode does help greatly in the interpretation of the Plymouth progress.

It's all a Christian car once again infinity interpreter addresses Plymouth valiant Terry 10 I shall show the one thing and then thou shalt go on my way so infinity took valiant by the bumper and led them into a garage where there was one rising office live and as he came away Keisha and tremble light does the sedan describe Ralph tell valiant the reason so this night as I was in my sleep.

I dream to hold the heavens go exceeding black also went in there was lightning and most fearful lies and it put me into agony. So I looked up in my dream and saw the clouds rolling in at an unusual rate of speed upon which I heard a great fall. Also, the sedan on a cloud attended with the thousands of heaven.

They were all also the heavens were in learning Lane. I then heard a voice saying, arise, ye who are dead and come to judgment and with the rocks split the graves open and the dance that were therein. Some of exceeding the land. Some find themselves under the mountain and I saw the sedan set up on the cloud open the book and bid. The world is drawn near yet there was my reason of a fierce flame issue came before a convenient distance betwixt him and them as betwixt the judge and the prisoners at the barn. I heard it also proclaimed to them that attended on the sedan is set on the cloud gather together the tares, the chaff and the stubble and cast them into the burning lake and with that the bottomless pit opening just whereabouts.

I stood out of the mall which the abundant manner. Smoking and coals of fire with noises was also said gather my wheat into the garner and with that, I saw many catch up and carried away into the clouds, but I was left behind. Also sought to hide myself. I could not but the sedan is set upon the cloud still kept his eye upon me my sins also came into mine and my conscience accuse me on every side on this. I awakened from sleep.

What was it that made you so afraid this site I thought that the day of judgment was come and I was not ready for this frightened me most angels gathered up several left me behind. Also, the pit of hell opened her mouth just doing my conscience to afflicted me and as I thought the judge had always his eye upon me showing indignation in his countenance valiant pastel considered all these things.

Yes, they put me in hope and fee will keep all things. So I mind that they may be as a good guy sign to prick forward in the way you now must go then valiant began to fuel up his tank and to address himself to his journey comfortably. Always valiant guy in the way that the city Plymouth valiant went on his way here. I have seen things things dreadful things to give me stability to deal with my tasks and showing me what I need to understand.

I think to protect now the highway up valiant was to go on either side with the wall and that wall was called salvation. This way therefore didn't burden valiant drive but not without great difficulty because of the load on his drove us to play someone sending in a prominent place in a little below the bottom of the seven with her jammies on his came up with the cross, burden loose from its roof, and then fell off his rack and began to tumble and so continue to do so until it came to the mouth of the separate where it fell no more than valiant land. Enlightenment said he had given me my life is then valiant look and wonder what was surprising and that the site should ease him of his burden. He looked therefore and looked again until the springs that were in his sent waters down his cheeks. Now, as he stood looking and weeping. The whole three shining ones came and saluted me, shining one strip him of his clothes.

Third also Cinemark will see on this. It's so the shining ones went their way.

Valiant cave three leap for joy and when onset on this must be the beginning of must hear from my history to shame him next time limit to the celestial radiator can today's absent instrument made of more times are you moving we could radio down, well I'm sure you can see from that episode would certainly Plymouth valiant is a rich part is the part of valiant is played by a very Cordy can find out more about him and the other characters all the Christian car guy theater cast and crew page along with a podcast of this episodes in all episodes of Christian car guy theater is all a Christian car guy for us to his fire, but in all things as well as an all signing one to Inverness or play shining 13 and Ellen Kennedy, who played shining 11 Micah Miss Alan Johnson played infinity interpreter is in our good friend Ben Webb is an amazing thing was played. Rambler rates are not as clearly the provided in the way of talent guy theater. We have many more episodes coming up as we make our way to the celestial city. We do one always Jesus labor to repair labor for single moms prayers for them so very much. You can find out all about that, now remember slowdown everywhere he went out all 33 years and because of him. Of course we are rich men and women.

Thank you for listening. This is the Truth Network.

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