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Bible Wonders: Belt of Truth - Another Angle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 1, 2021 11:26 am

Bible Wonders: Belt of Truth - Another Angle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 1, 2021 11:26 am

So many facets to this diamond - here is one I had never thought of..

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On Bible to wonder about the belt of truth which so delighted to be able to do encouraging prayer with Pastor James Banks. By the way his mother podcast if you like listening to the Truth Network podcast we did one last week and he was talking about how in Ephesians 6. If you look closely, according to Oswald Chambers in Charles Spurgeon that the former passage in Ephesians 6 is essentially the gear that you would put on when you go to prayer and since were to pray without ceasing. I suppose Mrs. armor.

In that idea and if you're like me and you and you love to pray but obviously I struggle there. It's really nice to think about these things in terms of just getting to that place in prayer where we really can get to truth where I am really being authentic to God and he's being authentic to me.

And so it seems that this girdle of truth makes all sorts of sense, especially when you think about how many times in the Old Testament, they talk about you know girding up your loins. In other words, let's get ready.

Let's engage in. You might remember that that was my word for this year is to engage in.

So I thought well it's really a neat thing to think about this girding on the truth, you know, when I was a kid my father would always say, pull yourself up by your bootstraps. That's kind of the idea behind girding up political thing to think about and all essentially getting ready preparing yourself to engage and then the first thing that obviously is is talked about is to do that with the truth and we talked about this in the previous podcast that that word in Hebrew is a mates which starts with the beginning letter of the Hebrew alphabet ends with the last letter of the Hebrew aft alphabet and then in the middle is a ma'am which is very much a sign of the messianic but also beginning middle and end of the story in so what when we think of the truth.

It's one of those things it's got so many different facets to it. It's like of this unbelievable diamond when we do the messenger any boot camps. What we talk about a lot about the larger story. In other words there so much more going on every day in our life that if we have a tendency to consider our life as being first in predominant then were missing the mark of the larger story right but it's God's glory that were talked about its God's kingdom that were talking about. And by living in the larger story. In other words, the whole story. The beginning middle and end of what's really going on is a completely different perspective.

When you look at any particular thing.

So as we begin to pray. It's wonderful, he who will lose his life will gain the right and so that's part of your perspective when you put on the larger story. When you belt on this particular facet of the truth is I was thinking about it. Wow, how cool that one way we can put on this belt of truth is to actually put on the larger story and be thinking about God.

As I enter into this day as I walk through this day with you in for hair right this very minute, where I'm getting so mad about the guy on my bumper in my thinking about the small story there or am I thinking about the larger story that I'm headed to truth broadcasting were ever chance to share some light in an learn from some wonderful disciples and and see what God is doing in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, I can pray for that brother behind me and is obviously in a big hurry that's on my bumper.

That's as you think about this. This week is your are girding up the truth so to speak, like pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. What a great idea just to pull myself up by the bootstraps by considering G what is the larger story.

What is going on here right this minute from a kingdom standpoint. Lord help us to see things in your story in history to

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