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Bible Wonders - REPENT

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 17, 2021 5:00 am

Bible Wonders - REPENT

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 17, 2021 5:00 am

Why and How would God repent or is that comfort in Genesis 6

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This is the Bible wonders what good about this word repent, you live wondered about it and wondered about it and wondered about it is the word so often seems to mean to comfort by men. So often it seems to mean to turn order turnaround. So when I look at the word in the Hebrew letters in just the book of Genesis. It seems to be that the word means comfort in some ways, but it also it it has the sense of repented, but exactly what is it mean like in Genesis 661 it says and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved his heart and again in Genesis 67 he goes and the Lord said I will destroy man who migrated from the face of the earth. Both man and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air, for it repented me that I made so here between Genesis 5 and six. We hear this word used in the story of Noah that Noah was going to in Genesis 525. The same word it says in his name will be called Noah, saying the same shall comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands is God, the Lord have cursed so how can the word mean comfort but at the same point in time God wants comfort for having made us both inwardly fixed to destroy the world. So as I looked at that word in Hebrew. It really was an interesting challenge for me to try to decipher how these three letters would mean that God at one point would want to repent from having made man in some way that would comfort him as Noah was comforting those in his day. So the first letter is a nun which we talked about several times in this program already but the nun is in the ancient ancient Hebrew script is the seed but it's also sort of this been over person praying it means faith in so many different ways and so here we have this idea of faith proceed. So the second letter is ahead which was kind of the sign for life, which is come to my first started studying this and when it came to repenting, but in a way you do choose life. When you repent. But the thing that really opened the door for me was that it it also means a structure or a wall and so I thought about this that when your faith hits the wall so to speak, and am in the other side of that letter would would be a man will get to that in a minute but I don't know how many people I've talked to that as I listen to their salvation experience. It seems like there faith hit the wall and they turned because you know I get a good friend who would unfortunately no abuse his wife would be Donna and he would drink but one night he heard God say to him and what he said was a very audible voice.

This he was fixed to take another drink and he heard the Holy Spirit got somebody telling Lester this is your last chance.

His faith hit the wall.

He didn't take that drink.

It scared him. He got his attention and his life was changed and again I knew Lester almost 20 was nine years old and he was one of the most wonderful saints you'd ever meet. He and his wife were so close. It was unbelievable they would sit up till two or three in the morning talking the relationship that that God redeemed on what Lester had repented of was just unbelievable what I think that you know is always concerning the God wanted to repent from having made us but it almost sounds like God's faith in hit a wall. These people doing such crazy things that it couldn't go any further than it was going and so he had to turn and go in a new direction, which you know clearly is what what God is doing in when we turn as with the prodigal son, right, eat low-speed prize eat his faith hit the wall. Then he turned and he came back to his senses the Scripture say is Jesus told us about that story and he went and what it is father to write. He put the robe on them in the in the signet ring and killed the fatted calf.

It was he was eaten steak dinner master in a lot more comfort for the kid that had done so much so amazing things I think about the word repent. On the other side of the wall is that minimal yet. We talked about in just episode in the last week, which in this sense, again is chaos. So if you go through that wall is my friend.

If he'd taken that one more drink. He was gone in the chaos if the if the boy hadn't turned and gone back to the father. What was he headed into chaos right if God hadn't repented of what he was doing with the no experience and flooded the earth. It was falling into chaos. So praise God that he gave us some kind of wall you know I ran into that wall and I was reading the book of Job and all of a sudden I could clearly see that I need to determine because on the other side of what I was thinking the direction I was going. I would be in total and complete chaos.

I'm hoping this week you'll be thinking about repenting. In other words, at what point did your faith hit the wall

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