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Take Hold Of Your VARPLE Sword

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 16, 2021 12:57 pm

Take Hold Of Your VARPLE Sword

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 16, 2021 12:57 pm

This is one for the books.  Awesome testimony and just God and Holy Spirit packed.  Grab your Bible - you will need Psalm 68.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network others's radio show and may be take hold of carpal sword. It knows what it wants Robbie as you. This is the name of today show take hold of your verbal sword, because it it knows what it wants and I'm so blessed to be here with my good friend Jerry from race by shop record service and if you listen carefully to the beginning you heard a caterpillar if you're familiar with Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's unbelievable classic. There was a caterpillar name Absalom and he says something very very important.

Alice at last. In other words, Alice is been trying to figure out who Alice is, all the way through the book/movie. Whatever you're trying to do a bit it is she is going to have to take on the Jabberwocky and ottoman of if, like me, I've taken a month report on this week she's going to have to take on the Jabberwocky and and is going to require the verbal sword, and Absalom gives her an unbelievable clue to life on the more I thought about this over the years, the more I see how wonderful it is the verbal sword knows what it wants.

All you have to do is hold onto out. You may not even know that you have a verbal sword, but that's forgot to know what to do in your verbal sword you eat, you, you have to remember the sun will come out tomorrow right and he knew it and inserted the people he did God spell. I think that was the name of the musical the day by day thing and the person that really knew this, perhaps better than anybody I know scripturally other than Jesus himself or God would be King David as King David clearly right. He took on the Jabberwocky in the form of Goliath and he had a hold of the bomb verbal sling and away you go. So Monday morning I just walk you through how I got here and where I'm going and so just be patient with me and yes it's really cool stuff. The Jesus labor love is undoubtedly one of God's verbal swords and this week we are able with the phenomenally generous gift of several donors and was just a beautiful accurate car that we gave to a single mom that is reliable car. If you could been that's awesome. We have pictures of it. It Christian car and old carpal sword page so angry to get a call from Scott Barton or Jesus labor love volunteer who walked through all that sort of talk about that today to so Monday I I'm praying day by day and I hope you are to you and so I'm looking for the sun to come up because every day is just an opportunity for God to shine down and as I'm praying all the sudden I didn't vision. I guess it's best way to put it of two Hebrew letters in these Hebrew letters are and I am is design but let me be more specific in what I'm seeing what I'm saying is something that looks like a yoke.

Okay like a yoke, you would put on oxen like your fix to go plow and I'm seeing a plow okay with those two pictures are and I am in the Zion and the Mike so you show me this God gives you will.

I don't know what that word is that I'm just saying.

Well here's two Hebrew letters. I bet that the word that God wants me to dig into right so you think about being yelped up to a plow. I mean, it seemed like a pretty cool thing and so as I just put that in the way I find stuff like that.

All of a sudden the word is strength and I am a yoke and a plow means strength which took the immediately when you look at that word and you want to do a study on it. Go to the 68 Solomon were to spend some time here in one opportunity to pray because if you think about being yelped to the plow it's prayer I mean take on my yoke right in Jesus tells us and you don't hear here's what what's kind of wealth, the more I thought about this word all week long.

The more I've seen the more of what God was showing me in this, that every single person you ever met is a reflection of God. They bear God's image and some very unique ways and they been all given gifts, especially if they're in Christ are given very specific gifts in order to plow very specifically in the way that God gave them very unique ways to plow the course.

Gotta be yoked to Christ in order to plow the plow that you're supposed to plow while design is not only a plow if you look at it in the more current Hebrew Scripture. It is also a sword and when you think about what would you could have a sword all you want but if you don't know where to use it, you cannot allot or you have a plow all of what you know but if you have a feel to go plow in your ear you're kinda out of luck and so as I went to study this Psalm I saw something really really amazing at the very beginning. King David as he is writing it says let the very first words were let God arise in assessor to think about that word arise which has a letter in it that actually looks like the sun coming up okay to start thinking about this. Well when the sun comes up. We see it from our perspective that the sun is coming up above the horizon's gonna grow up all the women come down right but what's actually happening is sun rays are now able through you know the way the earth is rotated to now the sunrays can actually come down right and so as those sunrays come down if you're like me and you get a chance to go out early in the morning hunting sometime, especially this time. Here you will note that it won't be long after those sunrays come down all the animals come out to enjoy my son comes out and here come the animals and it the squirrels are usually first or there be a bird or two. Next thing you know the birds are chirping there there in the sun and and they'll find a place in an open field where they can just soak up the race because the blood you know one of cold-blooded animals trying to heat up and and next thing here come the deer right that's why deer hunters hunt and they'll be walking out there and you'll see all the different animals that will come to enjoy the sun every morning and guess what God comes out every morning. The real son, the son of God. Okay it it it it just does and that same letter, Ryan can also be translated as your eyes. Okay. If it's a yoke, but it also can be eyes. And so, with your eyes you take in light but with your heart's eyes right in and think about that that song that we just heard from Godspell, which was to see the more clearly right oh, how are you going to know where to yield your verbal sword if you don't.

If you can't see. You cannot have light in Jesus is the light of the world. And so if you can get in his word in the morning and begin to see what he has for you this day.

You can take up your verbal sword now.

The question I have for all this and I'm hoping you'll call into the insurers where have you seen very uniquely either your verbal sword or somebody else verbal sword and you seen how that used now. I would never have known about my one very unique verbal sword. Had I not done this show but almost anybody I meet when they talk about all I've heard on the radio. I love your laugh. What the joy of the Lord is my strength. I may just mean I don't know how it happened but I never did get to the millionaires at one of my verbal swords just happens to be my last and and so how cool is it is I get a better look at Christ every morning. Guess what I do.

I live but note curiously, the verbal sword knows what it wants. That's what Absalom told Alice a lot of times I laugh it really strange. The anybody that Randy knows that you never know when Robbie verbal sword can become outdated and you know there you go.

So the question is that much to call in and share is where have you seen that maybe a hero husband or maybe you seen in your pastor see their verbal sword and show us their glory. How is God reflected in that and how is that you to plow the bill became what is it 866-348-7884 and in take hold of your verbal sword. It knows what it wants. Today on the Christian car got show that thought that we talked about in the first segment is where we see God's glory and someone else or maybe you see yourself and you go.

How is God using that and when they take hold of it you can see the smile on their face. You can see the absolutely love what they're doing.

Some people saying some people you have a granddaughter loves to act when you see her in a play or site you can to see the joy in her heart that's that's going on but am all you know you seen her take hold of her verbal sword, whatever that let you if you listen to Christian card I theater you. You clearly can see or in others. Different players, but you know is really neat. My wife loves to hold babies. I mean it's just like in and it knows what it wants when she does that. So what does that look like in somebody that you love or in somebody that you're familiar with. I would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number to call you and Sharon again. That's what makes this showed love to hear the stories I just doing in Jerry, what is I bring up in your mind you know it is Raven talk about that one of the things I'm just sitting here thinking as you just mentioned it sort of impasse and is effective. What are the previous luck with your laugh.

You wouldn't think that would be your gift and you and think that would bring joy to people in an reflect Christ. I think sometimes and I know for myself and probably.

I'm sure I'm not the only person he almost almost need other people to tell me what it is and I think if you really are struggling with what what is God's purpose for me what what is what gift is God given me probably ask a few of your closest friends and you can probably be amazed how many am about to tell you the same thing and you go on. That's not they are I never would've thought that because sometimes people see things in us that were too busy searching we overlook it and overthink it yeah yeah which you and when you when you think about Alice in that movie. I really recommend that the EEOC she searching she's thinking too hard because it's it's right there in front of her and it's absolutely beautiful when you see somebody come into their identity of yeah and and you can to see the joy at and you can see the effectiveness of what God is doing and that and that sometimes we will gravitate to what we see other people bringing joy to other people and so we think you know what that that's who I want to be your that that's all. Will God to be able to use me and we we can miss the and we can miss the blessing just because we just like you said, overthink it in China me how I know I'm one for that. I mean sometimes I'll like him pushing that that the square peg in a round hole. But most of you step back and and and just take a moment and see what God is leading you. It's amazing what the path you lead and walk with you on yeah and so you know, eight months ago. 10 months ago we were praying. A lot of us were praying in the Christian car got show we needed help with the Jesus flavor that we need somebody with those gifts. The gift of prayer. The gift of compassion to help single moms widows and barely when we look at the 68 Psalm had a little bit you see all the compassionate God has for that but Scott Barton is he.

He showed up and he had such a heart, and how much prayer brought him here yet. I don't know if he could, but is here with this and I got them on the line and Scott. We had a big week in the Jesus flavor, loved and we got really showed up in that verbal sword started cutting out some joy for some people didn't you with me.

Scott, good morning morning. Wow, what a great week. Yeah, I've just been sitting here. Good point. A lot of times we don't know what our own blood. We see things in reflect on others but I think just to try to be ourselves and and let God bring our own qualities. I know with myself.

I just I love the listing. I'm very. The a lot of question that if I have a sword. I guess that would be it. I don't know that's yet what a blessing you did labor of love. It is been such a blessing, and that we did have a good and I just want really lift up the donors and the people data involved. We were fortunate enough to donate her vehicle to person this weekend day. Overjoyed and I just wanted think the whole community and everybody involved the Jesus labor of love and a blessing for me to be used as a vessel in this endeavor this one thing I believe it or not, I've been through this process a few times giving away a car and if you think it's easy if it's if you can find the right person. They gotta be in a position to really get the insurance get the get the car you know be able to properly maintain all those things are you not necessarily help in anybody. And this one just went like you could. What can you tell Scott God was behind this. Absolutely Robbie and we've been praying I guess around Thanksgiving and I didn't speak into all I will say her first name Brittany wanted it to happen the week of Christmas, but it wasn't God, and I told her just be patient and she was and she was obedient and did everything and get all the steps been and see she was just so overjoyed that we were able to deliver the car this week. Now she now the owner of a Honda Acura since it really nice on a great and the donor donated a bunch of stuff to make sure the car was totally up to snuff. It was just absolutely gracious and Jerry is curious is that the applicant that had been formed that was involved in an accident. No, not it was not time put you out you were able to help several single moms this week right.

It was a great week. It was a war that had the car fixed and one of them is actually the shop today someone.

Thank you for calling A&M just wanted to share how God used the verbal sword of Jesus labor love.

This week we got Nancy is in Chapel Hill. She sold on the chair.

Her far full sword story, but we would love to hear your 866-34-TRUTH 87884 some more coming up. You're listening to the Truth Network and and and take hold in our full sword today on the witness what it and I'm just anxious to hear your stories. Consider lineup now on the phone so first off, we have Nancy is in Chapel Hill spinning and unfurled segments of Nancy good morning. Welcome to Christian good morning. You know I love Colin I love you. Thank you Lord when you come one, one who made that impact that with part of our church family. He had recently packed away namely Barbara and she had been there Alzheimer dementia unit.

He wouldn't even remember that question that you would just are the answer you had just given her from the question before, but I love having heard my prayer partner. When we would break up into smaller group during our prayer meeting because I will tell you she was always thought on with what we were talking about or what I needed to hear you. Now she would frequently say hey you need to be bolder. Lord help but be bolder with with spreading your word and but there were many other time I write come through with her and she was never afraid to put input into the group and that was her cursed the Lord with just wonderful. Could be with her and one thing I been with you not only your lab but when you start to explain the different word or letter during your your theremin been talk I light up that and unique. You Robbie not that that way you can take it and and things in it and explain it more wonderful.

My heart might now other people but one thing that doesn't come a lot in my paint only about how light can be the good and and and understand the position Marianne.

Kind of like an empathy or compassion fell.

Maybe Nancy jumped in and say couple things that number one and I know Barbara, but I never got a chance to pray with her before she passed away but you spotted something there right okay and she was. She had a sword.

She was plowing up the ground because the that the church that Nancy goes to his peace church in Durham I did I just tell you and that is the church of James Banks. It is encouraging prayer here on Truth Network who wrote the book the prayers for particles case to get the whole picture. This is a church that plows some serious ground when it comes to prayer, yet they do it and it is amazing that you think it's amazing Nancy that God put somebody gifted. I mean because I noticed a lot of your members as I got out get opportunity to speak there quite often is how God assembled such a prayer team that they are at peace because of clearly Pastor James is far full sword right yeah yeah I so that's that that's is beautiful. Thank you Nancy. I can tell you the ability to spot God's glory and other people is a huge gift and and if I were to say just when you see that in your patience when you see that in your friends. You know, you're actually seeing God yet you're getting that light that we get day by day.

When we get to see God in other people is it from nominal a phenomenal gift. So God bless you, thank you so much for sharing to the and hearing that brought mind the fact that my daughter that I don't know you always in every body else fell. Thank you. Robbie sure glad you two bite so next up we have an all herself right.

Speaking of the verbal actor. The Christian I would not get a call in today. I forgot morning and all that.

I'm so glad I did tell you that my verbal sword.yes I love your lastly I love it when you and I laugh to get a good man. You have to laugh at it greatly time you and Jerry and the way you share it and then the way you have the glorious verbal puzzles like the following. On the other.

It woke me up that way.

But anyway, I'll be very quick as any of others that I love you guys so much and and being a part of the Chicago theater and everything. You're right. I did like my just like me Appian out that my verbal sword love all of that and I'm always thinking at my part-time job at this lovely church near me and I did and it miracle job and great exercise then and night people there when they are there, then I'm not dead these days that I was cleaning and and I go into the empty sanctuary and I think of the Lord and and I and I pray in an amazing job that have to meet the stem dive Brad my buddy at the church and I was talking with him and I just started thing here come and you know what he turned on the music of that old beer, got up at computer, just the two of the church did not know what you know that all lonely winter on time and I just couldn't believe it when you when you had all of this that I thought God discuses that's on this come up every morning and and I know you I know Jerry you know those of us who can absolutely delight in that morning time with God.

We we've eaten since bed pans comebacker producer. She reinstituted real devotion is it it the truth broadcasting again and so it's kind of fun for me because I have my devotions and we committed to as a group here at 9 o'clock since Beth and you been back and it brings the son Everett just the truth. Broadcasting really does actually plan Robbie you know you're far full sword really shows itself in its true, we always learn because you add about that reminds me this morning.

You know, captivated by my right by the word of God. So thank you but now in man so it's in a yes yes it is so true. So you see it. Jerry clearly you know and that's the beauty of the Christian car right you get to see this every day because you have so many godly customers come in right yeah I think so many times we can talk about is how God places this in places where we can serve him and it may be that the body shop and wrecker service. It could be probably slanted radio station that dealership food line the K and W, it doesn't matter wherever God put us. He calls us to be that to be our mission field, and we take that to heart and did all the sudden when you reflect that. It's amazing how people see that in you and their more open up, they'll open up and said you know some days I can spend a day in some people walk to the door to some of the conversations I think you know what a day coming up center had people crowded with people with things going on in their life and rejoice with them.

Also in that.

That's one of the cool things about my job. It's not just just have customers at the door while we build relationships and you been in the car business is just so important.

And when you do that and let Christ be the sinner that be the what binds us together and he can use in the powerful wife hate us because you know he's there amongst us and and he sees that another teacher said amount of time the community so we have so much more verbal sword when we can't do without you. So you 866-34-TRUTH seven you're listening to the truth and and and and and and take hold of your verbal sword. It knows what it wants. Today on the Christian car I were having so much fun the course of the if you called in and I you know I guess since I've done this in a while. I had a listener yesterday. Tell me the Robbie.

I've been listening to you all my life was a young man but I was like hello all, that was really a couple that I was but it was just amazing, but one of listers that too often her calling his name is Keith has a beautiful voice and and and so he called me this week and see he had been sensing God's presence and he said you know Robbie Jesus doesn't wear a mask and he wasn't being sacrilegious all him what he was saying is when you're when you're really intimate with somebody you want to see their fate. You want to see their mouth. You want to see their eyes. You want to see you. You want that closeness and and and I think were all feeling a certain bit of deprivation from that. So we need a little more son we need a little more S UN right to make up for all the summer not getting through people's facial expressions and in those kind of things and in and so that's what's going on and some of the son that you might get a chance to enjoy today.

If you're a list of the Truth Network as we have Amy Koppel show the cure is coming on at 1 o'clock Eastern time and today show is kind of a got a question to it is hypnosis Christian is that something of you ever thought about it so that's what they're gonna talk it's live, you be able talk into that but Jerry is I really I was praying God really led me to keep praying. Psalm 68, and as I kept praying it all week. There were some passages I want to highlight for you that I think a really significant but also if you really want to fund things to read Psalm 68 and then see how God answered that Psalm in Isaiah 61 is in Isaiah 61.

You might remember.

Isaiah's saying that you know I've been anointed to preach good news to the poor and out healing to the captives, you bind up the broken heart. All those things at the captives free.

That's Isaiah 61, and it goes on in the some beautiful stuff about the vengeance of our God and stuff that has yet to come.

In Isaiah 61 so fun thing. Pray Psalm 68, and then go back and see how God's God can answer that thing that I wonder if you pray with me right now as we been just go through the Psalm and Jerry feel free to kick him any thoughts which that you have so Psalm 68. Let God arise right like the sun and let his enemies be scattered with those also hate him flee before him, move on to verse five which is a father of the fatherless, and a defender of widows at when you get a sense of God's heart. He he is all about orphans and widows and it says that God is in his holy habitation.

And God sets the silent but solitary in families, in other words is all about adoption and is all about community like what Nancy was talk about it, your church, hopefully you got a community somebody you can begin to spot those people around you and he brings out those who are bound and he brings them into prosperity, but the rebellious, they dwell in a dry land have all kinds of stuff but if you're around the much you can find out this is pretty dry weather hanging out okay so moving down to verse 12, which is really really really cool. It says kings of armies flee, but she who remains at home divides the spoil while she happens to be Jesus's bride. Okay. And that word remains at home. I got jumped out of my seat when I looked at it and it means abide and very specifically abiding in the sheepfold.

Okay, so if you just stay in Jesus. If you'll just abide in the sheepfold right you're going to divide the spoils is absently beautiful and it's right there, and I'm telling you that the word is abide in Jesus gave it to us and in John 15 right if you abide in me and everything is so absolutely really cool of the place that God originally put me in Psalms 58 was in verse 28 where it says you God have commanded your strength. That's the verbal sword so you have commanded your strength and then is my favorite part strength and oh God, what you have done for us over to take your verbal sword given to me. Help me be strong with it and use it for your kingdom for what you've Artie done in other words, that somebody said you know most religions of the world are do do do do do. The Christianity is DO any done. Jesus did it all for some across right so I love that strength and oh God, what you have already done it's done. It's so awesome well so I was just thing about this strength is being yoked to the plow or be taking hold of the verbal sword, whatever that may look at and then look at the end of the Psalm so moving down to verse 34 and 35 since Estrada described in other words, give strength to God. Give your strength. Give your verbal sword say here you go. Whatever makes you whatever you delight in whatever that looks like if it's his radio, or if it's praying or whatever. Give the strength to God. His excellence is over Israel and his strength is in the clouds will actually it's in the firmament. If you really think about that in Hebrew and you and you think about the firmament being where the rain comes from. So much comes down through the firmament. Those sunlight beams and all those things he is coming down on Tanya and itsy Sage. David is finishing this with Larry began as like mad God is common like the sun is coming up tomorrow morning and he wants to meet with you to fill you with light so you can see where to use your verbal sword in the incident with verse 35.

Oh God, you are more awesome than your holy plans in your holy places, excuse me, you're more awesome than your holy places the God of Israel. He who gives strength and power to his people.

He saying Robbie you got some verbal swords okay use of use and for his glory. Don't float upon Jesus. He gave them to you. There are a reflection of him supposed to give him the glory for what it is.

Get out for you laugh or for your prayer life or you know what I and and and and think about it. What a beautiful thing to call out somebody's verbal sword) you know that as you reading that one thing to just always comes to mind, especially here in David when he when he writes you know one thing about it is time is timeless. I say that is you know what we are still living what Dave is describing because we still live in a world that is the human side of us so many times chases after the temporal and that you select the sprinter that that the quick the quick things and stuff but God tells you know what just come and bass with me just just come and let my glory shine through you and then will be like the widow in the home and stuff just to stick with it because those blessings are more than any of the temporal stuff that would human weekly goes to that little shiny, whatever it may be off in the right distance because that's overdrawn to but God says you know what this temporal that that's not going to last my love for you and what I'm doing what I've been on the cross will last. Hannah's day by day and a Scottish those who stay in the sheath or not.

It's awesome stuff. So thank you again for everybody that participated in Jesus like the love what it's doing. Thank you for the listeners and support shown in the station sick. If it's just absolutely awesome and so grateful.

But you know I gotta tell you, remember slowdown, Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done three years and read this week. Call out somebody's verbal sword that you see it really encourage them and help them start human. This is the Truth Network

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