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Resting In God In 2021

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 26, 2020 1:01 pm

Resting In God In 2021

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 26, 2020 1:01 pm

What a way to end the year.  Bob Young shares some heavy things on his heart at this time of year.  We look back, but are EVER forward with God!

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Podcast network. This is good Truth Network Christian Car Guy radio show resting in God. In 2021. I'm thinking it's far from sleeping that's yesterday show is resting in God. In 2021, and my guess is it's far from sleeping so you may want to bomb you know we have Bob Young, my dear friend with me this morning to help us think about 20, 21, so I love that song by Beyonc.

I feel your halo. I just I can't help but wonder if you not sung by Beyonc but it was written by Ryan Tanner, Evan Bogart and Beyonc Guthrie wrote it and so I wonder if they know what they wrote when it says I know you're my saving grace in a letter sounds a lot like Jesus to me now and in and if you listen to the song from that perspective. You're just gonna go now. Like double out did you get a sense that Bob but I'm not sure I don't know the guy that read it and I don't know if he read it as a Christians are that the it sure sure trend transfers very well.

I think that's the beautiful thing about human love is. It's a picture of God's.

And so what they're trying to explain is something that that really I hope they had a chance to experience but the way I see it if I'm just really hoping and praying that you're like me that yesterday right you had a chance to be with friends and family and if you can picture with me for a minute Moses okay now Moses knew God because he'd seen them in the burning bush, and he'd had that experience because it says if you look closely, there what Moses talked a burning bush that there was an angel of the Lord was in the bush so he not only knew the firing of the bush. So when the fight when the mountain was on fire when I came into the Sinai right so here's this fire on the mountains on the top the mountain said it is the Shekinah glory and they see this and in their pretty scary stand there scared but most citizens but there's a cloud that Moses goes through on the way to get to this time and so what a cool thing it is that Moses is surrounded by this cloud on his way up to the Shekinah and so I'm hoping that yesterday you felt this at some point in time to meet and you had some sense of this cloud of God's love, surrounded by the people that you love the most.

I met were. I hope at least maybe it was virtual. I don't know how it happened but you know in my case I was very very and I felt like I was possibly the luckiest man in the world because I have all my grandkids with really really cool right there with me. But you know with them or my children and we were just having this experience.

So my youngest daughter Mariah have to tell you the story and by the way this video is available if you go to Christian Car you can see it it's it's titled by this resting out in 2021 so this this video has everything to do it today subjects out here is my daughter Mariah she's 21. She's buying her nephews, which cashes for a Leo is just yet. He's to cash is really gonna be for about a month so cashes on his knees, now in the video but what happened, as Mariah bought them a set of boxing gloves and these masks and so Leo the younger one has this mass. It looks like the Incredible Hulk and he felt like he was the Incredible Hulk when he put that mask on and he's got the blue boxing gloves. My older grandson cash which these are Delmore's, and so fighting center blood in the Senate. He's got the red gloves and he's got the Spider-Man mask writes of this isn't 20 seconds. After that, you know, it's not like they've had these for a couple hours now. This is like the in out Robbie my son put them on their hands immediately. He said all this is brilliant because now I'm so sick of amusement for us that this can be a lot safe. So the second put them on their hands cashes down on his knees and Leo Hawkes out and and he comes over. This plummets I mean there's a couple really good shots that he gets is that not much of an exchange. It was more of a receiving server getting a Christian Car and and see. It's called battle of Sentry. It's also on YouTube. I posted on my channel but anyway the idea there is that note cash is a lot bigger and a lot stronger than his brother that he will in the hall. He was in the hog and when he was on his knees.

You know he thought he could do this resting okay well 2021 is I'm just telling you you don't you your can have to stand up. I don't have after video after right I said to cash. I said cash. I think you might be better off if you stand up your picture taken although beating over and as soon as he stood up.

It was no no contest give cash as a marker arms and and and whatever. But when Leo was given it to money was on his knees. It was a picture of what were talking about, but for me I was in the cloud bomb.

I was in the cloud of God. Like how fun is all this to have you know the laughing and all the stuff in and II can see through the other videos of the thing. You can see the look on my face. I don't know you know that was just just I was delighting in all that.

I'm sure that God was delighting so the question is, how about you. Where were you in the cloud nine. In the cloud of the Shekinah glory right and in the interview. Really really beautiful thing bomb.

We were both the skis being we were lucky enough to have both of us and spend the night and they woke up at the Houston all three dogs were at the Houston. Both versions are living signs were there and we To do the old-fashioned just just the type of family grade and it was such a blessing to have everybody than we open that Pres. family unit had dogs in and around in and just it was just a great thing.

I mean everything it been cannot downsize this year we usually have 60 people and has grown despite having Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving both and I used to complain about that a little bit on the lookout seeks to leave again and again you could give him again and Lewis get a good and I got to do this and I gotta get ready and set up tables and set up chairs, but I really really really meatiest.

They can send in the kids and and everybody getting together in and so for it to finish it yesterday morning with the with all of you know. As for right there.

It was just a great experience and one other one other moment during the week we have these Christmas cookies I wish that Iraqi side about this slip my mind was you that the skis me, Lori, Jeremy and I went in the kitchen and we rode out the cookies.

Lori Road the cookies Jeremy rhodamine the sugar and placement abandoned and I'm the and that it's done guy is he not finishing touch definition text because if you overdo it, it gets a little chilly in the if you enter do it their little delis. That is the very fine line infection, and they gotta be perfect that the these are cookies that my mom made with me and my brothers. The lady that kept me when I was two years old. They were named after her. Her name is Annie Walker inking North Carolina and she made us cookies so they were called and any cookies and they were just a part of the life and and that was a big thing just for S3 United because I made with mom, me and Robin made them together. Lori and I made him since we've been together and for to have one of the boys and their working with us on the cookies that that kind of brought it full-circle for me to now I know that you've experienced that clown and you gotta shared his work delighted to hear how God's cloud of love is on that mountain before you get a chance climb up a little bit yesterday. What is that feel like we would love to for your call 866-348-7884 we have that and so much more. Climb the mountain when we come back your listening to the Truth Network and resting God one, far from sleeping. I will let you know again with that idea of the cloud Shekinah glory that was on the mountain you're surrounded absolutely surrounded by love and so many different ways in the thing I was just really really experiencing last night when the festivities it ended.

It's like me how lucky am I just did this to have the friends because you know we had Bob and Jerry and I had a party last week on the and I had a party with the master and training guys in it are always different people. God is put in my life and we just we just celebrated this year like I just feel like man I was surrounded by God's love, so you know in in the book of I think it's John 14 anyway that you know that for the vine of the branches. Jesus says very clearly are supposed to abide with me right and in that's really clear statement you would think that I've always wanted what is exactly what is it mean to abide so you're supposed to take your habitation with him and I get that sort.

What is it exactly feel I can what's going on with that answer was I was looking towards 20, 21, and a clearly I'm sure you're like me, that you would like to abide a very interestingly, that word in Hebrew Shekinah not getting the glories a different word which has to do with the fire, but the Shekinah is to rest right is to just rest and so it's an interesting thing that Moses went up the mountain and he was at rest well all the rest. The people were terrified right and some of you know it or not you if you're Christian and you believe in Christ you have that Shekinah glory. That place you meet with God.

It's in your heart.

Believe it or not, you scare the dickens out of people. A lot of times when they see you resting in a place of tremendous fear. It scares him. They were scare those you know they didn't make the golden calf are nothing everyone up there for 40 days. They were scared right then filled this disconnect is right but you know Moses was up there for 40 days and 40 nights without any food or water know about you but I've always heard you can live like two weeks without water so perhaps he had living water to same sizing about this morning.

How many times would you say that Moses fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, he surprised me this morning when you shared that I would die.

God shocked me. I had and I didn't see this one coming. I just I just did a little searching about 40 days and 40 nights and they were all start coming up up up up up up up on what Moses did you like the king of fasting's just so you'll know if you take a quick reading of Deuteronomy 9 and 10. Moses goes on to show you he did it 44 times he went 40 days and 40 nights and and to give you the quick review we obviously, the first time that we know about when he went up to this kind right seem like once would've been. Now I got the 10 Commandments that when he came down the mountain shenanigans except he busted those babies in the heat right after that it was his next go around it. 40 days and 40 mice. Try to keep God from killing the people, so he fasted again like coaching 40 days and 40 nights and then again when the shenanigans at Maribel. You might remember that they tested the Lord on stuff 40 days and 40 nights, again for Moses but my favorite of his 40 day and 40 night fast that he was resting in God and 40 day prayer meeting this think about this from it with me in it so my favorite one is when he actually asked God, can I see your face and in the way that that story goes, if you look at it closely and as I read about the times I can read in another item. How many times is it so cool because Moses is the guy that got put in the cleft of the rock and and you know the Lord went mine. But if you look closely before the Lord walks behind some really really cool happens that the Lord descended in a cloud came out. You may know that when he comes back again.

You know is coming, and cloud kind and so Moses saw this man. I mean he was a guy that wasn't afraid went up the mountain wanted to see this and up in the Lord comes down. Right now he's in for another 40 days and 40 nights. Do you think he would say that was a blast to be surrounded by like I just take what I had yesterday.

Multiply that by like oh my goodness, do you think Jesus felt his halo. I mean, you think Moses felt Jesus halo. Do you think he could tell he was a saving grace.

You know, can you just imagine I I'm just blown away by this and so here is on his fourth fast heat.

He got something. I was first fast and we got to save the to get the 10 Commandments on the second.

Once he got to save the Israelites on the third when he got to save is right, but the fourth one. God gave him the whole shebang that he became as much as Moses could dickens he couldn't see his face and live so I never knew there was a faster but once I did know you can't wrap my head around the three seems like after one time it was. I don't have it must've been a great experience for them for them to go back once again I reply posted all this at my website. Deuteronomy 99 and 9/11 of the first time. Deuteronomy 918 is the second time. Deuteronomy 925 is the third time in Deuteronomy 1010 is the fourth time and and soap and Moses is telling his story like you hardheaded rascals like, look what you put me out. You may be surrounded by hardheaded rascals. I don't know if you like Moses, but there's a few stiffnecked people out there in all sorts of different walks of life that I think could use our prayers. I'm just saying. And I know about you, but based on my food intake over the holidays now not talk about 40 days.

Not maybe work up to. I don't know but I know one thing I'm having trouble with.

For now, so how about if you felt halo this Christmas, this is one time, and selective listening. We want to hear your story here.

I tried fasting for three weeks out of the year.

That's right away. It's almost 51/2 your listening to the Truth Network and, 21, and when I hear that I hope it doesn't fade away.

I can always, always remember that when Moses came down from the mountain that time, you may recall that last time after he saw the presence Lord. They had to mask his face because a headset to glow with God like that but in Moses's case, they put the math because it he didn't want to read it though is fading conceit. He is spent that you know 40 days you know how that worked out. You know with the times in my life that I felt the most surrounded by God and most of his presence was not times of which really really bad times and he was always there and and that's that's the time I felt most surrounded in my life and I will I have high moments and steps. Since then, but in a distant in the really really really tough times when I had nothing else in it. He was there downhill media directly through state media gave me strength that I didn't know I had and that's the times that that really rang ring true for me where he was just there and I was in that halo yeah you can feel it. You can you can certainly feel it when I need to tell you that coming at 1 o'clock we have Amy, on her show the cure at some Eastern 1 o'clock Eastern time. For those who Truth Network affiliate security it's can be 1 o'clock Eastern time for their show and she is going to be doing a show on her own Christmas experience missions things that she's been thinking and in the corner has been bought Boris it's can be quite a challenge for you. I miss that. It's a chance to call into another live show on the Truth Network today at one but I is you think about Moses right that in order for him to have the experience he had. He couldn't stay down like my grandson Cassie he had to stand up and walk up the mountain and I had to get to higher ground, which is Cash's problem so I had a request for my wonderful wonderful producer that we would play the audio of Cashin Leo duking it out so here we were to try this off the YouTube video it with its posterior to Christian Car so is its low so that was the similarity the person that you heard laughing while this by the way, would be the one who gave them the boxing is very very funny. If you get a chance to see. I didn't realize that that it was protective gear there what it was. It was in so many ways in the mass and all that stuff we have a caller we can assure their cloud experience.

We have ran FROM our Christian Car Guy theater. How fun and happy new year and nearly died. I had a lot of that has to to arrive at that time I was actually working actors after I get in my life. Delighted that in 1974 making a lot of commercial moved to LA, God told me at the beginning it needed to put me to have a 40 day fast and I it amazing that I have started telling me to do that. Here at the beginning of the year so interesting that you're talking about the money but I wanted to do this just that and I was reading Chronicles of Narnia and maybe the whole seven bucks to that time on stage when Gavin day 27 I got back in high method commercial and I was on the stat and you know doing at Dutton Hein commercial everything that wasn't tied down.

I mean I was a great restaurant that night called good earth and I know guilty in the past it and spent the night and I confess that I had gone and died again tomorrow and and I did out and I finished the 40 day fast that God sent it here but it was incredible and I'm I've been thinking, you know, not that I need to lose weight after the move, but I really want to. I didn't want to speak God. I really want power. And there were power.

And power. After that 40 day fast kind of the condemnation need to send me something and and and yeah but I needed today. Today in 1993, the day after Christmas my mom passed seven years ago today is the day that Rob did share with the assignment. Two weeks later he passed. I've got some emotions under Whalen I am today and I need to defend that clown and Angus submerge myself and it does a man know he's there for me and he'll get me through the day that I'm just feeling some stuff today.

Yeah I would think. I do not know your mother passed when they have Christmas and 93 a long time ago that the in and try not to dwell on that. I just been eaten yet today little bit and and you know is my adversity and that's when God usually comes through and finds me me often stands me up in the inner pits microphone in front of me and gives me a chance to stand up and be strong. So many people had the great Christmas and and and have always had great Christmases but the there's some there's some adversity and in most most people's life. Somewhere around Christmastime and it's just the it's good to be in here right now with rowdy only as the year that everybody's had denied and not able to surrender sales as completely as they usually day.

I think that's a great great great great point Bob and that you know maybe you're feeling some point Bob Street right and and and and it does feel good to share with people that you know care about what you just said.

And so if you feel like, so Matt 866-34-TRUTH 87884 because I thought about that when I thought about the topic. This shows for a lot of people.

I remember my first Christmas without my mom number at my first Christmas without my dad, which was last year actually and and there are there empty seats at the table yes or but the good news is we won't be long and be the tape have a full very quickly about where I got the biggest part of my strength is null in this fast as everything is going and in a will be no time will all be back together again in the without cave-in. Then, without things stand in their way and and God set the table for Siena.

It is without the mask without the mask so applicable, though, because you know Moses had to wear a mask as the glory was fading. We all have mass on we received through a mirror dimly, and so you know how cool is it that you know he gives us these glimpses just a little peek behind the curtain, whatever that may look like in your life just for for brief moments like Moses didn't spend all his time on the mountain. A lot of times he had serious shenanigans. He was the bitty did he did climate those four times so thank you and God bless appreciate you calling him and Sharon after last show at this year so we thought we we we talk about things. Thanks and I got to do a call now on clouds you know because that's what I thought was common thanks and God bless bye-bye bye so I think that's really cool that Moses got see Jesus descending on cloud and I really really the average even through plan when we stretched chairlift at the ski slopes and sometimes it be raining at the bottom you need and I'll send you pop up out of the clad the sunshine and that there that's a pretty amazing thing experience. We took Sammy's son on a sort of on his 17th birthday.

A pilot Mountain and I've never said you thought you on another planet as it was all below that other calls and have some fun and hard brother.

Jesus later love little bit to say to you so much for Christian Car Guy ship, call 866-34-TRUTH 878. You're listening to the truth and resting in God and 2021, far from sleeping. Stand up and walk up the mountain to get to higher ground and so very fun.

We got some calls Bob and very excited to hear know about their stories again. Angela is in Burlington. Good morning Angela, we lost Angela so we have Sarah Linda is in Washington morning Sarah Linda and happy new year Jess, I went to operation on my eyelids.

Oh couple weeks ago killed and I could see higher my bill, I'm quite bent over at okay Kathy of mine is very little and Mary have to be careful that I year started with 2012 it was 2020 and you know this is the time plainly have we look at see John 20 2010 where the disciples glad the Lord because they keep to children killed the Lord killed them in his eye as he had won the victory, and we could see it here and that clown that you're speaking out the cloud of witnesses. I was starting to write about that that we understand that they crowded the cloud of witnesses that are stored in God's special arc within the safety of the great covered the day challenged by the clearly embark into the full day of God's new creation.

We have that chronic and see what they create. Last night, clearly In the cloud.

They've done their kids to the cloud and there are stored there. Believe she'll be there. All of that at one time.

I may be quite to know that you are in the twinkling of an eye that it did God create at least guided it showing it through this year that is black there with that hard line. A man and that's really encouraging for all of us who know excited about the cloud of witnesses and Sarah Linda God bless you have a happy new year hope of glory man plus I need to tell you that you know the Jesus labor lovely would set time a year were we get like a lot of needs, I'm allowed to put another man, but you know it probably triples the amount of applications that we get this time year and fortunately what you note.

Interestingly, God provides is always in all sorts of different ways ways it never ceased to amaze me. But we just need to share in all that we need your prayers that that God would meet basin. However, he chooses to do that sometimes he does answer people volunteer getaway cars and people volunteer services. Some people some money some people just make the way for other people dipped to meet the need.

However, it comes, you know, we just obviously want Jesus to get the glory for that course, that's all there Christian Car and we got Angela calling and so we want to get to her. Angela is called back so hopefully witnesses time Angela what you got for whale. Really raw Caremark 20 year worry and of course you know my mom past away. 28. It really didn't think about my parent (a lot hard and did you father passed away in July really did rub her. Her coworkers deposited. He had to go into flooring pain likely and equipment but Burkart and that all but the lighter side, I've been contemplating three holiday celebrated 355 date they are Thanksgiving, Christmas and for the next I'd like to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I'm very thankful to the Lord ministry. Network and Robbie and Bob in particular, my mom, what car name generator and I called in mom's car name generator part should be made but Bob, you said you felt better names and we decided to lock, baby, compromise rate and minutes ago. God setting the table for Robbie without the man about how old are you going to very thanks for the encouragement. Thank you, thank you, Angela. We appreciate so much.

We got a happy memory were templates I leave you on the line because Bethann found that few minutes with Rob a little longer version and hopefully gladden play Bethann if you look at my young Christian junkyard guide Rob Young. He wows me because I know how God worked in his life. And if you take a minute. It's all about all we got Robin share how God's with been doing in your life will I would say the other day I was home a car down for 21 S. and the truck I was in started the turbo went bad in it. So here I am broke down the side of the road.

I just picked up my first car was people waiting on me to you I was going to my trucks broke down. There's clouds of smoke to fire engines are out there and I is is is really big scene and really reminded me of my life before my coming to Christ. How how big of a wreck. Everything was and I never really was able to accept God's will for my life, but once I came to know Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and accepted God's will for my life I have been blessed with, with knowledge that he had been able to acknowledge these beautiful things and and that the trees are clapping in the mountains are singing that is for sure, life is if Jesus is put in there is the capstone we begin to see things that just had with Mr. this is the Truth Network

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