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Christmas Moments - #10 Get Your Swaddle On!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 24, 2020 5:00 am

Christmas Moments - #10 Get Your Swaddle On!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 24, 2020 5:00 am

The First Christmas Present Came Wrapped

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The original Christmas present came wrapped the microphone I was using. I was talking but I couldn't hear but the reason I chose that song was because the original Christmas present. It didn't come wrapped with a lot of meaning, and these were swaddling clothes well while I was considering the picture, and if you go to Christian Car you see a picture of Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes, and actually he's kind of looking back at a cross that has another rapping on it that was kind of the ultimate unwrapping come Easter last year. Read Stu Epperson's Christmas book. It's called the first words of Jesus and I started think about that.

But this year I even went a little bit deeper with this wise swaddling clothes. What's up with that and why would the shepherds think that that was unique to this baby would be wrapped in swaddling clothes, why would that be important. Why believe we can find some answers in the work to get to why this has to do with cars in a minute. Jerry don't worry I I know it's a Christian Car Guy ship. I gotta talk about these rappers. If you look in Ezekiel 16 is the only other place I can find in the Bible it talks about swaddling clothes, and in Ezekiel 16 I think we see what God thinks about swaddling clothes because he says as for your nativity and I like that he is the same word on the day you were born your naval cord was not cut more you washed in water or cleanse nor you rub with salt nor wrapped in swaddling clothes, and he what he is talking about. There was an illegitimate child that that Israel was acting as an illegitimate child when he saw her and again he wrapped her but that's what was going on in Ezekiel BC babies that were abandoned and not wanted, not favored back babies that were theft apple of their father's eyes right.

Those were the ones that didn't get swaddled it in this is kind of like a disgraceful thing right because if your favorite you're gonna be swaddled. Now let's look at how cool swaddling really is okay, especially Mary. Swaddling the traditional spots on swaddling is an Oriental Jewish girl back in the day that was consider the Orient back there and young Mary likely used cloths that she spun herself you know she made that garment the Jesus wore up to the cross is definitely the church tradition but had you thought about that she had spun those claws that were there that wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes.

It was the tradition that they would spin those claws and use them in the booth. You know Jewish people get married in a booth and they would've spun these claws in this booth and they use those same claws to swaddled her children as a result, you see, it would show that the baby was a result of the loving union in God's plan in a marriage you see in that this was a wanted some.

This was an illegitimate child. It wouldn't be wrapped carefully in swaddling and less. It was a wanted sign in and in not an illegitimate son, but one that was left definitely very valuable to the mother. Now picture this. This is the contrast that the shepherds we would say you're gonna see a baby that's wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger see there's a huge contrast there while I went up why would beloved baby be in a feeding trough and I just have to say jury. I've often thought it has to do with beauty to be in the bread of life and in the whole Lotta stuff that goes in the Passover lamb and all that stuff with Bethlehem, but nonetheless what we do know is that he was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and he was laid in a manger and so we gotta think about this is we wrap our Christmas presents this year. Okay right really great gifts deserve a really great rapping yeah yeah you will give your wife this unbelievable diamond whatever and and just, you know, throw it to her in the box.

I mean, you gotta put this fancy really, you know, really cool rapping and so God clearly or as for me I get somebody else wrap exactly exactly.

So when we are rapping you see were showing somewhat the value of the present in the way that it's wrapped on some case layers and layers are rapping as my what wife love to put a box in the box and about, you know, so that you are sent off on the wild goose chase but that rapping has to do with you know the present and the present is a picture of God's generosity right mean that the beauty of that idea of presents at Christmas is a picture of the ultimate present that was sent and it was wrapped it was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and later it was wrapped in burial. Claws and when it was unwrapped on Easter morning. It was depressing.

The presence of the one that keeps on giving will absolutely

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