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Birth Pains

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 25, 2020 9:47 am

Birth Pains

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 25, 2020 9:47 am

Jerry is in the studio with Robby.  Listen and remember that wide mouthed bass that used to sing on many a man cave's wall.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and all smiling, which is welcome to the radio show is saying today's drifted card I show birth pains what birth pains when that's a cryptic little entry you have been Robbie, how do you put all that together well you you might be shocked to know that we will attempt to make all this happen.

Can be fun I hope to come together and come to is exactly what is it really is all based on isaiah 40 and you might recall that isaiah 40 starts out with comfort ye will comfort my people, and we talked about last week about all these people going out and confident themselves by buying cars and suvs have been sick and comforting and it's a sellers market like it's almost crazy, where people are trying to get comfort in all that's going on this year. clearly, 20/20 has been a time where people are seeking comfort in unprecedented ways, but the good news is we've got comfort that doesn't it doesn't rust, or break down or all sorts of interesting things so together and i just outline that unit, you might notice that tom jones great singer from the 60s is that love to see what time green green grass and if you if you know isaiah 40 there some grass involved her some flowers. like we heard from scott mckenzie of flowers in her hair from san francisco and then grasshopper that's master pole. you might remember from this kung fu series is a couple reasons i wanted to mention grasshoppers will get into that and then a corresponding from immigrants show and he's in all nipping it right. last not least, we got fly like an eagle and a course if you know the end of isaiah 40 were going to rise up like eagles so comfort when i get into that at the end of the show we have another episode of christian cartwright theater pilgrim's progress chapter really and in my opinion is the best acting out.

i i i would love to get people grammys for this particular episode is just wonderfully done and i'm just so excited robbie would just talk about we talk about before he came on air about a body just download this podcast as to how popular that is became this awesome. it's not only popular united states. it really blows my mind. might my hats off to all you indian listeners out there because for whatever reason, for the first time ever in history first card we have more downloads in india and specifically because of christian cartwright theater than we have on apple like what well you know we love that is so welcome the indians week we love we love having you with that. so this thing with isaiah 40 i don't know if god does this with you but he does it with me. jerry where every week.

he has a lesson plan for me and it's very specific to a week like the week starts on sunday.

it's the first day of the week and so sunday i was out fishing means you might know me. i love to do that is a beautiful fall day. the leaves are changing and a really remarkable thing happened at the smallmouth basket really active, this time a year's order gets colder and this smallmouth bass swallowed my little matzoh luer which is a fairly big no plastic plug i've never had a fish do this actually swallowed it down into its stomach. it was a pretty big bass and so it was an exciting adventure to catch this fish, but i kinda broke my heart as i was sitting there realizing it either.

i'm in have to cut the line and let this fish swim off with my luer, which i thought about but it was my prized matzoh lore that my father actually had gotten for me when we were in hawaii for a couple years ago that i'd love the slower and i can't part with it. so this fish is just in have to cough it up. well, as i kind of anticipated that the lord kinda tore up the fish and i could tell it really hurt bad, but i was hoping i wouldn't die, so i put it in the water gingerly just hoping it wouldn't like maybe you've done before in the fish kind of flop there was float on the top of this, the boat kind of ease off something amazing happened and this was god's lesson plan for me that day. an eagle flies down like from way up because its mate was still i could see was just like a little there and i'd seen these birds before i know they were eagles because i never seen him up close, here comes this eagle swooping down orange talons like you've never seen snatches this fish and it's off to sunday lunch with its mate. you know i'm like hopefully macro did you got me my whole family sentiment about our lives are all this big like my daughter was like dad. i know you are so upset about that fish but man it's all a circle of life you were your contributor and so you know it didn't work out so good for the bath, worked out really good for me and it was in sight. did you know i thought about it ever since. and so god had me on this lesson plan of the eagle well, as is my common thing that i like to do. i list the john eldridge is wild at heart podcast on mondays and so monday john and stacy eldridge read isaiah 40 in its itinerant and i it to complete the like. oh my goodness that's a lot of scripture to read, but they were talking about the election and they were talking about how we need to get comfort from this. this is not a problem for don and as i thought about this and ever since they've rented. i've looked at it have looked at it and i've looked at it that if you read it here in the miniature we will probably only get through by the segment, but we cannot do it all because it is the culmination of a delight in the fear the lord like if you know that your dad is so big and so bad you still worry about walking around school because you know some stuff to be a problem, got his got this thing and this is what isaiah is relating to us in this comfort passage and it's like if you know from isaiah 11 he gives us the seven spirits of god. well, if you add together all the other six.

you finally get this delight in the fear of the lord, which is this just sense of complete comfort and peace because he's got this.

it's just whatever happens. whatever happens, it's exactly coming together.

the way that god has so here's isaiah 40 written read by robbie the way that i enjoy reading. i thought about reading it all week and so i'm looking forward to reading it so underwritten king james because i really like that. it's just i like so comfort ye, comfort ye my people say of your god speaking comfortably to jerusalem and crying to her that her warfare is accomplished that her iniquity is pardoned, for she have received the lord's hand double for all her sins. and you gotta love this you john baptist levers after the voice of him that christ in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the lord make straight in the desert to highway for our god. every valley shall be exalted in every mountain and hill shall be made low, and the crooked shall be made straight and the rough places plain, and the glory of the lord will be revealed and all flesh shall see it together for the mouth of the lord has spoken.

it voices cry and he said, what shall i cry and he says all flesh is grass all the godliness thereof is as a flower of the field. the grass with the flower fate is because the spirit of the lord blow with upon it.

surely the people is grass grass were with the flower fate of but the word of the lord will stand forever oh zion that bring us good tidings get the up in the high mountains of jerusalem that bring us good tidings. that's a good news. by the way, that's a gospel right there. i lift up thy voice with strength lifted up, be not afraid of the cities of judah to hold your god hold the lord will come with a strong hand in his arm shall rule for him, behold his reward is with them, and his work performance ever thought about his reward is with them could actually be honest like were his rule, he shall feed his flock like a shepherd, and he shall gather the lambs with his arms and carry them in his bosom, and he shall gently lead those that are with young how comforting is that jury to think that the people that have kids, you know he's going to leave him armies right there who with method, who have measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure and weighed the mountains in scales in the hills and the balance who had directed this here the lord of being his counselor taught sour down through 13, with lamb is going to get the rest of isaiah 40, but there's some goodies in here that i think you're just going to be a keepsake for me. i hope you as we head into this comfort is available you're listening to the truth network and you a and so comfort in labor pains today. birth pains as were talked about that and if you heard tom jones there, which i do love that song. i guess because i'm a child of the 60s. the word comfort. interestingly, in hebrew the first time, you'll find that word that isaiah penned is this translated comfort is actually repent. that's i'm just saying you know if you want some comfort. let me tell you how to do it. just like the prodigal son man get out of the hog trough and and head for home which is what tom's doing here.

you know he's found his mom's dad.

and here comes mary now to change the winner across the board so ever about working to get back to isaiah, you know were were were there but ramon in walnut cove has a comment for what about one of our songs.

so ramona, it's great to hear from you, north carolina. how are you good morning.

so what if you got started with the ukulele playing and you didn't hear in your talk afterwords after the lineup of all the music that you play for your own opener that is very present is is you. i am impressed ramona, you know what that song on and i cannot place the name of it. i can get around in my brain ukulele.

i love the ukulele to a nice especially because my daughter learn to play the ukulele on that song, which is somewhere over the rainbow. so if you listen carefully. it's not only just somewhere over the rainbow. i'm trying to give the name of the hawaiian singer that was so wonderful that passed away that would sing that in that you know somewhere over the rainbow. he had his own style to do it. i can't think of his name. now i wasn't on the hope somebody.

it was one of those guys and and it's one of those songs kinda you know that just it comforts you right and wanted to comment very quickly.

40 reading those verses and then you got up to a diverse working. i hear the messiah in my heart.

the music and it gives me chills me to me to i since i've been doing this this week. i just cannot tell you the that's the freedom the joy that that comes with sin that's got this. it's all good. it's built. thank you. thank you ramona god bless you. the first person ever caught that ukulele that i'm really really glad that you did and i'm glad i got a chance to talk about it because i do love that song blessed lol betty and that was impressive ukulele name israel is, lower the i think that that could be so picking up in isaiah, we are at the 13 chapters -14 here. i love this so with no took heed councilwomen, who instructed him and taught them in the path of judgment and taught in knowledge and showed to him the way of understanding, behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket and counted is the smallest dust of the balance, behold, he taketh up the isles is a very little thing in lebanon is not sufficient to burn, or the breach thereof, sufficient for a burnt offering all nations before him are as nothing and they are counted to him less than nothing and vanity whom then will ye liken god or what likeness will you compare them to the workman melt of the graven image in the goldsmith spread it over with gold and cast its silver chains. he that is impoverished that he had no ablation choses to choose if the tree that will not rot. he seek attend to him a coming workman to prepare a graven image that net shall not be moved, have ye not known, have you not heard that not been told you from the beginning. have you not understood from the foundations of the earth. it is he that sits upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers that stretches out the heavens and the curtain and spread them out as a tent dwelling that bring of princesses. princes to nothing. he makes the judges of the earth is vanity j they shall not be planted. yea, they shall not be sony a their stock shall not take root in the earth, and he shall blow upon them, and they shall wither and the whirlwind will take them away like stubble, to whom then will you liken me or who now i be equal, said the holy one, lift up your eyes and behold who created these things that bring of them out there host by number, he call with them all by means by the greatness of his might.

for that he is strong in power.

not one failed. why sayest thou take up and speak as though israel my way is hid from the lord, in my judgment, is passed over for my god had thought not known has that not heard that every last bit. the everlasting god, the lord, the creator of the earth filled with not, neither is he weary.

there is no searching of his understanding. he gives power to the faint, here comes a great part) dystonia giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increases strength even though you shall not faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fail, but that that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not be faint now that word wait on the lord in hebrew is the most most most beautiful word and i took and made a picture of it.

Christian Car Guy and my famous collages. it shows that the first letter in the word capo which is the word wait looks like a pregnant woman and that's what were talking birth pains here because waiting upon the lord, that word actually would be better translated gathered sold him to get gathering here when we get back we got one more segment for Christian Car Guy theaters want talk about how and i want to talk about how where is the comfort in birth pains is what's really going on here is everything is coming to jesus is on your listening to the truth network and laying that is actually the comfort song by laura woodley osmond you've ever heard.

it's a beautiful song, but the story isn't over yet so comfort during labor pains today on the Christian Car Guy show and i need to mention that coming up on the truth network today at 1 o'clock we have the cure with amy capo and she's got a muslim return christian and is leaving a ministry to turn iranian people to christ.

his name is dr. mose sure got and he will be on at 1 o'clock you live show on the truth network.

be sure and turn in for that.

but getting back to the. the idea of gathered and being comforted. it it's hard to explain but in my mind this is how i now see it because of them.

think about this word actually for years, and in the idea that when god created. if you look in genesis.

i think it's 14, he gathered the waters together. that's the first time you see that word coffee in the waters were coming together in order for for life to happen. both on the dry ground and it had to have waters that that would come together for life will if you think about some dna and some molecules of all of the baby coming in the womb and coming to life. you know things are being gathered together in a way that only god could gather them, and he has since the time of christ been gathering his church together and as you look at that cook. that's a first letter in the word carver you see that this quite obviously pregnant.

i mean you just look at it and it's got that straight to it like this is a pregnant letter and it in itself. usually the first word of the word its first letter of the word holy and and it's because it has something inside of it. that's very, very special and so when we wait on the lord. now we wait.

we wait were being gathered together and were supposed to be right. jerry being a light in a very dark place right now because were trying to gather as many into this. you know molecules together to be as big a bride of christ as we can put together) yeah i did you know the thing is so many times that i know for myself is always, always think i conducive to bigger acne symptoms better i can serve god in a more meaningful way.

not getting what god conquered skulls to serve to be the light and it may be just, you know, our platform may be very small but that one person that it influences for christ is huge in god's as so it's it, i know people that always searching for the bigger, be more effective.

i think we should always do that but also be grateful for the platform.

god gives us chat and and we know this comfort, we know that jesus is coming we know that we can rise up like eagles only think about that ego through counting out that fish man. he had a couple of things going for him besides a freedom that eagles have be free from gravity.

he he has an eagle eye he could see that fish from way up there and as we climb up there on the wings that jesus gives us we get better vision.

we can see things that other people can't see. but as we grow closer to heaven. guess what we get.

we get eagle eyes. we also get a kung fu grip. there were you think you go, you know, they literally eagle can kill a wolf they have that kinda grip in there and they kill dear.

i mean they are phenomenally strong grip that when they blinked, but they put those talents into a rabbit or some minute and go nowhere. okay it is And it is meant for us to have that kind a kung fu grip on jesus so eyes on jesus to the heavens hearts on jesus like a kung fu grip like mary nosing about mary resurrection morning.

remember jesus it don't hang on the me i got it the other will man i just love that you now can i just hang on jesus like that to put that no kung fu grip on the so speaking a kung fu grip.

the other thing that was on my heart to speak about today as i had a dear friend. actually, pastor james bankston's daughter was in a horrible car accident and right now her boyfriend is sitting in critical condition and induced coma and almost not with this because he didn't have his seatbelt on and over till we get into a car.

we have something that actually does have a kung fu grip that is meant to be there and i can remember my very first Christian Car Guy show i ever did. i have people calling on this nameless driver called in and said i never unbuckled a dead man and that says a lot done in turn yeah as we talk earlier. robbie, i think anybody you know that that the argument when seatbelt laws came in effect, as you note my industry. i mean i see it every day i see vehicles that that i think man is no way the world somebody walk from that and but i go back to it wouldn't be first had the laws going effect that the thing was, it in the argument was well apartment vehicle and there's a fire and i can't get out of seatbelt will release you know you so statistically, don't even those on even on the on the radar but those incidents but how the lives it is saved. i think so many times because i fall into this act, almost remind myself think it's the matter what yard majeed make for not wearing a seatbelt really.

the argument was you just too lazy to reach over and buckle it up because it's like as i hear you to get a richer and shut the door and i can go down the road. we adore hang it open diminished just it does save lives. i see it every day by drivers record drivers go out and work these accident scenes see it every day and that you know there's nothing we look back and see somebody was thrown from the vehicle and neither in a just the impact of when they hear rr. it is amazing how many people are thrown from rollovers that the vehicle role roles back over top of that person and s lies been saved by just buckling. already have a see if you had his seatbelt on, he was thrown through the windshield, which i can easily understand and then out onto the pavement had first right and in his james's daughter.

fortunately, had her seatbelt on and in no critical same accident just one person, other seatbelt on and the other person didn't and it it is so much just a matter of get in the habit. don't be lazy. it can happen.

but i have clay who is holding on.

also, north carolina this morning player on the Christian Car Guy show good morning brother robbie out for you. what you have a segment about what you're talking about her drug you know. all i can think about is the word comfort and i was delivering i was going to deliver a series of stuff bob overall but about and the c never got to get to that message and that in that world peace and comfort and you break it, dale, and the breaking of the word day-old is come for you to know that now i but it's also talked about and you were to three truckers over that god is our refuge and strength when we are and something and we take are also what were here and do something else.

we are out of the piece of those you know there's pastor david jeremiah was preaching own piece, not that long ago and he you know in the new testament and the gospel of matthew talked about losing all this other stuff well here here's an interesting thing this thing about peace, which is also comfort you talk about peace with god. peace of god and eternal peace and remember low that that's what that is with of an eternal peace and i do find it interesting because i was out here listening to you talk about the eagle and outside listening to a halt and you know it's interesting people just don't understand that a bird like an eagle or hawk are very aware and very attentive of certain things in regards to make sure you know being able to be way up yonder barely get for you know that held bethel birds are because that what they're treating your droplet when we compete are filled with peace, it makes us better things in our life and that's what they come for thing is about 11.

thank you claim that's beautiful.

absalom you might like to know i have a lot that i was going to share you know in that message but i mean i still got the inner papers on it and everything but it is just so wonderful and meaningful for you. note people like you and everybody else. only you know when you're fishing when you're out enjoying what the lord has created a unit being able to look up in the sky see the sky.

no cloud limit.

he created that you look around you see the leaves falling in the tree and he created that jerry brought it about this since the yala sentiment this morning when we got it right. there is glory. so, i hate. we got a run clay, but the good news is christian contacted eileen to progress at the soda. hey, i'm going to give you little hint values is to make his way to the house of the interpreter have to be an infinity that you might hear that in his age a little bit is the interpreter and oh baby this is lay down for valley you're listening to the truth network and limits based on john bunyan's classic, the pilgrim's progress. today's episode eight Christian Car, both as a podcast with episodes one through seven can easily catch up with a series but also so you can follow along. the original book for today's episode, and most importantly the scripture references that go along with today's episode that helped greatly in the interpretation, progress, all it Christian Car, then jimmy, our hero from saul in his dream. plymouth valiant and gmc goodwill were discussing valiant's burden the luggage that was still on his rack after driving through the narrow turnpike said is, the assembly became to testify burden be content. until the alchemist took the place of deliverance for their will fall from the back of itself, then valiant began to gird up his loins to address himself to his journey as valiant was about to drive off goodwill told when you've gone some distance from the turnpike.

you will come at the garage of infinity interpreter and whose door should not and he will show you some excellent valiant did then take his leave of his friend and he again bid him godspeed.

he went on down the narrow way until he came to the house of the i am a man that comes from the city of destruction and going to the mount zion and was told by the man that stands at the narrow turnpike headed this way, the faculty shall excellent things such as help to me in my journey coming. i will show that which will be profitable so so infinity the interpreter have value to a private and bid his servants, and open the ones that don't read valiant saw the picture of a very grave sedan hang up against the wall and this was the fashion of sudan had headlights lifted up in the best books was on its front seat was written upon its grill in the world's trunk. it drove as if it pleaded with sedans and crown of gold did hang over this. this is dan, whose picture this use is one of a thousand. he can beget children from birth with children and nurse them himself when they are bold and that's where i was now shares with his slipped up to heaven best of sony's front seat and the law, which is great it is to show dark singers even as also the house is dry needed with sedans, and whereas thou see the world as cast behind and that crown hangs over his head just to show that slicing and despising the things that are present for the love that he is master service sure were comes next to him, lowering his gas, despising the things present to sentence now.

i have shown this picture. first, because the sedan whose picture this is the only sedan with a dialogue going have authorized to be the right guy difficult places.

how many of us meet with the way where take good what i have shown in pair with only nine mind what thou hast seen last night journey, thou meet with some that pretend to lead the way goes down then infinity. the interpreter valiant and led him into a very large because never swam winter after he reviewed a little while. infinity interpreter called molly mitsubishi to sweep molly old molly, could you bring in the grown. when molly began to sweep the testing and so abundantly to fly about valiant it almost there with joe greene and sprinkle with three when molly mitsubishi made it was cleansed with pleasure. this parlor is the heart of sudan that was never sanctified this week. grace got the dogs is his original sin and corrections that have defiled sedan. she then began to sweep at first is the law.

but when she that brought water and did sprinkle it.

it is the gospel now whereas thou sauce that so soon as the first began to sweep and dust didn't so fly about the room by human who could not be claims that thou wast almost choked with this is to show instant cleansing the heart like it's working from scene 35 puts strength to an increase in the soul, even as it docked discover and full printed for it does not give power to submit said that this luggage that is on my neck again is thou sauce dimes sprinkle with water upon which it was cleansed with pleasure. this is to show that when the gospel comes in the sweet and precious influences thereof to the heart.

then i say, even as thou sauce absolutely dust by sprinkling the floor with water so you see in vanquished and subcu and their soulmate clean through the faith of it, and consequently fit for the king of glory, to inhabit his past jesus christ and the faith for the next exciting adventure in the appointment now all i care you have turnpike and made the been a huge help to me understanding.

galatians 324 dialogue with our schoolmaster to bring them to christ, we might be my luggage on his back is cleaning god's book, a only trust christ on the cross and that he can get going on his way last night when the next room and interpreted your listening to the truth network and

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