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The Great Pro-Trump "Vibe Shift" On Campus

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 3, 2024 4:17 pm

The Great Pro-Trump "Vibe Shift" On Campus

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 3, 2024 4:17 pm

When Charlie launched Turning Point more than a decade ago, conservative efforts to win the youth vote looked hopeless and doomed. Now, everything has changed. From UNC to UCLA, thousands of young people are standing up to fight far-left protests and voice support for Trump, and their numbers seem to be growing by the day. Andrew explains how and why seeds Charlie planted a decade ago are blooming into an unprecedented "vibe shift" towards the right — and how it could trigger a 2024 Trump victory.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey everybody, welcome to The Charlie Kirk Show. Andrew Colvet in for the one and only Charlie Kirk, who's on assignment at Mar-a-Lago today.

He'll hopefully be having some fun updates for us on Monday. But we have much to discuss and much to be grateful for. In a world full of blackpilling, negativity, doomerism, there's a seed that has been planted on America's college campuses. And we have Charlie and a few others to thank for that.

The work of Turning Point USA is starting to bear fruit in some unexpected ways and the college campus encampments and protests might have just been the spark needed to make their voices heard. We dive into it. We tell you the facts.

We play the clips. This is a fantastic episode. It was a fun hour to do. If you love what you see here and listen to here on The Charlie Kirk Show, please consider joining That's where you get exclusive access to Charlie, exclusive videos and exclusive weekly column that Charlie writes just for you guys. And you get to be a part of our members only call on Friday where you get to ask questions live on the radio and then we put it on a podcast so everybody gets to hear it just from you, your questions exclusive.

So join, Buckle up. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention. This is a new ballgame everybody. You send a message, we play to win.

Register now at slash peoples. As we kind of take a picture of this landscape that we are living in, that we are experiencing, that is being broadcast on social media, on the nightly news, it's really, really becoming a very clear dichotomy. You see, on the one hand, angry, just petulant, ideologically driven young people, mostly women, that are very upset about what's going on in Gaza, but you get the sense that they're upset about something more.

You get the idea that they have directed so much of their ire and their energy and their anger into an ideology that has them enslaved to something that makes them miserable, to things that don't work in their best interest. And on the other side, you've got something that reminds you of the America that we all grew up in, the America that we all love. You get frat boys, you get attractive young people that are raising the flag, supporting the flag, defending the flag, singing the national anthem, and they are awakened. But it's not just in the South, it's not just in one spot here or there. We're seeing it at Rutgers, we're seeing it at UNC, we're seeing it at Cal Poly.

You are seeing the seeds of the work that people like Charlie Kirk have been doing on campus for a decade bear fruit. And it is glorious to see. And I think our challenge is to really identify it, see it for what it is, celebrate it, and sort of speak it into existence. You see, as conservatives, sometimes we don't do this. We don't see the good and celebrate it and push it. We can be too fixated on complaining, too fixated on what's wrong. But there's a lot that's right in this country.

There's a lot to celebrate. And we have been doing Yemen's work for years on college campuses, especially huge shout out to Charlie Kirk. For years, he's been like a lone voice in the wilderness calling out. And when we first started doing these campus visits, man, it was lonely work. I'll never forget these original clips I saw of Charlie standing at a podium with a suit that didn't fit him right.

You know, a small ragtag crew helping support an event. And then an audience full of left-wingers that just hated him. And one by one by one, he would shout them down. He wouldn't shout them down. He would argue with them. He would debate with them.

He would explain why their ideas were flawed. But little by little, over the years, we've seen something really, truly remarkable happen. We've seen the crowds start to build. At first, there was a few dozen.

Then there was a few more dozen. And now, today, in 2024, when Charlie visits a college campus, there's hundreds and hundreds of supporters that come out to see him. To see him debate with left-wingers or people that disagree with him. Sometimes they just have questions. Maybe it's as simple as who's better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan? I mean, the choice is clear.

Michael Jordan's the GOAT. And these videos spread on social media. Millions and millions of more young people consume them and they share them. Charlie just passed a million followers on TikTok.

We started like four weeks ago. And I want to give you an example of this. Because campuses are in the news. Everybody's talking about it.

These encampments, these angry protesters, the nose piercings, the humanities studies, the... You need to give us humanitarian aid at this encampment because we pay for a meal plan at this school by gosh darn it. It's just ridiculous stuff that we're seeing. But hidden behind all the noise and all the chaos, there is hope. There's hope that the seeds planted are bearing fruit.

Now this clip, Charlie shared it again this morning on Twitter and it's fantastic. Or X. Apologies.

Still working that one out. This was from a month or so before the protest movement and these encampments popped up around the country. This is a month before.

These are the hundreds of people that came out to see Charlie. Not at Ole Miss. Not in North Carolina. Not in Florida.

Not in Texas. This was in California at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. And this happened organically.

Play cut 150. That our flag was still there, O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. So that was a month or so before any of these protests happened. And what you are seeing right in that clip is now going viral on the internet.

Charlie shared it again this morning. Things taking off. It's crazy. That wasn't in reaction to anything except the normal morass of society. And what we are telling young men by going into these hostile environments and telling them that they have a voice. That they should be proud. They have nothing to be ashamed of. They've done nothing wrong. They're not in the wrong simply by the skin that they were born in. They need to stop feeling ashamed. And that they need to stand up for themselves.

Loudly and proudly. And Charlie has been that voice on these college campuses with Turning Point USA going from one campus to the next to the next to the next. And time after time in the last couple of years something crazy has happened. I'm telling you people the tide is turning. There is a counter-revolution calling us back to the country that we know we are and can be again.

And it was happening right underneath our noses. So instead of looking at these campus protesters. These petulant brats. These humanity studies with the piercings and the green hair and the masks.

These weak femme boys. And getting discouraged at the future of America. Look at the counter protests that are happening and getting sparked all across this country. And take hope in the future of America because.

So we've said on this show a number of times. Young men specifically are more conservative than they've been in a generation in 50 years according to the polling. The message to them is that instead of being shamed for your white privilege or for your male privilege or for being toxically masculine. Be proud at your American privilege. Be proud to live in the greatest country in the history of the world.

And we see it taking root all across the country. Be proud of what God has given you. Be proud of who you are. There's nothing wrong with you. And absolutely raise your voices in unison against the people that would shame you for what you have no control of in the first place. Your skin color. Your sex. All of that's ridiculous.

And I'm going to play videos that are coming from across the country. Of these young people standing up. The choice is clear. Pick your fighter. Who do you want to be a part of?

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Promo code Charlie. Folks, I hope you just understand if you saw it from my perspective, when I first started working with Charlie and with Turning Point USA, just how thankless the work was. You know, it's easy to look at Amfest and, you know, almost 15000 people in an event.

And you got President Trump at our events and Tucker Carlson and thousands of people and thousands of campuses. But when you saw it where I saw it, where it felt like the whole world was against you and it was so lonely. I mean, just I want you to appreciate the grind that it took to get to this place. And yeah, it wasn't just turning point. There's a chorus of voices, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Matt Walsh, the Daily Wire guys. Of course, it's a cultural moment that we're living in.

But when you saw the grind day in, day out, campus after campus, event after event. You have to see the seeds that have been sown for over a decade. And understand the cultural headwinds that we were against. The running assumption was that we were doomed that young people were going to be 80, 20 liberal, Democrat, progressive forever. After 2008, which is actually the inspiration for the start of Turning Point USA, Charlie saw that in Chicago. The mass mobilization of the millennial generation.

The community activists had taken over community organizers on the left. The assumption was we were going to have liberal young people forever. It was doom and gloom. And out of that, Turning Point USA starts, humble beginnings, suits don't fit. Charlie's very Chicago accent coming through.

On the road traveling 300 days a year. We started the debt was only $12.7 trillion. Now it's $35. So some things certainly have not been corrected. But these kids were not told they could speak up and have a voice. And that is different now.

That is profoundly different. And it's not just us noticing it. Look at Greg Gutfeld. This is some of the most keen analysis you're going to see out there.

Greg Gutfeld played 130 at 39. He notices the same trend taking place. Now when you look at the protests, there's two things you've got to notice.

Especially the videos we were seeing. Mostly young women. And a lot of people aren't talking about that.

And I don't know why. But they look miserable, disheveled. Meanwhile, when you see those counter protesters, those frat boys, healthy, good looking guys, they got it together. These women are a mess. There's something going on in our culture where leftism has led young women down a path where their only purpose they perceive is outrage. And you see this in every issue, whether it's trans, supporting Hamas, BLM. They've devoted their aimless energy into causes that serve to only undermine their future, their happiness.

And we've derided motherhood to a point where their only baby is abortion. Greg gets it. Of course. And Megan Kelly, our friend Megan Kelly, she gets it too.

Play cut 129. And by the way, why are they so unattractive? I really legitimately want to know. Why are all the protesters so homely? I don't think they're unconnected. I'm not going to lie. I think attractive, smart people are not drawn to this nonsense. They're living their lives being successful.

It's the unattractive and or dumb people who feel the need to do this to feel like they matter. Sorry. We love Megan. How about Joe Rogan? He's got a got a thing or two to say about this.

Play cut 151. I think we're sending our kids to cult camps. That's what I think. I think they get indoctrinated into this. They don't all.

Some of them skate through. Some of them are wise. Some of them realize this is crazy, but some of them just get locked in and then it becomes their identity.

And it's dangerous. You see this, this chorus of voices, this chorus of voices is rising up. We planted the seeds. People are able to have the courage of their own convictions. These young people are finding their voice and they're picking a side. And we need to celebrate it.

We need to see it. And we need to know that we need to support them. We need to we need to be their cheerleaders on campus telling them it's OK to speak out to rise up. And by the way, at Turning Point USA, we're making sure all these these campus patriots, maybe they don't even consider themselves activists.

Maybe they don't even consider themselves conservatives. We're going to make sure they got big old flags to fly around on campus. Last two weeks of school, you better believe it. Charlie is going to be at University of Washington next week where they still have an encampment that is apparently growing. One of our activists there was actually assaulted by some of these kids. We're going to make sure that they have the fuel that they need to keep going and keep getting louder. Let's go ahead and throw this image up.

Eighty eight. This was this is what sort of sparked so much of what we're seeing right now. And of course, this is at UNC Chapel Hill. The students defending the flag. They had put a Palestinian flag up. It came down. They tried to put the American flag up and they were getting attacked and a bunch of frat guys got around and they defended the flag. You can see the stuff is getting thrown at them and they stood there proudly surrounding the American flag.

Old glory. And that sparked something. But the foundation had been laid and was being laid for years. It was a decades long movement in the making of really a decade. And then it started to spread.

Some of these clips from Ole Miss started going viral. Let's go ahead and play one forty one. We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! So they're shouting, we want Trump! We want Trump! They're shouting down the protesters. And here's another one.

One forty two. Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave So just appreciate for a moment with me the vibe shift that has to happen for students to openly support Donald Trump on campus. They're not just singing the national anthem like that last clip. The clip before they were saying we want Trump. They were going on the offense. In 2016 campuses would literally investigate students that were celebrating a Trump win. Now you got in twenty twenty four whole groups of students shouting proudly shouting down the protesters saying we want Trump and singing the national anthem. But it's not just UNC. It's not just Ole Miss. Look at Rutgers.

One forty four. So you've got the Palestinian, pro Palestinian crew on one side. Palestine will be free. And you've got all these other kids at Rutgers saying USA USA chanting it over and over again. We played the Cal Poly clip from earlier. That was a month before the protests happened. That's proof that the seeds for this were already planted long ago and they're just finally coming to fruition. And these clips are inspiring a whole generation. We're getting reports at Turning Point USA that this is this is happening organically all across the country. A lot of our chapters you're seeing this this bubbling up of pure unadulterated pro-American patriotism. It's like the cool kids are taking back their school from a bunch of nerds. OK. That's what this is.

And it's organic. Whereas you've got Soros, Students for Justice and Palestine funded groups that are taking you know that all you see the same signs the same campuses the tents look the same the same procedures. Outside agitators coming in and trying to radicalize these kids and pump their minds full of whatever. And on our side you have a ground up an organic spontaneous combustion of just push back.

Top down bottom up. The difference couldn't be more stark. The people are with us. The movement is with us. Now I'm not saying we don't have a ton of headwinds. I'm not saying that the kids aren't getting indoctrinated in record numbers. I'm not saying that the institutions are are not more corrupt than they've ever been because they are.

Think back to some of the wins that we've had. X the liberation of X formerly known as Twitter cannot be underappreciated. These clips are able to spread without being throttled without being censored without being shadow banned. Charlie Charlie's own account was completely shadow banned. The original Twitter files his account specifically was called out as being shadow banned. You couldn't search Charlie's account and find it.

It said that like know how to find it. Charlie was at one point seven million followers on Twitter. Charlie was at one point nine and then January six happened.

A couple days later it was down at one point seven and it stayed that way. For the entirety of the time between then and when Elon Musk took over Twitter and turned it into X. And now guess how many followers he has. Almost three million. Since we've got unblocked we've added almost one point two million followers on Charlie's Twitter account.

X account. That's just one piece of evidence. But the wins are there people.

The data points are there if you look at them. The most conservative young men in 50 years spontaneous movement of patriotism and counter protests rising up. Versus this top-down radical movement free Palestine. By the way why do they all wear masks? Why are they all wearing masks? It's because they're ashamed of what they're doing. They know what they're doing is wrong.

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You just cover the shipping head to slash kirk that is r-u-f-f greens dot com slash kirk go to slash kirk to grab yours today slash kirk. So I want to play some of these clips that prove that we've been seeding the grounds for a long time. Again I said earlier Charlie was like a lone voice calling out in the wilderness alone on these college campus now he's surrounded by hundreds of supporters. Every single stop doesn't matter where in the country he goes.

California, Texas, New York. It's gonna have a ton of support up at University of Washington Seattle very liberal Seattle my alma mater. So let's let me show you how this happens.

Cut 148. It seems like you just want the rich get even more rich. Like we haven't talked about the rich at all.

I mean so you don't even know my positions on this stuff at all. And by the way just so we're clear the wealthiest counties in the country all vote for Democrats. You know that right? 8 out of 10 of the wealthiest counties in the country vote for Democrats. The wealthiest people absent Elon Musk are all on the left. Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Mark Benihoff, Mark Zuckerberg, Laurene Powell Jobs on the left yes. The richer you are the more likely you are to be a Democrat on the left. Explain it to me please.

The numbers speak for itself. The Democrats are the party of the oligarchy. Can you name one tech CEO outside of Elon Musk that is a conservative? I personally think Peter Thiel. Yeah that's one. That's one. Larry Page, Google on the left worth 120 billion dollars. Sergey Brin, Google 130 billion dollars on the left. So you see how that kid started.

And by the way there's a longer clip that you guys should all check out on X. About 10 minute long exchange where he starts off calling Charlie a fascist. You're terrible.

Well you just want the rich to get richer you fascist. No facts. Nothing to substantiate it. By the end of that conversation the kid was completely subdued asking honest questions. Realizing he had made poor assumptions. He believed the lies. And now that video has been seen millions and millions and millions of times across Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Rumble.

We love Rumble. That's just one example of minds getting changed in real time. And people realizing they have really bad assumptions. Students realizing they have been led astray. As Joe Rogan called it a cult camp. Winning over hearts and minds one video at a time. One interaction at a time. And by the way going into the lion's den.

Going into the hostile enemy occupied territory. And telling kids it's okay to believe these things. It's okay to be conservative. It's okay to be white. It's okay to be a man. It's okay to be strong. It's okay to be American. Let's play another one.

Let's go to 149. This is about the mass invasion. And again this is an example of going in boldly saying, I believe these things come at me. And everybody around watches. And realizes they too can have those opinions. They too can speak loudly and proudly.

149. But I think that mass immigration is really bad for American workers. There's no mass immigration. First of all, how many people are... Wow.

Well you're right. There is mass invasion. But how many people are coming across the southern border every day? I don't know. I'm actually generally curious.

Can you guess? Okay. On what time frame? Every day. Every day? 500?

Yeah. At a low point it's at 10,000 right now. It was 15,000 last month. So what is that annualized?

Let's play that out. A lot. Yeah, that's a lot.

Yeah. I love that clip because when he says a mass invasion, the kid's like, oh my gosh. But then you hear the people around him supporting him. They're like, oh, Charlie got him. I'm telling you, it's the cool kids. It's the normal kids rising up against a bunch of nerds and brats.

And the visuals are stunning. They're the most compelling marketing our side has ever had. Let's try another one.

Cut 74. Charlie at it again. How many illegals are coming across the border every day? A lot.

So about 10,000 to 15,000 a day. Do you think Joe Biden- And they're all going to vote Dem. Can you say that again? The illegals? Well, illegals. Yeah, they're coming here.

They're going to vote Democrat and we're going to win. Do you believe in borders? I was like, I believe that, no borders, no.

One rule of the government. These kids have no conception of anything. And the whole world gets to see the fact that for the first kid, he thought there was only 500 illegals coming across every day. 500.

When the number is multiple of that. They have no idea the enormity of the problem that the Democrats and Joe Biden have thrust upon the country. The chaos that they have unleashed. If you ask kids on campus how many abortions happen every year, they literally think it's like 50,000.

But the number is actually a million. These assumptions are getting changed. And we're going right into the lion's den.

We're going right into enemy occupied territory, telling them the truth. So let's fix our gaze now on the upcoming convention that the Democrats are going to be holding. Because there's some parallels here that we can draw to another very consequential convention that was in 1968.

So Wall Street Journal puts it like this. Evidence is mounting that campuses have been targeted by professional mob agitators who sense White House weakness and are already gearing up to descend on Democrats' Chicago convention in August. This recalls the party's 1968 convention, the violence of which cemented a view of a lawless country under Democratic rule and aided Richard Nixon's election victory. Mr. Biden used the 2020 George Floyd protests to great effect against Mr. Trump, both egging them on and reveling in the White House's inability to restore order.

Now, who owns the chaos? It's something that we need to keep an eye on, because I don't think this protest energy is going anywhere. There's a really great clip from this week where pro-Gaza protesters and counter protesters, the only thing that they could agree on was, F Joe Biden.

They chanted in unison that chant. So there's a lot of energy behind this movement, and it's probably going to carry over into the summer when the Democrats have their convention in August in Chicago. Now, let's just play some of the polling for you here. A new YouGov poll shows that 47% of people oppose on-campus protests, pro-Palestine protests, while just 28% support it. I wish those numbers were greater, but that's still a 20-point delta of oppose versus support.

Among Gen Z, the figures closer, about 40% of people under 30 support anti-Israel protests, and 27% oppose them. But that's enough, because it's not just that there are young people who oppose the protests, but they're finally speaking up. They're going to rally more people to their cause.

It's everything we've been talking about this hour. And I want to kind of shift your thinking on what happened in 2020 with the BLM riots. A lot of people, the consensus is that those protests were stoked from on high, which they probably were, in order to remove Trump from power. And like I said, there's valid reason to believe that that's the case, but there's actually evidence to believe that those riots actually boosted Trump. People saw that it was coded left-wing.

We knew who was provoking it. So it might have actually helped Trump, because again, Americans by and large hate rioting. And this historic example from Chicago, I think is really telling. Yeah, we're a different country than we were back then, but again, the polling suggests by and large, Americans don't like rioting. So 1968 was a very turbulent year, very turbulent. LBJ's Vietnam War was very unpopular, so much so that he decided not to run for reelection at all. MLK was assassinated in the spring, and there were riots after that in about 100 different US cities, killing dozens of people. In June, RFK was then assassinated. And then Hubert Humphrey became the Democrat nominee, but he was not enormously popular with the base.

They didn't have primary elections in most states back then, and Humphrey didn't run in any of the primary states, so he kind of got zero support from regular voters. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley thought that the convention was his chance to show off Chicago and was extremely angry about protests, so he deployed more than 11,000 Chicago police to surround the convention and block protesters. This backfired. Protesters clashed with police all week. The media and the protesters believed that the violence of police against anti-war demonstrators would cause a surge of public support and anti-war sentiment, but in fact, that didn't happen. The reverse happened. Instead, the public overwhelmingly backed Daley's anti-riot tactics. Apparently, they got 140,000 letters of support and just 500 letters of condemnation. The protests themselves caused a split in the Democrat Party and led Richard Nixon to winning the 1968 election. Four years later, Nixon would win 49 states amid continuing backlash against far-left protest tactics. Could that happen again this year? The onus is on Joe Biden, and so far, he's failing that test miserably. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Talk to you soon. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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