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James O'Keefe Does Anything For the Scoop

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February 2, 2024 6:00 pm

James O'Keefe Does Anything For the Scoop

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 2, 2024 6:00 pm

It's been about one year since James O'Keefe was rudely kicked from Project Veritas, the juggernaut he built from the ground up. But a year later, O'Keefe is more powerful than ever, and he just landed what may be his funniest story ever, posing as a gay man to lure in and humiliate a chatty senior Biden aide. O'Keefe explains how if he can go successfully undercover, there's no reason other people  — maybe even you — can't do the same. They talk about to become a whistleblower, how to turn a story into lawsuits that can bring accountability, and how Kamala Harris can't keep any of her black staff.


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Hey everybody, entire episode with James O'Keeffe. We talk about his recent story where he pretended to be go on a gay date. It's hilarious. You're going to love this one and the huge story.

And then we just talk about the need to act. James O'Keeffe joins us. Email us freedom at Become a member. It's If you want to listen to all of our episodes advertiser free as they are posted, it's Email us as always freedom at and subscribe to our podcast.

Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives and we are gonna fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Joining us is one of my favorite Americans. He's been through a lot in the last 12 months and he's fighting. He's posting wins. He doesn't give up and he loves the truth. He's here for the full hour James O'Keefe. Charlie great to be with you.

James you keep on posting wins and posting wins. There's so much I want to cover with you but first how are you doing? You've had a year. I'm just I'm a little tired at the moment.

I mean this was this was an insane week so I'm pushing through. I want to talk about just how you've handled this last year and you've had some of the biggest stories of your career in the last 12 months. Yes I think this White House guy was probably my favorite story I've ever done in my whole life for many reasons. And you've had you've had some barn burners and it's before we get into it how is it performing on social media? It's got like 23 million views a hundred and I'm just looking right now a hundred and get 14 just get 114 thousand likes 23 million views.

It's probably the second most watched video I've ever done and it's me doing it and it's a guy in the executive office of the White House so there's a lot to say about this. There's a lot of psychology. Tell us the whole story James. From beginning to end?

Yes. We have a lot of time. This one is super interesting. Well you know a lot of the biggest stories we get are just meeting people on dating apps and you know it's been about a year Charlie since I was fired from the company I founded. About a year to the day almost. What is it February? Yeah almost a year to the day. So I'm trying to inspire people and sometimes as a leader you have to do the thing yourself because you can't ask other people to do the thing that you're not willing to do and everyone in there and I'm sure you get this all the time but in my business people say well I can't do what you do James because I'm too recognizable in Tucson or I'm too recognizable in Long Island so I thought what better way to show those people up than to have James O'Keefe meet with a guy who works with the White House because now those people have no excuse.

Well what's their excuse gonna be and and half of the comments and they're like they can't believe the guy didn't recognize me but and we'll get into that but so I decided to disprove to people that that it can be done and it will be done because if I can do it anybody can do it. So you go on Hinge? I think well we go on a lot of the ones we do we do all they have all the different ones we I think this one was actually Tinder this guy actually this guy I have his profile he's now taking it down. And he works in the Biden White House is that right? He works in the executive the White House cyber cyber security policy analyst and foreign affairs executive office of the president. So EEOB the executive office? Yeah the executive office so he's part of the what they call the deep state of the administrator. He's in the Eisenhower building right next to the White House which is what that is considered the White House. Yes and he and he supervisors two federal agencies USAID and the State Department he worked the State Department four years goes to Harvard Kennedy School went to Georgetown he's not a stupid guy he's a high up guy but in Washington DC Charlie people are very you know for lack of a better word narcissistic they're they're very focused on their own grandiose identities and usually I don't in a video put my tradecraft but I actually left in the part where he's like enough about me what about you and I'm like my life isn't interesting okay I work in publishing not false but but you're like James Bond and he's like oh stop so it just goes to show you people just want to talk about themselves you know. So just everyone understands because James is dancing around this a little bit this is a powerful very it's in the White House gay staffer yeah yeah he's gay and I'm and so you're on a date with him well I suppose he thinks that no I know that you're not yeah it's kind of funny I'm 0% gay 100% confident my own masculinity I will do anything to get the story though and I'm a thespian right anything I well we don't touch people I didn't even hold I didn't hold the guy's hand but I Charlie you know I'm a thespian I've given you a hard time I and you played into it I played pimps drug dealers traffickers homeless people telephone technicians but I was I was if you look at this video I was dialed in oh yeah in other words what's going through my mind is when he starts talking about what we can't say publicly that's the story to me because it's the lying it's it's him saying we can't talk about this publicly I say but what have you heard he says well I've heard a lot of things about Kamala Harris Joe Biden's mental abilities he talks about being in a meeting with Michelle Obama and while this is happening I'm just completely dialed in and I'm thinking about the headline as I'm sitting with with the subject that's what's going through my mind in these situations I I love this on many different levels and I do want to play some of the tape here because it's amazing and it's the second most viral story of the last year right yes it behind Pfizer correct and so here's James O'Keefe who has millions of followers on social media super well recognized and you just kind of put a disguise on right sort of disguise I dyed my hair gold and put on glasses that was it let's let's go through this this so his name is Charlie Crayger right yes he manages federal agencies and the State Department Charlie thinks he's on a gay tinder date but he's not play cut 110 so when you say security like you're protecting the networks of the federal agency you give all your information the mission is to protect information we are like the president's voice when we go into meetings in terms of discussing and promoting the president's priorities so just everyone understands this is not an unusual type of staffer as far as you know willing to talk about their line of work is that correct you mean people do this typically with me they just talk and you know just in DC there's there's a fair amount of yes it's a it's a sociological phenomenon where the way I would put it is there's the Potemkin talking points and skipping ahead for a minute just yesterday I released the full confrontation of the guy and I'm like I'm James O'Keefe I take off my disguise and he has this moment and he goes into talking point mode he's like the president is very concerned about cybersecurity and has just issued he starts talking normally like like a Washington DC political file but as long as there's a gap between the official Potemkin North Korean style folk false talking points and how people actually talk it'll be very easy for me to expose them because none of these people actually believe in these talking points they don't even believe their own propaganda that's the story they don't they don't they don't actually believe it so when you just go into a bar in Washington and for they're all narcissists they all believe in themselves they don't believe what they do so that's the story I want to play another tape here we we're waiting for yeah let's let's play this one here let's play cut 111 please he says that Biden will be the nominee this is interesting this is an internal chatter that Biden's gonna be the nominee and Kamala will be his vice president but there was a debate on whether or not they should remove Kamala from the VP ticket play cut 111 what was he saying there so he was saying but Biden will be the nominee Kamala is a Kamala or Kamala I don't know what Tammy yeah Harris will be the vice president and then he says she can't keep black staff that there was some reporting of the New York Times that that a lot of the black staff did not like her but he confirms this he says they all quit on her she's a bad leader and they wanted to get rid of her but he says he goes on to say they can't get rid of Kamala Harris because she's a black woman according to them and and he's talking about how horrible this is because they need to get rid of them but they can't because of that identity politics tons of people watching O'Keefe Media Group what's the best way to support you I'm a monthly what thank you yeah O'Keefe Media Group calm we do a weekly now investigation a weekly cadence daily is too difficult so it's almost like the modern-day 60 minutes that's O'Keefe Media Group calm you can donate their support a subscribe we're building out the paywall very soon but week Wednesdays 4 to 6 p.m. on spaces as well Charlie it's great hey everybody Charlie Kirk here Mike Lindell and my pillow employees want to thank my listeners for all your continued support 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want to play some more tape here and then we got to go through some of the memes the memes are too good but I want to get through the whole story here cuz it's good this is inside baseball here cut 112 Charlie Crager continues on cami she's not popular but you can't remove the first black lady to be VP play cut 112 how would you spin that people feel like she's a woman and she's multiracial I think I think that they're really concerned and then 116 how unpopular camel is play cut 116 and boy they love the blabber don't they so then this is interesting Biden dementia play cut 113 just telling us what he's heard and they have to tow the line you know this doesn't shock anybody but you know and by the way Charlie there's a debate online oh this isn't a story that we already know this but I I don't think first of all I don't think everyone does know this and and second there's difference between what we know what it's verifiably true so to have the White House guy say it I think it I think it's very important well yeah of course and the acknowledgement that the people in your inner circle I mean he's in the EEOB the exact that's the Eisenhower Executive Office building those are the people that basically run the entire federal government right that by the way it's not like this is some intern at the Department of Interior if you have a badge in the EEOB that means you also have West Wing access you're in the West Wing almost every single day I know I know it very well that is considered the White House it's not like BS you're on White House grounds it's the ugliest building right next to right in DC right next to the White House okay I want to go to this one Charlie talks about how he went to school and he's a spy and he started well he's like James Bond James Playcut 115 I got a job at the State Department. I essentially started at Georgetown and I applied at State and I went to Georgetown for my masters where I studied when I joined the security studies program in the School of Foreign Service so when I was there I focused on like cybersecurity and technically cyber intelligence so like the like espionage and the spy game that cyber intelligence really are James Bond aren't you I mean I just all kidding aside what national secrets would he be sharing I mean that's problem it's a huge stories Chinese guy would come in there and blackmail him or no like you know a real muscular you know gay Chinese guy could get some stuff out of him so I'm gonna play more this table we got to get to the memes is this your first thirst trap story man personally yes mine personally yes my staff no so but like when you guys were around the table with the staff and you have that you found this guy on tinder and you say oh my goodness he works in the EEOB and all this did you guys like cast lots of who has to be I'm willing to do whatever it takes Charlie I don't you guys you pulled straws play here give me a hard time I mean I don't I don't even I didn't even occur to him I wasn't even I guess I'm just so in the trench that I don't even think about the implications of that really you know but um but I am the memes are hilarious they are great and I again I want you're a good friend James you know that I can't well I want to say something is it such great this was so much work it does it's so I mean it's can you talk about that yeah I mean it's just I mean even people think oh you just match with someone to meet with them it is hundreds of hours of research and recon and facial recognition software and matching and verification and surveillance I mean it is and then you have the technology aspect because this is gorilla this is not a staged production this is gorilla style filming the hidden cameras are temperamental you have to have redundancies I mean you call the cops on you if you say the wrong word you might be breaking the law this is hard work so I'm dialed in it's not like you know you know it's it is it fun it's more just a discipline Charlie it's a focus it's a it's a hundreds of man-hours and then finally one of my colleagues goes James this guy's this guy's works in this wise work in cybersecurity and then it occurs to me yes even my meeting with him is a story regardless of what he says I did not expect him to open up and sing like a canary that that's surprised me I think I mean that's that's so well said and again you deserve huge credit for this and it's just I love your initial takeaway that we're gonna reiterate later in the program anybody could do this anybody can do this yes anyone can be well they choose not to they choose not to and so we hilarious if I were able to doubt that would be I think you have the discipline to do it it's it's discipline focus and I'm not going to a date okay I'm not doing that I'm gonna find out some other thing understood I'm not as you know well-built as James O'Keefe either I wouldn't face for radio let's play cut 114 you tell him he's doing a very good job as working up cybersecurity for the White House play cut 114 so you work in cybersecurity for the White House and my my question is what are you doing on a meeting with James O'Keefe founder of project Veritas yeah we do undercover investigations into people what type of cybersecurity operation you guys run over obviously not with me did you do your research what is this clown show you guys running over at the White House no no I actually I played the wrong tape the real tape is this but 124 this is this is James O'Keefe this is a great one they're about to get in the hot tub and he takes off his Superman glasses but she goes whoa now James let me just play devil's advocate why didn't you try to you know continue like it's it yeah it's a split-second decision that I have to make okay even in the field and you felt like you got to the instant yes it's it's not a it's not a linear or scientific process it's more of it's a dark art and at a certain point in space and time I have to say it's time to to to end this it's a certain moment that it's an instinct instinct instead of trying to meet with him again well I could also compromise myself if I do that it could hurt the operation if I do it could endanger me if I do there's a whole bunch of do you mean well sometimes people get violent sometimes people you I get compromised I get burned so it's it's an instinct thing some people say well James you should have slept with him I don't do that I don't I don't cross ethical lines see you know I wasn't gonna say James why do you go to the third date I wasn't even going there yeah okay I was just I said another meeting um a lot of things logistics scheduling and limited resources of many different reasons in addition to the ones I said before so so James you I just all kidding aside and again I can't compliment you enough because you know you didn't have to do this you have a team you got journalists and all this but you kind of love the game right I do and I'm good at it and and you are and I'm and to be perfectly it's gonna sound a little arrogant but I'm this is one of the I'm very good at it I'm still arrogant it's you do even vet no it's only that yeah you're the inventor of the 20 years of experience I'm still the best in the game at it and I have to do it to lead people to do it I have to show people that listen I'm not gonna I'm not gonna ask you to do anything that I won't do and and that's what this is gonna sound I don't know I wouldn't say this wasn't true rush limbaugh invented am talk radio you've invented modern guerrilla expose a journalism thank the internet era rush limbaugh told me before he died in person he said James you you you guys invented a genre no that's what that's amazing a rush was a friend of ours too and I don't say that lightly because you are the best at it because you've invented the medium and I by the way you're the number one person you want hundreds of people to do it I do thousands and there will be by the way James we have a huge audience right now just replug the O'Keefe media group we have 10,400 people watching just on rumble that doesn't count all the other channels so every Wednesday you know 60 minutes with Sunday every Wednesday OMG launches new investigation Wednesday 4 to 6 Eastern Time we're doing a show on spaces and live streaming across all platforms and O'Keefe media is the website OMG and we're growing we're building and you can support us there donate subscribe we're building out the paywall but every Wednesday 4 o'clock Charlie we're launching a new store it's like making a movie every week it's a bit difficult Martin Scorsese your scores that you're starring your own film we're putting out a movie every single week it's very difficult but we have more officials Charlie in the deep state administrative state like this one coming out here shortly and it's not just me doing it we got other people were training equipping meeting with the subjects and it's again they're just talking honestly and as long as there is I said this is very important point as long as there's a difference between the official state talking point and the truth as long as those things are not the same yes there will be ripe opportunity for me to get the cinema verite of them telling the truth unbeknownst to them okay now we gotta go to the memes here are it's just too good it's cut 119 through 123 and by the way someone sent me an email they said Charlie it's clear you're not willing to do everything that's necessary to save the country totally right I totally acknowledge it okay cut what let's go to night one there it is okay walk us to this know your meme by James Caesar this is a Soros his son what's his name Alexander Alex Soros on the right with the glasses he's in and then you then without the glasses it's just James O'Key from Peaky Blinders yeah next one the absurdity okay this is this is the favorite everyone's favorite meme this is Dylan Mulvaney I actually ambushed Dylan Mulvaney back in April at a hotel in LA oh my god tell me more and people are like James your flamboyant gay accent is really good zero percent gay but you know I'm a theater guy was cow the cow not that there's anything wrong with it as well comma not there's anything wrong with that but I've been like cowboys pimps drug dealers I can play any part but only to get the story so that's Dylan Mulvaney with the Bud Light next what else do you got that that's just this is just the absurdities you know zoom in on that one if you can the absurdity of just literally all it is is a pair of glasses it's it's just so you do you know do you know no I know now in the White House Executive Office building they probably have a big cutout picture 100% do and they say if you are on a gay date with this man walk away it reminds me of this moment from 12 years ago when I got offered Eric Holder's ballot I went in and said hey do you have Eric Holder and they gave me I remember they put a picture of me on the polling location for Eric Holder this is how stupid these people are all right next one I love this hi it's me not totally totally not totally not James O'Keefe yeah I actually this is this is I I don't think the guy actually knew who I was he actually they Charlie some people were saying oh he went along with it no he did not know he just didn't know a lot of people don't pay attention they don't follow conservative media etc so he he did not recognize James O'Keefe he knew kind of the word Project Veritas but he wasn't familiar with my face next is James O'Keefe as an undercover gay man there you go this is that simple all you got to do is put on a pair of spectacles and there I am on the right undercover gay man and really this is speaks to one of the O'Keefe rules in my O'Keefe Academy class which you can buy to learn how to do the undercover work at O'Keefe media group calm your manner your the way you carry yourself matters more than your than your disguise the way you conduct yourself is is 80% of it for those of you who are confused as to why the disguise was not more elaborate email is freedom at Charlie Kirk calm James lots more stories and by the way you have some big ones in Arizona coming up you've also I don't want to you know bury you know spoil the lead here but you have your cooking stories oh yeah we've done a few in the galas on your border town in Arizona here and and Tucson and Phoenix and and we have more coming I think the border Charlie is the biggest issue of the year and we're looking at all the NGOs here in your state of Arizona that get money from the federal government James also you have this O'Keefe media group it's going really really well and you guys are you know getting support from the audience I want to just ask you some personal stuff just because it's been such a trying year absolutely I think it's a great lesson for everybody here's my theory James has heard me say it before there was a plan they've tried to take out some of our all-stars they try to take out Trump Tucker O'Keefe that was the triumphant you think about it you take out Trump on the political vector you take out Tucker on the cable news vector you take out O'Keefe who's the number one all-star on undercover reporting and they failed on all three part fronts and failed largely thanks to you guys not buying into the BS of the media all right I want to tell you about Herzog Herzog Foundation is amazing I want you guys to check it out right now we've been talking about how our nation's public schools have been captured by progressive ideologues teaching things that directly contradict the values of millions of American families for those you worried about the best educational path through kids and grandkids I'm pleased to announce our new partnership with the folks at the Herzog Foundation they are the trusted source of American K through 12 private education with a remarkable suite of resources for parents and grandparents from their online publication the lion through the new podcast making the leap Herzog Foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for Christian parents to learn more about how your family and faith and community can flourish through a quality Christian education go to Herzog Foundation calm that is Herzog Foundation calm Herzog Foundation calm h-e-r-z-o-g Herzog Foundation calm James you had a rather viral and personal post on Twitter X about you that you're not suicidal tell us about it yeah thanks a lot of people project their fear onto me and they always say oh aren't you afraid for your life are they gonna kill you and this was kind of like a very personal very heartfelt note in regards to anybody who projects fear and I've chosen faith over fear and I'm not suicidal and I understand we're messing with powerful people but I'm also prepared to die and I know that sounds kind of macabre and melodramatic but I'm not I've been through so much so many things in my 39 years on this planet that I'm passionate about what I do and I wrote this piece Charlie because the hardest part about what I've been through I say it's been an indescribable hell on earth for me to witness good people go against everything right for money and power and I've seen envy destroy the hearts of men I thought I knew and I think you know what I'm talking about and and I think that that is the thing that we're fighting Charlie not the Leviathan the enemy those things I get them they're coming the FBI the White House they're coming after me but the people the thing that's in our way are the good people who do nothing or who betray us and that is that is what I'm fighting and I wanted to get that through to people and it was very personal but I put it out there yeah and it's been seen by eight million people on social media that what you posted there and so so James this last year I think it was just about a year ago this month yeah this week this February 6 2022 at my board fired me from the company I found it doesn't 23 excuse me 2023 yes that was just a year ago this week it happened and it was the most difficult thing I've ever been through my life it was I built it as you did you you know understand you said it so eloquently it's very it's very difficult to build things it's very easy to destroy them that's right and I know that you're a builder and and frankly a blood brother because you and I have been through similar things but that was so painful to to just speaking candidly I'm not going to pretend that it wasn't because it was the betrayal and that is that is the thing that we're fighting against it's almost like the enemy is amongst us and it's it's within people who do nothing or who who tried to destroy or hurt the people who are doing something so so that's that's what I wrote this I said I'm not suicidal but I'm also not afraid to die I I believe in faith over fear here I stand I can do no other like Clarence Thomas if they're gonna kill me they're gonna kill me but we need to inspire people I'm tired of tens of thousands of people sliding into my DMS complaining about how bad things are I want to find the people who are willing to do something but yes that was very painful and but I'm happy I went through that because it taught me so much about human nature about myself I learned a lot from that and I'll be more effective and I think it was like almost God purifying things cleansing things for me bringing good people into my life I got a really solid team of 12 employees right now and we're growing at OMG are you at a place now where you're thankful for it that it happened I am it was it took me until so this happened February of 2023 and it wasn't until I want to say Thanksgiving it wasn't until almost December and then something happened there was that there was a spark an IBM guy came to me through signal and recorded his CEO and that was the turning honestly this is one of the biggest stories of your career turning point no pun intended that was the tip so Blake and our team thinks this is the biggest story of your career and I think he's onto something keep going the turn that that well that was a tipping point turning point it was at moments I don't know why you didn't call your group tipping point it was it was a moment when the guy was high up in IBM and I had this I had these long night late night sort of deep throat if you're familiar with all the president's men meeting in parking garages talking to this individual and he said well they I might get fired and I said well what's the worst thing that can happen the people have to know and they made the decision to give me the tape and that individual still works for IBM and then suddenly there was a wellspring of a hundred plus people inside IBM that came to me and then I realized this is it this is it and and and when they came to me you know what the person said to me Charlie they said one of the things they said was I am so inspired by what Elon Musk is doing but a lot of the inspiration came from the fact that I stuck by my guns and I never sold out my principles my board at Baritas wanted me to sell out and do things I was uncomfortable doing and I took the bullet okay and it was very hard and it was the most it was other than having a loved one die it's the hardest thing it felt like I was castrated it felt like I was you know a near-death experience and the IBM official gave me the tape and then suddenly there was a hundred IBM employees coming to me and that's when I knew that what happened to me happened for a reason then you know we believe in Romans 828 that for those who love God all things work out for his good and that's a very tough it's a tough truth in Christianity that God has a plan for all of us and even though it might feel bad or bad happens so it's not to say that it's not bad but it can work towards good and it could be used for good mm-hmm I mean there are no words to describe the pain of working you know you're one of the few men that I know who do who does know you're working 14-hour days traveling a hundred hours a week and you're and you're raising all this millions and millions of dollars to defend all these people to fight for the country and then if James O'Keefe can get fired from the company he founded then nobody then it leads you to it leads to kind of a heartless hopeless nihilism and that was what I was fighting and that that is what we fight against in this country which is it's not the government it's not the enemy it's each other and and that was a very but it was a I think it was God detoxing my life removing bad apples and I you know and I learned now I know first of all don't hire psychotic people second if you do find out they're bad people fire them immediately so these are things that frankly I think you I give credit to Charlie Kirk I'm not just saying to blow smoke up his ass he is a great leader and you learn these things probably earlier than I have but I've always believed in the best in people and I've always tried to empower people and see the goodness in people but in this game you have to be solid you have to be a good person you have to have a good heart and you have to surround yourself with good people yeah and that's that's interesting and really deep I don't actually always believe in the best in people which is that's you and I are different yeah and that there I believe more in a Hobbes Ian view of human nature it actually probably has has helped and it's helped you I think yeah I know of course it's not it's not always the happiest view of the world but do you think that people are at fundamentally self-interested and broken and sinful you can view human behavior differently oh so I want to just brag on this further this is cut 125 from America fest this is this is resulted now and I believe a lawsuit I think America first legal is suing IBM over violations of the civil rights act yeah EO CC complete yeah yeah equal opportunity complaint this is a huge story over a major tech company worth over a hundred billion dollars let's play cut 125 please there's been a hundred and fifty people within IBM that have come forward 150 I'm gonna break something right on your show here and this slide says how does whiteness work Red Hat which is the subsidiary of IBM and it says quote whiteness constructs the game hides the rules then rigs the game over and over again it's the slide that they give out inside IBM this is the sort of whistleblowing and numbers and big numbers I've never seen that before and it's very encouraging to me so so James I want you to be very clear and direct because every day I get somebody emailing me and like there oh I have this thing I'm not a whistleblower guy I'm right everyone has a role somebody has a story how do they get it to you to be taken seriously not just into some you know inbox that's well that's a great point I mean you have to be able to clearly communicate what it is that you have so you get these all the time all the time the source has to be able to describe in a paragraph very clearly who what when where why what it is that's the most crucial thing yes because they can send it this on DM on Instagram on X or signal that's usually where all the people come through or tips that O'Keefe media group dot com slower tips dot O'Keefe media group dot com if it's video or doc and we put that please on the bottom guys tips dot O'Keefe media group dot com just the word tips before the website if it's a file that's a gigabyte you can send it there it doesn't matter where they send it because anyone can find us it's what they say and it's really easy for me because if the individual is able to clearly communicate what they have that's that shows me it's a credible tip and what was remarkable about that IBM story Charlie is that the thing about whistleblowing is that they can fire the person and humiliate them and ruin their life but if a hundred people at IBM are now coming forward to James O'Keefe they can't whack all those it's not actually a thing you can't fire all those people it's not gonna happen and and then when when I broke that story the CEO of IBM Charlie got an Arvin Christian who by the way is Asian so there's irony with there with that he holds emergency all-staff call and he says do not talk about this James O'Keefe thing and then seven people IBM recorded that and sent it to me so he can't fire all of his employees so I think whistleblowing in numbers is the future it's yeah it's unification of sources working together so let's go a level deeper what people might actually be sitting on a gold mine of whistleblowing and not realizing it right what so let's let's go through two things very practically and I want to spend some time on this what is it that they for example that they should be looking for or what is just kind of the general principles this is not just for journalists this is just citizens what should people be look and citizens sort of have to think like journalists and in many regards they're kind they kind of are journalists if they're if they're leaking some material that the principle is simple what is the thing that they're doing that they don't want the thing their company is doing or their government agency is doing that they don't want to publicly acknowledge that they're doing so that we don't want people to know this we're hiding this from people we can't have anyone see this anything like that is a story as far as I'm concerned and don't be shy if you don't know if it's a story or not then send it in but do it concisely and do it concretely but then the next layer James of where we really get to critical mass to holding tyranny accountable is not just oh somebody said something on a zoom call and I'm gonna record it but it's you can you can record yourself asking a question that you think will lead toward that's next level that's next level stuff yeah that's where all the sudden if it's legal for example if your boss is like a raging racist lunatic it's white people and all that sort of stuff and you're allowed to record your conversation going into that conversation with your boss and recording it that that's that's neck that's more than just documents here's James here's a document that's all of a sudden where you're now that's master class which you can buy on our website and learn by watching me do what I do yes and yeah you have classes you have the whole thing everybody I'm telling you there's a few things right people say Charlie how do we save the civilization 1,000 the number is 1,000 if a thousand people did what O'Keefe did these maniacs would be on the run they would have nowhere to hide if we had a thousand people thousand citizen journalists what would that mean I think it would change the world I think we can just start with a few or even a hundred but yes one man with courage makes a majority one big reason is better than many little reasons one massive story is better than a few mean Edward Stone wouldn't love him or hate him he certainly changed people's perception of the Fourth Amendment and searches and seizures and data collection but but Charlie is absolutely right a thousand people doing this sort of investigative sleuthing and and recording yes would change the universe that would that would make the country quite free and it's it's the ultimate it's like the final check on tyranny the final check on tyranny is that no I'm not gonna have you do this nonsense at the company or the university by the way the universities are huge opportunity yes and I'd like to get cameras on Oh Blake has some great ideas you should talk to him after I will it's tough to shock people these days with colleges but I think I think Leviathan does not like being challenged but what's remarkable about this sort of work is communists hate being exposed hate it sunlight is is the most powerful we have a First Amendment this country article three courts are actually by and large the least corrupt I think part of the the three branches of government the First Amendment is there and and and we should use it if you're out there you say how can I make a difference how can I make a difference it also it doesn't need to always be private it could be very simple like the Dylan Mulvaney is a good example it wasn't the biggest story but find a powerful or powerful or popular find a powerful or popular person and ask them questions directly I mean there's a guy that his name is Anthony and he's just a young guy who he went down to South America got on to the the the the train and went all the way to the border and recorded it I've never seen anybody do this you got this guy named Nick who's out there infiltrating migrant camps yes these are young guys who are doing this on YouTube and they have they're broke they're just doing it it's amazing this is such an important point the this new and James you are you are the first right you were like the Abraham of this you are the beginning it's not money it's not money is not the thing that you need it's it's brass balls and will now James I want you to get a little spice here because I know that you have this as part of your public commentary you're kind of annoyed by the but James I'm gonna lose my job right going to and you do this in a really beautiful way but what do you say to that someone in the audience which is I could lose my job I have to pay the mortgage I have you know I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid James yeah there was that clip that that you saw Presbyterian ministry minister I think that I would say what's the worst thing that's going to happen to you if you if you quote lose your job and I think it's very important who you marry and who your partner with with because you have to have the right core values but I find it very ironic that Christians lecture me about how they're gonna lose their money and lose their things that I don't get that by the way I get other people saying I don't I don't quite get people who believe in this concept of eternal life so don't be I would say don't be a hypocrite you know think about why you're here on this earth and and really wrestle with what actually matters because I don't even I mean I'm a hopeful person perhaps I you're more hot is it Hobbes Ian well no I'm hopeful but I of human nature I have a very Hobbes and so that makes you a good leader because it's the reality of the circumstances yes I believe people are nasty brutish and sure they are and that's the Thomas my father the book is called Leviathan but that's right my father raised me to believe in the best of people and I would not be doing what I'm doing had my father not raised me that way so I'm grateful for that but I would say you know the more experience we have the more wisdom we we attain the more we begin to realize that that that line that separates good and evil runs through every human heart and we're here for a liver you're all gonna die we're all going to die unless Elon changes that up somehow scientifically in our heart but not gonna change her we're all gonna die so so so I I think that if you lose your job and have to rent a house versus own a house that you're my children well I would think that my children would admire their father for having followed his conscience and and and doing the right thing that that's the enrichment of the solids with Solzhenitsyn talks about in that Gulag archipelago book that and by the way there's one thing I want to say about that book the most profound part was when Solzhenitsyn everyone's starving to death and they go on the hunger strike and you know what hurt the most not starvation it was watching one of their comrades break the strike and eat a piece of bread it's the soul it's the it's the nourishing of your soul that matters in this life now this is these are very deep things but this is this is the time that tries men's soul right now in the 2024 election and are you gonna be the hero are you gonna be the guy that that I lost my job and by the way one more thing Charlie border patrol agents Arizona one guy said 98% of his colleagues they hate what they do and I say why do you do it they say we do it for the money they do it for the hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year and they can't even look in the mirror at night they can't live with themselves so there's this tension between your conscience and and and and getting the paycheck and ultimately I say you have to choose your conscience you have to choose your conscience it's gonna make you feel better you're not gonna go to hell your children are gonna respect you more I mean there's all types of reasons to do the right thing but I'm not a philosopher a psychologist I'm a journalist and in the year 2024 we got to get the store we got to inform the public what are what are some of the areas people should be looking into I think the three biggest areas are number one the border I think that's the store and number two I think it's election malfeasance malfeasance vote counting rations the extent to which there is fraud I don't know to what degree and and there are areas I think people should be focused on in Arizona and Wisconsin and and and Georgia I think they're it's gonna come down to these counties and and number three anyone who's trying to hide anybody who's engaged in corruption in your company your government I don't know where it is but but but culture politics is downstream from the culture so so I think it's border and and voting are gonna be the two biggest ones in 24 a website one more time O'Keefe media group that's OMG OMG the thing you say when you watch this stuff I can't believe them I can't believe my eyes O'Keefe media group calm every Wednesday 4 o'clock a new investigation send us your tip tips that O'Keefe media group calm empowering and equipping a movement of thousands of people like you to expose wrongdoing with the support of an in-house team of elite journalists to bring factual unbiased stories to light you guys can go there and you can become a member I've become a member there's also there's it's very easy to navigate you have the O'Keefe Academy master class you guys can donate support you have the covert camera store and again they try to take James O'Keefe out just remember Trump O'Keefe Tucker they try to go one two three and they have failed on all three fronts they did they tried to take out Tucker the Fox News he's bigger and stronger and ever and has this whole thing yes he they try to take out Trump through many different ways he's bigger and stronger O'Keefe same thing those are three people the bad guys tried to almost all at once boom boom boom the all there was like a 90-day period they overplayed their hand overplayed and now it's time for us to administer justice in 2024 James God bless you man God bless he's going down to go break a big story thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at Charlie Kirk calm thanks so much for listening and God bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to Charlie Kirk calm
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