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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
February 02, 2024
It's been about one year since James O'Keefe was rudely kicked from Project Veritas the juggernaut he built from the ground up But a year later O'Keefe is more powerful than ever and he just landed what may be his funniest story ever posing as a gay man to lure in and humiliate a chatty senior Biden aide O'Keefe explains how if he can go successfully undercover there's no reason other people maybe even you can't do the same They talk about to become a whistleblower how to turn a story into lawsuits that can bring accountability and how Kamala [... more]
Our American Stories
Lee Habeeb
April 14, 2023
On this episode of Our American Stories little has been known of one of the most important figures in early American history Dr Joseph Warren an architect of the colonial rebellion and a man who would have led the country as Washington or Jefferson did had he not been martyred at Bunker Hill in Warren was involved in almost every major insurrectionary act in the Boston area for a decade yet after his death his life and legend faded Here to tell the story is Jeffrey McKenna author of Saving Dr Warren A True Patriot Support the show https www [... more]
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