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The Collapse of Regime Media

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 26, 2024 5:00 am

The Collapse of Regime Media

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 26, 2024 5:00 am

Thousands of journalists at traditional newspapers are losing their jobs — and so are thousands of their successors at online-only "new media" outlets. Why are these industries collapsing, and why is much of the country reacting with indifference or even outright glee? Charlie reacts to a viral clip by lizard person Taylor Lorenz, and also talks about the border with the man who SHOULD be Senate GOP leader, Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey, everybody. It's time for The Charlie Kirk Show. Senator Scott from Florida, we talk about the looming border deal or lack thereof.

We also talk about the collapse of institutional media. What a shame. Email us as always freedom at and subscribe to our podcast. Open up your podcast app and type in charliekirkshow. That is charliekirkshow and get involved with Turning Point USA at and become a member. It's That's

Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House.

I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Noble Gold Investments is the official gold sponsor of The Charlie Kirk Show, a company that specializes in gold IRAs and physical delivery of precious metals.

Learn how you could protect your wealth with Noble Gold Investments at I wish he was leading the Senate and we'll dance around with that topic, but he's doing a great job. Senator Rick Scott from the great state of Florida. Senator, thank you for taking the time. It's all about the border right now.

Immigration, immigration, immigration. You've really been laying it down. I want to play a piece of tape here to just kind of frame up our conversation.

Let's play cut 124, please. So I think the bottom line is this. If we cannot secure our border, we need to close the border. If we have a president that doesn't want to secure the border, let's close the border until we get a president that actually is going to enforce our laws. Senator, elaborate on that. Well, first off, look, we've got a lawless administration.

Trump secured the border with the exact same laws that we have right now. The Biden administration just made the decision that they want drugs, criminals, terrorists to come across the border. Well, I'm sure there's a lot of wonderful people that want to come.

You know what? I'm from an immigration state. Come legally.

I don't want drugs, criminals, or terrorists. So here's what we have to do. We have to secure the border. Look at what the Biden administration did. So we're negotiating a border deal with the Biden administration that just went to the Supreme Court and said they wanted to close down what Texas is trying to do to secure their own border. So if somebody like that, do you trust them?

Absolutely not. So the only way this is going to happen, we cannot do a bill unless it has some sort of measurement on something the Biden administration wants. Let's say it's Ukraine aid.

Well, if you want Ukraine aid, if we're going to fund Ukraine and secure their border, then it's only going to happen if the number of people coming across our southern border goes down to what it was under Trump. Now, they keep saying they're going to close to a deal. Guess what, Charlie? They don't want you to see the deal.

Where's the text? So Senator, this is beyond frustrating to me. So these are your colleagues. Who's negotiating here?

And I know you have to be respectful and you work on lots of different things together. I totally get it. But what's really going on here? I mean, why are Senate Republicans putting up with this? I know you aren't.

I know great Senator Ted Cruz is not. But I mean, Senator Lankford, who I think is a really sweet person, I think he's making a terrible mistake here. First of all, this should be done in the open process, not back. Backroom deals is one of the reasons why people hate Washington, D.C. Well, so I've been up here five years. Here's how it works. Schumer, McConnell, they in a back back room, they decide the deal.

They get somebody to write it. OK. And then they spring on us and say, you've got to vote on it right now. And by the way, we're not going to take any amendments.

So either you care about this issue, so vote yes, or you don't care about this issue, you vote no. That's what they that's what they do. So it's not Lankford. Lankford is smart about the border. He's on Homeland Security, on the same committee I'm on.

We get a lot of briefings. We understand the problem. He understands the problem. He's being directed. He's being directed by Mitch McConnell, who said, we are not going to we will not tie Ukraine aid to a drop in the number of people coming across our southern border and saying that's what's happening. It's all driven by Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. So and think about this.

So and so there. So like last week, we still didn't have to have the language. And McConnell comes out and says, we're going to vote on it this week. Well, that's why we have worked hard.

Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Roger Marshall, Eric Smith and others. We've said, no, no, no. We're going to get the information. The public needs to understand this. Truly, you should be. You should have plenty of time to understand. So guess what?

You can give us advice. How do you look at it? How do the people in McAllen, Texas, look at it?

How do the people in Miami, Florida look at it? Because we are. That's what we ought to be doing. That's how government should work.

And guess what? I should be able to do whatever amendments I want on the floor. And if I can't convince somebody, that's it. But here's what the other thing we should be doing. We cannot codify. We cannot do anything to codify Biden's open door policy.

We can't limit what President Trump can do when he wins. And by the way, where is the House of Representatives? We have a majority.

Where's the speaker? Why aren't they including Mike Johnson or somebody in leadership from the House as part of this negotiation? Otherwise, it's it's it's we're just going to try to cram something down their throat. I mean, this makes no sense.

It's it's so dysfunctional. I had the opportunity to speak with Speaker Johnson recently, and I haven't exactly been approving of what he's been doing. We had a good conversation. It really was a good conversation.

I mean that. But he blames you guys in the Senate. He says, what's the Senate doing?

And I got to be honest, this is this bickering drives me nuts. The country's collapsing. I just and I want to just emphasize there's some incredibly qualified people not named Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate, you being one of them. You've run a state really well. You did a great job as governor.

You run a company really well. You've been a great senator. I mean, McConnell has to go.

And I know that is like the third rail here. But how many times are we going to put up with this sort of legislative deception, this sort of deploying, you know, his surrogates? And I hear you on Senator Lankford. Senator Lankford could decide not to not to negotiate. But all along, I've said he's a proxy of McConnell.

I totally acknowledge that. I find what McConnell is doing is awfully repulsive. However, McConnell is also getting heat from his colleagues who have endorsed Donald Trump and see that the politics is changing.

I want to play cut 126, please. Past few minutes. Jake Sherman with Punchbowl News had this about a McConnell meeting with Republican senators. Senator McConnell told a closed meeting of Senate Republicans today that the politics of the border has flipped and cast doubt on linking Ukraine and the border. It quotes him saying when we started this, the border united us and Ukraine divided us. The politics on this have changed, he told his GOP colleagues. He said he referred to Donald Trump as the nominee. We don't want to do anything to undermine him. And he wants to campaign and center it on immigration. So, quote, we're in a quandary. We're in a quandary. So if Trump wasn't doing well and Nikki Haley was ascendant, open borders would be acceptable.

I mean, I please help me understand this. This isn't some sort of for Senate speak. Securing the border unites us. I don't know one Republican senator that doesn't believe we ought to secure the border. I actually don't know anybody that doesn't think we've got to do something.

Now, if it's not Ukraine aid, maybe it's something else. But it has to be something to force the lawless Biden administration to basically do their job. So all we're saying is we all want the border secure. I don't know one Republican senator that does it.

All right. And but we know that the Biden administration is not going to do it unless they have to. So why doesn't our leadership, why is it Mitch McConnell, who is, you know, is the Republican leader, why doesn't he if he if he doesn't want to tie to Ukraine, then find something else. But don't keep us in the dark. And then tell, tell Langford and tell the negotiators, you cannot, you cannot tie it to the monthly Ukraine aid to how many people come across the border, then come up with something else. Because I can tell you what, I don't know if it's a majority, but a lot of us have been saying we've got to tie these things together. Because it's the only thing we know that's going to get the Biden administration to do their job. Yeah.

And that's the other element of this, which is, you know, we have the C.R. that was passed that now goes to March. If I were to just play devil's advocate here, Senator, and I don't loop you into this, but I'm I'm deathly afraid that people that are in cycle, you're doing the right thing, despite what they're trying to do to you. But it's not as if courage increases the closer we get to Election Day. Right. And you know this.

It's not as if all of a sudden everyone's going to say, you know, we're nine months out from an election. Now, I'm really going to go lay down the gauntlet for a legislative fight. Well, you know, the way I look at it is I'm a business guy. You know, I'm I'm doing this because there's no country to move to.

This is a place we got to we got to fight for everything. And so in the people of Florida have elected me three times, two times as governor, one time as senator. They know who I am. They know that I'm going to watch the money. I'm going to create accountability. So I'm not worried about about that. I mean, you know, I'm up to cycle, but I'm I am hell bent on improving this country. And if it means that somebody up here in D.C. doesn't like me, there's nothing I can do about it.

But the fact that that Donald Trump is winning and will be our nominee does not change anybody in the sense decision. They all know we want a secure border. It's what we're dealing with. As Mitch McConnell has said, we're not going to tie real accountability and metrics to Ukraine aid because he wants Ukraine aid. I get it. He wants Ukraine aid.

All right. I don't want Ukraine to lose. I want Russia to lose. I'm all in on that.

But I'm focused on our border before I focus on Ukraine's border. Are you tired of progressive companies and exhausted at trying to keep up with all the virtue signaling when you're simply just trying to buy products? Progressive corporate America continues to push messaging that further alienates conservative Americans, all while eroding the future of the American dream. It's prominent all over the country.

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slash Charlie Kirk. Check it out today. Senator Scott, I know we touched on this briefly. What is the timeline then here?

You guys had the press conference. There's allegedly going to be some sort of a border deal. But then Senator McConnell seems to be undermining that because of the politics of Trump. This seems like it's going to hit a fever pitch soon. When I speak to the House side, they say, well, we're waiting for the Senate side and then we're going to swat it down and then we're going to redo negotiations.

So what is the timeline looking like here? Well, it's always it's always up to Chuck Schumer. Right. He's the majority leader.

So he's inside when we do anything up here. But I don't know. We had you know, we had a conference meeting last week on the border.

We had one yesterday on on Ukraine, because what you know, what we have to do is we have to get people together and have real conversations instead of having one person negotiate on our behalf. And it's not really it's not really James Lankford. It's it's it's Mitch McConnell. So we what we've got to do is we've got to come up with how do we how do we secure this border?

And the it's I don't think it's hard. I mean, I think that Donald Trump did it. It's really just we got to go enforce the laws. We can just sit here and wait until Donald Trump takes over next January. Or we can say, what can we get done right now? And I want to do the things that it will force the Biden administration to do their job now. My work is, you know, it just comes in line to us and says the border is secure.

You know, Director Wray came and testified probably in November. When I asked him the question is, is are there terror cells around the United States as a result of an open border? He said, absolutely. And my work is the city right there. Right.

So this is this is not insignificant. We've got terror cells around the country. We got drugs, we got criminals, we got terrorists. But we had a briefing the other day on on the terrorists coming across and they never can tell us all the facts. Oh, well, we are just the ones that catch them.

And the oh, we don't know what they do with them after what people do over at ICE afterwards. And the CBP people are great. They're trying to secure the border.

But the people that they send over here to give us information never have all the facts. No. And it's just so there is this piece of tape here, Senator.

And for the sake of time, I'm not going to play it. I don't know if you saw this. It went totally viral. There's a guy who's obviously Middle Eastern. A reporter says, hey, you know, where are you from?

And he kind of in a very smugly way, you know, says he's from the Middle East. And they said, well, what's your name? He said, oh, soon everyone will know my name.

Everyone will know my name soon. And he says this in a way and like the tone and the way he looked. It's as if he's threatening a terrorist attack. And we don't know if he was released into the interior of the United States. Some people are speculating that he's running.

He's a former head of an Islamic front group in the Middle East. But but, Senator, this is no joke. And I have to be honest that for some of your colleagues that are fixated on national security. And I mean, let's play this piece of tape. You'll see it for yourself, Senator.

I really I really want you to see this play cut 50. By the way, you are smart enough to know who I am, but you are really not smart enough to know who I am. But soon you're going to know who I am. The entitlement, the entitlement. I'm much better than the entitlement guys. Soon you will know who I am.

Soon everyone will know who I am now. Now, maybe he's going to go run for city council as, you know, a foreign illegal and maybe that's why we'll know. But but, Senator, I just is it going to take a dirty bomb in an American city because of an illegal to wake us up? God forbid, I pray that's not true. So, please, your thought, Senator Scott.

But think about this, Charlie. Biden brought 70000 people without any ideas on those planes from Afghanistan. 70000 people.

We have no idea where they are. We have thousands of people come from Iran. We have thousands of people come from Syria. We have people come in from Lebanon.

Now, some of them, I bet, are just here to live our dream. How many does it take? Because what was there, 21 9-11 terrorists without even guns? How many does it take to do something horrible in this country? And how long is it going to, by the way, how long is it going to take the next administration? How long is it going to take Trump to try to clean up how many people that are druggists, our drug sellers, human traffickers, terrorists in our country?

How long is this going to take? You talk to law enforcement around the country and they're scared to death of the risk right now. So I don't get it. I mean, I just don't get why the Biden administration that people work there. Don't they have families? Aren't they worried about their kids and their grandkids?

Aren't they worried about something that might happen to them when they see 70000 people dying just to fit in an overdose? They don't care, Senator. They don't care. They want open borders. And they say diversity is our strength. And they believe that with religious fascination. It is really it's tragic that if we don't win in November here, we don't have a civilization.

I wish that wasn't the case. Senator, please keep fighting. And if we take back the Senate, which I think we will. Yeah, when I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure that your Senate majority leader. So we'll be talking. Thanks, Senator Scott.

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Go to relief factor dot com. In the last decade, there has been not necessarily a new trend, but a a habit of the rich, the famous and the elite. And it's been that instead of just buying yachts and homes in Aspen and Gulf Streams, that if you're super rich and super powerful, you buy media companies. You buy newspapers. Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post. Biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shion bought the Los Angeles Times. Laurene Powell Jobs bought the Atlantic. And those are just a couple examples off the top of my head. If you have more money than you know what to do with, I mean, how many times can you tour the Aegean on a one hundred and thirty foot yacht?

I mean, yeah, that's fine. But real power is vested in owning media companies. You're able to basically control what people think and how they think it. Laurene Powell Jobs own in the Atlantic. Again, she did not make that money herself. She and she inherited, as you could say, she inherited it. It's Steve Jobs's Apple stock and she owns the Atlantic.

It's part of the Emerson Collective. And she has been subsidizing the Atlantic. Jeff Bezos, one of the world's wealthiest men, one of the previous to the most wealthy men, worth one hundred twenty hundred thirty hundred fifty billion dollars. Owning media companies is nothing new. Titans of Industries did this in the 1950s and 60s and 70s as well. But it's starting to hit a breaking point because of digital media and because of new media. People are saying, why do I have to pay money to go read the Washington Post? Why do I need to read money to read the Los Angeles Times? It's just too easy to start a new media outlet.

And look at our program right here on The Charlie Kirk Show. We were the number one stream on the New Hampshire primary night. One hundred fifty thousand concurrent viewers on our stream. By contrast, NBC News did their own stream on YouTube and other channels. And I think they might have ten or fifteen thousand concurrence.

Maybe, maybe. And that doesn't even count our amazing partners on Real America's Voice. And we have a ragtag team because we care about it. We're entrepreneurial and we've earned the trust of the audience. While corporate force fed regime media continues to get utterly destroyed. This program, The Charlie Kirk Show, is thriving like never before. Our platform is growing and all the everything is racist and Trump is a dictator stooges.

Good luck making payroll. Just because your show is inside the box or in a paper that no one reads does not give you an excuse to exist. The market will decide and there are great journalists out there, of course. But right now, we're finally seeing the great purge and very wealthy billionaires. Who bought these companies, bought these news media companies, and they said to themselves, yeah, I can write a 30 million dollar check a year to kind of keep it going.

What's 30 million dollars? Well, you do that for six years and all of a sudden your CFO comes to you and says, hey, Mr. Bezos. Just let you know, you know, you've subsidized 200 million dollars of losses at The Washington Post.

What? Yeah, I know that you say you really don't care, but is there any cost saving measures that we should insist that The Washington Post does? Same at the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Times owned by Patrick Soon-Shiong. It's like, look, all for owning media companies, but 50 million, 60 million dollar a year losses. And then it hits a breaking point. These billionaires say enough.

Why am I doing this? That's a lot of money, even if you're worth four billion dollars or if you're worth 30 billion dollars to keep writing a 30 million dollar check a year, 30 million dollar, 40 million dollar, 50 million dollar check. And the same way that we saw some of the major brokerage firms and banks go under in the 2008 financial crisis, we might be seeing the collapse of institutional overly partisan media. I want to play this piece of tape here. This woman is a wicked individual. I don't say that lightly. This person has deep-seated mental problems. She's an erotic freak. She tries to destroy people's life, lives. She tried to destroy Shia from Lives of TikTok. She is not a good person. She larks live action role plays as a 23-year-old on social media, when in reality, we actually don't know how old she is.

She's late 30s, early 40s something. She is not a good person. She seeks to destroy and to lie and to steal. She is someone that is a tomahawk cruise missile against people's existence. She lobbies social media companies around disinformation. And I am talking about Taylor Lorenz. Now, if you don't know who Taylor Lorenz is, you should find out. She is someone that, as I mentioned, went after Lives of TikTok.

Here she is complaining. Play cut 127. Higher journalism industry is basically in a freefall. Today, the Los Angeles Times laid off 115 employees. They wiped out their entire D.C. bureau in an election year. They laid off pretty much all of their sports teams. They killed their entire tech and business section. They laid off breaking news writers, social media editors.

The list goes on. But what's really dark is this is just the latest in months and months and months of layoffs in the media industry. In fact, tens of thousands of journalists have been laid off in the past year. Major media companies like BuzzFeed News have completely shuttered their news operations. Time magazine also just laid off a ton of people. And, oh, Sports Illustrated basically shut down last week. Pretty much the entire digital media ecosystem that myself and a lot of other millennial journalists came up in has been completely hollowed out.

And it's not just digital media sites. Local news has been obliterated. The newspaper industry is cratering. Radio is essentially dead, aside from NPR, which has been gutted.

Meanwhile, hundreds of workers at Condé Nast, the parent company of pretty much every major magazine from GQ to Vogue to The New Yorker to Vanity Fair, are on strike because they're also facing impending layoffs. Even mainstream national media outlets owned by billionaires like The Washington Post, where I work, and The Atlantic, where I used to work, have done layoffs. If you're a young journalist, say there's almost no on-ramp to traditional journalism. Even if you do get a job, journalists' salaries have been stagnant and even declined. And, by the way, we don't make that much to begin with.

I don't think people understand how bad the world would be without journalists. All right, first of all, you're not that young. You're almost 40. So stop acting in that little high-pitched squeal like you're a recent college grad just trying to make it and you just graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

You're nearly Gen X. Again, she live-action role-plays as if she's some sort of 24-year-old. Sorry, Taylor. Number two, you're a freak. I'm sorry, she keeps her apartment at 90 degrees. I'm sorry, like, you're some sort of strange Washington Post-employed reptile at this point.

Very weird. Like, literally, she brags about how her apartment's at 90 degrees. You know, I get emails every so often, Charlie, where are the lizard people?

I don't know, but they certainly would keep their apartment at 90 degrees. All kidding aside, good riddance. Good riddance.

I mean, that was quite a list. Buzzfeed, Sports Illustrated, I hope they all go under. Having experienced these companies, they don't mean well. They're not journalists. Taylor Lorenz is not a journalist.

She's not. She's a political arsonist. Some could classify what she does as personal terrorism. I want you to think about what she tried to do to Libz at TikTok.

Libz at TikTok is literally just reposting TikToks. And Taylor Lorenz decides to go so out of her way to dox her and to make her private identity public. And by the way, then, Taylor Lorenz complains, oh, my goodness, we're getting under all these threats and all this sort of stuff. She thinks that she's better than you. She has dedicated her life to destroying other people's lives. She has never done anything, anything productive.

What has she created? Journalists are not actually journalists. They're arsonists.

Tear down, destroy and, of course, never investigate the left ever. And doxing can be life threatening if the wrong crazy finds out. But that's what Taylor Lorenz does. And she doesn't care. And now she's complaining.

Oh, my goodness. It's so sad. All these media companies are going under. This is great news, everybody, because the business models are not sustainable.

It's sustainable around here, though. So if you actually tell the truth and you have an audience, you're going to be just fine. But doesn't it go to show that they've built this fake, synthetic, artificial business model? There are so few journalists actually left. Ninety percent of the people that call themselves journalists don't actually do any reporting. They just go on Twitter and repost whatever is trending and they call it journalism and they'll do a request for comment.

And if they don't hear back in 15 minutes, they'll still post this scintillating headline. America's trust of media is at a record low. And I'm glad that people are now voting with their feet. The Tucker Carlson network is ascendant.

Our program is ascendant. Dan Bongino show is doing better than other ever. Rumble is doing incredibly well. Even you look at Joe Rogan, you look at some of these other programs. They're doing very, very well because people want shows that engage in dialogue, in the pursuit of truth. So you're seeing it now. It's happening gradually than suddenly, everybody.

Sports Illustrated, empty newsrooms, media confidence in the US matches record low in 2016. And they're worse than you could even imagine having dealt with them, having spoke to them. They don't mean well. They some of them actually want people like me dead. These are bitter. These are resentful people.

And I hope that they get what is coming for them. I hope that they have to go work at. A nine to five job. Or go learn to code. Or go learn how to make a frappuccino. Because that's basically the talent set that they have.

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Go to my pillow dot com promo code Kirk. If you actually want to launch a conspiracy, there is one thing that could save these media companies. And it's Trump.

Not a joke. The Los Angeles Times acknowledged it, by the way. Do you read all the the musings and the rumblings of the Washington, the L.A. Times? They say, you know, Trump's not around. We can't get all these liberals fired up to want to read about the Trump administration every single day. And there's this beautiful picture and it's an empty newsroom.

It's an empty newsroom. Look at all of this is one of the great pictures I've ever seen. Some of you might say, Charlie, do not delight in the suffering of others. Yeah, that's usually true. I don't care.

I'm going to enjoy it. These are bad people. These are really, really bad people. They are. There's a couple of good ones here.

They're maybe one out of 30 or 40 or 50. Having dealt with them, they've come after my family. They've come after me. They've lied.

They've tried everything they possibly can to attack us. And I wish them justice. L.A. Times newsroom.

What's missing? And all these journalists are crying. And they're they. And by the way, I think The Huffington Post is no longer. Are they still around? And BuzzFeed is no longer around. And Vice News is no longer.

I mean, it is really stacking. Now, Donald Trump could save some of these companies. That is it. That is a real thing. If Donald Trump were to win the presidency, which is obviously a possibility. They could resurrect some of these media companies. Makes you think the only way that you could actually save some of these failing media enterprises.

This is a very, very promising trend, everybody. And I've I've made this point before, but it's worth repeating. It's worth repeating. If you go on the Apple News podcast charts, of which I go five or six times a day because I want to see how our show is doing. I'm a competitive guy. I want to see how we're stacking up against the big dogs. And considering that, you know, we're still new to the space and that we're up against shows that spend millions of dollars in advertising, we do rather well. Praise God.

But but that's not the point. If you take the top 15 podcasts in the news section on Apple podcast, number one is almost always the New York Times. They spend a lot of money on it. No doubt. Tough to take them down. Number two, NPR. They have a well-established thing.

Number three is this pod save America. People say it's entertaining. I can't listen to it for more than like five minutes. Then it's Ben Shapiro, conservative. Megyn Kelly, conservative. Dan Bongino, conservative. Morning Wire, conservative. Matt Walsh, conservative. Then temporarily right now, it's this New Yorker thing, which I'm just going to dismiss because some of these charts you can spike and then you go back down.

That's there's no staying power. But then our program, number 10 on the Apple News charts, conservative. Glenn Beck, 11, conservative. Tucker Carlson, 12, conservative. Then two NPR shows and then Candace Owens, conservative. So out of the top 15, if you take this New Yorker runaway princess thing, which I don't even know what this is about. Serial investigative journalism of rural Minnesota. Yeah, that's a true that should be in the true crime section.

That doesn't fit there. So one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine out of 15, nine out of 15. Well, more than half. Of the top podcasts being consumed in America are conservative. Shapiro, Megyn Kelly, Dan Bongino, Morning Wire, Matt Walsh, our program, Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens.

And then soon after it, it continues. Steve Bannon, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Michael Knowles. What I'm getting you could see the collapse of traditional media right in front of you. And yes, the best of liberal media will survive. The New York Times will 100 percent survive. They do the best job.

And to be honest, I know this is like a thought crime. They're not nearly as insane to work with as The Washington Post or even the AP. The New York Times is awful. But I could tell you, the New York Times writing a piece about me.

Andrew will attest to this. The New York Times will at least listen. They will be a stickler for facts and accuracy.

They'll still do a hit job. But The New York Times, believe it or not, is fine. I think there was an editorial directive from The New York Times is, guys, let's not go full social justice warrior. Let's be left.

But let's not be Marxist. The Associated Press is way worse than The New York Times. The Associated Press is dishonest. They're deceitful.

They're slanderous. They are a terrible news organization. The New York Times knows that if they fall, the profession falls. So The New York Times is the number one podcast out there.

It doesn't shock me. They do a pretty good job. It's actually easy to listen to.

It's called The Daily. But after that, you have full spectrum, conservative, ideological media dominance in the podcast space. And who consumes podcasts?

Younger people. That's a great sign for things to come. It's a great sign for what's ahead. And it shows you a window, another data point, into why traditional media is crumbling and collapsing. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us, as always, freedom at Thank you so much for listening and God bless.
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