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America's Never-Ending Pearl Harbor

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 7, 2023 6:45 pm

America's Never-Ending Pearl Harbor

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 7, 2023 6:45 pm

Eighty-two years ago today, Japan launched an assault on the U.S. homeland at Pearl Harbor, killing 2,400 Americans and dragging the country into World War 2. But now, Pearl Harbor is literally a weekly event, as 12,000 migrants a day flood over the border bringing the fentanyl that murders 100,000 Americans a year. Rep. Andy Biggs talks about how the border calamity is becoming the ONLY issue that matters in America. Plus, Donald Trump Jr. gives an update on the endless New York civil trial, and explains why Hunter Biden shouldn't be allowed the privilege of a public Congressional hearing about his lifetime of corruption.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Geopolitical tensions are escalating. Inflation is raging, despite what they say. Stocks are sinking. Debt is rising.

And your own financial future isn't looking too clever. Yet gold endures crisis. Wars, disasters, no calamity has beaten gold.

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And then Donald Trump Jr. talks about Hunter Biden testifying in front of Congress and more. Email us as always, That is Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is It's already a high school or college chapter today at That is So check it out right now. And come to America Fest. It's It's the biggest event of the year. Use promo code Charlie, Phoenix, Arizona, December 16, 17, 18, 19. We have Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, Patrick Bet-David.

That's Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Donald Trump Jr. joins us now. Don, welcome to the program. Don, you know, the the chatter on Capitol Hill is to have Hunter Biden testify in front of Congress. So some people say he wants it to be public, but remind our audience when the Adam Schiff Brigade put you through a 40-hour struggle session. Shouldn't he also be subject to that, Donald Trump Jr.?

Yeah, 100 percent, Charlie. I'm seeing this whole, no, he wants to do it publicly because that's where the transparency is. That's just a flagrant lie.

There's nothing about it. The reality is, Charlie, the way these things work, right? These congressmen don't sit there spending all the time in the details. Half of them aren't lawyers.

They're not going through the things. When you do the public display, one side gets five minutes, and some congressmen, even on the GOP side, will, you know, do something great for a five-second Twitter clip, but there'll be no follow-up. Five minutes later, it goes to a Democrat who will change topic and let Hunter talk about, you know, addiction made him steal millions of dollars.

Of course, he didn't return any of the money, so we understand there's no remorse. It's all a soundbite. Behind closed doors, these things are handled by professionals. They're lawyers who spend nothing but the time investigating these. So I can assure the American people, if Hunter and his lawyer are saying, no, no, no, we want to do it publicly, it's because it's much better for him. But it's not because of transparency.

It's not because of anything. They'd be up there for two, three hours. The Democrats would stall and redirect, and you'd never build any momentum.

There should be public hearings, but after they do the full deposition. I didn't get these benefits. Jared didn't get the benefits.

Ivanka didn't get the benefits of these things. We had to do it the hard way. I did 40 hours behind closed doors, and then there's a reason there wasn't public testimony after that, because it went nowhere.

It was all a lie. It didn't stop them from making me do it. I wasn't going to get the opportunity to choose the easy way out.

I'm pretty good on my feet and in public. I'd have gladly done that and been done in a couple hours with nonsense. It's not going to work. We need to get all the details. Don't forget, I did 40 hours, Charlie, based on what they said was a 20-minute meeting that everyone in the room agreed what happened, right?

20-minute meeting. Hunter's got money from Ukraine, money from Russia. You have banks literally saying, it doesn't seem like he actually did anything for this foreign money.

You would think that would be a problem. You have the wires to Joe Biden himself. You have Joe Biden sending thousands of emails under alias names. There's a lot more.

I mean, not even close. There's billions of times more evidence that there is wrongdoing with the Hunter thing than there ever was with Russia, Russia, Russia. And it didn't stop them dragging out Russia, Russia, Russia for three years, countless of hours. I've done more than anyone in the Biden family's solo, and that's before they attack the rest of my family.

It's nonsense. And just because there will be, Charlie, as you've seen, there'll be a couple of Republicans that would rather blow the whole thing to be able to get five seconds of a highlight reel on Twitter rather than getting into the details. Well, guess what? They can do that in a couple months once we have the real information. We can't allow them to get away with hiding all of this stuff through the quote-unquote public testimony because it's not the same.

It's fake. And they're going to run with that soundbite ad nauseum. Yeah.

And it's also, we have to take a step back. What is the best way to actually get to the truth, right? You had a 20-minute meeting here, Don, with Hunter. There's a lot of details here, a lot of details, right?

A hundred percent. There's thousands of questions that will never be asked. Yeah, so talk about that. Because in the private, you can then, I mean, you know, they can really grill you and you could really get to the truth. And we want to get to the truth here.

So, Don, walk us through kind of that aspect of it. And let's also understand it's Hunter who wants the public spectacle. Hunter knows, five minutes here, okay, five-minute rest. Five minutes here, five-minute rest.

And all the media will come and he'll be, you know, I was struggling with drugs and I don't know if you know this, but my brother died. I mean, the same shtick that his father does over and over and over again. Private, you can listen to everything, put together a report, and Hunter doesn't want private. Don, explain further on that. Yeah, so when I was in private in these sections, I mean, the one side, you know, the Democrats, they could have three hours straight questioning before there's any kind of redirect. And most of the time the Republicans wouldn't have anything if they realized it was an offense that didn't matter. So I could do nine hours of straight questioning done by an individual in many cases who actually was a lawyer, not a congressman or something I'm looking to grain sand, but someone who had spent the entire, you know, few months focused on nothing but this stuff. Now, I think it was a little bit harder because they knew they had nothing and it didn't matter. That didn't prevent them from going out there doing it.

Here, you have all of that. You may have a congressman that hasn't spent five minutes on there. They'll get up.

He gets his five minutes. There'll be no unity. There'll be no joining on some of these things.

When you're talking about money and bank accounts and all these things from explicit places, you may need an hour to get to the bottom of these things. You'll get nothing because the Republicans won't do it. The people who are there may not know anything about it. It may not be a priority and nothing will happen. So it needs to be done behind closed doors the way that we've done it. You can release the transcripts immediately.

I don't care about that. I think it's not, let's be transparent, but doing it public where there's no unity, where there's no time to actually go through the probably thousands of questions they would have is not transparent. It's exactly the opposite, but they're going to try to sell that lie to the American people. The media will try to say, no, look, he wants to do it publicly because they don't understand the process. The process behind closed doors is far more rigorous. Anyone can get through the public and that's exactly what they would do. They would manipulate it with feelings and hide from it. And four minutes of the five-minute response will be about nonsense, trying to get through to the next question to allow the Democrats to give them another five minutes of cover-up. It's one big lie and the American people deserve to know the truth.

Yes, they do. So Don, on a similar but different note, right now your father continues with this New York civic trial. I mean, Don, this is the longest trial in the history of trials. I mean, I've never seen anything quite like this. I feel as if that it was snowing when this thing started. And it's been all summer and it's been like this nonstop processional and photo ops and judges wives just kind of the best. Just tell us about how your father's holding up with this.

It's absolutely amazing. He is the front runner for the Republican, not even close, not even a primary, the primary is over. And he's facing all this prison time to try and take the business empire, New York civil civil trial. Don, give us the update of what's going on. Well, you know, I'm also still under gag order, Charlie, because we live in a communist country at this point where I'm not even allowed to talk about some of these things.

But what I can talk about is obviously an overzealous attorney general. And what's amazing is the supposed victim of this was on stage stand all last week saying, no, Trump was like, that was like a golden goose. We used that to get other business. Not only did we want to continue doing business with Trump, we wanted to do more business with Trump. I mean, the entire premise that the victim of this thing is somehow Deutsche Bank, a trillion dollar entity, when they get on stage and say, oh, of course we did our own due diligence. We take what we do and we do our own due diligence. You know, post Sarbanes-Oxley in 2002, post 2008 crisis, the banks are basically out there saying, of course we had to do our due diligence. If we didn't, we'd have class action lawsuits out the wazoo. I mean, the entire case was shot down by the experts from the bank that's the supposed victim. But that doesn't matter. Well, you can't testify about that.

You know, real estate brokers who work in Palm Beach and do the highest end homes in the world we're on yesterday talking about Mar-a-Lago is worth a billion dollars, not 18 million that, you know, I guess, you know, someone there, I'm probably not allowed to name names, said it was worth. They go, this is insane. And here's why.

And here's the comps. Here's this. We can't use the evidence that's actually real based on people with real knowledge. We would much rather take the word of someone who has a political vendetta, even if they know literally nothing about what's in question. You know, another place where I did two or three days of testimony for nonsense. And once they get the real answer and they, well, we're just going to ignore that.

I saw that when I did my depositions with them back last summer, I do a deposition. Well, Doral, our expert says Trump Doral, our big golf course in Miami. Well, it's only worth this because you know, you do X number of rounds of golf and X number of hotel stays.

So it's worth this. I go, well, what's 650 acres of undeveloped land in Miami right now, the hottest real estate market in the world. Next question.

We can't talk about that. It's absolutely disgusting. It's law fair. The Democrats are weaponizing anything they can against their political enemies. And that's one of many, no different in Fulton County, no different in DC.

And they figure if they throw enough crap on a wall, they can get something to stick in an area where you have no chance because there's no Republicans. There's a reason they were venue shopping. There's a reason even the Miami case, the grand jury was in DC.

Why is that? Why would you have a grand jury in DC? Because you know, you're not going to have a single person who's a Republican. And even if they felt a little bit bad for Trump, there's a reason there's not a jury in New York because you know what? You may get one guy that's like, okay, enough of this is insane. And maybe, maybe you get one guy that's not going to go for the social pressure, right? Because even if you agree with Trump, there's a solid chance you just give the DA whatever they want because you'd never be able to take your children to school again.

You'd be run out of the city and they know it and they've weaponized it. And this is what's going on in America in 2023 right now. It's Marxist tactics. Hey everybody, our friends at Hillsdale College want to wish you a happy Christmas and healthy, prosperous New Year. Since Hillsdale's founding in 1844, it's taught its students by precept and example, the teachings and practices of the Christian faith. The college continues this mission in its classrooms and nationwide through its educational outreach efforts. Hillsdale College is free to pursue learning, character, faith and freedom, and all they do because supporters like you allow them to refuse every penny of taxpayer money, even indirectly in the form of federal grants and loans. So this Christmas season, my friends at Hillsdale want to thank you, dear listener, for your kindness towards the college.

They prepared a special video featuring their sacred music choir singing Oh Little Town of Bethlehem in their beautiful Christ Chapel at the heart of campus. You could also take their online courses. They have courses about Winston Churchill, American history, Aristotle, Euclidean geometry.

Also the Victor Davis Hanson citizenship class is amazing. Go to That's and hear the choir and view many other free resources to help you celebrate the season.

I promise it will be uplifting and inspiring for you. That is So Don, apparently the straw poll says that Trump won the debate despite him not being on stage. Your reaction? Yeah, I saw that. I think it was on like Meet the Press, you know, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought, put that one out there. And a group of 30 Georgia voters were together, they watched the debate. And I think Trump overwhelmingly won despite not actually being present. And, you know, again, I think the reality is, Dave, the people who are otherwise being pushed by the establishment and billions of dollars in artificial boosting, whether it's Ron DeSantis, now Nikki Haley, you know, their real policies are coming out.

When you see them on a stage in long form, it's different than someone writing an article about how wonderful they'd actually be. You see the flip-flopping from DeSantis. You see the desire to be in never-ending wars and, you know, being on the board of Boeing and big war in America from Nikki Haley.

And you realize that Trump's the only actual America first candidate that's out there. So, you know, people are seeing that more and more every day. They're seeing the weaponization of government happen more and more. And they're understanding that if the government, if the donor class, if the billionaires, if the uni party, if the Democrats are trying to take one person out, only Donald Trump, there's a reason for that. The same, they want the people who have failed America over and over again to be in power because it's worked out really well for them while it's mortgaged our children and our families and regular ordinary hardworking Americans to the hilt. People are sick of it, Charlie. They see what's going on and they're not playing around anymore. They understand Donald Trump's the only guy that's actually going to fight for them. All right, we found the clip here.

Let's play cut 99. Well, Tristan, getting reaction from voters here in Atlanta was quite easy. They actually organized a straw poll on their own during the debate and were keeping track of their opinions. And by the end of the night, you have a big Ramaswami, the swatch party of about 30 people getting five votes. You had Ron DeSantis getting two, both Nikki Haley and Chris Christie having a sole one vote. And get this, former president Donald Trump, despite not being on the stage, got 18.

18. Don, your reaction. Yeah. Well, as I said, the people get it. And the reason they gave the next number and the most is because he called out all the nonsense. The reality is these guys, they get on a stage and they're in the 12th Republican debate for dog catcher at this point. And they've flip-flopped on everything that there is. And they're trying to tell you what you want to hear, but it doesn't line up with what they then tell their donors.

The jig is up, man. People understand what's going on and they're not falling for it anymore. So, the media, the billionaire donor class, their influence has waned with the American people because people have, their eyes are open to what's going on. It's gotten so ridiculous. It's gotten so extreme.

People aren't buying the narrative anymore. Don Jr., keep fighting and we have your families back. Thanks so much, man. See you soon. Appreciate it, Charlie.

I'll see you soon. Email us everybody, freedom at That is freedom at In case you didn't know, there's an invasion happening on our southern border. And that's right, I am going to connect the two together because it was previously many, many decades ago that this speech was given, Playcut 120. Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. December 7th, we were attacked and we were invaded. Well, today we're being attacked and invaded on our southern border. We used to be a country that would fight back against such an invasion. Every single day we are being invaded by thousands and thousands of people, Chinese, Afghans, foreign nationals, supercells, terrorists, they're bringing guns, weapons, fentanyl, killing your kids. What are we going to do about it?

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Full endorsement, slash Charlie or call 972 Patriot. Joining us now is one of the good guys from the US House of Representatives, Congressman Andy Biggs, who's fighting very, very hard. Two main topics, FISA 702 and the border.

We originally booked Andy, who's just excellent here on 702. But I want to get to the border first. Yesterday was the worst day ever in the history of the border. 12,000 people in one day, 12,000 people. You are being invaded and attacked the same way that we were attacked at Pearl Harbor.

A little different, but it's very similar. Play cut 121. The numbers are actually getting even worse. Multiple CBP sources telling me this morning in the last 24 hours, Border Patrol alone has made more than 10,000 apprehensions of illegal immigrants.

That does not even include CBP ports of entry. And you can see the situation here in Lukeville behind us. We got well over 800 people waiting in line here after they crossed illegally overnight, waiting to be apprehended by Border Patrol.

Once again, it's like deja vu from yesterday. You can see these guys are coming in from all over the world. A lot of African men, mostly single adult men here. A lot of these men are going to go and rape our women and they're going to do crimes and they're going to do all sorts of things. We're bringing in criminals.

We're bringing in vigilantes, soaking up services. If you're wondering why public schools are a mess, why the ER is full, by the way, how many of these people are sleeper cells? How many of them have fentanyl with them? How many of them have a criminal record? How many of them have murdered?

We don't know. We just let them into the interior of the country. We don't have a country. We are a colony ruled by an unelected oligarchy, a shadow government that allows third world foreigners, illegals, criminals, vigilantes to come in and they go after the whole country. And we wonder why crime is going up.

It really makes me, it should make you sick. 12,000 people yesterday. It's a new record.

I know the country setting new record, not stock market highs, but 12,000 and we had 10,000 back in May. Andy Biggs joins us now. Andy, thank you for bearing with my monologue there.

Your reaction, Andy Biggs? Yeah, Charlie, there is no border. There's no southern border. And the first thing that goes when a country disintegrates is their geographical integrity. Our geographical integrity is gone because we don't have a southern border. Second thing is when your currency is not of any value. That's basically the case we have now. And that's because of overspending by the federal government. So let's talk about the border.

You talk about that border. You mentioned 12,000. And in the video that we just watched, there were no women.

There were no children. These are thousands upon thousands of military aged young men ages 18 to 35 coming into the country. That's not, that's, that would be point number one. Number two, what you also didn't see is a lot of CBP agents.

Why is that? Because all the CBP agents are no longer even able to staff and work the line. What they're doing is they're just transporting and processing. There's no vetting. You mentioned vetting. There is absolutely no vetting. Why is there no vetting? Because unless somebody has already been in the US and committed that crime, they're not going to be in a database that we have access to unless they're on an Interpol watch list as well. Thus, if they're coming from, let's say, the African country of Mali, we have no way of knowing whether they're a rapist, criminal, pastor, reverend.

We have no idea. And then the other thing is we don't even know who they say they are. And a lot of times we don't even know if they're from where they say they are. And on the day that you had 12,000, Charlie, mark my words, you had another five to 10,000 people who got away. That 12,000 were the people who surrendered.

You had another five or 10,000 that got away into the interior. Those are the ones wearing camo and carpet shoes. They're carrying backpacks with fentanyl and other drugs. Some of them are from high-interest countries like China. You've got Iran with Muslim Brotherhood that's funding people from all over the Mideast and Africa to come into our country today.

What is going on is that this administration is content with basically boiling us down and destroying this nation. You know, we hear from Joe Biden and his group of gangsters and criminals. They are all traitors, by the way. Oh, it's women and children.

No, no, no. I want someone, any of you internet sleuths out there, show me a woman in this. Show me a child in this.

These are fighting age men that are 5'11 to 6'2. Look at this. It's like a military. Look at that image. This is not children.

This is not women. These are men that might have criminal history. They might be sleeper cells. They might be Hamas.

They might be CCP. This visual is very, very, very powerful. By the way, we see this all the time. So 12,000 came over yesterday.

Andy, I want, you know, I want to make sure I'm very clear on this. Out of, let's just say, take yesterday, 12,000 people. How many of those 12,000 people will be returned to their country of origin and how many are here in the country to say? I don't believe any of those people will be returned. If they are, it'll be because in a rare thing, they turn up on an international terrorist watch list or something like that. The vast majority are going to be processed and they'll be sent as soon as they possibly can, because there is no facilities that can hold them. We're overrun. And so what's happening is they're releasing these people, sending them wherever they want to go. And sometimes you'd have NGOs who facilitate this on the U.S. side.

And guess what? If they don't have enough room either, they're releasing some of these people right into the communities where near the detention facilities. And that's unfair and not good for places like Yuma, Nogales, up in the Tucson area, you know, Eagle Pass in Texas.

They're just releasing them into the community. Some of them, Del Rio, Good Grief. And I don't want to hear about New York, because New York, they invited those people there because they said they were sanctuary city. But the rest of these communities, they want to live and work. They can't even get to their own local services, Charlie. Some of them can't get to their hospitals because the ER and the maternity wards are filled with illegal aliens. Yeah, so this again, it is the worst day on the border.

And we've ever seen 12,000 people in one day. And the government continues to act as if it doesn't exist. And they say the border is completely secure. It's so insulting.

It is so against everything that we see with our own eyes. And here's what's happening, Andy. Now we're starting to see militias show up on the border because they want to take things into their own hands.

This is inevitable. You're going to start to see more and more citizens. And again, I don't support that necessarily.

I want things to be followed through the natural law and protocol. But Andy, it's almost like they're inviting, you know, people to come and take things into their own hands, right? It's like they're inviting, you know, citizens and they don't and then they're gonna say, Oh, look at the militia coming. This is terrible. Why don't you guys do your job? These are traitorous, treasonous policies.

And Andy, I know you've been great on this. Why don't we impeach Joe Biden? One article, wide open border. You are a traitor to the country, Joe Biden. Is it really this complicated, Andy Biggs?

It should not be this complicated. We're having trouble getting the votes. I mean, let's just face it. We have trouble getting the votes amongst Republicans. If this were the Democrats, he would have been impeached multiple times already for his treasonous acts.

I mean, when you start looking at what's happening on the border, the erasure of our border, and then you start looking at his corruption and bribery, those things, any other rational place would be saying this guy has got to go. But we didn't do it. We didn't do it.

And I'll just tell you what else. I have floated repeatedly that since this is a lawless, this is a lawless administration, Charlie. So that means you can pass all the good policy you want, but guess what? They're not going to follow it.

Even if Biden were to sign it into law, he would not follow it. What you have to do is you have to leverage against it. And so I begged my colleagues, go ahead, we'll fund Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the veterans, we'll fund the military, CBP, ICE, air traffic controllers, TSA, and then that's where we stop. Stop funding everything else. This is an administration that's trying to destroy this country. Stop funding everything else until they give you measurable metrics that they're actually controlling the border or trying to control the border, but they're not even trying. In fact, they're sending out stupid things like Majorca is sending out a week ago or so, a letter saying, you guys aren't using the correct pronouns.

Some people are being offended. You have to use the correct pronouns for these people who are illegally invading our country. That's the idiocy that we, that we live under. That is the regime. It's not a presidential administration anymore. It is an oligarchical regime that's usurping rights in every level.

Let's play cut 117. An unrelenting stream of immigration. Nonstop.

Nonstop. Not only our Muslim communities, but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities, and the wave still continues. It's not going to stop, nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, it's one of the things I think we can be most proud of. One of the things we could be most proud of, it's Joe Biden, 10 years ago, articulating that he wants the country to be replaced.

He wants the third world to replace the third world. That's Joe Biden. Andy, I know that you are where I am on this FISA thing, so I want to make sure our audience is clear.

You've been excellent on this ridiculous abuse by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We got to fix it. Speaker Mike Johnson, yes, two days ago made the right move. He said we're not going to attach this to the NDAA. However, just breaking the last couple minutes, Senator Mike Lee has now said that Speaker Johnson will do a short-term back door to the NDAA.

What's going on here? It's hard to kind of follow Speaker Johnson on this thing. Yeah, so the NDAA is a spending bill for the military.

We have a lot of the good stuff in there, getting rid of the woke crap that's going on in the military. It's considered to be a must pass bill. We've always passed it, even though I haven't voted for it too often, but here's the deal. He is adding to it what he's calling a short-term reauthorization cleanly of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Section 702. That will go to April 10th, is my understanding. The problem is it actually, all of the authorities expire on April 10th.

The act itself expires on December 31st, but there are ongoing authorities that would go on for another three months. He's effectively, by doing this, he's going to allow them, when I say them, I'm talking about FBI, NSA, CIA, all of that alphabet soup of federal police apparatus and surveillance apparatus to go get additional authorities from the courts for the next three and a half months that will then run until January of 2025. So the bill that we just passed out, the Judiciary Committee, my bill, that is passed out 35 to 2, has got bipartisan, bicameral support, really well supported by the community, whether it's left, middle, or to the right. He's effectively nullifying the ability to get that out of the House and get that passed through the Senate. And in my opinion, I'm outraged by that, and I have expressed that to the Speaker, and he and I have actually engaged in a bit of a tete-a-tete or debate on the floor, just one-on-one today.

Yeah, I'm a little confused. Andy, you're on the right side of this issue, but why is Speaker Johnson going back and forth here? Why give him a renewal at all? What's going on here? It feels as if this is a typical DC gamesmanship. Speaker Johnson is either being blackmailed or threatened.

What's going on here? Because he does the right thing. A couple of days ago, Speaker Johnson says, good for him. He said, good for him. He said, you draw the line.

We're not doing it. And now all of a sudden, he says, oh, we're going to do an extension. I'm not understanding this, Andy.

Help me understand what master is he serving. Yeah, so there's three things. Number one, you need to do an extension because these agencies, if we don't constrain them with 702, they will just go carte blanche, so spying and obtaining your communications data without warrants. OK, so you need to, that's why it needs to be reformed and extended. So we want to rein them in. Number two, I believe that what's happened here is he has had the bejeebus scared out of him by the Intelligence Committee and the intelligence community who have told them that if they don't get this continuation, that there will be a terrorist attack on U.S. soil and it'll be his fault for not allowing them to continue to spy and obtain your communications data without warrants. Number three, I think playing into this is I believe some of his own staff is kind of pushing in that way as well.

We have a tremendous group of people, whether it's Matt Gaetz and Scott Perry, two more moderate people, Warren Davidson from Freedom Caucus, you've got the far left, Jerry Nadler, Jayapal, all those people have come together. We think this will pass out if he were to put our bill on the floor, which he says he's going to do. So it'll pass, we think it'll pass out of the House next week. We think it will get well over 250, maybe even over 300 votes, but the deal is he's taken the pressure off the Senate to consider our bill because he's going to extend this clean reauthorization.

And without the reforms, his data is going to be in jeopardy, Charlie. Andy Biggs, keep fighting. Thanks so much, my friend.

Hold the line. Thank you. Thanks, Charlie. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at

Thanks so much for listening. God bless. Getting them all riled up. And don't get me started about the reindeer right selves. The shop floor just isn't a happy little place it used to be. We should have used Red Balloon.

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