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Bidenomics, Year Three with Collin Plume

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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September 27, 2023 5:00 am

Bidenomics, Year Three with Collin Plume

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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September 27, 2023 5:00 am

Under Joe Biden, the cost of everything is rising nine, ten, even twenty percent in a given year. When does "transient" inflation become permanent inflation? And what would it look like for the U.S. to have low unemployment and a recession at the same time? Is that even possible? Collin Plume of Noble Gold helps Charlie navigate the confusing and unprecedented world of Bidenomics, where nothing is as it was before.

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Exciting. You have all sorts of goodies you've brought here. I brought some. Yeah, I brought some fun stuff. This one you said you have to take back.

Yeah, that one I have to take. Well, we'll see. We're negotiating here.

We'll see if, maybe we're keeping stuff here. This is heavier than I thought it would be. Yeah, it's a kilo silver, kilo bar.

Yeah. What is this worth? That's nine hundred high, high eight hundreds right now. That's we we sell. I can't even tell you how many of those we've we've sold and sent to people's homes or put in IRAs.

So we've sold a lot of this. Was it your gold and Bob Menendez's home? I'm kidding. You know, it's funny. My mom texted me about that and she said you don't have to. So she texted me and then she wrote in the text. You don't have to reply.

You don't have to tell me, honey. Did Bob Menendez go to and use? I can assure you that it I you know, I was curious, too, but I looked at the gold bars in there that he had. You know, I looked at some of the pictures.

Were they legit? I mean, from what you could tell, it's hard to see the serial numbers. I think they've scratched out the serial numbers, but they look like you had two kilos of gold. It's like four thousand bucks then or? No, no, kilos.

It's it's one hundred and ten to one hundred fifteen thousand. OK. Yeah. So it's basically like that silver bar. It's about that size. It's a little bit smaller and it's worth about it's worth about sixty thousand or so, give or take. Yeah.

So he had two of those, you know, hard, hard to trace those. Those are very common with large organizations. You know, we sell kilos, but typically to our our larger purchases, you don't see a lot of like day to day investors buying a kilo because it's it's too big. Right.

You know, if you want to break off, you know, a few thousand dollars, you can in a kilos worth sixty thousand dollars. So it's typically a larger buyer or countries or those are the typically the people like Egypt. I'm not saying that that's who did it.

I'm just saying I just get a kick out of it because it's kind of in the news cycle. But yeah, so silver, it takes a lot more silver to get to the same value of gold. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's about 80, 80 to one. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Storage is is, you know, we we store a few places, Texas and Delaware. And yeah, the storage component of silver, you know, I've seen people that do, you know, seven figures in silver and it's it's a palette of silver.

It's quite astonishing to do it. But gold, you know, I mean, look at that. It's pretty small. You can move a lot of gold anywhere.

You know, you can move a million dollars in gold anywhere pretty easily, like in a shoebox. Wow. So, you know, we're here for the full hour and the there's several topics I want to cover. Let's talk about just how what you're seeing. Right. Because you kind of have you're a little bit of a canary in the coal mine. You observe the canary in the coal mine because when I talk to you, you always see things happening before they happen. Right. Because you have people call you that are feeling the real not just the news.

Right. So what do you hear and what are you seeing, especially over this last year, which has been a wacky economic year? So you have this inverted yield curve, which I think is a big topic. You know, you have these short term bonds paying, you know, five, five and a half percent, which is unusual. It's been going on for for about a year now, which it shows that, you know, for people that don't really understand, it's typically a sign of a recession when you have this inverted yield curve, because it means the large money, the bond money and all that is they're willing to, you know, buy this short term money.

And they're really putting a lot because they want to be prepared. Otherwise, you wouldn't see a three month treasury paying out a higher percentage than a 10 year or five year. It doesn't make sense.

Right. People typically want a higher return on a longer term bond. So it means that there's a lot of large money sitting on the sideline and they're waiting to see what's going to happen. And they just want to be prepared.

They don't want to be tied up in five and 10 year money because they believe that there's going to be a recession. So how long has the yield curve been inverted? It's been about a year. Yeah, because I've been hearing about this for a while. Yeah. And that's usually a sign of an imminent shoe to drop.

But that's what's been confusing. Right. That we've seen layoffs. We're seeing structural inflation. Yeah. I mean, do you think we're in a recession or is it by a recession by another term?

Yeah. I mean, I think that, you know, you have this unemployment number that's confusing for a lot of people because a lot of the jobs that people really want, people that are, you know, 40 to 65, 70, the jobs that pay 65,000 and above, those jobs have really shrunk. And they're not hiring. And a lot of companies aren't hiring freezes right now. Obviously, you have a lot of strikes happening all over the world. You know, obviously, the writer's strike, you know, that's obviously billions and billions and billions of dollars lost. So I think that we're seeing a recession.

I just it looks this one factor of unemployment seems to be low, but really those are jobs that are not jobs that most people need to live on. Yeah. And then what do you think actual structural inflation is? I mean, because they're saying it's what, six to seven percent.

But it's obviously more than that. Yeah. Yeah. No, absolutely.

I mean, if you look at the things that people are buying every day, the things that people need, I mean, I just had our health renewal for the company. And, you know, the lowest company I could choose from the insurance rates were up 10 percent for the company. That was the lowest. No. And so, yeah, we just went through this at turning point. The insurance company came back to us and they said, we want to raise your rates by 38 percent.

We told them to not, you know, I said some nice words and we came down, we settled at 11 percent. Right. Right. Right. Which is still insane. Yeah.

It's so hard to cause turning point hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, you guys have a huge amount of employees, 350 employees. Yeah. So that's and a lot of people having babies and a lot. Yeah, no, I mean, and that's and that's a beautiful thing, too. I mean, we always joke about the Nobel gold babies.

Yeah. And we've had a lot this year and it's well, praise God. What a blessing. I mean, it's such a blessing to have that happen and to be able to employ people. But obviously at some point, if if if your health insurance goes up 10, 11 percent every year, there is a point when it becomes too expensive to run the day to day business. And we're getting closer to that point. I mean, it's you know, I look at some of the rates that, you know, for some of the people, the company and it's, you know, obviously it goes up by age and there's all these things.

But, you know, some people are looking at a thousand eleven hundred. It's never gotten cheaper. You know, Obamacare and all that. It's never gotten cheaper as an employer that not as many employees you but I've seen it were. So that's just one factor that you're looking at that that significant cost. And then just the day to day to run a business has gone up significantly.

Everything that we are buying, everything we're doing has gone up significantly over the last year. Yet it's been pretty flat. I mean, people are they don't know where to invest right now. They're nervous. People are just kind of laying back.

They're not doing much. I mean, people are in a in a pause. Yeah. Yeah, they are.

And there's a I mean, there's trillions of dollars of cash on the sidelines right now in cash. Yeah, not even in bonds. Yeah, right. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Have we ever seen anything like this? I've never seen since I've you know, I've been in the investment space before I got into precious metals. I was in commercial real estate. I mean, cash is trash. I mean, you always saw people with wealth move very quickly. But I think right now with the equity market, it's being so bad. And this idea that there is a recession coming, which means it could be worse.

People are nervous. And obviously these these short term bonds that we're seeing right now has an effect on corporations because corporations, they're borrowing money. And so now it's really expensive for them day to day to borrow. So they're afraid to hire more.

They're afraid to do more infrastructure. So everybody is just waiting around to see what's going to happen. Yeah.

And the smart companies and you saw this when I mean, it just anecdotally, when all of a sudden, right in the summer of COVID, you saw a lot of fast food restaurants re all of a sudden build beautiful new, you know, like Burger King and Wendy's are like, wow, because they borrowed during the very smart companies borrowed as much as they could when interest rates were two point eight percent. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. They built those structures.

And then, you know, they don't even keep the real estate, you know, they sell them. No, of course. But they said we might as well just redo all of the interior of our restaurants now. Yeah.

That was that was excellent leadership. And also they knew that, you know, with times like this, when times are tough, that people are looking for more of affordable price. Yeah. So they actually saw I mean, the Wendy's in particular, I could at least name 10 or 12 Wendy's in the valley where they I mean, they made that kind of new design trendy, not cheap, right? Multi-million dollar build outs. And they borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars to do it.

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My patriot supply dot com. You want to tell us about this gold coin? Yeah, a ship of gold.

So it's a very interesting story about this. The ship of gold they found it crashed. It was from Panama to New York and had a ton of gold on it. I mean, so many ounces of gold, even when they found the when they found it. Initially, they started selling it off. There was a 80 pound gold ingot that sold for eight million dollars from the ship.

Wow. Like just a massive gold bar. And so over time they've been selling it. And actually, even last year, they started to sell some other relics from the ship.

They have pistols and they have a pair of Levi's. It's kind of cool. And and so they've over time found different things from the ship.

They've had to go down and find it a few times, but they found about a little over three thousand gold coins. And this is one of them here. And I brought it because, first of all, I think it's a fun story. And second of all, you know, just talking about hobbies, you know, there's a lot of hobbies that cost you a lot of money. There's not a lot of hobbies that actually can. Yeah, that's right.

You make you a little bit of money. And even though I love bullion and and I mostly buy gold and silver bullion and platinum, you know, I do like collecting things that are interesting like this. And so, yeah, great story. So what year did it crash? It crashed in eighteen fifty seven.

Wow. And actually there was so much gold on the ship that it actually caused a panic. There's the eighteen fifty seven panic that it caused really, really screwed up the markets because there was such a massive amount of gold on there that, you know, people were concerned about the economy.

And this is before, you know, we were in this money printing stage where gold was was really used as the back of our currency. Yeah. Let's talk about that, I think.

And Noble Gold Investments dot com is where you can get this really neat presentation to. Yeah. And I just think how great it looks. I mean, I think that that's that was, you know, in the water for one hundred and sixty years.

And it looks that good. And what is this little what are these little particles? There's there's some gold dust in there that they found. And so, yeah, I mean, listen, you know, rare coins aren't I don't recommend for everybody, but I think they're fun. And if you're looking for some different those, we have a few of those. But there's not many of those. This is well.

And then you get the picture of the crash. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So but let's talk about fiat currency and, you know, big government, big war, big pharma. A lot of their bigness, for lack of a better term, is dependent on cheap money. And for most of the American system of government, we had gold backing up our currency. Now it is the full of gold. Now it is the full faith in credit United States, a.k.a. paper. Walk us through that.

What is that? Most Americans don't even think about this, that our dollar is backed by nothing. Yeah. Well, I think people started to think about it more recently in the last few years because inflation was so high. I think before that, when the government reported two percent inflation and things felt stable, people didn't really start to think about it. But now we are in a heavier inflationary period.

It's continuing to go that way. And so you're seeing the world start to divest from the dollar, which means they don't want to trade in U.S. dollars anymore. That's the BRIC nations have been meeting and discussing this a number of times. And there was some thought that they were going to move away from the dollar and create their own currency.

And they dispelled that. But I don't think they would let people know in advance if they were going to create their own currency. If you think of the euro, if you think of a lot of currencies, you don't want to let people know too early because they're going to they're going to move in different directions. They want to try to surprise. Exactly.

Yeah. So so I think that people don't realize that our dollar is isn't backed by anything and that, you know, the government is just basically spending and spending and spending. But I think people today do realize that their dollar is buying less and less than it's ever done. So part of the market confusion this year was that the market was going steadily down from January one till mid to late February. And then the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed. And if you go a level deeper into the financial data, it's pretty clear that the Fed started to release more money into the money supply without actually saying.

Can you talk about this? Yeah. This is the buried lead of the confusing year. Yeah. So they did. They started to get more money out there into the public, but they didn't do it officially. They did it through other ways. Yeah, they did it.

Yeah, they did it through. There was different channels that they moved the money out there. Things started to open up. And and and I think that they know deep down most people realize we do need to open the money supply up a little bit to get things moving. I mean, a big issue and Powell's, you know, the thing that's scary about every conversation you hear with Powell is that he's basically said he doesn't know when things are going to change, that he he doesn't think we're going to have a soft landing. He doesn't think we're going to move in that direction.

So I don't think we're going to have a there's no way to there's no way to have a soft landing. So I think, yeah, they started to release more money out into the public. And then, you know, you had three banks basically go under it within two weeks.

Yes, pretty big banks. And all of them pretty much were decided because they all made bad financial bets on bonds. Basically last year, they all they all bought bonds. They all bought long term bonds at, you know, three or four percent.

Then things kind of turned around and they were in a bad position. We now have a solution. Join the movement of millions of patriotic Americans who love truth, our country and our constitution at public. Sq. M.O.B.I.

slash Charlie Kirk. Public Square is an app and a Web site where you can get connected to tens of thousands of businesses from all different industries that share your value for life, family and freedom. Public Square is free to join.

It started today. If you're a business owner, join. If you're a consumer, join. Check it out. Download the Public Square app today. Michael, who runs Public Square, does a beautiful job. Good friend of mine.

One hundred percent behind him. Check it out today. Several items I want to talk about here. So I want to go through this, Colin, because we were chatting beforehand, kind of our teams were silver faces, an unprecedented shortage as demand outpaces supply. Yeah. So this thing I have right here, there's a shortage of this thing. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, I remember talking to, you know, you just we talked to miners and, you know, they give you insight into to what it costs to pull silver out of the ground. And they, you know, they just don't understand in the 20s why it's sitting in the 20s. And it's just kind of been hovering their gold and silver with all this inflation. Gold and silver really haven't moved as much as one would think right now. And we use silver in so many industries. I mean, it's a nonstop data center in dentistry, right?

Dentistry. I mean, everything we're using today has a has a silver component. Solar has a has a big silver component. So, yeah, I mean, I like where the price is silver right now. We're seeing a big shift, I think, over the last two years.

It went a little bit. So we're seeing like fifty five, sixty percent silver, the rest gold, and then about five to seven percent in platinum right now. Platinum is also a metal that is in high demand. And people forgot about platinum. Platinum was more than gold. When I got in the business, platinum was always one hundred to two hundred dollars above gold.

And that shifted over the last six or seven years. And now you have platinum sitting in the nine hundred dollar range. But you're seeing palladium start to creep down. And it's because they're using platinum in the catalytic converters. And it's and it's you know, people don't realize platinum is harder to find than gold, silver and palladium.

It's the hardest one to mine. Are they using electric vehicles? Yeah. Yes.

Yeah. They're using it. And a big catalytic converter pushes with platinum. So you're seeing more use is that so that it's staggering the amount of ounces that they're going to be short in platinum.

And obviously, nobody knows when they start using different metals. But we've been selling a lot. And actually, I was going to bring platinum today, but we've been selling. It's really hard to find it.

We've been selling pretty much all this. Where are they? Where's it usually sourced? What part of the world is platinum? You can find it in Africa.

You can find it a little bit in Mexico. But yeah, it's usually like the secondary metal. It's not the primary metal that they're looking for. Silver is also the same way. So it's you see it transitioning now where people are starting to talk. You see palladiums down in the twelve fifty range. So I think you could see a reverse where platinum starts to take off. So we've been seeing a lot more push of platinum being consumed. And and so it's interesting to see that shift. When I started the business 15 years ago, it was 90 percent, 92 percent gold. And then the rest was silver and then maybe less than one percent platinum palladium.

But we are starting to see that shift. So don't get left behind. Let Noble Gold help you stock up on physical silver. I buy all of my gold and silver from Noble Gold Investments open or roll over an IRA, which you guys a lot. Right. Yeah, absolutely.

Yeah. You can roll over any old 401k if a lot of people left jobs, you can roll it into a self-directed IRA, which I even if you don't buy gold, I recommend that because you know this like you want to be in charge of your finances and being an old 401k. You can read it till till you can't read anymore about how many hidden fees there are in those accounts. You know, they they've been trying to hide those fees for years. So getting in a self-directed IRA, even if you didn't buy gold or silver, you could just buy Tesla or you could buy Ford or you could buy anything and you're in charge of it. You know exactly what the fees are.

So I highly recommend any old 401k move in as self-directed, take control of it, and you can put it in gold and silver if you do want to do that. We have a full time team. They work six days a week and we can do all that paperwork that nobody wants. Yeah. And look, there's Colin doesn't have to say anything about this. There's a lot of bad guys in the gold world, a lot of shysters. There's just a lot of a lot of talk, a lot of let's just say that's the I think Colin, you'd agree the stereotype, the let's just say the how most people feel about the gold industry.

It's not great. Yeah. I can vouch for your guys's character. Thank you.

Yeah. I mean, most CEOs won't of my competitors won't come on a show, right? They're not out there. They're hiding.

They know they won't. But they also like form companies and they fold companies. It's like a lot of this. Yeah. Shape shifting. Yeah.

Yeah. Because, you know, there's you there's fees that can get really outrageous in the industry. And there's a lot of ways.

There's a lot of bait and switching, unfortunately, a lot. And we what we really do is we, you know, we focus our employees. We know who we are. We sell bullion, gold and silver, platinum, palladium. We sell it at a fair price. We ship it. We're shipping right now in like a week. I mean, we're shipping faster than anyone. I have people calling me saying I bought from so-and-so. They said it's going to take eight to twelve weeks because there's a shortage on X.

That's not true. We're shipping every item that anyone would buy. We're shipping very quickly. Yeah. If you wanted a rare coin, maybe we got to find it. But that bar that bars, it's at your doorstep in a week. So you do have to do your research. You do have to check people out. And I tell people to do it about us. or call 877-646-5347. So there's a lot of talk about the national debt as the national debt increases. There's only a couple of ways to get out of debt. You can cut spending. DC doesn't want to do that. You can raise taxes.

DC is not going to do that, nor should they. Or you can inflate your way out of the debt. But it's not just the national debt. These numbers are unbelievable. Colin, as we were chatting before, the average personal debt per individual is twenty one thousand dollars. Eight hundred thirty five percent of Americans are the most in debt they've ever been in. The U.S. household debt is 17 trillion dollars. Does that include mortgages? Like, I mean, that's an unbelievable number. Yeah.

And and also the scary thing about that number is the majority of that debt besides your mortgage, which is structurally justifiable. Yeah. Yeah. Is credit card. Well, that's a trillion of it. That's insane.

Yeah. The credit card and credit card rates are the highest they've ever been, at least in the last you know, since the 80s. So you have these super high rates. And, you know, they say the average credit card that they send out these numbers that the average rate is like 19 to 23 percent. But that doesn't factor in people that are new to the credit card market.

Those rates I've seen credit cards offering above 30 percent. So and those are the people that are really the most vulnerable. Right. Because they're they're, you know, starting out and they think they have time to recover. And so they're willing to take on this. And 30 percent debt.

I mean, it's it's it's it's in my opinion, it's it's criminal. So, you know, I think that people got to be careful about, you know, thinking that they can you know, they have time to get out of that debt. And that's the nice thing about gold and silver is I always talk about when people call and they buy for their children. You know, I have gold and silver for my three kids.

I have a little set aside for each of them. It's like my kids have a net worth. They actually have a net worth.

They're not in debt. They have a net worth. You know, they each have, you know, let's say 10 to 20,000 in gold each.

So they're they're starting ahead of the age of grandparents can set that up with you guys. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. I want each one of my grandkids to have twenty five thousand in gold. Absolutely.

And, you know, physical then or is it in an absolutely physical gold? Yeah, we can we can store it for them if they want or if they want to take possession. You know, I have it set up in a safe where it's like, you know, Mina, Mason, Max, like they have their own, you know, and whatever. But there's a service where you guys can, for example, they don't want to store it at their home. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We could store it for them. Yeah, absolutely.

We could store it segregated storage, but they get access to it whenever they. Yeah, yeah. No, they're there.

We just set you up with the deposit or are and they're trusted in there. Oh, yeah. I mean, I go there twice a year.

I got it. Are they in Texas or where are they? Texas, Delaware. And you can store in Canada. Most people do store in Texas. I'm not storing in Canada. Yeah, I don't think most people are storing.

We're not. Yeah, but you know, you have some people that don't want to be in the US. So that's, you know, that's an option there.

But Texas storage. And yeah, you can set it up for each grandkid so they get like a little box or a little segregated and they shrink wrap it. And then I, you know, I audit it. And then, you know, it's like what I do with my kids, like the kid, I like more. I'll give them more gold and they don't know it.

They don't know it. You know, the kid that, that, you know, really is nice to their dad. And then, you know, over time, we'll see yours. And it's my daughter.

I'm not supposed to say that, but you know, everyone's got a favorite kid. There you go. But it's a way that, you know, grandparents watching and this is a way to pass down wealth that will stand the test of time. Absolutely. And, and I actually did a video that went crazy viral.

I was talking about, I had a kilo gold bar that's worth it. And I was saying like, this could be, you know, who knows where college is going to be in 15 or 20 years, but let's say people are still going to college. This could pay for college. This could be the college, you know, put this away, wait 15 years. And this is, this is, could be, you know, right now it's, maybe it's two years of college.

Who knows? Maybe in 15 years, maybe it pays for the whole thing. You know, you don't know how does gold, how has it performed traditionally versus structural inflation over the last decade? You know, gold right now is sitting decades.

The last 10 years go back. So you're looking at gold was sitting around 1170, about nine, 10 years ago. So it's up $800. It's up about $800. Yeah.

Which is near almost doubling. Yeah. So yeah, over the last nine, 10 years, that's where you've been looking at. And, and obviously it peaked at 2070. Yes. And it's pulled back. But it's at 1,919.

Yeah. It's about $1,900 right now. And that's, and as I was saying earlier, I think that's a lot to do with just the pause in investing. People are just kind of cautious and, you know, you look at these big, these funds saying I can make 5% right now, but we know that that 5% return in banks and CD, that's not going to last forever. And we also know that if the bank's paying 5%, then to your point, inflation is probably double or triple.

Oh, I think that they've been lying about inflation for a very long time. I mean, if you look at the stuff people care about, are rents going up? Rents are not just going up. They're doubling in certain markets.

Absolutely. I mean, you look at single family homes in the Phoenix area, they're going up despite all the economic calamity. I mean, they are going up 12%, a quarter in certain neighborhoods. And then you, not to mention groceries, gasoline, you know, medical education. Has anything, Colin, besides television or phones gone down in price in the last five to seven years?

Nothing that I can think of. Yeah. My father always jokes, he was a garment manufacturer for many years and he said the only thing over the last 40 years that's gotten better in quality and cheaper in price is Docker pants. Because if you look at over the last 30 years, like Dockers 30 years ago were $20 too, and they weren't that great.

And if you look at them today, they're still about, you know, $20, $25, but the production value and everything has gone up. And obviously that's because it's made overseas and things have changed, but ultimately, no, I mean, and to your point about rent, there's no reason that rent is going to go down substantially with all these people tied to these 3% mortgages. And that whole industry, the mortgage industry, loans, you know, that industry is dead. I have so many friends in real estate and it's so hard for them right now because, you know, the expectations are so unrealistic that properties are just sitting and sitting and sitting, and that's been happening for more than a year. So that whole industry, which there's a lot of fees and there's a lot of money to be made on a regulation too. Well, yeah. And, and so you're looking at a situation where, you know, people with a 3% mortgage, they're never going anywhere.

So rents, so people that can't afford a house because the price doesn't come down, they're just renting and it just continues to go up. All right. Check out promo code Charlie. You guys can get silver gold IRA.

And if you're a grandparent, like, boy, I want to set up my kids, but you know, the other good thing about gold too, is that it's stable, but also it's like, they have to really be motivated to sell it. Right. Yeah. And that's actually, if I'm talking about a grandparent to grand kid, right. It's, it's one thing for cash, right.

They could blow it. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, yeah. And also, you know, you see a lot of times when the grandparent passes that the kids kind of sell things right away and then, and if they wanted to, they could, yes. But cause it's so liquid, but the idea is, is that, you know, you buy these items, it's sleepy money and you kind of forget about it.

You just put it away and you forget about it. And there's no debt. You know, think about having an asset with no debt. It's whereby I buy all of my gold from promo code Charlie.

Here I have some silver and there is a silver shortage. As we have been talking about JP Morgan, 2023 economic outlook. What are some top line takeaways from our friends at JP Morgan Chase? Well, I think overall there's a market insecurity in terms of, you know, this paralysis, you know, as we've been talking about, so much of our country is built on debt. So if we continue to have high interest rates for the significant future, 12 months, 18 months, and pals, he's sort of alluded that he doesn't know when interest rates will drop. I think that almost all corporations in general are going to be cautious with hiring, growing their infrastructure. So I think it's, and we've seen that the markets had some, you know, a few good days this year, but for the most part, it hasn't been as strong.

A lot of people thought we'd see a bounce back this year. And I think as long as we're at interest rates, you know, six to nine, and there's people thinking that maybe household interest rates could go to 10. I don't think we're going to see the equity markets move in a favorable manner.

Yeah. And I mean, the interest rates is directly tied to structural inflation. So people say, well, why did it just lower rates? I mean, then you'll see even more inflation. Right. So I mean, you know, I don't know if the Fed wants what's best for America. That's a separate issue. But if they did, they still have to go through the, you know, do you just do you just pull the plug and get the recession over with? Right.

And kind of take your cough syrup? Because a lot of this Colin is inherited problems from, in my opinion, the overly aggressive response during COVID. Yeah. The overspending. Yes. Yeah, I agree. Yeah.

Multi six to seven trillion in new spending on top of the four million we already spent. Yeah. And it still happens. You know, I always talk about a lot is that you can still as an employer get aid from COVID.

You know, I get the call every day. You can. It's still the employee retention credit, ERC. It doesn't make any sense. Like, it doesn't make any sense. Like if you survive to today, why would you need money from three years ago?

It doesn't make any sense. Fraud Colin is unlike we are going to eventually find out three to four hundred billion in fraud. Oh, easily. That's what the people I trust. Like old mortgage brokers are calling me every day, offering me this this credit. So, yeah.

So you have that situation that overspending and that, you know, that that way too much money going out. So, you know, really what Powell's position is, is that and a lot of people believe this, the only way interest rates drop next year is you have some kind of black swan event. That's the only way. So we either go to war or there's some kind of event that he could justify because, as you said, he can't lower rates because his mandate is get inflation to two percent.

Yes. So I think what we should do is as a country and just say, listen, we're never going back to two percent. Let's make it four percent because inflation or rates.

But I think they should go. They should increase the two percent mandate to four because it's an unrealistic number. It's an unrealistic to go back to two. I think we go to four.

Now we're pretty close. And then I think if we could get to four, which I think we will, then he could start opening up the money supply again. And when you have an explanation of four, it does put pressure. That means you're going to have to earn five percent just to outpace inflation. Right. And so you'll have employers to be like, well, why do I have so many employees?

And that that will increase unemployment. Yeah. Right. Yeah.

And we haven't seen that happen yet, though, which is what's amazing. Right. Yeah. And I think overall, when when you look at how people are looking at their money right now, it's like they're looking at what's you know, you had to get rich quick during covid where the stock market went up and people made, you know, you know, have that movie Dumb Money talking about, you know, people buying this ridiculous AMC stock and it go through the room. And, you know, you have these people that are looking for this get rich quick.

But so many of them lost so much money over the last two to three years. Now, I think the reversal is like, let's go back to basics. Let's let's talk about the things that are right.

Yeah. Let's get back to the fundamentals and think about things that are going to be good. And I think we need to empower real estate because it is such a big industry with a little bit lower rates because that would fundamentally help the economy. But then people should really look at what the things cost and be looking at value. And that's why I really love where gold sitting platinum and palladium. If you look at value and if you look at these prices, you look at inflation across the board on everything else, they really haven't gone up as much as some of the other items that are out there.

Yet the demand is still there. Final plug, Just talk about what you offer. And and I trust you guys one hundred percent.

Yeah. Noble Gold Investments were a family business. You know, we've we want to help people. We talk about precious metals, even if you just want to learn about precious metals.

I say give us a call. You have a gold and silver guy. We have gold and silver guys.

We have a palladium guy with a platinum guy. Even if you just want to learn and it's not the time, get the information now, start the process and then when you're ready to make a decision, you do it. But getting information about an alternative asset right now, I think, is really important.

And I think, you know, you talk about it a lot. It's like finding hidden value. It's really important to look, you know, not at the traditional investments. Love partnering with you guys. Thank you. And it is where I buy all of my gold from and silver. Colin, thanks so much. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at and check out, promo code charlie.

For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to When I grow up, I want to work for a woke company like super woke. When I grow up, when I grow up, I want to be hired based on what I look like rather than my skills.

I want to be judged by my political beliefs. I want to get promoted based on my chromosomes. When I grow up, I want to be offended by my co-workers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by HR.

Words like grandfather, peanut gallery, long time no see, no can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns.

What are pronouns? It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one woke free job board in America, red balloon dot work.
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