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The Investigation of Jack Smith + Biden’s Impeachment War Room with Kash Patel and Darren Beattie

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September 8, 2023 7:07 pm

The Investigation of Jack Smith + Biden’s Impeachment War Room with Kash Patel and Darren Beattie

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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September 8, 2023 7:07 pm

Kash Patel joins Charlie to dissect Jim Jordan’s ongoing investigation into Jack Smith and Georgia’s newly released grand jury report, which show that Lindsey Graham of all people was nearly indicted. Then, Charlie welcomes Darren Beattie on the show to react to the rumors of a Biden Impeachment War Room, ad to explore why Republicans lack their own legal indictment machines to compete with the left’s.

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Darren Beatty and Kash Patel. We talk lawfare, ADL, and more. Email us as always, freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Turning Point USA is the nation's most important organization.

That is As always, you can email us, freedom at Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at We have received I'd say about 600 emails in the last couple of minutes. You are not fans of Nikki Haley. I will say this about every single candidate running. You are welcome to come here on this program anytime. We will give you a fair hearing. We will not interrupt you. We will ask pointed questions. Same goes for Nikki Haley. If she ends up being the crowned one of the neo-cons, I would love to ask you some questions. I mean that sincerely.

It is not a trap, and I've known Nikki for a couple years, five or six years. We've always gotten along even though we could not be more opposed on core and critical issues. Okay, joining us now is Kash Patel on several different things happening. Kash, welcome to the program. So I want to talk about this Georgia grand jury report that came out today. Apparently, that there was a recommendation to indict Lady Graham and Senator David Perdue. Walk us through this, Kash, and did Big Fannie Willis decide not to do that?

Well, hey, it's great to be back with you, and I'm glad you're having this Indian American on instead of Nikki Haley. So look, when it comes to the grand jury indictments in Georgia, I don't know that they're done. They say it's a quote-unquote report that they wanted to do something, and they haven't yet done it. So with these people, remember, this is the same district attorney who illegally leaked the indictment of Donald Trump six hours before its publication, then lied to the world about how that could have possibly happened.

And of course, there's no one there to police her own criminal conduct. Grand jury information of any kind released without a judicial order is a felony in the state of Georgia and in the federal courts. So it's not a surprise that they wanted to target anyone in Trump's universe, and they say they came up short or just didn't return an indictment. But I don't know that they're done with this investigation and presenting cases of the grand jury.

Yeah, I mean, and Cash, you and I have been talking for quite some time. There's not a single local DA in the country that's a Republican who has the courage, the fortitude, or the spine to do what big Fannie is doing. Not a single Republican AG that is doing any of this. I mean, to name, you know, they have Lindsey Graham. I am not a fan of Lindsey Graham, but this is outrageous, right? It's not right.

It's wrong. I'll stand up for Lindsey Graham 100% here because he literally did nothing wrong. Graham repeatedly prodded Raffensperger and his colleagues on the phone about signature matching of ballots. That's it.

Signature matching. Raffensperger told CNN that he believed Graham implied that he should try to throw out. This Raffensperger guy is a bad dude.

Holy moly. Graham denies wrongdoing and disputed his characterization of the call. He also argued that his actions should be protected by the constitution speech or debate clause.

Yeah, obviously. And by the way, he also suggested that the ballots might be frauds. Only Stacey Abrams can do that. And so, so, Cash, I mean, this is this is really bad. You're a former prosecutor. I've said for some time the only way this stops is when we start indicting them, perp walk, subpoenas, handcuffs, leg irons, prison time.

Do you agree, Cash Patel? Look, Charlie, you and I have led the charge for one single Republican district attorney or one single Republican state attorney general to lead that charge. We talked about it for, what, over a year now, maybe two. You had a beautiful article on The Federalist. Donald Trump was the one who helped push that messaging out, calling out the district attorneys and state attorney generals that you and I have for so long. And I still haven't found one, I don't think you have either, that is willing to lead the charge to handcuff these individuals. Everybody's still wondering why this DOJ is bumbling around, for example, with Hunter Biden's indictment.

Who cares? Are you telling me in the state of Arkansas, where we got a state AG who's a Republican, he couldn't find a crime with Hunter Biden and prostitutes and money laundering and fraud? What about every other state he touched? Florida, pick other ones, not Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama.

This guy was all over the country and he used the national travel system to get from coast to coast. Every one of those state AGs could pop them, every single one of them, and not a single one is doing that. And if we wanted justice from this DOJ, which we know is never going to happen, the only place we're going to get it is at the state and district attorney level. But they're, look, you've said it before and so have I. They are outgunning us every damn day when it comes to the weaponization of justice. And we, who actually have the law on our side, are for whatever reason, too big of a coward to push it forward.

And I really just don't have any information or examples as to why that is. It's really upsetting. Yep.

Our side does not want to win. OK, let's get to the next story here. Peter Navarro, convicted by a D.C. jury.

We're just sitting and bending over and taking it as a movement. Your reaction, Peter Navarro, convicted in federal court. Look, Peter and I served in the Trump White House together.

He's a great American. And what this is, just like with Steve Bannon, is another example of a two tier system of justice. They convicted these individuals for a baseless contempt referral from a majority in Congress that ran the unlawful January 6th committee hearing into President Donald Trump. And of course, this weaponized DOJ with Garland is going to do that. Where is the congressional majority for Republicans standing up against these types of illegal acts by DOJ? More so, where is the Republican majority in Congress when it comes to indicting Garland and Ray for the same contempt matters they say Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon did? Only difference is Ray and Garland actually violated congressional subpoenas that were validly issued. And every single day they violate one is another felony.

And they're getting a free haul pass. This is a two tier system of justice. And Republicans and I look these are a lot of my friends on Capitol Hill are sitting idly by and doing nothing except writing more letters and Mother Mejia have you instead of demanding the document production so we prevent another election from being rigged and instead of demanding an equal system of justice. So guys like Navarro and Bannon aren't unjustly unlawfully and unconstitutionally prosecuted as political targets. This will never stop until we get a course of Republicans in Congress to stand up and defund parts of the DOJ and FBI and get Garland and Ray in line. That's the only thing they'll listen to is money. The only power that we have over them and we are not using.

Yes. So, Cash, I mean, you've been saying that for quite some time. Nine thirty, September 30th, big funding deadline. Why are Republicans unwilling to defund at least the the fringe like fence off the funding or wall down the funding, as you say? They just give me excuses. They say, well, it could lose us the next election. And it's always it's always it's always a political argument, Charlie, isn't it? It's all well, you know, we're in power now, but we don't really want to lose the next time. Well, the reason you lost in the past and the reason you're afraid to act now is because these people in Congress, all they care about is your name, the headline and getting a good news story out so they can take it back to their constituents.

They say, look how great I am. No, the problem is you guys aren't fearless enough when it comes to standing up for what Donald Trump fought for in his administration. How the reason most of them are in Congress is because he backed their play and got them reelected. And now they're worried about what the next reelection cycle. Maybe if they showed up and did their job and fenced off the money from Chris Ray's private jet so that me and U.S. taxpayers don't have to fund a government funded G5 so he can go on vacation every weekend. Maybe if they took Merrick Garland's new fleet of cars so he doesn't gallivant around the country in up armored Escalade, maybe if they started doing those things, their constituents would be like, hey, not only are we going to give you guys more money, we're going to send you back to Congress as an overwhelming record to do more. I don't know why a single one of them won't take that mandate on. I mean, it would literally take one person to do it. And I'm waiting for that one person.

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Cash Patel continues with us. Check out his book Government Gangsters. It's coming out soon, right Cash? After your battle with DOJ or whatever, trying to get this out, right?

Yep, it's shipping in two weeks. I sued the federal government. The Biden administration tried to census for 10 months. Had to take them to federal court.

There's got to be something in here that they don't want you to see. It's really, really something. Check it out, Government Gangsters. Okay, other story I want to hit here is the ADL. Cash, the ADL has been smearing people for quite some time. Your reaction to the recent emphasis and focus on ADL? Well, I guess it's not surprising to you or I that those guys have been coming after people who have championed America's first values for such a long time. And now I think it's ironic that people who call themselves the ADL are telling us what is and isn't defamation and who not to target based on politics. I think people have now seen their hypocrisy, just like they have with the ACLU and other organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center and everybody else that's funded by George Soros, that these types of people have been in bed with the corrupt government gangsters I talked about in my book and the mainstream media to do one thing, to take out Donald Trump just like these prosecutors with baseless accusations and lies and take out everyone around them. And I think the cacophony is growing so loud with this chorus, this group of criminals that most of Americans who prior to today might not have voted for Donald Trump are now saying, wait a second, these guys have been lying to us for years and I don't want them in power anymore. So hopefully that's the trend going forward.

So I totally agree. The ADL has done such such damage to this country. So I also want to touch on this other story here, Cash, and again remind people to check out his book, Government Gangsters. Lindsey Graham, Michael Flynn and others in this kind of Georgia grand jury report. But the buried lead of all this is the 14th Amendment. What is your reaction to these extra constitutional attempts to try to kick Donald Trump off the ballot before any conviction, before any of it, just because they want it to be so? What is your reaction? I mean, this was a federal prosecutor, national security guy.

I think it's laughable, but it's not surprising. The 14th Amendment, it is no bearing on these arguments. There is no state secretary of state or state attorney general that can preclude a United States citizen from running for presidency based on the 14th Amendment. The power to do that vests in the federal government and they cannot use it politically. That's what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Bill of Rights. To me, this is no different than when the government gangsters like Rod Rosenstein and Andy McCabe got together and said, oh, we're going to use the 25th Amendment and you can wiretap me and I'll go into the Oval Office and record Trump and then we'll tell everyone he's unfit for office.

That was never applicable under the law because the 25th Amendment only came into play for the founding fathers if there was a mental incapacity like he flipped into a coma or had to leave for a heart transplant or things like that. These people will come up with the next iteration of the 25th Amendment, the 14th Amendment. They'll find something new in the, who knows, the 9th Amendment. They'll just keep making it up because they will get quote unquote scholars from these terrible liberal law schools, but since they are the likes of Harvard and Yale and all of them, people will listen to them and they'll make a movement to remove Donald Trump from the ballot. And it's not going to happen or work. But more importantly, my hope is that it is a boomerang effect because people are now seeing it is get Trump at any cost.

We will just make up the law to do it. And I think the two tier system of justice is now rampant in academia. Yeah, it's all throughout. And you saw it started with David French and Lauren Strive.

And you see these, you know, the introduction of these lawsuits to try and stop Donald Trump from even being on the ballot altogether. Kash Patel, check out his book, Government Gangsters. Thanks so much. Hey, thanks so much. Have a great day, guys. Just to remind you, Peter Navarro yesterday convicted. John Eastman is about to stand trial. Sidney Powell, Mark Meadows, Donald Trump is trying to make a move to federal court. It's all out.

It is the night of the long knives. We did a podcast on that, actually, a couple of years ago. I remember it was May of 2000 or late April 2021.

I remember exactly where I did it in Seattle on a Sunday night. I was so bothered because I saw this happening. And I remember we were told by many senators, many people, oh, Charlie, they'll never indict Trump. They'll never go after him.

In fact, we had many different people tell us, you know, there's no way that they'll actually go this far. Do not understand how treacherous and evil the Marxists are. They want a complete and total bitter destruction of everything that is beautiful and good. And they're using the legal apparatus currently to do it. They first had us go through moments of COVID and tyranny and then Floyd anarchy and now absolute authoritarian use of lawfare.

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Call 800-875-0425 or go to, use promo code Kirk, promo code Kirk. Darren Beatty joins us now. You should all check out Revolver.News. It's a great website. Darren, the Biden White House is creating what they call a war room to counter the impeachment and the scandal blitzkrieg that is coming their way. Walk us through the details that we know.

There's a great story at Revolver.News. Absolutely. Well, look, the game is on. It looks like we're going into impeachment season and it's about time and we'll have a full accounting, I would hope, of the crimes committed by the Biden family, the corruption, and at least air it out publicly. And Biden is very concerned, so much so that they're working on an entire infrastructure that would be cordoned off within the White House to manage the inevitable barrage of negative publicity that is expected to come his way and intensify in the coming months. So is it your your your opinion that the House Republicans should prioritize impeachment against Biden?

This is a debate. I actually think the 30th of September is a much more historically consequential deadline to go all in. I mean, Joe Biden's a traitor. He should have been impeached a long time ago. But the 30th of September, we can actually defang the beast. We can defund these agencies. Your thoughts on impeachment of Joe Biden? Because the Senate will probably acquit him anyway.

Darren Beatty. Right. Well, I'd say it's better to do it than not. It's certainly not a fix for everything, and perhaps it shouldn't be done to the exclusion of some other things. But if there aren't going to be any prosecutions, which is really, you know, that would be a whole thing of criminal activity, there should be prosecutions. At least this could provide an airing of everything that's gone on and hopefully dictate some media cycles concerning this.

So I would say it's better to do it than not. But I wouldn't attach any tremendous amount of importance to it, because as you say, it's not going to be successful in the Senate. And it would just be viewed as sort of one prong of force multiplier for other efforts to expose the criminality of Biden. I would really like to see some kind of prosecution.

But again, that's an entirely different story and not really up to the House Republicans. So Darren, one of your main, your focuses at Revolver.News has been telling the truth about January 6. You guys could check it out at Revolver.News.

And we are, can we just kind of give a macro update, Darren? I was talking to somebody the other day, and they said, Oh, come on, Charlie, are they really going to arrest people that didn't get into the Capitol? They have. So Darren, can you just talk about this ring theory that, you know, they obviously started with out of the gate, the indictments of people that were inside the Capitol that were vandalizing or assaulting police officers, but we are now getting at people that are, that were just looking at the events that were outside of the Capitol. There are 1,200 arrests.

They don't seem to be slowing down. They just went after Nathan Hughes in Arkansas as if he was El Chapo. Darren, walk us through the latest on this. Well, I mean, to take probably the most egregious example, the biggest sentencing yet for J6 defendants was Enrique Tarrio, the head of the Proud Boys, who I don't even think was in DC during January 6. In fact, he was arrested the day before under very bizarre circumstances, frankly, but that's another story.

So he wasn't even in DC, and yet he gets the biggest sentence, which is 22 years. And then you have more, you know, minor figures like Owen Schroyer of Info Wars, who I think they're trying to put him in jail for 120 days, something like that. But again, he was simply trespassing.

And this gets to the multiple issues that we've been covering. One is that because you had these critical individuals that we've sort of covered, who haven't been indicted and so forth, who were methodically cutting down fencing, indicating that the area was restricted. They were cutting down that fencing in advance of the bigger crowd going over to the Capitol. There were so many people, hundreds, actually thousands of people who unwittingly walked into this legal booby trap, where they were technically trespassing, but totally under the government's discretion as to whether they want to charge them. And all of the charges that I've seen so far regarding trespassing as such, have been very, very conspicuously politically motivated, even compared to the generally politically motivated context of January 6 prosecutions.

So that's kind of a remarkable thing. Of course, it's interesting because originally, a lot of the regime media was saying about Ray Epps that, oh, he didn't go into the Capitol. So of course, there's nothing we could charge him with.

But that's simply not true. They could have charged him with trespassing easily like they did anyone else. And more seriously, based on a documented exchange he had with one of these Proud Boys guys, basically anticipating going into the Capitol saying, when we go in, so forth. He could have hit him with a conspiracy charge just the same way that they've done with others.

And so that's another kind of fascinating and frankly damning dimension of this. Not only, oh, they're going after all these people for trespassing charges, but that kind of puts to lie the excuse that, oh, they couldn't go after Epps for some charge because they're going after these other people who haven't gone into the Capitol. And in the case of both Stuart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers and Enrique Tarrio, as I mentioned, the Proud Boys, two of the biggest sentences in January 6, neither of those two went into the Capitol.

With Enrique Tarrio not present, no weapons, 22 years in federal prison. Contrast that, Darren, with multiple cities that are paying cash to BLM rioters as apologies, as reparations to the BLM cohort. Talk about that.

Well, I mean, it's simply amazing. And it speaks for itself in terms of not only the disproportionate nature of the sentencing, but really the obscenely political nature of this that gets to the underlying rot of our justice system that allows for everything that we've been saying. Like, this is the issue right now. It's not, you know, there's the censorship issue was relevant before and, you know, there have been other issues before. The issue right now is the total weaponization of the justice system as such. That's really the most meaningful story going on now, because it has so many different dimensions.

Covers the Trump thing, it covers January 6 thing, it covers in some ways, you know, what's going on with some of the impeachments that we're seeing. So it's really the number one, it's the number one issue. And unless we have a fix for that, it's just going to be more of the same, unfortunately. What fixes do you potentially recommend, Darren, or things that we could do to actually fight fire with fire?

Well, it's a great question. I don't think there's any easy fix it. Well, just going back to the 22 year sentence, like you mentioned the DLMs, but I mean, it wouldn't be that difficult to find instances of actual errors getting less than 22 years. You know, I think now you I've got the idea for the next revolver piece, I want to see what kind of heinous crimes have resulted in less than a 22 year sentence, which Tario got who didn't even go into the Capitol and did nothing violent. But that's that's for another segment.

But it is, you know, really just underscores how outrageous it is. As for what the fix is, and we've spoken about this before, we need a tit for tat, we need to figure out where is our Fulton County? Where's our, you know, Southern District, Eastern District of New York? Where is our prosecution factory?

And why aren't we using it? That's the first step. And I'll be honest, Darren, it's because our side is weak. They're feckless.

When I challenge them, you know, if I was on a phone with an AG, and I just like, Hey, how are things going? Oh, we're doing great. We're suing the Biden administration.

I'm just curious. Do you plan to ever criminally look into Democrats? Oh, no, we're not going to sue them. Oh, no, we're not going to stoop to the level of the Democrats.

That's what they tell me. stoop to the level of winning and controlling every institution in the country. Imagine that we're not going to stoop to the level of the people who control every institution of the country, we're gonna we're gonna remain on a high on our perch of, of just perennial losers. And speaking of which you mentioned ag how in this is totally in keeping with the problem that we're talking about is one of the most effective if not the most effective AGs, Paxton, right? Look what's happening to him. The show trial is intentional. They did that to isolate him to say if you dare speak out, let's play cut 118 Rachel Maddow lookalike talking about how Rico is a double edged sword play cut 118. Ever since Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis brought a racketeering indictment against Donald Trump as co-defendants. We've talked a lot about Georgia's particularly expansive version of that Rico law. It creates real legal peril for the ex-president and his co-conspirators. And it seems to be an appropriate tool to use against the transgression of their illegitimate and fundamentally unlawful project to overturn the election. The very breadth of that law can be a real double edged sword as people in Georgia, particularly defense attorneys will be among the first to tell you. We got an example of that yesterday when the very same grand jury that indicted Donald Trump also indicted 61 community activists and others, many of whom were attempting to stop the construction of a new police training facility.

Community activists, these people forcibly and violently attacked a construction site. And Chris Hayes, I guess what, Chris, you're going to have to be doing a lot more spin because once we get our way and we remove these weak-kneed Vichy French Republican AGs one by one, and I'm going to start naming their names one by one, you know, Steve Marshall in Alabama, I've, I've asked him, I said, Hey, where are the indictments? Why are you not looking into SPLC? Oh, we don't do that. We don't do that.

All right. Well, when you run for governor, don't call me, you know, these guys, they're really nice until you got to do something. Eventually RICO will be used against the Democrat party. The RICO will be used against the Democrat party.

It's really something Darren, I didn't, I don't know if you're prepared to talk about this or not, but I mean, you can riff with almost anything. What I find interesting is the vector that they find this through a focus for the last six years, this is how smart and how cunning they are. The left is they go through the South, the South, largely a Republican stronghold.

This is where the white guilt narratives, the BLM stuff. And interestingly enough, it's where we have the most DAs and AGs and we're afraid to use it. Darren talk about this kind of, I find the weakest Republicans in the country, the least likely to fight are South of the Mason Dixon line.

Why is that? Well, it's, I mean, it's Reconstruction 3.0 or 4.0 or whatever version we're on now, but it's indeed the case that it's the Southern politicians that are most, the most beaten into submission and the most corrupt. And so it's a combination of the fact that there is a kind of sociology already embedded in the South of the kind of, which could be good or bad, but when the good old boy network is kind of co-opted, then you have a multi-generational machine politics that is working to subvert the interests of the voters. And I think you see a great example of this in South Carolina, frankly, maybe the best example, South Carolina, very important state politically, you know, it's one of the key primary states and look what it's produced and that tells you all you need to know about how accurate, how painfully accurate your thesis is about how just weak and corrupt and subverted in particular the Southern GOP is, which is such a shame. And contrast that I find some of the fire breathers, some of the most amazing is I don't consider Florida to be part of the South. They're either from Florida and amazingly from California, from New York and from kind of that upper Midwest, right? That kind of the Great Plains, but there's something in the South. I think it's just because from an, if you're a young white man in the South, you are told you are a racist. It's like your whole life and you have to grow up with this kind of like ancestral guilt and it plays, it impacts these people. And I mean, I'm not fazed by these sort of, I think it actually deeply impacts a Southern white Republican to be called a racist. I think it actually bothers them and they're like, oh, willing to do whatever. I'm going to let big Fannie investigate everybody.

I'm not going to touch the Southern Poverty Law Center. It's striking, Darren. Right. And again, I think there's certainly that. I think there's something to the fact that weirdly there's more of a kind of communal way of thinking. There are sort of the patronage networks that work in a specific way, a kind of orientation toward a specific type of machine politics, which when corrupted and subverted is very hard to correct and untangle. And that's what I think you see in the South because it's really amazing.

Can we name a single like really good GOP politician from the South? I can't. And I can think of several atrocious ones. So this really is unfortunate, but part of it is we just need to really put the magnifying glass on these people, put the magnifying glass on the AGs, serve it up to them on a silver platter.

Don't make them come up with the idea. It's exactly what you said. Here's your indictment for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Are you going to do it or not?

Well, I mean, I've already done this, Darren. The more easy one is BLM. BLM raised money from all 50 states and they obviously defrauded their donors for charitable fraud.

Why is not a single AG or DA indicting them? Darren Beatty, we got an email here. We got to go.

They said, Charlie, do you have any good news from our side of people that are pushing back on law fair? No. That's the answer. Darren, great work. Revolver News. Thank you.

Thank you. No, it's just the way it is. We don't have a single person that is in elected office that is an AG or that is a DA that is doing a shred of what the Democrats are doing to us. We should not rejoice in using political power. But if your back is against the wall and you are getting bent over and you are getting destroyed every single day, what are you going to do? It's not just civil lawsuits.

It's not just civil lawsuits, criminal indictments. But our side would rather lose. That's where we are. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us your thoughts, as always, freedom at Thank you so much for listening and God bless. Thank you.
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