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Bucks Postgame Show: Dame leads Bucks over Pacers with 35 first half points

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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April 21, 2024 11:07 pm

Bucks Postgame Show: Dame leads Bucks over Pacers with 35 first half points

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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April 21, 2024 11:07 pm

The Dame Game (at least half) we've all been waiting for happens at Fiserv Forum as Bart goes live after Game 1 of the Bucks/Pacers series.

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Helping the small, stand tall. Good evening, everybody. Welcome into the WinklerVerse. I would think that if there's ever a reason to get back on live after a Bucs game, it would be after Game 1 of this series.

Starter against the Indiana Pacers. Hello, I'm Bart Winkler. Great to be with you on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream or also wherever you get your podcasts.

Apple, Spotify, and the like. Very excited for the Milwaukee Bucs postseason. I think a lot of us came in not knowing what to expect. A lot of us came in not really liking how the season has went.

Not really being that excited about a coaching change and some bad play and a really awful stretch there at the end of March and into April. And it is one game. It is one game. But it was a game that, again without Giannis, it was a game that I think a lot of us were waiting for. It was a game that a lot of us were hoping to see. It was a game that when we found out we were getting Damian Lillard, we were looking for performances like this one.

And we got that. Now, he had 35 points in the first half. He finished the game with 35 points.

So, a couple of different reasons for that. He did not take a lot of shots in the second half, that is. The Pacers did a good job of doubling up on him. And also, he didn't need to.

He did what he needed to do in the beginning. Bobby Portis stepped up with 15 before he fouled out. Chris Middleton at 23. Even Brook Lopez getting into double figures thanks to a monster dunk at the end of the first quarter.

Or the end of the fourth quarter, the end of the game. So, really great game. Really fun game. Did go to this game tonight. Thought the crowd was pretty good.

There were still a few towels on chairs. So, I don't know if it was a complete sellout, sellout. But the crowd was ready from the jump. Very excited for that. And I'm excited to see how this series plays out. Again, it is just one game.

Okay? It is just one game. But I think the thing that I've been preaching, at least for one game, is this is a different thing. The playoffs are a different thing. It's not the regular season. It doesn't matter. And the Bucks even put out a tweet saying what you do in 82 games doesn't matter.

Which then frames, quote tweeted and said, great pitch for season tickets. But he's right. I mean, 82 games, it's too long. We don't need it anymore. I would think there will be a push. You know what? I'm going to be the one to push it.

I'm going to push it. Because you shouldn't have it like this. You shouldn't have it where me dumb idiot saying don't worry about all this stuff. I shouldn't be vindicated. I shouldn't feel vindicated after watching a playoff game. That looked completely different than any of the regular season games we saw between these two teams. I mean, the Pacers are not ready.

Tyrese Halliburton is not ready for these playoffs. Damian Lillard is. This is why you brought me here? Hell yeah, Dame.

Absolutely it is. Really great stuff to see from Damian Lillard, especially in the first half. I tweeted last night, we got a 50 piece incoming. I was on pace for that until we got a zero piece in the second half. All right, Q, I think was just talking with Sparky. And now you're popping and bobbing and weaving on postgame shows. I was listening to Sparky on the way back. Dame was on pace for a 70 piece.

Yeah, well, only 35. This is what I expected. This is what you and I have been saying. We've kind of agreed on this, that the regular season is dog shit.

I wouldn't say it's dog shit. I just think it doesn't matter for a team like the Bucks. Like you're a Warriors fan.

You get it. Like in 22, the Warriors didn't do great. Like there was times that Clay looked like a really overpaid player and then he showed up just enough in the playoffs. You mean last week?

Not last week. Clay, your boy. I know. Clay was over 10.

My guy Clay was. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm saying in 22, they won a championship. Yeah.

That's, I don't know. I've been comparing the 22 Warriors to the 24 bucks all year. And that's like, I think we have, we're, I mean, if we can beat the Celtics, we can beat anybody in the West. Where I'm at is Rick Carlisle hasn't won a playoff series in 13 years. And the Pacers, they're a talented team, but they just lack experience. Like Pascal Siakam, this was his 54th game in the playoffs. He has the most out of anyone on the Pacers. The Bucks have seven players with more playoff experience than him. I don't know where he got his 36 points.

That was crazy. He finished with more points than Dame in that game. I mean, the guy next to me was really upset that Siakam was kind of going off.

I was like, it doesn't matter. Like as long as he and Halliburton like average to like 50, we win. Like those guys need to put up 60, 70 points combined for them to have a chance to win. So I just, I think like this team, this is when we're supposed to judge them. And I guess when, like question for you, when do you think they play Giannis? Do they need to play Giannis in the series? I'm not sure that Giannis was ever going to play this series.

Just gut feeling. I don't know that he plays this series. I think if we win, I don't think they'll play him Tuesday now that we won.

We're not going to, I don't think he's going to be ready. I don't think he's healthy. He looked, he was jumping up and down today on the sideline. Yeah, he was.

He was standing. He was pretty into it. Like, did you see him on that Brook dunk in the fourth? I didn't see his reaction. No. So Brook mean mugged the bench and then Giannis like tackled him. Like he did like, like a bro hug tackle, like a pretty healthy dude.

So I don't, I think Giannis, if he needed to play, he could play. Well, I'm pretty excited. I got a lot of comments here that I want to read. Got a gentleman named Fromps. You want to come on Fromps? Fromps?

Fromps? Hey. Hey. Yeah, it was great to see the Bucks take a win tonight. Yeah.

Hell yeah, Fromps. What'd you think of the game? I only got to see a little bit of it, but they were up all night and it was great to watch it when I could. The crowd was getting newer there, right Q?

Did you go? The crowd was into it. The crowd was getting a little like. Who was there?

They were getting a little like uneasy when it was a 14 point lead only. Guy next to me was bitching up a storm. Yeah. Where the fuck did Fromps go? Bye Fromps. What the hell?

I don't know. He looked like a pacer fan to me. Philip has just lost the respect of the youth league football team he coaches. He was asked what New England should do in the draft and his answer was objectively terrible. The athletic just wrote a great article about this. But Philip doesn't have the athletic or the respect of a boisterous group of 11 year olds who once looked up to him.

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And before undertaking a new health care regimen, including EE system. We got a pacer fan, I think. In the comments is a guy named Cole says, cope. And then he says, you'll see. And then he says, OK, we're broke after the first half. Dame took like three shots in the second half. Cole, how many teeth do you and your family members have?

Hope it's all of them. Look, I'm not I'm really making sure I'm not guy that says it's over after one game. I'm not going to do that.

I'm not going to do that here. And I don't I'm not I don't think it's over. I think that I think the Bucks have a nice shot to get game two. I think once it goes back to Indy, you know, a lot of these series you see, we'll see what happens tonight with the Thunder.

But a lot of these home that all the home teams are winning and some of them are winning pretty big. And sometimes that'll happen. And then the series goes back for game three. And then the other team finds life again. So I don't know how this is going to go. But if you're a pacer fan like that, if you're a pacer fan and you can't you, you need to cope like you need to cope.

You're in trouble. You don't watch this game and think that that, oh, well, if this would happen or that would happen, the Pacers look like they don't belong. They don't belong. They do not belong.

So you need to cope. Yeah, I mean, I think the Pacers are they're going to learn a lot from this series. I think best case scenario for them is probably a gentleman's sweep.

I think they'll get they might steal one at home. But also, do you think I'm in because I'm from Indiana? Yeah, that was cute. Cuse it. Cuse me on a weird track of insults. I don't think you're right. I'm not a big part and I'm not a big fan of the state of Indiana. So no, except for Caitlin Clark in the Indiana fever. I mean, she's not from there, but I will be cheering for. That's my new WNBA team. Yeah, Cole, go root for the fever because Pacers are done. Hey, Cole, how many Coles were in your fifth grade class?

Probably 20. How did they keep track of you all? Cole Fulton. Are you Cole? You're Cole F?

Yeah, Cole F. Cole Fulton, the third one in his own class. Cole, why? Why are you here? Why do people do this? Who likes Wisconsin? There's plenty of people from Indiana. Who, after their team loses, searches out the Into the Winklerverse podcast to fucking chime in? There's one person every time I do these.

There's always one person. I appreciate Cole. Cole, come on here.

Show us your teeth. Come on, buddy. All right, Cole, go back to or some shit. Oh, he subscribes? Oh, fuck, Cole, you're the best. Just kidding, Cole. Cole, did I ever tell you how much I love Cole Fulton? I think he fucking rules. So who is your favorite role player today? Oh, he unsubscribed. Fuck. Role player?

I don't know. Bobby, but he started. Hey, what was going on tonight?

I hope you weren't a part of this. When Bobby got the ball, everyone started cheering as if they were going to see some great thing. Bobby Early was, I think, forcing himself into shots because the crowd was cheering. Bobby would get the ball. People were like, it's just Bobby Portis, man. Yeah, we love him. He's the underdog.

He's the mayor, but relax. Personally, I thought that Bobby and Brooke showed a lot of restraint. Between the two of them, there were half a dozen moments where they were about to pull up from three early in the shot clock, and they didn't. They passed the ball or backed somebody down. And I really appreciated that because I thought there was a lot of good ball movement today.

And I think to me it was because those two guys didn't take kind of crazy regular season shots. But to me, night and day difference of Halliburton. I give that credit to one man and one man alone, Mr. Patrick Beverly. I think he was a lockdown defender on Halliburton today.

And Siakam scored 36, but Pat Bev, our big trade piece, stopped Halliburton from scoring 40. So I'd take that any day of the week. Q, call into my show on Tuesday after. After the game Tuesday? I'm going to the game Tuesday, too.

Yeah, well, Sparky will be on, but I'm on the app. Yeah, I'll call in as long as Shep pushes me through. Has he been dogging you? I feel like Shep doesn't like me. I don't know what I did to him. I invited him over to my home, and he's just not a big fan of me.

Hmm, that was weird. Who did you go to the game with? My brother.

Oh, nice. He texted me last night and said, tickets are 55 bucks, upper level. I go, you desperate to go to the game with someone? And I said, I'm not going to go. I wasn't going to go. And then I was thinking about it more, and I'm like, motherfucking Dame's going to have a great ass game. Shit's going to rule. I'm going to be pissed I'm not there.

So I went. I feel like if we check tickets right now, they're probably like 75, and I feel like it'll be over 100 for Upper Deck by Tuesday. People want to get into it. Sunday night's the night to have it. Those are real fans in there tonight.

I feel like there's going to be so much Buck's Lust. You don't got all the rich people who feel obligated. They're all at home watching 60 Minutes. Free making their coffee for the next morning.

So you get on the phone and yell at people while driving in their fucking airpiece. Also, did you did you see that the T-shirt cannon like had erectile dysfunction today? It needed some blue chew. Is that still a sponsor?

They'll always be a sponsor in our heart. Yeah, they got us all hot and heavy ready for the T-shirt cannon, and then it didn't shoot anything. Didn't even puff.

I don't know what happened, but that was hilarious. All right, Q. Have fun at the game. I'm going to say adieu to you. Tia Bart. That's Q.

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It's been more months. And you can also put Bart in the checkout. Bart, B-A-R-T. Promo code is Bart. Bart, Bart, Bart, B-A-R-T. Alex says he's growing up for the Bucks.

Zach, Bucks lost AF. Cole unsubscribed. No, he's subscriber of the week. He's subscriber of the week. Where did that go?

There we go. Cole Fulton, subscriber of the week. And you're our first subscriber of the week.

Never done that before. I probably never will do it again, so you're the only subscriber of the week. That might make you the best subscriber.

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Learn more at Hot Take Jake. Sup. It's been a minute. Why aren't you watching AEW? I got someone else doing that for me.

Alright. I'm not the biggest AEW guy. Now I'm trying to get a little bit more into it, but most of what I watch of theirs is just out of morbid curiosity. Yeah, I'd watch it if there was an AEW network. If it was on Peacock, I'd watch it, but I'm not paying 50 bucks for that shit. No, no. In this day and age, if you expect somebody to pay that kind of money, you can't make your number one star a guy that's on a different promotion.

Although, a beard would cost me 20 bucks tonight. That's bullshit. Yeah, I'm sad to hear that Q is back on the wagon.

That's a toughie. Back and driving faster than ever, from what I understand. So, what's up? What are your thoughts?

Well, it was good to see... I don't know. It was good to feel good about Damian Lillard again, to feel like maybe this is a little bit closer to the player we were hoping for when we traded for him. If it is just a legit thing that, okay, this is just playoff game and it's different, then it's just weird to me.

Was he intentionally tanking during the season? I don't know. When I play pickup basketball, I get angry and it's serious and I want to win every fucking game.

And then to see a pro, just kind of like, eh, out there, do this thing. I don't know. Well, 82 is a problem.

I don't think we're in a day and age where 82 is necessary. I'm not even sure. I'm going to look into this because I'm going to make this a big sticking point on the show because I talk a lot about how the regular season is just dog shit. And if you look at a lot of these games, it's been a home heavy weekend, but the games feel different. It feels more important.

It feels like it matters more. Even the playing games, it's like this is not... So Silver can try all he wants with an in-season tournament or whatever the fuck, but 82 is too much.

It's too much. These games don't feel special. And you can take games off. And he had to institute a thing like, well, you got to play 65 games to be all NBA. Well, then just make it 65 games. Yeah, I think that would be a good number.

Even 60 would be awesome. Of course, we're never going to get it. It's just all about greed and the product suffers a little bit. But it is funny that you could look at NBA playoff basketball and I still have friends who will insist that college basketball is the better game. College is dead. It's such a stupid take. College is dead. Yeah, it's really bad. I don't want to be anti-transfer portal guy, but here's what's going to happen.

I am. Because a lot of these guys are going to be getting... They're 19 years old. They're getting money from the highest bidder.

They think they're king of the world. And then they're going to not go pro. They're going to go and enter the real workforce and scoff at their boss that's offering them 45 out of college.

And they have to work weekends. They're going to be like, fuck, I was making seven figures at the University of Kansas. And you're like, well, then... But you're not... You can't do that anymore. You're doing this. NIL doesn't exist.

You get 15 days off and you don't get insurance for three months. You're in the real world now, son. Yeah. NIL has, particularly for college football, I am so out on college football now because of NIL. I used to get into badger recruiting and like, yeah, we landed this guy. And it's like, well, who cares next year? He's just going to leave. It doesn't matter. Essentially, all those guys that end up any good are going to end up at your Ohio States, your Alabamas and in basketball. It'll be Duke and Carolina and, you know, all your Blue Bloods, all that stuff. All right. Give me some thoughts on tonight.

So Halliburton, what the hell, bro? Like, come on, you got to at least pull it out and try. You know what I mean? What did he have? Seven shot attempts?

Like seven or nine or something like that? I just saw as you were scrolling through YouTube comments, I do remember meeting somebody at Target and getting me peanut butter. Robert. Yeah, it was a nice kid. He called me out to hot take Jake. So the Winkler versus is large.

It's vast, Bart. You got recognized at a Target? I got recognized at a Target.

I got recognized at a Bucks game when I was walking through my seat. Somebody just said, hot take Jake. And I said, yeah, what's going on, man? Yeah, you're you're out there, man.

Your tentacles are latched in. I do want to mention before I get kicked off, Bryce Terang, man, this guy. He's like legit.

If this is a real thing, like if this is who he is, just go ahead. What about Bryce Perkins? Or Bryce Perkins?

Him too. Like the Brewers just have all these. They really are like the team from Major League, you know, where they're getting guys from the Venezuelan league and the California Penal League and just kind of putting it together. Like if this team is good, it's going to be a fun summer. Oh, yeah. It's one thing to be good, but it's also another thing to be good with nobodies. Like that's just so much more fun. And fuck the Cardinals.

That's for Big Ron. So I came into this playoff. I don't know.

I don't know. Pessimistic is the right word, but just kind of like I don't know what's going to happen. And the only feeling that I had was I don't think we're in for two months of Bucs basketball. I still don't know if I'm going to change my mind on any of that stuff, but they're going to give it a shot. Like this is a team that is better than was being thought of.

I think a lot of narratives are going to change, especially on Dame. Yeah, he did not look like an all star for 82 games of the season. But what are the two games he's played the best in the All-Star game and this game? One half at least.

Well, yeah, two shots in the second half, maybe three. Oh, I can tell Q is drinking. Q is an angry drunk, isn't he? I'm reading his comments on YouTube here. Yeah, Q, if you want to get in at Jake. Please do. You can come back in the stream if you want to. Q, imagine that Jake dodging Bucs questions, casual as fuck.

Stick to the regular season. Yeah, he's got to be one of those angry drunks. I'd love to talk to angry drunk Q. Bucky wants to know how I feel about West Ham. Not good. Bad day. They got their ass kicked.

And they lost to the German team that's killing everybody. Totally. Yeah.

What else do we want to talk about? 109-90 for the final if you did not know that or look up the box score or watch the game. Middleton with 23. I think a lot of people forgot that we have Chris Middleton on this team, that he exists.

Double double for him. Bobby with 15 and 11 did foul out. I thought there were a lot of weird foul calls, not saying anything in any sort of way.

I just thought a lot of foul calls were weird. Pat Bev's fucking amazing. Jay Crowder had a big three late. Coniton had a big three. Beasley sucks on defense.

Absolutely sucks. But at nine points. AJ Green, boy, three threes from the same spot.

Missed them all. The rotation pretty tight. All of the starters playing 30 minutes at least. Bobby fouled out.

So you got 37 out of Pat Bev, 38 out of Lillard, and 35 out of Middleton. I think that AJ Green probably does not show up in game two. I don't think he cracks the lineup. I think Doc's going to let this one stick for a while.

Gallinari season. You see he's got a Mohawk. He cut into a Mohawk.

Yeah, I mean, he's not going to get in the game. So he's like, hey, this is my way to get some attention. Yeah, he got into a Mohawk. Oh, here we go. Figure it out. He's not going to get in the game, so he's like, turn the CEO off. Turn the CEO off, amateur.

Yeah, he got into a Mohawk. What is this, amateur hour? Come on, Q, you're better than this. Can you guys hear me? Yeah, we can hear you, bud. No, sir, I switched to my laptop. So you can hear me?

Yeah, who do you think the Packers are going to draft on Thursday? I don't care. All right, big man. Be big man. Be big man in the comments. Be big man. Can you hear me or no?

Yes. Why am I hearing like six of you? Oh, Lord. This is old school Winkler-verse right here. I love it. Hold on, hold on.

I have no idea. I'm a Bucks guy. So I don't pretend to know about the Bucks or the Packers or the Brewers. Jake, why were you dodging Bart's questions on the Bucks? Did you watch the game tonight? I did.

Yeah? Are you going to apologize to Dame? Which questions did I dodge? I'm not drunk. I didn't even drink at the game.

This is hilarious. I didn't drink at the game. So I guess I'm a little disappointed in you, Jake, because you had such a strong take on it about Dame and how you knew it was bad the second he got off the limo.

And you've been beating on that drum all year, and dude just won us a playoff game without Giannis. And I just feel like I need a little more from you than saying one comment and then talking about Bryce Terang, like nothing happened this whole regular season. All right, so if Key wants me to atone, what would you like me to do, Q? I don't know. It's on you.

Okay. Also, Man in the Falls, you can get in here for their reunion show. I think you need to say you were wrong if you think you were wrong about Dame. I think Dame had a great game tonight.

It was great to see him looking like the Dame of old. And let's see if he does it in game two. So how far do you think the Bucks go? I didn't think they were going to beat Indiana. I think this series will go six games.

I think they did enough tonight to probably swing me over to the other side of the fence. So I think the Bucks will win it in six. Second round, I don't know.

It all is dependent on Giannis, naturally. Okay. Good conversation.

Glad I did this. Q, since when are you not a Packers guy? I'm a Packers guy. I'm just not a draft guy.

Oh, fair enough. Bart, who do you think they're going to take? I have no idea. What is going on? Packers, come on. Nobody's paying attention to the draft?

Am I the only draft? I'm more focused on where the quarterbacks are going to go. That's true. That's all that matters, right? I don't care about what fucking offensive lineman we draft that I have to pretend to care about.

Bart, I have a question for you. How often do you unfollow people? How often do I unfollow people? Yeah.

Do you have a criteria? No. All right. I have a friend who said you unfollowed him. So I was like, I don't know. Maybe it's the whole national thing.

He's got to, you know, you don't want to look too eager. I did unfollow people, a lot of people that hadn't tweeted in a while. Oh, that could make sense. Or there was one night, there was one week where if I saw anyone bitch about the Bucks sucking in the regular season, like in the first quarter, if they go, oh, fuck, why did we get Dame? Oh, dumb trade. Fuck. I unfollowed. You're unfollowing me? Well, you, I don't know why I fucking gave you a bone. You made the cut, Dave.

Oh, you love it. Hey, when are we doing this get together again? When's part two coming? I don't know.

When do you want to do it? You and Shay were talking about it the other day. Yeah, Shay also told me that he was at the game, but he was going to come by my section at halftime, and then he never did. I tried to find Jean, but I couldn't find her. You went to go find her? Yeah. Oh, Jean was offering free drinks.

I know. I wasn't drinking, but I was just going to go give her a high five. A lot of people in the comments are saying that you are skirting the answer because you didn't drink at the game. People think you drank before the game. No, I didn't drink before or during the game. No one here thinks you're sober, present company included. I didn't. Yeah, I didn't drink before or during the game.

He's just a little different today, that's all. I feel like I have been swimming upstream with this Bucks team all season, so I'm like high on life that they won and that the regular season doesn't matter. Hey, you should take a little victory lap tonight. I'm more than fine with that.

I just want to see them get a little bit more consistency before I'm all the way back in. That's all. Yeah. And that's cool. We'll welcome you back on the bus. It's everybody's team. You got your championship hat on. We're good. Yeah, this doesn't come off until it's over. Can I get real with you guys for just a couple minutes here? Oh, he's been drinking.

I haven't been drinking, but like, for the last year... I said no. All right. I'll stop. What do you... I need to see.

I need to proofread this first. No, it's nothing bad. I feel like you'll appreciate this. All right.

We can have Tim cut it if you don't. So for the last year, I've been separated from my wife on and off. And we ended up getting divorced two weeks ago. And so I feel like I have a soft spot for Dame. And it's like divorce is fucking tough.

Like you take it day by day and being separated from your kids suck. And so I took some of the hate that Dame was getting personally. And I'm extremely happy for him today that he had a good day. And I think it's going to continue. So that's the real me. I know a lot of people on here don't like me, but I feel for Dame.

And I think it's unjust the ridicule he's gotten this year. Okay. So because I didn't put the two and two together at first, and sorry that you're going through that obviously.

But Dame's also had been going through that. So then you, okay, at first I did not understand that. Now I've been thinking about it, now I understand it. Hey, who's Glorilla?

And why is that a name that I need to know? Some chick Q's fucking. That's my man Dame side piece. I know that there's a lot to women besides just looks, but I looked at a picture of it and I'm like, really Dame? That's what you're going for?

All right. I should have ended this podcast. She's got that thing. Do you remember when Will Smith did that movie where he was the fish, the animated one, and his eyes were way over here.

She's got brandy eyes or horse eyes where they were super far apart. I can't be associated with this. What did I do that you can't be associated with?

No, you're fine. Jake. I can't. I can't.

I can't. Yeah. What is, can you explain your background? If I may ask? Sure. What do you want to know? What is it? What do you mean? Oh, right here?

My like actual background. Oh, that's Giannis with Bobby Portis' eyes. Okay.

I was like, what is that? Yeah, because Bobby was stepping into Giannis' role tonight, so that's what we got. All right. Well, I'm going to eventually wrap up, so I'm going to let you both go. All right. Thanks, Bart. All right. Love you, Q.

Bucks in four. Q, Jake, get them out of here. With all due respect. All right, Shay, I don't want this one. I don't want this one posted.

I don't want this one put up on the internet. I didn't say anything bad. I feel fine about myself. You can't judge me for anything that I didn't say. I just provide a space for Bucks fans to gather, and what they say is their own piece.

So the Bucks play game two at 730 on Tuesday tonight. I think that I'm very glad I went to the game. I just wanted to experience... Hey, Tim, get in here. I just wanted to experience Dane. I thought that... Not that I haven't seen him play before, but I just wanted to experience what I thought was going to be a big night from game. They needed to shift the national scales. They needed to shift the local scales. Dane had to put out something about how people think I don't like it here, I like it here.

This is what I came here to do. To have a game like this, where Giannis didn't play, all eyes were on Dane. I hope that people don't look at the zero points he had in the second half.

If you watch the game, you'll understand he only took a few shots. He was getting doubled, and the other guys were stepping up there, too. So Damian Lillard did exactly what he was here to do. Damian Lillard did exactly what he needed to do. He needed to come in and take over for the Bucks. He needed to come in and be the Damian Lillard we thought we were trading for. He was that tonight.

He was great, and it was fun to watch, and it was kind of funny to watch at times in a good way, and I hope we see more of it in game two. The Giannis thing is a big question. We don't know when we're going to see him again. They put him as doubtful in this game, and then they are going to probably play that game the next couple of nights. I'm just expecting him not to play. I don't have any inside info. I'm not a fake Twitter doctor. I'm just not sure. Because remember last year, that's why winning game one was important.

One, it's nice to win at game one again, but also it was important because last year we had to rush him back to try to save us against the Heat, and that did not work at all. It was very bad. It did not work. It was very bad. So yeah, not good. Melissa says on NBA TV, if you do get Bally's, they're also on Bally's, the Tuesday game.

I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to be able to watch the game because I'm broadcasting at work, and I can't use the main system, so I use it out of my producer studio, and I don't know if NBA TV streams via the DirecTV app. I'm not sure. We'll find out Tuesday. Shte, you've got a lot of editing to do here tonight. Great. You, just before you even ask, you're not going to get to see me because I'm currently laying in bed. Oh, why? Because I've got to wake up in like three and a half hours. Then why even go to bed?

Well, just to get a little sleep. So then why did you go to the game? Because I wanted to see the game. I wanted to see Dame. I wanted to see. See the atmosphere. Hear the atmosphere. It was fun.

It was a good time. Oh, Cole says I will be able to watch NBA TV. Cole, you son of a biscuit.

That's why he is subscriber of the week. You know what? I got to edit that. I got to edit this.

I mean, why just, you can watch it on Bally Sports. That I can't get in my direct team history. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Hey, gentlemen. On the Dan Shannon YouTube stream, you can see this new graphic. Give him a call, by the way, for your insurance needs.

Subscriber of the year, Cole Fulton. Look at you doing my job, editing that. All right, Tim, tell me about your experience.

Tell me about your thoughts. Oh, wait a minute. Uh-oh. What? No.

Wait a minute. I don't. I don't.

I don't have Shakespeare. I'm not giving you three, I'll just tell you about my experience. You can't give me three thoughts on the game? What are you, I think, Jake? No.

God. When Giannis comes back, I still want to see the offense run through Dave, through Dave. He needs to be able to score every game, because what he did tonight is, I think, what we were expecting during the regular season, kind of, right? Yep.

I mean, there were glimpses during the regular season, but this was masterpiece one of, what, how 15 marked out? Okay. So I'd like to see that when Giannis, if Giannis comes back, too. Oops.

Yep, go ahead. The unsung hero tonight, I'd have to give it to Pat Beverly, not Chris Middleton, even though Chris Middleton didn't get 20 plus. It was nice to see, what, three guys in double digits? Right? Sure. Sounds right. Four.

Four guys. Brooke. Pat. Brooke.

Okay. Pat Beverly, you know, that fight. Pat had five points.

He had that dog in him, if we're gonna go back to that mentality, it was nice to see a little fight, got a little chippy there. Why didn't you come see me at the halftime? Because you never texted me where you were. I said, please text me where you are at halftime. I said, I'll even come up to you.

And you never sent me a text message. You're right. I fucked up.

This is awesome. Wants to meet up at the parade and we'll all buy Q a drink. Oh, are you laying down your chairs yet? Did I miss that? I will never do that again.

Okay. But I almost, I tweeted last night, I thought Dane was going to put up 50. Good crowd today too, I think.

I really thought the crowd was good. And I think it's because Sunday night, all the business people are in bed. Except they gotta go to bed at seven o'clock so they can wake up, have their smoothie, do their workout. Except David Gruber, of course. Tape their day, put it on TikTok.

How to be successful. We'll see what it's like on Tuesday. I think Tuesday night, seven 30, right? Is that tip off? Yeah. Yeah. You're going to have a couple more empty seats in there. Well, I'm going to stay home.

I mean, even though I had to work and I will have to work, I would stay home because if Steve Novak's going to get on these Bally calls, I got to stay home and watch him. I agree. I agree. Marcus, come on. Playoffs. It's Steve Novak time. God, who wants the way better journalist? I want Steve Novak.

Sure. Benson Gruber. Personally, Ian Eagle looks pretty good from what I've heard.

Oh, is that who he had tonight? Yeah. Ian Eagle, Grant Hill. Oh, wow.

Or Ian Eagle, Jim Jackson. I don't know. Can I say something else too? I got to say something else. Yeah. What do you got to say?

I do not have credentials. I bought a ticket. A real person. Yep. I just think I like Doc Rivers. He showed more emotion than Bud. I like him. I just think that I like him. Yeah.

He tells it as it is in his press conferences. I also think that like, and this is what I kept saying about the Bucks with Griffin. Ultimately, how much is coaching going to dictate who wins this title?

The Bucks have a roster with Dame and Giannis. That's what's going to dictate if they win this title. The players. Obviously, coaching, whatever, but it's the players.

Yeah, I agree. The players. Maybe they're just playing harder for him or better for him. It's just, it's the playoff.

I mean, would I ever get out of my seat to go to a regular season Sunday night game? No. Why would I do that? It's too long. They didn't give a shit. And now I give a shit. I didn't care. I couldn't have cared about the regular season less.

I can't believe you. Honestly, I don't even think I watched a game in March. I don't think I watched a Bucks game in March. I can't believe you went to game one of the playoffs. Why not? I go to games.

I know. I just, I didn't, you know, I thought you'd maybe wait, you know, maybe, you know, game five when they clinch it the first round. No, I want to see Dame go nuts.

I think he's, I think this is what we're going to see out of him though, you know, whether he goes nuts on game one or game five, he's gonna. How the hell are you going to go to work in three hours? That's insane. Well, get up and do it.

I've been doing it for over a year now. Yeah you got it. You got to get an haircut. You got to do something about that.

And I'm the one. Yeah. You got to fix that.

Fix what? It's fine. I wear hats. Yeah.

But okay. Do you want to know what you wear to bed? Why?

I don't know. I'm probably going to wear this. I'm just, this is what I wear to the game. I wear, I wear shorts and an undershirt. My pants? Sweatpants?

I can't wear sweatpants to bed. Oh, Cole, Cole's going to be a game four if anybody wants to meet up with Cole. I was thinking about going down for game three. All right. Road trip.

Was that the Friday afternoon game? Yeah. No. Okay. I know you got to work, but what do I got going on this weekend?

Well, they're going to be even cheaper. Oh, the Yankee. Oh, it's the draft. The draft.

Oh yeah. You're going to, you got the draft. I forgot. I'm not going to the draft. Oh, you aren't? I thought I was, but I'm not. Yeah. I was with you when, okay.

That's a story offline. Uh, yeah, the draft is this weekend. All right. Well, we got the draft. We got the year. Thursday. Thursday, I'm doing a show from seven to 11.

The Yankees are in town with no Donald Sterling, Donald Sterling, John Sterling, whatever he is. Mm-hmm. All right.

Well, we've clearly hit a wall, so I'm going to end this. Yeah. I'm going to bed. Okay. Uh, can I get a wake up call at one 15? Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm not staying up.

Okay. I try to go to bed. I try to go to bed. Mondays are the only day I can't text you in the morning because you're obviously. Well Mondays, Mondays suck cause I have to, I get up and take my, so I'm up all day. I gotta get up.

I can't sleep till like 10, 30, 11. Uh, do you think, I don't know if you made a prediction of what the bucks will win this and I, if you want to be just cool and say bucks and six, but I think it's one up in five. Yes. A gentleman's based on one game. But again, I only, I only, I don't care about the radio season. I'm not coming to game four call. Unfortunately I'm not coming down to Indy. Otherwise I'd pay for your whole tab. You're the subscriber of the year. All right.

Bartle. Take it easy. Have a good night.

All right. See you bud. Watch CBS 58 morning news tomorrow morning. It started at four 30.

Good night everybody. That's Tim Shea. Uh, Andrew wants to know if I'm going to talk bucks on my CBS radio show. Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm going to talk about how the home teams were so dominant.

Yes, it is infinity sports radio. Thank you. Thank you.

Geez. I forgot, uh, I am going to talk about how the home teams were so dominant. Now that could change with this late game here, which I will watch thunder and pelicans and then go to bed. Um, I like to have at least one day where I'm asleep before the day turns over a week.

That's pretty good. But other than that, yeah, all the home teams, the Celtics, that was so stupid. The Celtics, do they, do they every year have a 20 to two run to start like every time the Celtics have a home game, they're up 15 to three sucks that are 50 and then the home crowd goes nuts.

I'm so tired of them. It's just the playoffs. Uh, the playoffs are fun. The playoffs are fun and I enjoy them and I do think about it as I was walking down there tonight, I think about all the old playoff series I used to go to when they were bad. The Hawks one comes to mind.

Even thinking about that bowl series, um, or Giannis tackled Dunleavy jr GM of the warriors. I don't want, like we're, we're in the good old days. So I don't want to take this for granted. I don't want, I don't, I don't want to take being able to a Sunday night, just turn everything turns green downtown and there were buildings, but up there's flags all over flags.

I got ripped on by my in-laws this weekend flags, flags, there were flags all over downtown. And as you go further, I talk about this a lot, the further you go, you'll, you'll start to feel it more. It'll be inescapable that the bucks are in the playoffs. People that don't care about the bucks or even know will know it's the playoffs.

Those pop-up tents will pop up gas stations selling real shitty ass knockoff merch where everything's 25 bucks, no matter the quality or the size. That's what I, that's what I enjoy. That's what I enjoy. So I'm glad we're here. I'm happy you're here.

I'm happy you're here. Thank you for spending a little bit of Sunday night. Enjoy the last game of the night.

I will likely be back on Tuesday for a live. We could talk some Brewers, we can talk more bucks, see how the reaction was to this game. I'm sure people will bitch that, I'm sure people will incorrectly say, Oh yeah, Dave Denny didn't score in the second half. Gary Wolf will probably tweet something like that.

I'm calling that shot. So all right guys, thank you enjoy. Thanks to Q and Jake and Shay. Thanks to Cole Fulton subscriber of the year and everybody here in the comments. Have a great night and we will talk later this week. Thanks for coming into the Winkler verse.
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