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MmHmm/Mm-mm: Brewers benefiting from Pat Murphy over Counsell, Bucks playoff optimism

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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April 17, 2024 5:12 pm

MmHmm/Mm-mm: Brewers benefiting from Pat Murphy over Counsell, Bucks playoff optimism

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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April 17, 2024 5:12 pm

Bart and Grant chop it up prior to Paul joining with this week's MmHmm/Mm-Mm. The Brewers are on the docket after a 1-0 quick win at American Family Field over the Padres as the guys discuss the improvement in team culture. Plus, some final thoughts on the Bucks playoff path.

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For no reason. But they're like friends now. How would you like to be a good hang? He's got to be a good hang. I don't know, like if you play a character on a movie, people understand you're playing a character in a movie. Like if you see Jason Sudeikis, you're like, hey, that guy, that's Ted Lasso.

Well, I know that's not his real name. But if you see Jake, he has to be Jake. That's a good point.

He doesn't get to like hang out with his friends at a bar and not be Jake from State Farm. Does Liberty Mutual have to cut bait with the Doug and the emu? They're really forcing it and I just don't think it's gonna work.

So at what point do they say it's not, or do they just force it for so long where we have to accept it? I'm also surprised Flo's still in the game. I thought she would have bowed out years ago. How much money has that woman, and I'm sorry, I don't know her real name to your point. So I don't mean to just that woman. How much do you think she's got to have made so much money? What a great gig.

Well, I think I looked her up once. It's half a million. That's nothing.

But you're always on. I'm surprised it's not more. You can't even pick up your kid from daycare without being... I bet when she's not wearing the progressive stuff, I bet she could blend in a little bit better.

I don't know. I feel like she's real insurances up in those commercials. And if she was just dressed and presented like a normal human, like you might out of the corner of your eye, but I don't think it would be like, holy shit, there's Flo.

What do I say? Jake from State Farm. It's like his hair is his hair. Maybe if he's not wearing red, but that would be very cool. You'd step in here, I'd be like, oh yeah, that's Jake from State Farm. To your point.

I don't know. Maybe if he was wearing a blue shirt, maybe I would be a little thrown off. I'm going to Google Jake from State Farm. Maybe if he was rocking a Dan Cheney insurance koozie. Jake from State Farm.

He's got 300,000 followers on Instagram. Yeah. His name's Kevin Miles. It is? Yeah. Anyway, the point of this diatribe is in this low class, low funny comedy is that why go to an insurance company that spends all this money on spokespeople?

Go to Dan Cheney insurance where Dan Cheney is the spokesperson. I was actually in his, he did a pool for the tournament and it was just like, hey, everyone, that's a client. You can do a pool and if you win, I'll give you stuff. I took last, but it was fun to feel like I was playing for something. Like you were a part of something?

Yeah. I was a part of something in Cleveland. I went and hung out for a buddy's 40th anniversary. By that, I mean anniversary of life. It was his birthday. Yeah, he's celebrating his anniversary with his wife and all of his buddies come to surprise him. I was at this bar and I had texted you that they had the Edmund Fitzgerald Stout, which tastes like- I think it's a porter and it's not good, but I don't like that type of beer.

I like light beer and that's mostly it. I was singing Edmund Fitzgerald with my friends and then some woman, she was there. She looked like Darlene from Roseanne.

She sat down, I don't know if she worked there and then was sitting at the bar. You know how some will do? But she just sat there and then she was cocking off to me that that's the only Gordon Lightfoot song I knew. Stop.

So I ripped off a bunch more. Then I got my buddy over because he's a big Neil guy and then we had a Neil off and I think I ran out. I forgot Solitary Man in the moment.

Wow. You forgot it completely or you forgot the lyrics or when you say Neil off, what do you mean? Name as many songs as you can back and forth.

We would probably win 50 deep. Just dudes being dudes. I do have this fantasy of being, you know that TikTok that went really viral during the pandemic where it's like when the fellas returned to the bar and it's that guy, you know what I'm talking about? I have a fantasy of me and all my friends and all of the people at Delves all around the bar just singing the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald as a group or maybe a different song. I just feel like that's a bar where you could pull something like that off.

Let's all join our voices in song as a bar community, as a friend group here. I really pushed for our house song to be, because we in college had a lower level that was five people and an upper level that was four people. We were separate houses. It was on 8th and Vine with the volleyball court. I lived in that famous house, although that court I think is murdered now. What was your house song? One song to define your time spent in that house?

I always push for it to be Faithfully. By Journey? Yeah. And then one day we all reunited for one of those weekends and then Faithfully came on the jukebox randomly I put it on. And I'm like, Oh my God, what are the odds? Did they fall for it or no?

Oh yeah. I gave them the 20 bucks of touch tunes in Cleveland because I wanted to hear some songs. And I got skipped twice by Chicken Fried.

The same song they rushed to play. They paid ahead for Chicken Fried and then I paid ahead for my song and then they paid ahead for Chicken Fried again. You pay ahead. It's a feel it out situation at the bar, but if there's any type of buzz on the queue, you need to fast pass. If you get to the bar and it's all olds and nobody's really stacking up songs, you can get away with not spending the credits, but you're gonna have to spend the credits. Basically you have to spend the credits all the time. Otherwise you're gonna have to wait two hours for your song. And sometimes it's not a bad thing. Sometimes when you're posted up at your favorite bar and you got nowhere to be and nothing to do, sometimes it's nice to queue up a song without fast passing, and then you forget about it.

You have a couple of drinks and then it comes on and you remember a gift from past you now to be enjoyed by present you. Yeah, I like that. Paul and McWill join us. I never even mentioned that. And this is Grant Pills, which I think I did mention.

You mentioned that. And I'm Bart Winkler and we are brought to you by Happy Place Hemp. Promo code BART25%OFF. The Brewers, as we're recording this, the Brewers just got a victory, a weird victory. They were getting no hit by some dude named Michael King. Not to be confused with the long time Milwaukee Wave legend, Michael King. Kinger is his nickname. Oh yeah.

Have you ever heard of that nickname for a guy? I don't know. I don't know Wave lore. I'll be 100% honest, but that's okay. Doesn't mean it's not cool. And it doesn't mean it's not a good reference by you.

It's just not one that will land for me. And that's fine. I never knew how to pronounce the keeper's name, but his last name or his first name is Victor, no something. He was a, he was a boss. There was a guy, Pat white.

Everybody identified him. Cause he looked, he was just a red hair guy, but he also played for the rampage, I believe. Oh, so he had like dual, dual Waukesha or where, where the rampage, where are they from?

The Milwaukee rampage? Oh, they had two. They were indoor, they were indoor. Oh, indoor was all the rage.

No, no, no. They were outdoor. Rampage was outdoor. Oh, okay. But indoor, indoor soccer, there was a, I mean, the, the wave in playoff games drew eight, nine, 10,000 at the Bradley center.

Oh yeah. And now they moved into the chicken shack across the street. And I went to the championship game there a couple of years ago. There were like 900 people there.

I think they're in the playoffs right now. You know, I have a soccer thing to tell you, Bart. I watched Liverpool lose their first game at home in however long to crystal palace on Sunday morning. I, what are you doing on watching this weird, so you watch wrestling the other day.

You never watched soccer. Well, here's the thing. I was at my buddy's cabin. We were up north and we woke up and we were just eating and being boobs because we were hung over and we were scrolling around on cable and they didn't get anything. But I'm like, well, there's soccer on, everyone's always tweeting about, basically my theory is people only tweet about soccer just to flex that they're watching soccer. And I'm like, well, let's see what's on. And we joined a lot, a lot, a lot of, uh, a lot of people, you know, for Packers coverage do that with the brewers. I was actually, I had one of those people in mind also for the soccer tweets. So I guess multiple boxes check the same.

Yeah. Uh, but I, but both of my buddies, like they watch arsenal, they live in the twin cities. So they go to a lot of loons games. They bar, they love going to loons games.

It's like their favorite thing. And there were, there were stakes. There were historical stakes here, crystal palace, which I believe to be some not great team against Liverpool. I didn't know a Mosala played for Liverpool. I was like, wow, that's a name and a face that I know. And they held on.

It was, I mean, it was a riveting, it was a thrilling last couple of minutes being online all the time. I don't know. He's, he's, they never make the world cup.

I would never watch the world cup. So, well, who did, who, where's he from Egypt? Yeah. See, I knew that.

Yeah. I don't know why I knew it. I don't know. I don't know.

It was, he was huge. You could see it in the faces of all the fans in attendance. I'm also a little confused.

How cold is it there? And why did the, the man, the managers, the coaches, why do they wear big down jackets? Seems unnecessary.

Oh, the one guy was wearing a $1.5 million watch. Oh, the Liverpool coach. Yeah. Manager.

What are they called? Manager. Okay. Okay. I just want to make sure I'm not here. I'm not trying to disrespect the game.

I was excited about soccer on Sunday morning, genuinely. But you can call him a coach. I think that's why I hate the masters so much is because they make you call them other things.

What specifically? The patrons. Oh. The, you can't call the rough, the rough, it's the second cut. They don't do front nine, back nine. They do first nine, second nine. See, I actually liked that. And I talked about this on the Wisco sports show the other night from four to six.

I never plugged. I listened to Sparky the last couple of days. God, is he a master at just working in the shows and when they're out and everything? He will plug in green and growing in conversations I had with him in the hall. He will plug Wisconsin sports daily while doing Wisconsin sports daily, where it's like, where I would say, and there's not a right or wrong way to do it, but I would say, we talked about this last night.

He will say, we talked about this yesterday on Wisconsin sports daily. It's like, well, whatever. But on my show the other night, I lost my wallet and it made for good content. And we started saying billfold instead of wallet for fun. And then we started saying Davenport instead of couch. And we're just, because I like using old timey language. So I don't remember why.

Oh, the masters. I actually liked that. I like being specific about using a word that's not the first choice for something because I think it's funny. I think that's good humor. But I don't think that's why they do it.

I think- Probably not. But that's how I interpret it. And I think it's funny for that reason. They do it because they think they're better than people.

Yeah. And they don't- And they might, I mean, Jesus, look at the, they might be. They didn't, they don't know. They only allowed white males until 1990.

Okay. Well, let's not- And they only do their TV coverage once a year. They won't sign, like CBS, they assume and ESPN assumes they have the masters next year. But it's not official because the masters hold that against you. Like if you don't follow our things to a T, like one, one guy in the masters 20 years ago said, oh, this is cut as thin as a bikini wax. They fired his ass. For bikini wax. So the masters are like the LeBron James of sports products and that they sign one year deals to hold. It's not the worst idea in the world.

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In most cases, if you get the seltzers, get a few packs and then they'll get you the free shipping, but the seltzers are really good. The CBD CBN ones definitely helped me sleep. Uh, I needed one of those last night. I didn't tell my wife this yet, but we'll be in bed. Paul Emmick's here. Paul.

Hey Paul. We'll be in bed and sometimes, you know, in the middle of the night my kid wakes up, he'll run down the hall. So last night, I think it was because I was close to the, I think it was in that gray area of sleep, but I, I heard him like walking down the hall. I thought, that's weird.

He usually runs. And then I waited for him to come in and then he never did. And so I went down to his room and he was sound asleep. So I, I heard someone walk down my hall last night.

I got up, I, I checked, uh, I checked the, I checked the house with like no weapon of any kind, just like, so that was a little scary, a long way to say that I slept good the rest of the night because of those gummies. Happy Place, promo code Bart, 25% off. Paul Emmick. Paul. Bart, I've been, I've been there.

I can, uh, yes. So is it a ghost or what? Maybe. I don't think, like we've lived in this house long enough that if there was a ghost, he's not just chilling out for a decade to be like, all right, now's the time.

When, when they least expect it after a decade. Yeah. We are you in your, we're in year 10 in our house. Are you in year 10 in your house?

I believe we're in year 11. Okay. All right. Yeah.

You're right though. I feel good that we would have found out by now if, uh, yeah, if there was haunting going on. So unless someone's died in my house more recently than after I moved in and I'm not aware, that would be weird.

We also have these little, like the attic isn't, there's like crawl space. You can. Yeah. So I get worried about that.

There's like a little man living back there. Anyway. Uh, I meant to say the Brewers just won a weird game. So congrats to them. They were getting no hit. Then I went into a whole soccer thing.

Cause the guy's name was Michael King. Sorry. If you didn't see it, Paul, I figured you did. Fuck.

I'm 35 to 33. You know what? You're off the hook because I would have watched it tonight, but there's NBA plan and there's AEW dynamite. So those would have taken precedence tonight. Well, it's a pretty quick watch.

Uh, either way. Yeah. It was like a two hour, 40 minute game. Wasn't it quicker than that? Was it? I don't know why that was the number that was in my head.

I saw Adam McKelvie tweeted out. Hmm. Well, Paul, we've got a few minutes here.

If you have any questions for us, we would love to answer them. Two hours and four minutes. Not to interrupt. Okay. Four.

Not 40. Good. All right. Sorry about that.

Bart. You have any rants about a two hour and four minute game? Uh, I like it that I was home.

I would hate it if I had to win to it today. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. They should play for the TV audience nine inning games. And then for the audience that goes, they're 13 inning games. Like dark matches, Paul and wrestling.

They should give you dark matches. Yeah. I like that.

And by the way, I'm on my notepad in case I went away there, but you can hear me, right? Oh yeah. Yeah.

All right. So let's do Brewers. Cause I have a Brewers. I have Brewers.

I have bucks in particular that I want to get to in our time here together. So during Sunday's game, Sunday's Brewers game, the announcements we're talking about, like Ricky weeks is the offensive coordinator. Did you guys hear that during Sunday's game, Bart, you were in Cleveland, so you probably did not grant. I don't know if you caught that on Sunday. I was listening to the radio broadcast, uh, driving back from up North.

I did consume the whole game, but it was via the radio dial. Oh, very good. So you guys would might be, so Ricky weeks was described as the offensive coordinator and they talked a lot about it.

Of course, this is as the Brewers had just put up, you know, 11 on back to back nights and just their offense has been great. And what they talked a lot about in reference to Ricky weeks and the offensive coordinator job that, well, Paul disconnected, um, but now he is back. How much of that did you hear? I don't know what happened. Almost all of it.

Okay. It was very brief, right? So Ricky weeks, offensive coordinator, the simplified approach to the plate. And the question that came to mind that I jotted down was in relation to Pat Murphy in relation to of course, Ricky weeks, who then took the old Pat Murphy role. The Brewers clearly needed a new voice slash new approach or you can take that to mean council or just what Murphy brings or whatever else.

But like when you and I, when the three of us talked about this topic, when Craig council was a free agent, we did talk about like, you know what, like, yes, you would invite council back if he comes back and all that, but like, let's not put aside the possibility that council was the longest tenured manager in baseball. And sometimes you just need a new voice with a new voice. Sometimes comes a new approach. Now it's relatively small sample theater because sample size, because it's still mid April, but like I wasn't clearly the results offensively have been really good.

And I was just really intrigued to hear like this new approach. So take it, however you want to take it two and a half, three weeks into the season, it's clear that the Brewers did in fact need a new voice, need a new approach. And that regardless of our personal thoughts on council, whatever else, like this is actually and was actually the best thing that could have happened for the Brewers or now with the offensive coordinator thing, I don't think I thought you might ask, is that going to be a trend in baseball? I think what's happening is they need to give Ricky week, something to do before he takes over for Pat Murphy and sure. So that's a good way Pat Murphy wins a world series in his first year and then turns it over to Ricky.

That sounds good. Oh, that would be, Oh, Oh, I think that like, it's not that they needed a new, they didn't, they didn't need a new voice like specifically, but you said, I know I'm saying, I'm saying I'm being, just wait, they needed a different voice than Craig council. I think council say it, two things can be true.

Here we go. Him going to Chicago is a Dick ass move, man. That's so lame scumbag.

He should be in Cleveland or some shit. But councils demeanor, it, it's not like a, Hey guys, have a good day today. Hey guys, it's fucking attack this Monday. Council's demeanor is like a physical heavy suck of joy. And it just, he's not unhappy. He's not, he's just a prick. He's just, he's just, he's just like, he's just, he's a stressful watch. Yeah.

If, if the vibe around the clubhouse, you get anxiety because of his anxiety, I mean, as a, as a non-player on the team, as a non-member of the roster, how could you not watch those moments sometimes even on TV or at the ballpark and be like, yeah, man, you're, you're making this worse. Like you're, you're triggering things here. Are you sure this is the vibe you want to give across? That was my best physical, uh, impersonation of, of council. I will answer not all that entirely differently from Bart. He said, and then like gave a creative answer.

I'm going to say, and then give a creative answer spiritually, Paul. I agree with you. I think things needed to change. I don't know that those changes are contingent on a new voice at manager.

Here's what I mean. I think a roster shakeup and an identity shakeup of this team and a complete reset is really, really helpful because. We don't necessarily have expectations and, and it doesn't feel like we know what we're going to see when we turn on the game. And for a couple of years, it's like, all right, if they're down three runs in the first two innings, night's shot game shot. If I can just say this real quick, I think, I think if we felt that, and I certainly did, it sounds like you certainly did the chances are so did the players like they are not robots.

Yep. So just to shake the snow globe, very similar with the Packers, like this year was so fun, even though there were some games that absolutely sucked. Still big picture. And of course the end, you know, made it all better, but this year was so much fun. Whereas if they would have gone, you know, nine and eight, 10 and seven and won a playoff game and then lost the next playoff game, any of the years previous, it would have been not fun at all.

It would have sucked. So I think shaking the snow globe and part of that is a new manager, but also this roster is really different. They have good hitters.

And I saw Hunter who I love. So this is not me smack talking Hunter, but he tweeted earlier when the Brewers went up today, Bryce Trang hits the single steel second, and then scores on the Blake Perkins single from second, right? To go up one to nothing, Hunter said, Oh, that's a, that's a very 20, 24 Brewers way to score. And they have been stealing bases and doing hit and runs, things like that. They're also tied for third in the majors and home runs like this team is hitting bombs and they weren't the last couple of years. So while they're doing more fun things and Pat Murphy, I think has put two new touches.

They also have guys who can hit. And that wasn't really the case the last couple of years. And I don't think that was at all contingent on the way council wanted to play.

That was because that's what the roster dictated. Do you get what I'm saying? Yeah. I mean, I would say so a few thoughts and none of which none of nothing you said I disagree with, but so I don't have a strong opinion. I'm not going to give you a hot take on hit and runs, you know, like whatever, hit runs, whatever the case would be. I mean, the announcers called it out during the games over the weekend against Baltimore. Some of the things that the Brewers are doing in terms of aggression on the base paths and some of that other, it is different. There's I think a very clear difference in some of the stuff that Pat Murphy must believe in to get an offense going, to get players feeling good at the plate that council's philosophy is different. And they're not, you know, apples and wrenches, but what's your apples and wrenches.

That's it. It's not apples and wrenches the difference in their philosophies, but they are, in addition to the home runs, they are executing differently offensively. They clearly have a different like value on things. Like I do think of it, like think of it in terms of like, you know, like the, the toggle slider on a player on a video game or like those NBA jam shirts. Like the toggle meters for Murphy, the manager and counsel, the manager, if they were put side by side on the t-shirt, what do you care about? What are they good at?

They have quite different like NBA jam statistics on their shirt. So Murphy ever give any input when council was around or he's just like, you're the manager. I'm just here to help me. Cause I feel like that's it. I do actually think that was it. And it doesn't mean that council never took his advice on anything, but I, I don't think that was a, a blend of the council Murphy. I think that was Murphy.

I mean, I think that was council, excuse me. Whereas it does feel like this is, you know, Murphy became a first time manager in major league baseball. How old is he?

Like 60 or something? Right? Like, well, he was an interim fine, but like I, he, he knows what the deal is with. He knows what the deal is with Ricky weeks. He knows like grant, like what, if you said that directly to me and say, yeah, I know man.

I know. I'm, I know Ricky is going to have this job whenever it's time. Like I'm sort of a placeholder of sorts, but Hey, in the meantime, let's have it. Let's have some fun. Let's go win some games, whatever the case would be.

So I'm going to answer my own question very quickly. I just say it was like, I think if you were to rewind the dial and this would have played out differently and council was the manager in Cleveland and not in Chicago to use your point earlier, Bart, I do think though it might not have been apparent at the time when Mark got to Nazio felt burned and whatever else the brewers are. And I say this definitively beyond the council hatred, they are better off where they are now than, than where they would have been without the change of voice. And I'm not going to say anything that we all haven't said, and this is almost to the point of it being parody when someone says this, but it's worth saying that a baseball manager is a manager. You are setting a culture like you aren't the, of course you're going to help with the hitting a little bit, but like your most important job, I believe in baseball as the manager, is to set the culture, to set the tone, to set the vibe. And I do think in addition to the hitting more home runs and like, I do think it was time. There's a reason that there's turnover in sports at the head coach, at the manager position in it, it was time. And I don't think any of us going back eight months would have, you know, signed up for council to be with the Cubs and like this whole Pat Murphy thing, but it is absolutely now the best thing for them. Can we just, before we move on, just as an extra little middle finger to council before we move on the fact that you said more than once, he should be in Cleveland.

That just even further underscores how big of a Dick move he had to make. We were fine with him, leaving our team to go manage elsewhere. We were fine with that. Do you know how fucked up that is where it's like, Hey, I know you haven't won a playoff series with us in like five years, but Hey, I guess for the sake of your family, if you want to move somewhere else in the country and do the same job, go ahead. You're literally fine with that.

And he did it at the one place that we wouldn't be fine. What an, what an absolute, what an absolute, two things, the most two things can be true thing of all two things. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

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I don't want another brewer's one as a result of your humor. Um, how do you feel about these, uh, the start times here? We got to, I hate them. Oh, so Sunday night they play Sunday night. And I thought I could do a post game maybe. And then I thought, well, Sparky's doing one, uh, train. Those guys are doing one tip of the cap to you, by the way, for moving your Tuesday live stream an hour early to not conflict with Sparky. That's not that you're, and I know that you're not doing that because you're like, I don't want to pull hundreds of listeners because you wouldn't, but it's a nice, it's a nice thing that it should not go unnoticed. I'm like, I'm, I'm team WSSP all the way. Um, Rami's probably doing one, Jake's doing one now.

So should I just do one? I was thinking of doing like a post post game show, like 10 30, but then Friday, uh, so when do they play? They play on NBA TV on Tuesday, Friday game three, and they play at four 30. My absolute last choice for the weekend eight games would have been getting the Sunday night game.

And it's the one they got. Oh, I'm pumped about this Sunday, this weekend. Yeah. Well, if you think I'm watching the bucks instead of dynasty, you're out of your fucking mind. Oh, is there a pay-per-view? Oh, sorry, bucks. I'll see you on Tuesday bucks. The way he lives his life.

He, I mean, there's no one like Paul. Why can't you watch the pay-per-view and the bucks at the same time or watch the pay-per-view afterwards? Does the pay-per-view no, no, no.

You got to watch wrestling pay-per-views live. That's a definitive, I couldn't even, I couldn't even with my kid cause he ended up watching all at night one of mania or as he calls it Wrestlevania. I kept him, I couldn't just pause it for 30 minutes to put him to bed. I just made him, he ended up falling asleep during the last match. I mean, couldn't you have put him to bed during that fucking Uso match?

That thing sucked. Oh, had I known. Yeah. Couldn't they have given us a heads up like, Hey, we're going to do like a dog shit four minute match.

Go put your kid to bed. That would have been considerate. Oh, Paul. I did. I did want to, did you see the Sami Zayn entrance?

Oh, I'm wrong. It was really cool. Yeah. It was fucking awesome. He, I mean, he's just a cool, he's just a, he's just a great guy. Like WWE had this guy in charge of video production for 20 years and it was like, there's a lot of things that people that he did that people hated, you know, violent chair shots go with it.

And, and since they got rid of him, the production quality and WWE is like the best it's ever been, but not even close because it's pretty much just been one guy and we didn't even realize how shitty it was until all the shit they're doing now. So that did not go unnoticed. What you're describing, like they had this one guy doing it a certain way for a long time and we didn't realize how, you know, not great it was until we saw it a different way.

Pat Murphy, Craig Council. Oh, well the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result at the end of the day. Did you, is that a, is that a grant original take? Yeah. I just, it's one of my, one of my isms. I like it.

All right. Trademark. It's like one of mine is the best ability is plausible deniability, dude. So it's funny.

Cause I had a caller call in a couple of weeks ago and, and try to say that. And he stumbled all over it. Like we do sarcastically, he was like, well, the best, the best ability is account it's available. You couldn't get it out. And I'm, I'm sitting here because that's what we do as a joke, but he just, he just couldn't get it out.

So I thought of you guys, here's my bucks question for you. I like those little jokes that like are only maybe, maybe people pick up on them, but those are the best jokes is the jokes that are only funny to like three or four people. But to those three or four people, it's like the funniest thing in the world.

Yeah. Like I, you know, you're not supposed to really do inside jokes or callbacks, but I don't do them for me. I don't do them for a big audience.

I do them for like five people that might be listening, but their odds are probably they're not listening, but just in case, but if they are, for what it's worth, I noticed them occasionally. You're one of the five. Thank you for those.

Thank you for those moments. Here's my bucks question. And this would have been the most appropriate when the, when the, when the match-ups were first announced. So I'm going to tip my hand and say, to my upcoming question, this seed, this opponent, this spot in the playoff bracket, this was the best case scenario for the Milwaukee bucks in this year's playoffs being the three seed facing the Pacers who yes have owned the bucks this year.

Um, but not, let's just go through the rest of it. If they would have somehow fallen a little bit and then the four seed now in the second round, if you can get past the four or five matchup, now you're playing Boston right away. And Giannis at that point, presumably, even if he's back from his injury, isn't like all the way back to working himself back. So all of those things said, being the two seed and maybe having to face Philly or Miami, all of it being the three seed facing the Pacers falling within the bracket where they do.

This was the best case scenario for the box or I will say, Oh, but I will say that on a classic Bart take of team I'm most willing to lose to, like if the box had played the Cavs and the Cavs beat us, that'd be annoying. The magic, you know, oh, they're up and coming. The Sixers. Oh, well, they got him beat back any of these teams, but the Pacers is going to be like, like Tyrese Halliburton might only be good against us.

That might be where he is a superstar because there are, I mean, structural roster reasons for that as well, but also spiritually, it just seems like things seem to go right for him when he's playing against us. Everyone was like, well, it's a, it's different since they last played. They got Siakam.

We got Pat Bev. And I'm like, I mean, they don't have Matherin or healed. Bucks have a new coach.

There are some, these differences aren't insignificant when you frame it like that. Like, yeah, that's a little, they played five times and none of those were in the past a hundred days. Like it's been a long time.

Yeah. What is doc rivers goal here? What does he want?

Have you ever seen a guy? So like, well, I think, I think doc is like, uh, he just, it's like, do you want this job, man? Why'd you take this job? Like Jimmy McGill, when he takes that job with Davis in Maine where it's like, is this not everything that you wanted? Why are you being a turd about it?

Everything you weren't for. I think doc is like one of those set expectations, low guys. So that when you maybe even marginally do better than the expectations that you've seemed to have set externally, people are like, Oh, okay. So yeah, they did actually outperform, but he's like, he's like, you know, yeah, it's tough.

A new coach and change is going to be tough on anybody, no matter what the culture is. He's just like, I wouldn't have wished this job on anyone. I look around and I I'm like, I'm stunned that these guys even know how to pick up the spherical object. I'm stunned that they let us in the building this morning. Yeah.

That our fobs worked, you know, shit like that. That's got a real radio host mentality. Like yeah. Yeah. I don't want to be here. Thank God. I'm still here. That's funny.

Yeah. I will, uh, I will answer the best case scenario for the bucks. I think because, or maybe I don't, I actually don't know how to answer this in the way that you want me to answer it. I am so out on worrying about opponents. I don't think teams that are championship teams with championship aspirations and championship metal think for a moment with concern about their first round opponent versus another first round opponent. I think if you were a team with goals, winning a championship, you hit the ground running, you play to win every game and you roll out the ball in game one of series one against whoever it is. And it's your job to beat them because I don't think a run at an NBA finals can begin with losing games dropped down to three. And I just don't think that's how it works. I don't think that's how championship teams operate. So if you're spending the final week of the regular season scheming and when are all, if we rest guys here and rest guy, I just think you're setting yourself up for failure. I don't think a team with championship metal and aspirations can operate that way. So I don't care about opponents at all.

I haven't really thought about it. If this buck's team is going to do it, they're going to have to beat all these teams in some former fashion anyways, and Boston's on the other side of the bracket still. So as long as they're above the three, I don't care. Roll out that was. And I actually like the doc said that he said that he was like the Pacers owned us this year, right? Cause he wasn't around for any of the games. He's like, all right, great.

Perfect opponent. Then we'll have to try hard. I'm like, actually, that's the first thing you've said that I actually kind of like the other way. I was thinking of asking this, that seems appropriate given the way you responded grand is if you, if the bucks can't beat the Pacers with or without Giannis, just fucking lose now and get on with it or I would again say, like, I'm not trying to discredit the Pacers, but if Giannis is missing the first, let's say two, three games and then comes back and he's only 70% last year, we're just going to get hurt again and then make changes. No, I'm no, what, what I'm, what I'm saying though, is like, if you are an ass, if you're a team that truly has aspirations, like real actual, legitimate aspirations to win the title, to go to the finals per grand's point, it shouldn't matter who you're playing. So if you can't, it doesn't matter who you're playing that you should then just go ahead and like, if you can't get past the Pacers with all do then just lose now, correct. And I don't think that's, what's best for the bucks, but selfishly that's, what's best for me because if this team is going to not do it, just fucking end it. Cause I'm sick.

Cause I'm sick of this respectfully. And let's say with Ty, do you guys feel like in any way, we're about to watch two months of bucks, basketball, by the way, depending on how they play Sunday, I could change my mind. They could play great once and I'm like, Oh, there it is. I'm seeing it. But as of right now, no, I don't feel that way. I don't think they're going to get blown out on Sunday and I don't think they're going to get swept, but I certainly wouldn't pick them to, like you said, to start some long run.

So let me ask you this then let's go back to our tried and true. You get a million dollars. If you're right, the bucks are winning the series or with all of the unknowns of not only Giannis's health, but apparently Damian Lillard's health, the, uh, you get a million bucks.

If you're right. Bucks win this series. Bartle meter is this week, uh, infinity sports network is going to be, here's the next two Bartle meters. The Bartle meter this week is going to be my confidence in the series. Who's going to win by a confidence level.

Oh, I like it. Uh, and then next week is going to be best sporting events where no sport is played best sporting events. I'm talking NFL draft, election Sunday, the world cup draw shit like that.

That's nice. The NFL draft is clearly got to be number one. And you'll be doing that on the first, the night of the first round of the draft. So it's Wednesday.

Ah, and your, and your machine can do that. I'll have to bring it in early because during the draft, I will be co-hosting with Jer sport brief from seven to 11 central time. Wow. New hours for two days. So he's staying a little late and you're coming in a little early. Yeah.

He's got to do six hours. I just moved my four up. Oh, so you're done at what 11. Yeah. It feels like I'm going to have a vacation and no shit. That's actually a pretty good deal for you.

Who's 11 to one. Those nights. Yeah. Interesting. All right.

Let him cook. Hell yeah. Okay. And then, uh, yeah, anyway, um, I think they're going to win this series, but I think I have to think that.

I don't know. I, I, so I think so too. I also think they could get swept, but like that's, that's a very, very real possibility. I think, uh, given the health of the roster and the way they've played for the most part. Um, but I'm gonna, I'm going to say, and not for like, you know, I, because I need that to be my answer, but I, I, if you, you have to beat the Pacers, you just, that's just the deal. You have to be, I think they'll beat the Pacers. I think they'll beat the Pacers, but where do I rank that in terms of the other series?

I would think like seven. Oh, it'll be low. Yeah. Um, may I present a little question of my own that both of you might find interesting? I might even, I might even talk myself into Lakers over the night. Here's the question.

I think this is, I think you'll find this interesting part. The bucks. I'll try to say this like Paul would, the bucks have lost their first round series in five games now. Well, okay. I nailed the first line, but now I don't know how Paul would continue, but basically my question is if the bucks lose in five games and it's, it's bad, the bucks roster and coaching staff will undergo less change than the golden state warriors, roster and coaching staff or warriors are running it back, dude. Why they can't the way Kurt was talking last night. Yeah.

He's like, well, here's fans are pissed at her. Yeah. Well, here's my thing with the warriors. If they let clay go and then they'll, then that's a free ticket to trade Draymond under what scenario are they better than this?

I don't see it. They're not better, but they could. So they're going to run it back for like a thank you tour this year with respect to all of them. This year was the thank you tour. Paul's off the books for 30 now. Yep. They can trade Wiggins. Oh, I'm like, I didn't know you were paying him that much. I got a fun, I got a, I got a, I got an even more fun question I might do tonight.

Ready? Hit me. So Jontay Porter has been kicked out forever and no one gives a shit. So where's the cutoff of like, cause like this, this isn't even going to hit the today show, man. Who's the, the NBA guy that's gotta be like, oh, this guy was gambling. This is a big problem. Cause everyone's gonna be like, ah, it's just some fucking dumb idiot doing this.

Where's the cutoff. So let's go through the box roster. If Pat Connaughton did this, would it be like a huge deal nationally? If Bobby Portis did this, I'm going to say, yeah, but they're like, kind of like the same talent level generally. Like they're kind of like in about the same tier, but like then if the Nasus did it, it'd be bigger than both of them. True.

That's a good, that's a good take. Like if Marjan Beauchamp did this, no one will give a fuck. If AJ Green did this.

I'm not sure I would give a fuck if Marjan Beauchamp did this. But the Bucks, but if we're going to look at the Bucks, their year has been so fucking weird and the Raptors just stink. Yeah.

So maybe there's a wrinkle to that that we have to consider too. Jontay Porter's definitely like, even though his brother's Michael Porter Jr. He's definitely in like a, like it's, this isn't Pete Rose here. What about like BAM? Oh, BAM to be a huge story.

Would it be big? He has a, he's a champion. He's an all star.

He's not a champion. Oh yeah. They just made the finals. That's right. Twice. So I was like, did I know?

I'm sorry to come at, sorry to come at you like that. I know. Well, I'm just, I'm just trying to think of like a very good player who would probably never be the best player on a championship team. Oh yeah. What about like Kyle Lowry?

I see. I was thinking about Kyle Lowry too, but he's too old now. Who's the modern Kyle Lowry.

Cause I think he's perfect, but we need the current one. Jose Alvarado. Yeah.

Jose Alvarado. By the way, or you knew who Keyon Ellis was before last night. Yes. And you know why? Tell me why. You know, why draft Kings. Fuck.

Ain't nothing but a heartache. Um, you said, tell me why. Yeah. Yeah. I gotcha.

I gotcha. Yeah. Yeah.

Draft Kings. Yeah. But did you like, could you have told me anything other than the fact that he existed? I could have told you that over the last two months he's been starting and has had some really good games.

Yeah. He's not like, and by the way, for me, I knew who he was. I had not like sat there. And, uh, as I heard someone recently say grinded the Sacramento Kings tape grant, I thought you'd appreciate, um, that in particular, um, speaking of, by the way, speaking of not giving a shit about a certain player, Adam, I have notifications on for Adam Schefter and he just quote tweeted something and said, another wide receiver, not at the start of the team's voluntary off season program. I said, Oh, who's no showing. And I opened it and it's Darrius Slayton.

No one gives a shit. Darrius Slayton. Yeah. Adam Schefter to me made a point to, to quote to there's like another wide receivers not showing up. Don't Darrius Slayton with IU and Jefferson. Come on. Come on.

Well, let's not throw shade on T the, uh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm saying let's not put Darrius Slayton in with T Higgins and all the other guys. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like we have a few on the table that have been thrown out there.

So I don't know exactly who the midpoint is of that. This being a huge story versus the sort of relative non-story nationally that it is. Um, those, so wait. So the bucks grant, you never answered a million bucks. Bucks are winning or beating the Pacers. No, no, no.

You get an extra, you get an extra million. If you get it right in terms of the number of games, again, what's what's what's in, in what pick would I be more mad at myself for? I watched probably 60 to 70 games of the shitty team all year. And they really, there were only a couple of moments where I was like, wow. And one of them was literally the first game of the season that was before Halloween. Yep. And if I went against that and then was wrong, I would be, I would be mad.

Did you hear what Grant just said? Halloween. You guys are both Halloween and not Halloween. Well, it's pronounced Halloween. It it's certainly spelled that way.

You speaking of Halloween would be spelled with an O. I know that I'm aware of that, but you are both in the minority of how you pronounce the word. Bart. You say Iowa really weird, by the way, really weird. And with Kaylin Clark being as big as she's been, I just take notes. You go Iowa, Iowa, why do you do that? This is what I was not going to bring up in a private or public manner, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, you go Iowa, Iowa, you say tribal chief is what you say, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, maybe I do Iowa.

She plays for Iowa, Iowa, you say Iowa weird. And with Horvat, it was always the Titans. Like he just didn't. He would ignore the T. Those were always the words that I would notice. See, you know, sometimes I wonder why I like certain people and don't like certain people. And Grant, I constantly reminded why I like you and because your brain attaches to the same weird things that my mind does, which is people often, there are words or names with like T's in the middle that too much of the country and Grant and Horvat was always like Titans.

And I would sometimes text Bart like during his show. I don't remember if it was that one, but I'd say like, does he know that there's a T in the middle? Sparky, Sparky has been shit on for that one too and because he replaces the T with a D. So he would say Titan.

Titans. Where's Sparky from? Like Oak Creek. Yeah. Where does the southern thing come from? There is a southern thing. It is a thing. It is a thing in radio.

Alex Strauff at ESPN does it too. All of a sudden. And the Packers. It's like, where did that fuck? Where is it? Are you from Savannah?

Southern part of the state. That's not clever. A funny answer, but Grant, the other one that I always noticed there was a certain Packers beat reporter guest on Bart's show who would say, interesting, interesting, interesting. And I would sometimes text Bart just like drink because it would be like, everything was interesting. It was like, it was like the number one word that would be interesting.

The best thing since wrestling and festing in your kid's ears and nesting. Very good. Very good reference. But no, there's a, there's a T man. Hit the T hit the T on Titans, Titans, at least you can't say tight tight ends.

Well, I say tit and the worst thing I've ever heard. Here's the other thing I want to say real quick. Cause I know we're limited on time.

I do want to ask you guys if you, if we have time to like, tell me what I was going to suggest Timberwolves versus sons or the most compelling non bucks related series for you. You can answer that one if you want. But I want to say I watched every second of both games last night and I am moving further and further toward, I am not, I am not going to watch playoff teams play in the regular season. I'm done. It's nothing.

No point to it. It's so, and I I've gotten, I've gotten closer to this point in the past few years. I like watching the rockets in the regular season because that really, really matters. Like when the thunder were coming up, like those games really mattered. Thunder wolves, rockets, there aren't like the teams that are arriving, but haven't arrived yet. Those are the fun teams to watch, like the magic in recent years. But like, regardless of how this nuggets Lakers series shakes out, I'm not going to watch the nuggets and the Lakers next March next. The Lakers have been playing three out of five times because they know they can just Dick around all year rest. All they have to do is win one of two games and then they're in the NBA regular season is for playoff teams for like legit teams.

Absolutely nothing. Yeah. It's like, you know, we've mentioned, like, we've mentioned AEW on this podcast a couple times now. So like, I was just like, people who stay up late there, there's, there was that post WrestleMania episode of AEW collision and it was the one that they called for the sickos. So like you just got done watching four hours of wrestling, you know, I'm gonna watch what I'm gonna do now. I'm gonna watch two more hours of wrestling. You only do that. If you're one of the sickos and be a regular season is for the sickos, it's, it's nothing you can enjoy. And that's great. And I hope you enjoy it. And I hope people like it because it is basketball and basketball is awesome.

And these are the best 400 players in the world, but like it means nothing. And the play in tournament and the playoffs, that was the best, like five hours of television that anyone could produce. Like it was forget like basketball, that was entertainment. Like it, it just ruled. It was so good. And nothing that I saw in the past six months had any bearing on what I watched last night. It was a completely separate TV show.

No, Bart's always been right about this. The NBA regular season is a means of crowning an MVP and other awards and the MVP award and all the other awards are simply means for content for NBA people. And I'm so over it. I can't every NBA podcast is just the hosts going over their ballot. And everyone is so, so proud of, well, this is my process. And this is how I came to this. Like they're, they're outlining the rubric for their class.

It's like, well, I value this and other voters might buy. I'm just so I'm so over, I'm so done with it and Paul, I've been a league pass guy in the past. I like, I like regular season basketball and this year I'm like, why are we honestly doing this? Yeah.

I don't know. We got to wrap up here, but part of that thought, part of that, that I brought that up grant is because you said, Hey, let's see how these play in games go, because I'm not sure if I'm going to be out on the NBA and I was right there with you right there with you. And then the Tuesday night games happened and I'm like, Oh, okay.

I see what this is. Like you know, Bart, you referenced dark matches. Everything that just happened for the past six months was a dark match. It didn't mean anything. No. It wasn't, it was, it had no bearing on what happened last night. None.

Unless you got injured, unless you got injured, like you, if you get injured between October and April, that's, that's sucks. But it wasn't just, it was a different product. It was a different game. Well, I got to go on with Zach. We're doing five minutes on who the NBA MVP should be. You're not really, he's a Heisman voter somehow the fuck did that happen?

I want to know his, I want him to go in depth on his process for that vote. Yeah. Although I heard Chris Mannix on coward, talk about why it should be SGA and it was pretty good. I, I think I'm Luca, but I don't care who gives a shit how can we be so uninterested by the regular season and then have a passionate take on who the best player was? I didn't give a shit the whole time.

Why am I supposed to like care vehemently who the, you know, whatever, go do gal. This was a treasure. Nice to see you both. Thank you both. Thank you both. Bye guys. Bye. Into the Winkler verse, wherever you get your pods.
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