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Uncertain Brewers Future is Clouding the Uncertain Brewers Present

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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February 24, 2023 6:00 am

Uncertain Brewers Future is Clouding the Uncertain Brewers Present

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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February 24, 2023 6:00 am

Bart and Tim Shea try to figure out how the 2023 Brewers will perform with so much of the conversation currently focused on the uncertain future, Bart talks his gig at CBS Radio and his chat with Zach Gelb

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler. Welcome to the Friday Feb 24 edition of the Bart Winkler show.

And I'm happy to be here. We'll start the show with Tim Shea. We got a lot more planned for you. I'm not going to promote it in the podcast because I have this interview scheduled that probably is in the podcast, but it's changed like seven times already. Well, good luck. So we'll see. You may also hear some best of Bart on Bill writer on this episode. I'm not sure.

Tim and I are recording on Wednesday night and I'm using this for Friday. You know, Tim's a hard guy to reach out. It was a bunch of snow and he's out on the roads in the Uber. How you doing? Oh, just, you know, making the money, baby.

Busy day, busy, busy day on the snow, everything or tips better. Yeah. You know, people, people are very grateful for you being out. So I, so after the station, I put on my door dash and drive home and hope to hope to catch one.

Did you get one? No, but the door to normally door dashes like it's base pay. They give you like $2 a ride and then you hope to get a tip. But a lot of times they go peak pay where if it's busy, they pay you more cause they need more drivers.

Well, the peak pay was up to like six bucks, which is huge. But then I think they do. They charge people more cause nobody was ordering. I think they do. Well, that sucks. Nobody. I don't know. I don't know. Like I did do a couple of blocks around UWM trying to catch a lazy college kid needing a, Oh no, they'll walk out.

They'll walk out in this to get their cute over noodles. Ah, geez. All right. Well, um, I am, um, again, again, I don't think I'm going to scrap anything together, but I'm going to take the next few days off a little family excursion.

That means I get off too. You be off unless you want to host a show. No, no, no, no. I, I cannot live up to the Bart week. Okay. The problem is, so I, I was going to surprise my wife with a trip to the Dominican for sunburn bowl four. Nice.

But I got the week wrong. Oh no. Yeah.

Cause I think if there's anything I want to do with my life, it's take the one out of two weeks that we get off in this country, drag my wife just so I can play pool volleyball with John Coon or tennis with Armin tennis with Armin Zayd drink was Zayd sunburn bowl four dude. Real talk. I shouldn't say this.

Oh boy. Say it. Say it. Ready?

Go. Coming from someone who has struggled with drinking too much. I think Zayd's got a problem. I, I, I mean, he seems to drink more than I do. I want Zayd on my show. That's my, that's the next guy I want on.

I want Zayd on. All right. You want me to book him for you? Yeah.

Can you do that? I'll send out a tweet. I can tell you that I will be doing a live show. We'll be back with a live show on a Wednesday night after bucks magic. Okay.

After bucks magic, we'll be back with a live show and then I'll be back on CBS sports radio next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday times a Galbon Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday evening. Boy, you are just the CBS master. Look at that. Well, they all take off right now. I mean, the, the, the seasons are over. Yeah, you're right.

You know, it's right before baseball season after football season and right in the middle of basketball. So bring in the, bring in that sad sack that got sacked from Milwaukee. Make him go back into the pit. I do like going back to Odyssey because when I have like things I don't want to throw away in my trash like printers and I throw it in there. Dumpster note to Sparky. Check the dumpster. I don't want to throw it away here. I feel bad.

I throw it away there. That's good. All right. I just want to start with this from Willie Adamas. This was on Todd Rosie X Twitter. The, the preface to the video is Willie Adamas reiterated. He would like to remain with the brewers longterm, but he also saw the big contracts that were getting doled out this off season. So here's Willie Adamas. Yeah. I mean, always when you see the guys, you know, they, they, I mean, they, the group of guys that signed this off season, they were elite guys and they set the bar for us. You know, the guys that are coming, coming up. So I think that was really good for us as a shortstop. And you know, it's, it's good to see that, you know, they get in what they deserve and also, you know, after that, you just focus on the things that you have to do and let, you know, your agency handle all the business. But for me, you know, I'm just focused on trying to be better this year, put numbers and, you know, see what happens.

But they really set the bar for, for the guys that are coming up for sure. And nothing has changed as far as the way you feel about this organization, right? I mean, you want to be back and you want to stay.

And I said it a couple of times already, you know, I wish I could stay here. You know, I really liked this organization. I liked the guys. I loved the city.

I love the fans. And you know, I wish I could stay here. We're going to continue to work and be better and see what happens at the end. So the way he says it, if you want to read into it, Rob Damoski style and read into inflection, the way he says, I wish I could stay here.

Sounds to me like he knows he's not going to be able to, he is so gone, but can you blame him? No, go get that money. I guess. I mean, short stops, short steps are rolling out of bed and making $35 million, a 220 hitter.

You have to chase that. I guess 30 home runs. So this is the new MLB, right?

Well, Willie, this year is making 8.7. There is an arbitration next year, and then he's a free agent in 25. So the brewers can look to extend him or what, but it's going to be, I mean, really there's a lot of people that think, oh, they'll keep Woodruff and maybe not Burns.

I don't know. Like Christian Yelich making $26 million the next handful of years. Is there really going to be a guy that gets more than that? Not from the Brewers. And if Bally Sports goes under, which it is going under, that is a revenue stream for the Brewers. That's going to screw them. So they're even more screwed. So baseball, these, these big market teams had enough money to make their own networks.

So they're fine. They get all that money. And then the Brewers have to like go on Bally's and then they're going bankrupt and they're going to be screwed. Baseball is in a tough spot. Remember when Mark wanted his own network with the Bucks?

The Brewers. Not really. You don't? No. A couple of years ago, they were toying with the idea of making like their own network and sharing it with the Bucks.

No, they should have. I don't know. I don't know what ever happened of that or what that deal was, but it was a couple of years ago before COVID.

I want to say 17, 18. Was this inside information? Cause you worked there or no? It might have been. Maybe I was supposed to say that. Remember that year that they were going to move to Portland? What?

No one ever said that. Oh, that was a secret. That was a secret.

It took me to keep them here. No, I thought that was public. Maybe. No. Yeah. I don't know. I remember that.

I vividly remember it. Well let me type Brewers Bucks TV network. Make some money off that, I think.

Oh, well this just got posted. Tim Shea, the rat. You're driven by the search for better, but when it comes to hiring, the best way to search for a candidate isn't to search at all.

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Call,, or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. So okay, let's not worry about the future. No. Let's talk about this season. Kevin Holden made a really good comment today. What? He said that, and he said this about four or five times, and he said, I am not saying this.

I have no inside information. But he said for a team that is not putting money into their, for a guy that's not putting, for Mark, for not putting money into the team, he just said it smells fishy that he's selling, that he could sell the team at some point in the next couple years. Kevin's speculating they could sell? That's all, yep. That's all he said. That's what Spark Guy's been saying. He's been calling and leaving voicemails on the Carl's Place voicemail line.

Carl of backslash Spark, Gulf Simulators, and more. But he's been saying that Mark's sandbagging it. That's what Kevin just said. He said no inside information.

No one's talked to him. He just feels like for a guy that, for an owner not putting money into this team, it just to him feels like he's going to sell at some point. Well, no, I think that's, I think that's a rational thought from a rational guy.

And a lot of people I think are at least pondering the possibility of that. I always thought he wanted to keep it in his family. I did too. I just assumed. I just, it felt like that.

I mean, maybe he's just cheap and that's, that's what we have to deal with. Well, and again, this is like that conversation, the conversation about the surplus, the conversation about baseball, the conversation about burns, the conversation about Adamus that is like hitting me where I, it affects my level of anticipation for 2023. And I mean, are they going to be a good team? I don't even know how to, I don't even know how to properly predict this team. I think everyone's going to be so confused that they're going to say like Dakota had them at what 84 and winning the division or something. I think it was 85 wins.

I think that's where everyone is going to fall. I think, I think even the most confident Brewers fans, like the most diehards, they're not going to say 90, but they're certainly not going to say under 85. And then guys like me that are super pessimistic all the time about this team is I'm still going to say like, I don't know. I mean, they 85, 85, even for this squad, whatever it is, 85 seems reasonable. I think I, I, I, this is the first year that I haven't said, Oh, 90 wins, you know, NL central, but I think it's going to be below that. I think 500, but even then that's 80, that's 81 wins and not, and not a playoff team and missing a playoff for a second consecutive year. So I think like where, what's a good, I don't know what Vegas is over under is.

I guess I'll look that up. But what, what's the over under on like what most Brewers fans will predict eight, like 83, 84. Yeah. Some people use the Brewers as their dark hose for the world series.

What are they doing? But again, in baseball, that's all it matters. I mean, you could just get hot. The Brewers over under wind total is on this website that I'm scrolling right now because we do not prep or edit 86 and a half. According to Vegas, that seems a little high.

Wow. I mean, I think, I think they should set it around 84 and a half, but that's just me. So I would take, I'm going to put them at about 85 wins.

I would take the under, give me the under, give me the under, give me the other. Well, will these new rules help them? You got to wonder about it very well could, or will it hurt them?

You got to wonder about that too. I think, I think William Contreras is going to be a good piece on this team. Uh, first base to Lez. I don't know what are these guys are going to stick in the infield? Adamus of course, third base like crap, Judas various and somewhere third base has been an issue. And I said last year, I said, we need a good third baseman and still don't have it. So you're going to obviously need Yelich to be good winker to be fine.

Your guy, Luke Voight to make an impact. So Tyler Naquin, Tyler Naquin, apparently they may need him now that Tyrone Taylor just ended up on the DL or injured list or whatever it's called now. So just the sentence alone, the Brewers may need Tyler Naquin cause Tyrone Taylor's on the DL or is going to miss a couple of weeks. That makes me want to knock three wins off the total.

I think that's a miserable sentence. So right now, today, February 24, it's just, it's, I'm going to say 80. This team's either going to go on a 15 game winning streak or a 15 game losing streak.

I just can't decide which one. I'm going to say they win the I'll stick with 85, 85 wins 82, 82 for the 82 Brewers. Yeah. When are we? Uh, August 17th is the 40, 41st anniversary. Yeah. 41st anniversary, 46 anniversary, 41st anniversary of the 86, 82 Brewers.

Get excited for that. Tim, what you got going on this weekend? McGuire's uh, no, uh, tonight, Friday night is the opening of the varsity girls. W I a regionals and we got Menomonee falls hosting green Bay Southwest high school. Yeah. That's pretty wild. Yeah. So green Bay's got to make the two and a half hour trek down to Menomonee falls. What's the line on the game?

Oh, falls by seven, seven and a half, seven and a half. Yep. All right.

Uh, why don't you give me 50 on them to cover. Gotcha. You know, one time I, uh, I wasn't in high school in soccer. This guy came up to me, he goes, we had lost one nothing. I gave up a really terrible goal.

That's the goal. He goes, Hey man, tough loss. You cost me 50 bucks. I said, what are you talking about? He goes, I had you guys to win money line.

This was in 2001. And I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I didn't cost you. You bet on me. Have you seen me play? You, you seen me play and you put money on me.

Big mistake. Also about me as the goalie, Tim was if there was a, if there was like a, there was like a ranging scale. Like I couldn't. So shots that were like a eight to five to 10, I could not save like eight to five out of 10. I could not save shots that were like a 6.5 to 8.5. I would get those and then shots from like zero to 6.5. I couldn't save either. So I made some really good saves, but if you had a good shot on me, it was going in.

And then if you had like a bad shot on me, it would find its way into, I sucked. Also might venture down to am fan field because, Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll redeem my voucher because tickets are on sale. Oh yeah. Let me bring that up real quick.

Because they're not having like a big Arctic gathering. It's just literally, I heard about it two days ago on the radio. The fan. Yes. The fan 9 a.m. Saturday, the brewers are selling. Finally, you've been begging for this single game tickets. Every ticket purchase equals a chance to win prizes. So they're giving away what? 25 prizes.

Yeah. They're giving away a car. They're giving away a car. They're giving away a trip for a road series. They're giving away jerseys. They're giving away tickets. They're giving away concert tickets. They're of course giving away an ex golf section session. They're giving away a healthcare field experience. They're giving away the owner seats for a game. They're giving away gold parking for the season. They're giving away a lot of good stuff.

Here's the problem. Now, now, now that I've begged the brewers to have better PR, this, this is a nice, cool thing. Just buying tickets enters you to win great prizes, but it is coming off a little desperate. Right?

Now I, you, you, you might know more than I do. Do you actually have to go down there to buy them or can you buy them online and qualify for the prices? Uh, there is an online method. You have to go to slash 25. Click on the sweepstakes banner or you can go to slash tickets or call the ticket office. The drawing will be held on March three.

Uh, but again, if you buy the, if you win that car, you gotta pay taxes on it. Hey, also I caught, uh, Adam McKelvie's piece today. I think the same thing that we're reading the tickets off of, uh, they got some lower food, food costs this year, like mini nachos or junior nachos, whatever that means, or junior popcorn for $4, right? Junior soda junior Mountain Dew for a little Bart. And by little Bart, I mean you nothing little about me. I mean, I think, I think this is all good.

It's all good. A quarter off beer, but you know, you know, the thing is why, and I don't want to be too, this is, I feel it. I feel it's getting nitpicky. Why wait now?

Why, why, why, why wait until like show the fans you care about them the whole time? Yeah. Don't just, if somebody, if somebody comes to your restaurant, you know, once a week for 52 weeks, don't just give them a buy one, get one the week they don't show up, see them coming and be like, Hey, thank you.

You know, I also feel like bartenders giving away free drinks is a lost art. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. If you don't frequent the bar a lot, like if you're there for one night, like if it's your first time there, I don't think they're going to give you one. That's why the move is tip first. Always tip as you're going.

So you got to pay cash. No. You buy a beer and throw down like 30 bucks and say, Hey, just pay, pay attention when I'm at the bar. Yeah. Now bars that I've been to before in the past, like it's every, like there's this one bartender who says it's after your third one that you got one coming on me. Danny McGuire. No, no, this is a different bar where people go.

Yeah. People, Danny sounds like the kind of guy that would, he said, Hey, that one's on me and still write it on your tab. Danny likes to have fun when he gives you a free beer. Like last year, two years ago, whenever Tampa Bay won the super bowl, uh, he's a big card collector. He's got Tom Brady cards. He goes, this one's on Tom Brady, but don't let anyone know.

I got a reputation here. Oh, that's hilarious. Tim.

Yes. He pours you a shot and says, Hey, here you go buddy. And then he charges you double for it. Or if you're Kevin Holden, he just gives you the bottle and says, port your own. Well, it's TVs.

Kevin Holden. It is. I mean, shit. All right, Tim. Well, good to see you.

Yep. Have a good weekend. Uh, you too go brewers 82 and Tim Shay could tell that everybody I'm here at happy place, hemp college court in Muskego.

And I look out the window, there's Maddie's just like I say, it's right there. All right. So I'm with Chris Delta eights, Delta nines, THC. Oh, I talk about the three a lot. What are actually the differences in those three gummies?

Um, so the main differences is going to be strengths. Um, Delta nine THC is the naturally occurring THC in the plant. That's anybody refers to THC.

They're more often referring to Delta nine, but because of that, it's highly regulated. I can only put so much into the gummy. So the Delta nine gummy has nine milligrams of Delta nine THC, which is plenty. Cause if you go to Illinois, the most they're going to probably give you is 10 milligrams.

Oh, wow. So it's, it's still plenty potent. Um, but the Delta eight and the THC don't have any regulations so I can put as much in there as if we want. We found 25 milligrams to be a really good experience.

So we kind of settled there. So Delta eight and Delta, uh, Delta eight and THC. Oh, both have 25 milligrams, but the THC is going to be absorbed quicker and more efficiently than the Delta eight or Delta nine is.

So instead of like an hour for the effects that start to feel, um, before you start to feel the effects, it's about 20 minutes. Oh, why? Cause for awhile I thought eight had less than nine.

No, no. Eight's lower than nine and number wise, but yeah. Cause then I was taking eights and then the night I remember I might've talked about this once is I was laying in my bed talking to my wife and I was just like, we are just laying here. I was, I can't even describe it, but I knew it was working. It felt good. Yeah. But we're like, we're, I don't, I don't know, man.

I can't describe it, but that's why I liked it. And then right after that, it was right to sleep. Yeah. Yeah.

They'll, they'll, they'll relax you and you should get a good night's sleep on all the gummies that we make. Check them out. Happy place, The promo code is Bart. 25% off your order. You come by here as well.

You can say Bart, Bart Winkler show, the Toby all ties are experienced the Tim Shea Bonanza, whatever. If you get close enough, 25% off your orders, happy place, Shout out again to the boys at happy place, Again, you can find them in Muskego off college court. That's like right on the border of new Berlin, as in you can roll across the street and be in new Berlin.

So it's not too far. You can stop in there throughout the week, just tell them Bart's and you'll get the 25% off. Also, like I said, promo code Bart at happy place, had fun on CBS sports radio. This week, we talked about a lot of different things. Just quick kind of recap.

So, okay, first of all, the interview that I was going to play after I talked to Tim is not on the show today. I'm trying to track down Evan Drelich from the athletic with his, he's got a book out about the Astros cheating in 2017. And I am very interested in that.

That's something that Horvat and I talked about a lot. The Astros will prevail. And, uh, what I'm interested about the most in that is it seems like the Astros, everyone's like knew they cheated. We're mad that they cheated, but there, I, the penalties came on some of the managers that were involved, the players, like the L two VAs and springers and Bregman's they're all like, is that going to stop them from getting in the hall of fame if they're eligible and worthy?

I don't think so. Not to the level that PEDs did. So that's what I want to talk to Evan about and how the organization met these allegations and then it was proven and then they still went out and won again and have been dominant for this whole time. So it's like cheating when you didn't need to cheat sort of thing, but still worked for them.

Uh, and even after they were done cheating, they still win that we know of they're done cheating. So at some point in the coming weeks, I will talk to Evan. I also want to talk about the structure of baseball. I've been talking a lot, whether it's on the show here or my stints on CBS this week, writer than you one more appearance Friday morning, nine to 11 on the fan about the rules that are changing the monetary structure of the league. Obviously we're talking a lot about arbitration with Corbin burns and that whole, that whole setup. So that'll be interesting to talk to him when we finally get our dates.

Right. Uh, it's just kind of a, one of those, one of those things, but at some point we will hear from him. I asked her some voicemails because I was banking on that interview all week. I thought I'd be safe on Friday. I was going to be like, all right, I'll talk to him and I'll talk to Evan Drelich.

That'll be a good show. But then I couldn't, I, I, we couldn't connect on Monday. We couldn't connect on Wednesday.

We can connect on Thursday. So I went to bed and took a little nap, was hoping to wake up to a bunch of voicemails after I tweeted about it. And I got seven minus six is one. And I think downtown Billy for the voicemail, the Carl's place voicemail line four Oh two nine one five B a R T four Oh two nine one five B a R T. This is downtown Billy coming through. And again, you can check out more on Carl's place.

They're golf simulators. Carl and I are cooking something up. We're trying to cook something up. I got a lot that I'm cooking up. I'm cooking up this website. I'm going to see my guys at sun and interactive today. I'm I'm I got a lot. I got a lot of things in the, in the mixer.

I got my website. I got this thing with Carl. I got my interview with Evan Drelich at some point, Carl of backslash Bart. Here is downtown Billy.

Hey, Bart downtown Billy. I got a take about Allen Lazard. I don't want him back on green Bay.

I think that he is going to be asking and is going to receive a lot of money. And if the Packers aren't willing to pay a lot of money or a wide receiver like Deandre Hopkins, try to make a move for him. I don't see why we pay Allen Lazard a ton of money to bring him back when he's a glorified third string receiver. That being said, I understand the creation market is pretty slim with wide receivers this year. I guess I just have faith that Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs are going to pull through in year two. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks. I'm not real keen on Allen Lazard coming back at 10 million, uh, or in that range. I think, I think where the Packers need to kind of plan for, and I don't want this to be the case. You're, you're well aware that I want Aaron Rogers to get traded. And that's something that, uh, you will hear. I talked to Zach Galb on Thursday, so I will end the podcast with that today.

If you already did hear it on writer than you, thank you. If not, I'm putting it on for your enjoyment and, uh, Zach Galb is a great dude. So it's always worth a second spin with Gelby, um, filling in for him. As I mentioned next week, a little bit as well, if they bring back Allen Lazard, I feel like they're going to bring back Aaron Rogers and I still I'm at the point. So my big mission on Thursday show was to remind the audience and myself to not get caught up in the reports, not get caught up in the reports. So Rogers came out of this retreat. All right.

We saw kind of what the cave looked like. I still think it's weird. It's weird. I mean, I, I am, I think he paid an exorbitant amount of money to take a four day nap and I'm not trying to make light of mental health. I don't think that's what this is. You can't just, you can't just do something weird and say it's mental health.

And again, I could be proven wrong 20 years from now. This could be the number one thing to do. And I look like a jackass, but if I'm going to take, if I'm going to bet on it, I'm going to say that going in a cabin for four days is is closer to being a weird thing than mental health.

That's just what I'm going to do. I walk around naked in Walmarts. Why do you do that? Mental health.

It clears my mind. Well, that's weird. You can't judge me. Look, I am. I am Mr. Mental health.

I love the outreach on it. I just, I don't, we get to a dangerous point if we just excuse every weird behavior for mental health. Now, I feel like that's a bit controversial, but I also feel like I mean, are we at the point where you can't make fun of a guy going in a cabin for four days? Sorry if we are. Anyway, or as my college RA would say in emails, empty ways.

One thing that stuck with me that, and when we were boozing in the room and he looked right at us and then immediately his eyes went up to the ceiling and let us go. If you bring back Allen Lazar, that's a lot of money. Jones has already taken somewhat of a restructure. I think the Packers do need to plan. They should not do this, but they do need to plan to have both Rogers and love on that roster because they got to find a trade partner for Rogers.

And I do think the jet should go with their car. And now the Raiders, apparently one report says they're not interested in Rogers. This is all posturing. You can't, this is all, I mean, we can't, we can't, we, we, the fan can't bite it.

Every minnow or worm that's on the hook and we bite and we want more, every little morsel of news. This is when the Rogers thing really started getting exhausting for me. When every little thing he does now he gets some of you guys thought he was coming out of this retreat and was going to announce his return to the league. Like he was Jesus after Easter. Did Rogers give his announcement yet today?

He never said he would. What are we doing? It is pretty absurd, but this is the news cycle with Rogers. And every day there's going to be something new. The Raiders not being interested. Jeff Darlington saying, Oh, they are interested.

The Packers want him back every day. It's going to be something. And so we just have to remember that let's just wait until we see what happens. We can talk about what we think should happen or speculate on what might happen.

I'm happy to do that. I still want to see him traded. Not, not because I'm like anti Rogers guy. I want to see Jordan love. I will enjoy the season more with the unknown of what Jordan love is in the potential, the potential rather pop up a potential of what he could be the remix instead of seeing Aaron Rogers do the same thing for the 100th time. I've seen this movie.

I've seen the show. We all have, they will not win a super bowl and I don't want them back. I adamantly don't want them back. And if they do bring them back, they got to keep Jordan love. You can't draft him in the first round, trade up for him and get rid of them. We'll be a huge blunder.

I think Jordan love will be good. My main reason for that is that Aaron Rogers did everything he could to not let him see the field when they were four and eight, pretty much eliminated and hurt Packers should have shut Rogers down, but goody does not, they, they won't do it. They're afraid of what he's going to say on McAfee.

They're afraid of going to look bad. I do enjoy Brian Goudekins as my team's general manager. I think he has the team's best interest in heart. I think he is a little weak when it comes to this Rogers thing.

He just can't do it. And as a fellow lacrosse guy, I think I'm going to have the need. I think I'm going to need to talk to him. I think I'm the one I'm an owner. So technically his boss and I'm a lacrosse guy. We're both Eagles.

So I think I can be the one to, to reach him. So of course we'll keep talking about that nonsense all week. I did have a good week on CBS. It's always fun to be back in the, uh, intercom Odyssey building in Hills corners. I've been in there a bunch since we all got let go. I've been in there a bunch, but usually when I'm in there, it's just me on a weekend or a night.

This time I saw a bunch of salespeople management. They looked at me like they saw a ghost. They're like, is it weird for you to be here? I think, I think it's weird for you.

Why are you shaking? No, it's fun. It's fun to be on. It's been fun to be on CBS.

Um, get all those affiliates, get more people calling. It's been a good time. Love hearing when some of the guys in Milwaukee call love seeing the tweets. Oh my God. I flipped around.

Bart was back out in Milwaukee for a little bit and I am talking more national. So it's not like totally the same as what it was, but it's something and I enjoy it. I enjoy it quite a bit. I like where I'm at. I, I really do. I like, I like how things have sort of, uh, turned out, you know, you lose your job.

You don't know what's next. This podcast has been great. I can't talk enough about it. I really can't. I really am appreciative that I'm in my basement recording, but there's, you know, there's engagement, there's interaction.

And that's what I think. That's what I was missing the most for that month. Now there's still a lot of people that used to call the show. Like I don't hear from Mike, the painter enough. Uh, I haven't talked to notebook Mike and way too long.

A guy like Doug and Racine, I haven't heard from Bill and I and river, you know, I miss these guys on the reverse of that. I'm getting to know a lot of you guys better jumping on the post games, commenting, um, you know, getting the tweets throughout the day. It's, it's really been great. It's, I do think this is the most fun I've had in this profession, whatever it is, since I got into it 20 years ago through the various things I've done, this is, this is a blast and doing the CBS helps, uh, support this, that they are giving me a big, they pay me to do that. That's nice. So, and that's fun too, to talk about different stuff, national audience to take kind of all the information I've ever had in my brain about things outside of Wisconsin and be able to talk about it. It's, it's just been, it's been really fun.

It's been really good and I'm really enjoying it and I'm very happy with where I am. And so I don't long for, I don't long for one of these other Milwaukee stations to call me. I don't, and I don't think that that's a possibility. I, I mean, I could, I could probably work at ESPN before I worked at the game. Um, Wildy and I did have a little thing. I would like to talk to Wildy on the infrastructure week.

I do think we can find some common ground. Basically I'm mad at Wildy because one day I was shitting on Florio and Wildy thought I was shitting on him and then we fought and his listeners came after me. And then I said, this is war. And also one time my uncle said, I heard this great Packers podcast, it's Jason Wildy and Tausch. I said, uncle, I'm on the radio. He goes, Oh, I didn't know that.

I said, what do you think I do? So it's, uh, I'm basically, I got in a fight at Wildy cause I was mad at my uncle. So, so I think I could talk to Wildy. We'll see, but you know, ESPN, they do their thing. I still wish they were local from 12 to two. I think there's a lot of local talent around here that they don't need to air greeny. Uh, I think their morning show is a formula that works. I think Wildy and Tausch, even though I would like them to talk more brewers and, and bucks, they are what they are.

They're good at what they are, you know? So I haven't listened too much in the afternoon. My apologies to Homer and the boys, but the game, man, I listened to the game. They're on sunburn bowl. My wife, like I said, is still mad at me.

I didn't take her to that. So if, if, if radio row, nobody know no sports radio listener likes radio row, it doesn't serve the listener. It serves the people going and the advertisers for a Macy knee joint replacements, ma shout out Solomon Wilcox and whoever that other guy was. I talked to what is sunburn bowl serve.

You're gonna do a whole week of shows for the 30 people that came to get drunk with you in the Dominican. The sunburn bowl that the game does is the radio equivalent of Adam Sandler doing grownups three, just to hang out and get paid to do a movie with his friends. The content I listened to, I don't know what I'm listening to. Is this a sports station? Is this a male talk station?

What is this? What am I listening to? So I was, I was driving around after work after the writer of the new show on Thursday. And I did turn the game back on because I wanted to hear my guy, Billy. And I think Billy does a great job. I think the world of Billy, Billy Schmidt, but they need a guest host for Mike Heller. And so they called up Ted Davis, Ted Davis, longtime bucks voice.

He now lives in Texas. At one point, Ted Davis said, we all know this business isn't fair. This business isn't fair.

Ted said, he's still miffed that the bucks got rid of him after the championship run. And I'm thinking, yeah, it's not fair because when a local radio station needs a replacement, they call up you from Texas as I'm driving around in Milwaukee, after doing a national radio shift, checking my DoorDash app, seeing that there's peak pay of $7, listening to you complain about the business while I'm delivering potbelly to some house in the back of a house. Weird.

There's some weird stuff on the East side where it's like I had to go to a house and it was in the back and I don't know, it was weird. But the peak pay was seven bucks. Look, I don't care if I'm making CBS part-time pay. I don't care if I'm making $200,000 a year. If I open up the DoorDash and on my way home, I can do a quick delivery with a $7 peak pay, I will always do that.

It cost me nothing. But it was just, I just hope Ted understands the irony in that situation. And really, so like I said, I'm in a good place. I just wish there was more sports for you guys.

I really do. I wish there was more sports. You got people tweeting, they miss 1250 and then you always get the other people that say like dancing on our grave. But I wish there was just more sports to be talked about because we're in a great market. I mean, we have some compelling teams and there's a lot to talk about.

And instead it's like 414, how long do you let a candle burn before you throw it away? Use our Accu-mortgage Twitter net poll. There was one guy in radio I love Steve Scafidi. That's my guy. TMJ is weird. It's like, here's Steve Scafidi with common sense for two and a half hours. And then here's Jeff Wagner who, I don't know. Like reads Newsmax and falls asleep to Newsmax and OAN.

But you can't get that on DirecTV anymore. Hashtag free speech, hashtag first amendment. So it's been a fun week. Enjoyed it. Did talk to my buddy Zach Elb on the writer than you show.

If you already caught it, I guess I'll talk to you later. If not Zach and I did go down the Rogers path for a little bit. And then the question that I'm really trying to hammer out, I'm on this, I'm on another crusade and that's to try to get Jokic anything but first place in the MVP voting. The conversation I had with Eric name yesterday, I thought Eric was great. I asked him the question about it.

He went so more in depth on the MVP that I thought he would. And I appreciate him for it so much. I had a great time with Eric. Good, good buddy. So talk to Zach Galb, CBS Sports Radio. He's on Twitter at Zach Galb.

He's kind of like my CBS Sports Radio father. Hi, Dad. How are you? Bart, what's going on live from Milwaukee where right now I'm craving some fourth base and also some carnivore even though it's 11 a.m. Well, I can tell you that fourth base is open today, but they did close a little bit early yesterday. There was a big snowstorm here, Zach. So the roads were a little treacherous and I just hope everybody in Milwaukee is okay this morning. Well, I hope everyone is safe and look at you getting into work still to do the job fighting through the snow. That's why Bart Winkler is one of the toughest people I've ever listened to on the radio. Well, I appreciate that and thanks for saying that and you're absolutely 100% correct. And one of the things that you know, one of the things I'll say that unravels me though is you know where I'm going Aaron Rodgers.

He is he has been removed from his darkness retreat. He once again sees the light what I'm trying to understand with Rogers because I I've talked to you about this. I'm a Packer fan owner all of it. I personally would like to see Jordan Love play quarterback now both from an off the field Rogers annoys me and an on the field you drafted this guy in the first round he traded up for him. It's been three years.

Let's see what he has. I'm trying to figure out why another team and another team they would just have to be in such a dire situation for years. But do you will another team really look at Aaron Rodgers and say yeah, this guy's weird and he did not play well in 2022, but he'll be the guy to get us to the Super Bowl. How how how can that even be?

I don't even get it at this point. Well, I we all know teams are desperate and we see a lot of teams that overpay for good quarterbacks. The one thing we know is that Rogers obviously is a great quarterback even though he did not the best season in his career last year, but I think a team like the Jets or the Raiders where the standard is a little bit different and they'll say this is a move to go win a Super Bowl.

I don't actually believe that that would be something that would happen. Even if you bring Rogers, I think it's more so Robert Sala looking to save his job Josh McDaniels looking to save his job and not that it's a slam dunk that they make the playoffs but with the way that those rosters are built right the Raiders construction having Devante Adams and that relationship with Rogers and the Jets having a great defense then the offensive Rookie of the Year in Garrett Wilson the offense side of the ball. I think there is enough to go make the playoffs.

I don't think Rogers really out of all the destinations that I've heard and I know the NFC is is out of it from what people have been saying if he does get traded because we go to the 49ers at the different scenario, but in the AFC, I don't see a team that he gets traded to this offseason that I go. Wow, they're going to find the way to go win a Super Bowl this year. Yeah, I don't think any team is a Super Bowl away from Aaron Rodgers because I don't think he's good enough at this point to get him there because I think the Packers have been good enough in the last 12 years certainly a handful of them to get to a Super Bowl and he hasn't gotten them to a Super Bowl one team that has gotten to many Super Bowls is the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, as you guys know, they just won one and all of a sudden we're not even waiting on Patrick Mahomes.

We're doing best ever conversation on him right now. I thought I was out of bounds a few years ago for saying in his second Super Bowl that he had to beat Tom Brady because if he does win five or six and we're going to put Mahomes versus Brady we'll look back at this one and say well Mahomes didn't beat Brady and that'll be kind of the deciding factor, but now he's been to three he's won two you as a Patriots guy have seen a dynasty really they had two separate dynasties for over a long 20-year period are we seeing a dynasty are we going to see more like in the next five years we're going to see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl a couple more times or are they going to do what Aaron Rodgers did and never get back to one? You would anticipate that the Chiefs like if you tell me the next five years if you set the over under at them winning another Super Bowl you probably think they would add two more but at least bare minimum they'll add one more in the next five years remember Brady won three in his first four years in the league and also Brady beat Mahomes not only in the Super Bowl but also that AFC title game which led to another Patriots Super Bowl back in what was Brady's final Super Bowl with the Patriots in that second one up against the Rams. Mahomes is unbelievable he's sensational as long as he stays healthy he's going to break all these records in terms of statistics on the field but the one that I don't think he'll break even though maybe come close is the seven Super Bowls because eventually there's going to be life without Andy Reid eventually there's going to be life without Travis Kelce in Kansas City and I'm not saying that that means Mahomes is going to be a bad quarterback because we all know he's a just a one-on-one type of player he is unbelievable and he could still win but there will be that adjustment period I think people forget Brady did go 10 years without winning the Super Bowl so I just think everything averages out eventually and maybe you see Joe Burrow get one maybe you see Josh Allen get one maybe someone emerges in the NFC in addition to Jalen Hurts and it takes away and that AFC it's loaded with talent for the foreseeable future at the quarterback position I just mentioned Allen and Burrow you also get Trevor Lawrence who's on the rise we'll see if Justin Herbert can get it together so Mahomes is going nowhere he's the face of the NFL he's the best quarterback best player in the league who can see you add on more Super Bowls but I just don't think he will get to seven Super Bowl championships or eclipse that number that's the one statistic I don't think he'll break a Brady's Zach Gelb of the Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio I need to compliment you you you you do this show and then it's like oh Zach took off okay and then I see on your Twitter you're like in a locker room somewhere what are you doing take a day off Zach what do you mean you're always grinding you're at you're at a training camp you're at the Super Bowl you're like like just go to a movie or something yeah well I did take Monday off and I went out for dinner so I was a regular person on Monday and that was actually a a off day where I didn't really do anything in the sports world so so there you go you still went out man do you ever like do you ever spend 24 hours in in your home at one time you know what I'm gonna do and this may be a bit for CBS Sports Radio I read a lot about this cave that Rogers went to and I think I'm gonna try to convince our bosses it may be a tough sell and we may have to pinch some pennies to do so and maybe have to find a way to reconfigure the budget but I'm gonna try to go into one of these caves that Rogers went to especially the one in Oregon because I think it'd be a great experience and I'm just gonna be with my thoughts and be in the dark for three to four days and then see what I'm gonna reevaluate life and decide my future with it people always ask me Bart why are you so fed up with Aaron Rogers what why can't you just accept his greatness and and not worry about the off the field stuff and I say well it's just too prevalent man the guy the guy basically put out blackout curtains and took a three-day nap and yet we treat it like oh it's a darkness retreat and Rogers is like I'm really gonna learn about myself you're not learning anything you just took a nap for three days can you at least understand my frustration with having to cover this guy for 12 years yeah so I can't like last year I would say hey Bart be careful what you wish for be careful what you ask for stop being so spoiled but after the year they just had I think it's a realization after going 13 and 3 13 and 3 13 and 3 and this year I know Detroit is on the rise but the way Rogers used Detroit and the Lions it's you know they're basically gum in the bottom of his cleat and to lose twice to them I think that's the eye-opening moment of okay if you had any other hope that Rogers will win another Super Bowl in Green Bay that is now vanished and remember the last two years I told you and you know this that I didn't think Rogers is going to leave this offseason I think it's different and I think this is the first time since they drafted love where they actually are now thinking about replacing Rogers and I think they're okay with it because they didn't anticipate this guy to win two MVPs but isn't it crazy Bart you know this is one of the the greatest quarterbacks we'll ever see the top ten top six team wherever you want to rank the quarterback of all time we know whenever he retires we'll wait the five years and then it'll be a first ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer and get the gold jacket but with all the greatness on the field with the stats and the throws and the crazy plays the Hail Mary that he's provided I think the two things I'll remember the most is the ayahuasca trip last year where Crystal Press view does updates on CBS Sports Radio and WFAN sent me a note this morning that like he claimed that when he was on that trip that like his dead relatives like touched him and it made him have a whole new thinking of life and then also the darkness retreat like those are the two things in the great career of Aaron Rodgers and maybe it's just in the moment that I think I'm going to remember the most because they're just so bizarre and it seems like this is a curb your enthusiasm skit or a Saturday night live skit that Rogers is basically writing I mean I hate to talk so much about him but I am obsessed the thing that I'm going to remember is and this is this is how I know Jordan Love is good I don't even need to see Jordan Love I know he's good because Rogers didn't let him play he was four and eight they were out of the playoffs yeah they had a little bit of a chance but then in those four games that they won after that in no game did he throw for more than 238 yards he had one touchdown that's it in every game he never had a QBR of more than 50.2 he didn't do anything special in the four games that they won to get him in that position and then against Detroit he was awful he was terrible in that game and they did not win he did not want the world to see what Jordan Love has to offer so my my real my real conclusion to this story I'd love to see him get traded get a lot of picks I want to see Rogers come back to Green Bay and back up Jordan Love that would be justice well that would never happen if Rogers is on the roster like I saw McGinn had that report out there and he said if Rogers is back in Green Bay like just the one part of the report I didn't believe he'll be the backup to Jordan Love that would never ever happen I think Rogers would retire first than being the backup to Jordan Love but to your point I don't know how good Jordan Love is going to be and I respect that from the competitive standpoint of Rogers to to not sit out even when he could have with the injury until his team was eliminated maybe it was thinking if Love gets the opportunity he believes in Jordan Love and then he'll be quickly forgotten right for for what is in the now of Packers football I know what the Eagle said about him in that half I don't know what Love's gonna be as a quarterback but the one thing I've been impressed with and I had one conversation with Jordan Love after his rookie year and he knew he's going to be asked all these questions about Rogers for what is a tough situation I think he's handled it as best as he can and he's not been a distraction he's not made it about himself he had that one report that if Rogers doesn't get dealt maybe or speculation that maybe he would request a trade but basically being in a spot where you know you're getting none of the attention and there's so many people that don't want to see you play and you're waiting to play it is not easy so I have to commend Love for the way that he's handled this the last three years. NBA is back tonight thank goodness my big thing in the NBA right now as we're talking to Zach Gelb here I'm Bart Winkler and for Bill Reiter is that I'm on this like anti-Nicola Jokic campaign because everything that applies to other superstars for some reason is not applying to him Giannis wasn't going to win a third MVP until he won in the postseason well nobody cares about that they're going to give it to Jokic again Kevin Durant Kevin Durant's like you must win Kevin Durant and he goes okay fine fine I'll go and win then he wins two titles with the Warriors and they go you didn't win the right way and he's like fine I'll go to Brooklyn to try to win and it didn't work out but with Jokic I don't know if it's Denver I don't know if it's whatever the Nuggets hot takes spoiler alert they're not going to win the finals this year and Jokic is still going to win the MVP and everyone's going to like why isn't the pressure on Jokic like it is on these other superstars it's a good question that you ask because we were talking about this on my show the other day and my producer asked me if the Nuggets don't get to the finals like what would your reaction be and I'd be like all right whatever like you know I don't really feel like there is that much pressure on them but this year they are 41 and 18 what they're the best team in the West by like five or six games over Memphis and you look at the rest of the Western Conference like I know we now look at Phoenix differently the Mavs they don't even though they're in the Western Conference final I think Kyrie will be a disaster there the Clippers I don't think they're that much of a threat the Grizzlies and Kings we got to see if they can get it done in the postseason as well Pelicans and Timberwolves I don't think they're ready to make postseason runs yet and like the Warriors they get healthy we always know they could be a threat and they'll be a tough out in the seven-game series but it's weird there should be pressure on the Nuggets but there isn't but I'm actually surprised by your take and maybe it's because you were annoyed with the way that Giannis was treated I know I was on an island like the only one defending nationally the Bucks and and Giannis Antetokounmpo for all those years of wanting to see Giannis stay in Milwaukee but I would think you know being in a smaller market and seeing the success of Giannis that you would then maybe want to see Nicole Jokic continue to go down that path of Giannis Antetokounmpo as well where not that he ever surpasses Giannis but just that he gets that championship because I do think maybe it'd be better for smaller markets and better for a place like Milwaukee as well if you can continue some of those smaller markets winning championships I'm gonna talk about all-star games in a little bit who's that who's the most to blame for the all-star games being bad these days is it is it today's current players for not wanting to get hurt in an exhibition game is it the fans for thinking that these games are going to actually be like a game seven or is it the players of yesteryear for trying too hard when they had no reason to I would say it's the players today and I think it's the biggest issue in the NBA and I'm not you know killing guys that don't give it their own they're in the all-star games that I think LeBron should have at one point in his career had done the dunk contest absolutely I love the mentality of Anthony Edwards is what he said and it was very similar to what Kobe Bryant has said for you know said for years about load management but my biggest problem with the NBA and even though I have to watch even though it's a part of my job it's tough for me to really get emotionally invested and care in the NBA in the regular season postseason is different because you just never know who's gonna show up and I hate to make this like oh if you're the common man that that saves all this money take your kid to a game and there's always a chance someone doesn't play if someone's actually hurt I get it but if it's just to give someone a night off I'm not thrilled about that but you look at this year it's just a down year in the NBA like look at the Eastern Conference the Celtics I guess they're a storyline you know can they find the way to get back to the NBA Finals and get the job done it doesn't seem like even though I'm pulling for Giannis to get back to the Finals it doesn't seem like the Bucks are ever really that big of a national story the Sixers until they get to the forget the NBA Finals let's see if they can even get to the Conference Finals the Nets are now relevant without KD and Kyrie so there's not these great storylines this year and then you look at the Western Conference we just talked about that with the Koli Jokic factor the Suns are now intriguing the Lakers we'll even see if they could get into the playing game this year this NBA regular season this year Bart I don't know if you feel this way but pretty damn boring there's just not a lot of good storylines that resonate with me and there's a lot of times that I get it like Kauai in Toronto you miss 20 games you win a championship is anyone bitching about the 20 games you miss no but I think that means a lot when when you get into the regular season of just expecting guys simply to play and now we're just already trained and programmed that some of these guys are gonna miss 20 to 25 games a year because the load management Zach Gelb here on weeknight CBS Sports Radio always good to catch up with you thanks buddy we'll talk soon Bart all the best be well brother you know what I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna send Zach Gelb a nice shipment of Omaha Steaks I think that's what I'm gonna do for Gelby it's their semi-annual sale at Omaha Steaks 50% off site-wide I would use this code the code is Bart it's $30 off so you already get 50% off site-wide right now at they have taken everything they do and it's 50% off they have these different packages that are set up so like this value freezer filler everything that's in that oh they got a new website bacon wrap filet mignons butchers cut top sirloins four of each four air-chilled boneless chicken breasts four boneless pork chops four burgers the seasoning all of this typically that would sell for $3.70 they're going right half off $1.85 free shipping and then it's $30 more off when you use the code Bart at checkout so use the code Bart at checkout with this is a good thing to start to think about as the weather eventually gets nicer and you can start to grill outside or you know if you want to make these inside there's there's no shame in that either but check that out all right so me and the family going to be together for a few days really looking forward to some time I'll give updates on everything when we are back which will be March 1st the Bucks play the magic I will do a postgame show on YouTube that night who the Brewers also play the Angels that day and West Ham will probably lose to Man U West Ham in danger of getting relegated this is going to be embarrassing to root for a team especially this last Christmas I asked for a bunch of West Ham gear and I got it and now I'm wearing all this stuff and they're 18th out of 20 right now and this is not good but Wednesday the 1st is when we will do our taping so the next podcast that drops will be March 2nd on Thursday so just a little break little break good time to catch up on all the pods you may have missed relive your favorite memories I would have tried to crank out some like hey just because I'm not doing one today here's here's some old good stuff from the fan which I will start to continue to do but guys peak pay was seven bucks at DoorDash I couldn't pass that up now I'm getting close to the tax threshold on DoorDash so I don't want to pay taxes on DoorDash not that I'm gonna scam it under 600 bucks so soon I will be talking about my delivery for Postmates and then I will be doing Uber Eats and I will be doing Grubhub if I if I you know just if I do a couple orders after every shift or whatever I make an extra two grand for free plus the gas and the weird stories and all of that again can't appreciate you guys enough looking forward to taking my wife down the Sunburn Bowl five until then we'll talk to you soon.
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