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Just fix the MLB All-Star Game jersey problem already

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July 12, 2023 6:00 am

Just fix the MLB All-Star Game jersey problem already

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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July 12, 2023 6:00 am

Live after the MLB All-Star Game, Bart is joined by Tobi Altizer and Hot Take Jake as they talk how to improve the Midsummer Classic as well as some Bucks Summer League

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody, baby. Oh, what a blessed morning it is taping this episode live after the National League has broken their streak from the American League. The National League has won an All-Star game. Oh, and I get to witness it with my what a great day to be alive. The National League has won the All-Star game.

What a tremendous moment for all involved. Really, who cares? But I guess it's cool. I think that what I want to bitch about and what I'm going to bitch about is the jerseys. I just all I want to talk about the jerseys. That's that's going to be the whole show today. I just need to talk about these jerseys because I think this is a hell that I'm willing to die on. It's it's not terrible enough that it's like, you know, going to be embarrassing, but it's something where I hope to actually enact change. So I would like to change the jerseys.

First of all, the format itself. This is the problem with what the All-Star game is. The All-Star game is a game where the best players in the league play. No Brewers, by the way, Devin Williams and playing this one and no Corbin Burns was the other guy on the roster.

Devin had taken himself out, still had some great cleats showing off to the SuperSonics, but then Corbin Burns was on the roster and did not play. So no Brewers in this one. But the way that baseball is structured is all these guys that come in, throw a hundred miles an hour and you're going to have a 3-2 game every year. Cause if you guys that crack one over the fence, we had a 3-2 game last year, there were four home runs and we had a three, three or four home runs. And we had a 3-2 game this year and there were two home runs. And that's what the games are going to be.

There's going to be three, two. Now there were great moments in this game, you know, the great defense in the first inning you know, a couple other plays that whatever the Julio Rodriguez near situation at the end set up for a great moment and he walked, but most of the game is a lot of waiting for something to happen. And while the rules that baseball is trying to enact and change might be making the games better in the regular season, in the All-Star game, if this is what we're going to be talking about today in the All-Star game, it's still always going to be three, two, because a few of the starters will throw.

Nobody's going to want to throw too much or too hard. So then they go into the bullpens and the guys throw a hundred Julio Rodriguez, Seattle mariner in his stadium. His first at bat was against the guy from Sandy, San Francisco, Doval.

I don't know the guy I'm a cash. I don't know the guy, but the guy, he five pitches at over a hundred miles an hour. Julio Rodriguez steps to the plate and he has to, that's what he has to see.

And the guy throws his 15 pitches, gets out normal appearance for him. So that's where baseball kind of has a problem with the game itself. It's it's still by far and away the most competitive game of, of any All-Star games, maybe MLS. If you want to watch that, should we do an MLS post game next week?

But as far as the game itself, that's kind of where I'm at in that regard. Q is very excited. He gives me the emoji, how happy we are for winning this game.

Jake says, Hooray, very happy. Balla says, Burns was only there to be a pitcher in case it was the home run Derby. So that's an insult on, on carbon burns with, with burns with the home run Derby thing.

So if there is a tie in the home run Derby or in the, if there's a tie in the game, they would go to a home run Derby, like shootout. It's a cool thing. We want to see it. That's what we've been rooting for the last couple of years, but we haven't seen it. And it's going to be a while before we do see it.

It's the one time they can ever use it. And like the whole game, that's all we're rooting for is to see this home run Derby. I'm a bit distracted because I noticed now that with this shade of blue, which I love for golf But then with this shade of blue and with this black hat, I feel like I look like an MLB umpire. So I did that on accident, but I feel like I look like an MLB umpire. You can check me out on the Dan Cheney, YouTube stream, Dan So you guys are welcome to join a hot take.

Jake is in the waiting room. His background is of Damian Lillard. Oh, it's a bit now. I had to, are you here to talk baseball or what? I would talk about summer league, but I gotta, I gotta rail about the jerseys before we go anywhere else. It's what I need. I can appreciate that. I'm always good for like a uniform chat. I love uniforms in sports.

I think it's fascinating. I got to at least zip this up. I was going to say that actually, if you had the matching pants, it would look like you're about to whack somebody in New Jersey or something. My tracksuit.

Yeah, no, this is nice. It fits. Thank you. Good color on you.

Yeah. I've always liked baby blues. My favorite color. It's just, I'm wearing a dark blue underneath. So I do it and I'm wearing your eyes. You know, we had a chat about that.

Oh, they have nice eyes. So I do. I do.

I do. When I, when I wear this on the golf course, it won't be with a blue shirt under. So here's the thing with MLB jerseys and here's, here's a treat that twiggered me. It triggered me a little bit earlier. And I'm also going to bring in noted fashionista Toby all Tizer as well.

What's up to homes. Don't I look like an umpire. You do look like an umpire.

Not on purpose. So this, this treat that she's back. Mark Hernandez. This tweet that triggered me was from Kevin Kugler, who I think is a great announcer.

He had one of the great Janice clips we used to play. He tweeted guaranteed winner tomorrow on your favorite sports talk station, all star uniforms, love them or leave them four hours of calls later. And you have an award-winning and captivating show that people will remember forever.

And so to me, that looks like he's kind of like downplaying and shitting on this being a discussion. One it's something that all fans are going to be able to talk about and rally about. And two, I think it's, I think it's very much needed. The all star jerseys and the all star, like, you know, these alternate jerseys that they sell is a great idea. I mean, why not tell me, I know you have a bunch. I had a Corey Hart Yankee brewer one back in the day, at least a Jersey shirt. And it's great to get them. And when they wear them, like when they become an all star, you want them and you want something to signify it. And you know, NBA is the same way, but I have a hard time thinking that even like with Elias Diaz hitting the home run, I have a hard time thinking that there's someone at home that's going Oh, that is that Jersey for sale. This Jersey that I'm watching, I could buy this. And so they must they must have some number where it's like, because WWE Jake, the bloodline is doing tremendous live ratings. And so WWE won't ever go away from it, because it's and that's why they get 40 minutes segments, because there's they're doing great numbers, we get to see those numbers. There must be some great like from 730 to 930 and all star night, these jerseys are just popping off, because there is no reason to not have the team jerseys. And I think it does a hindrance like there's a lot of these relievers I don't know, you know, a lot of these like setup guys got in or guys from smaller market teams.

I know that Toby your guy Josiah Gray was in there. Can't say he's a household name for a lot of people that watch tonight yet. No one is. But you don't know what team they're on.

Because they're all writing shit. So baseball has a huge, huge problem with not being able to identify their stars even from actual baseball fans. So I and then even when one of their stars Julio Rodriguez, like I mentioned, gets an up and coming moment. He's got to face a guy who we don't know in a jersey on it.

We don't know. There's five pitches over 100 Toby. And it's like, Well, who is this guy? Yeah, it's didn't they used to just do those jerseys for like batting practice and the home run derby and stuff like, and then they would wear their regular uniforms during the game. I think they should go back to that because I think the jerseys themselves were cool and the National League I know some people thought they looked stupid.

But the black pants kind of ruined them. I thought like I saw the national selling the Josiah Gray one in the team store. I thought it was pretty cool looking jersey.

But I agree bar like, know what? I don't know that anyone's just going out of their way now in Colorado to buy an Elias Diaz National League jersey. I think it's a cool thing to have for, you know, make it unique to the the place where they're playing. So it's kind of cool that they make it look Seattle themed. But I enjoy the fact that you can wear all the wear the separate unis and all wearing white or all wearing gray.

Yeah, I enjoy the the old fashioned way. But I do like the jerseys, but I get what you're saying. And I kind of agree. Well, I mean, it's on their sleeve.

I shouldn't have to like, look at the guy who's in and then look up where he plays. And the helmets to the batting helmets with the most like, nondescript a for American and for National League. It's like who's buying that shit? I was gonna say isn't the hat what everybody wants as baseball fans? Like, I'm not buying a jersey of whatever city that the teams like maybe the hat I could see but people collect hats and stuff. Yeah, I don't. I agree. That's the thing that you can sell like, you know, everyone would wear this their home uniforms that they wear a special all star game hat like the Nationals one would still be red, but it had like a star on it or be outlined in gold.

I bought them so I know all about these things. But I agree that the hat seems to be the better way to go. And I don't like this year's hat like they're all wearing this teal color which I get for Seattle but when am I ever going to wear a teal colored hat with Nationals gear? Never.

I was never tempted to buy it. Well, I do like to see remember we like the we like the Seattle hat we're gonna buy that. But first, like the hat. But yeah, for games that matter, right? It's basketball and baseball. No one gives a shit about the Pro Bowl.

Well, the NFL got rid of it. Yeah, basketball, I say totally go for a unique jersey that matches the city because everybody knows who is who in the NBA. They know who plays for who?

I agree. I don't think I better in the NBA. But if I could pick one sport to have this happen in, it would be baseball in a heartbeat over the NBA. How many total players played today? Or how many total players were on the All Stars at 25 per team?

Now it's like 32. Each team had let's see the American League had 11 guys pitch including the one guy who faked an injury when he gave up what he felt was a home run. Jordan Romano. Yeah, that was he. That was my boy brown long time baseball writer says he was right out there and that was a home run.

There weren't good replays. He's claiming it's a home run. Well, the reason I asked is because no matter how many guys are on it, I don't think I could if you just gave me photos, I don't think I could name five guys in the All Star game like oh, that's so and so Camilo Duvall got the win tonight. He's the guy was talking about and nobody knows him. And he didn't get the opportunity to be wearing my fantasy baseball team. I know him.

Well, good for you, man. Only nerds know him. He's got a wicked slider. He's got a electric fastball. But yeah, no one. Yeah, he looked great.

It's just that I don't know. Like, and that was a moment for him. So that was a moment for him. Facing Julio Rodriguez getting him out and I think five pitches. What a moment for him.

But then is there a Giants fan at home thinking, I need to come memorize this by buying his jersey. We're driven by the search for better. But when it comes to hiring, the best way to search for a candidate isn't to search at all. Don't search match with indeed. Indeed is your matching and hiring platform with over 350 million global monthly visitors according to indeed data and a matching engine that helps you find quality candidates fast, leveraging over 140 million qualifications and preferences every day. Indeed's matching engine is constantly learning from your preferences. Join more than 3.5 million businesses worldwide that use indeed to hire great talent fast and listeners of this show will get a $75 sponsored job credit to get your jobs more visibility at slash blue wire.

Just go to slash blue wire right now and support our show by saying you heard about indeed on this podcast slash blue wire terms and conditions apply need to hire you need indeed. Well, so I think it's cool when especially when the all star game is at your place and you can get a jersey of your star. So like back back in Wisconsin, I have I didn't bring it with me, but I have a Bryce Harper National League jersey from when the all star game was in DC and it will kind of looks, you know, red. It says national.

It's got the capital on it. It's a cool jersey to have, but it's not something they wore during the game. I think it was only for the the home run derby and stuff. It was like their batting practice jersey, which they used to do a lot more, but they don't do as much now that they switched to Nike.

So I agree. Just wear that on the batting practice days. It's still a cool jersey. Everyone will buy it even though they're not going to wear it on the field more than likely.

So I would say just go back to that because you're right. Like Josh young walks to the plate. How many people know that he plays for the Texas Rangers? How many people make up being like, how cool is this? There are six Rangers on the field at the same time. You know how that would be cooler if they were all in their Rangers jerseys. I mean, they're trying to highlight something like, like, look, I know that, you know, there's people that are gonna, what's going to happen is this topic like this, I think is a topic that people care about and it will fade away.

24 hour news cycle. It'll fade away. But then what's going to happen is you're going to get like either old timey baseball writers or just other people in general, just like bewildered at how much people actually care about this. And then they're going to push back hard and say, who cares about the jerseys? But I'm here to say, and that's why caps lock the title of this video.

MLB needs to fix their all star Jersey problem. I'm here to say that I care. I care about it. And I, I have decided that this is a safe enough topic that I can be passionate about that no one will, I won't get trolled to death or canceled, but I can make part of my identity. And so that's what I'm going to do or go ahead.

Go ahead. I was just going to say, I think there's a good explanation for why a lot of people care about this kind of stuff. It's because our memory, our, um, sense of nostalgia, it's all very visual and we attach that. So like when I think of, you know, uh, the good old days of growing up as a bucks fan, like I think of Ray Allen and the purple and the green, like that, that color swatch, it's the first thing that comes to mind.

So I do think there's a lot of people that are interested in this kind of thing. Toby on a side note, I spent too much time in Milwaukee and I caught myself doing a Wisconsin thing today. Josiah gray stepped onto the mound and I was really frustrated that they never talked about Josiah gray and spent the entire inning talking about the Texas Rangers. Well, I'm glad you said that.

I thought you were going to say drinking and driving or something like that. No, but I was like, that does suck. I mean, your guys out there at least say hi to them. Yeah. They're like Josiah. Gray's on the mound. So the Rangers have five guys in the all star game. This guy, this guy, the Rangers are doing this and Josiah gray goes one, two, three. I'm like, all right, well at least talk about him a little.

I've got another great all star complaint that I will say. I do want to shout out my guys at The promo code is Bart, 25% off every order. They lowered their prices by 25% also, but then they still have the 25% discount available. I took some, I took some nighttime gummies the other night to help me sleep and it was great and I will probably do that again tonight. great gummies, THC in some of them, CBD, CBN, whatever you need, browse around promo code Bart, 25% off. Great. Oh, great people, Chris and Rob. Those are their names. So Joe Buck is very underrated and he is very missed.

You don't like Joe Davis. That's his name. I thought that MLB used AI to create an announcer.

This whole world's a computer simulation. Like here's, here's what they need. So Joe Davis can call a game fine. I mean, it's not maybe my perfect style, but he, he can call it. He's good. The in-game interview thing is not for him.

Oh, that stuff is terrible. He can't do it. I like it. I didn't even mind when he was like, you know, some people are complaining about market, your stars, not Jeter and A-Rod and David Ortiz. Jeter's funny. Jeter's like sarcastic funny.

And he just, he can't speak to humans. He's gotta be like, so the Juan Soto, what's it like down there? Well, weather's pretty fine. Yeah, man.

Weather's good. It's like he has a pull string in the back and they're just next question. Next phrase. That hater inning was brutal.

So Josh, uh, you, you got some braids behind you. Well, what do you think about that? They got to stop doing two at the same time. Like it worked with Mookie and Freddie, their teammates, but like how in the world do you have Evaldi, the pitcher and then Corbin Carroll, the hitter miked up and they were like talking about pitch selection and then just stopped.

Or you got to figure out a better process. Like I agree. It's cool elements.

I don't necessarily love it. Maybe interview them in between innings or during an inning when they're not out on the field, like is a typical thing or just one guy. It was, it was awkward for a lot of those interviews. It was like, Hey, how's the weather? How's it look down there? You, you enjoying the all star game?

It's like, okay, you couldn't come up with a better question than that. Uh, let's go down to Ken Rosenthal. He's with Shohei Ohtani.

Hey Shohei, do you like to go running? I'm glad you brought up like the old stars because I was thinking like, there's no stars in baseball. Anybody that anybody knows. It is true. Talented players, but there's no stars like Derek Jeter was a star. A-Rod was a star. Right. You have the great talent, but you know, they're not stars. And I figured out what we need to do to bring that back Royds and no, not just sterile, just all drug testing.

Just get rid of it. Like we need coked up Jose can say go was it a doc Ellis on LSD. That's right. We need Mickey Mantle just completely, you know, three sheets to the wind out there playing baseball drunk off his ass. That's what we need to make stars.

Then the personalities come out, right? Shohei Ohtani is a star man. I get on board with that if it were anyone else other than Shohei, but the entourage that follows Shohei everywhere is so much different than every other player. He's a star. I don't know. I Shohei Ohtani made me the greatest baseball player of all time. But if I saw him walking down the street, no clue.

You wouldn't know who Shohei Ohtani is? Not no. I mean, I know. You're not paying attention. Right, then, you know, why is that? Because you don't like baseball. You said that's that true. Back in the day.

I love I knew I knew with the star player of every team back in the night. You don't that was when you were a kid. Now you're an adult.

You have a family. You have other interests. You don't have time for it. That's fine. Yeah, that's just called getting older.

Like that naturally. You don't have time for baseball. It's fine. The funny thing is like there's nothing going on in sports right now. And I still couldn't give seven shits about baseball because the game was boring. Well, it always is boring.

Right? Because baseball this one I talked about too this week is that baseball actually has gotten better at some things. But then there's limitations that prevent it from being like them putting the draft on Sunday night leading into the All Star game in the city where it is, is a big win genius. However, they're drafting kids we don't know and they don't play for three years. There's nothing they can do about that. They've done everything they can.

And we'll talk about this more on the next episode with grant bills and Paul Emmick on this week's Bart Winkler show. But the other thing is like with this All Star game, I think they've done a good job of making. But again, you're gonna get Julio Rodriguez with a guy throwing five pitches all over 100. There's not there's not you're not going to get an eight seven All Star game anymore with steals and hitting runs and triples because this like baseball is trying to get every game used to be like this. And so that's why baseball did pitch clock and all this stuff. But in the All Star game itself, you're still going to have guys just throwing gas and the three true outcomes and it's going to be a problem. Well, what if they did like, you know, the extra innings rule in the All Star game? Every inning starts with a runner at second? No, I kind of like that. Oh, it's an All Star game.

Have fun with it. Yeah. On then watching guys with all night. Now you could just have a pitching contest then. No.

Toby, are you pretty jack? This is the first National League win in eight years. I couldn't care less about who actually wins. But I'm pretty excited about Dylan Cruz coming to DC. Oh, yeah, DC to DC.

Heck yeah, man. Did you think you were getting the pitcher and then and then you got Dylan Cruz? Or did you have an angle you're not getting the pitcher? I thought that the Nationals would have a choice to because it sounded like from everyone I talked to and heard from that they were going to go Wyatt Langford at one but I think the Nationals secretly wanted Pittsburgh to take one of the two guys so they didn't have to make a choice.

So I think they probably would have gone pitcher because when you think Nationals you think pitchers generally you think straws you think of all those guys. So then how soon will we see Dylan Cruz? Probably next year at some point. Now I really think that you are because Toby as you know moved to DC when was that February?

January. Are you kind of carving out a niche as the Nationals guy over there? A little bit with a couple other guys. But yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

You want to see my Nationals merch here from the other day that I got the Nationals. Harry. What? This is I believe. Is this Hufflepuff? Yeah, this is Hufflepuff.

What is that? Harry Potter and then. See that's what we're resorting to now. Baseball is doing minor league stuff. And then this is Slytherin. Oh they had two things to give away?

No they had all four Harry Potter houses or whatever you could get I don't know they had a Star Wars night you could choose if you were the dark side or what is it the light side I don't know. Did you guys see the Big Bird that threw out the first pitch in Miller Park? That reminded me of the Flyers mascot from Philly. What was it Gritty? Gritty. Coked up Big Bird. The Brewers they can do these Sesame Street nights but Jim Henson factory won't give the rights for the actual people to appear so Big Bird.

They got that off a wish. It looks like a penis. Oh my gosh. We went to the game last year Sesame Street day we didn't go this year I go I go buddy look at who threw out the first pitch he goes what is that thing? We watched this morning. This is not Big Bird.

That had to be a troll job by somebody. Well if you're the Brewers like just don't hey if this is the best Big Bird we can get just don't don't just don't do it but they did it I don't know. Page Spranic throwing out first pitches. Big Bird on a budget maybe I don't know. Giant whatever. Talk about the Bucks. Yeah so their summer league I was pretty upset because I want them to win a summer league championship someday but then they got smoked by the Nets today and Marjan Beauchamp who's been like a beast did he finish with zero points? Yeah I want to talk about that because I thought maybe this was like just becoming like an inside joke or something everybody talking about the greatness of Marjan but I think people were serious like they think he's gonna be this great player and it's like no no it's not a joke people think he's gonna be really good. Yeah people overreact to summer league every year. But you know it's strange to me that like I think so many people are saying it to where like have you seen Marjan's Twitter? He's like buying into all the people hyping him up like yeah like these dramatic videos great things coming this season and it's like you're a good kid but like you know if you make the eighth the eighth out of nine man into the rotation like that's a big win like but a lot of Bucks fans I think it's born out of desperation that like they have no young talent and no future right now so it's like this guy has to be great because if he's not then what the hell are we gonna do? Hey if he's noticing it and he's feeling himself a little bit I don't have an issue with that as long as it doesn't you know really affect his play on the court like when it comes to the real if he plays great in the summer league who cares but if he comes into the regular season and starts jacking shots because he thinks he's all that then calm down a little bit but like if he's feeling himself a little bit and it means he plays a little more confident well the timing was great because like the the height train got out of control and then he puts out this like super dramatic video tweet and then like you go and put a nothing burger up on the board like okay maybe you need a little bit of humble pie because I don't know like I like him but people have to remember he was never a high upside prospect like you just want him to be like hopefully a three indy guy that cracks your rotation it's the middle of summer and we got basketball we're gonna get excited about anything at least that's true at least people are excited about your first round pick from last year our first round pick from last year everybody's like this guy sucks and shouldn't be in the NBA nope johnny's gonna be good give him some time hey I believe in him I believe in him I think he's gonna be a solid role player which that's what all of our drafts have been how did you like uh Jordan Poole's introductory press conference where he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else in any point of time I love the fact that uh rick buker went on a show out in san francisco and was basically blaming Jordan Poole for not amending things with draymond green as if he's the one who punched draymond rick buker was victim blaming he he's like he's like uh draymond tried everything possible but Jordan Poole wasn't having any of it it's like well yeah draymond smacked her up but he did buy flowers the next day yeah we should know how they treat draymond like it's ridiculous the guy's a clown he's a he's a douchebag and everybody loves his antics for some reason what were your thoughts got him away from stephan clay garbage nothing nobody I mean you could say that about a lot of people but he fits perfectly with them I get I get your point but he fits perfectly but like I feel like they really screwed up by choosing draymond over Jordan Poole long term like four for a hundred for draymond at this point in his career well they should have suspended draymond like 10 games self suspension well yeah the warriors the warriors the problem was the warriors like organization took a sign yeah the problem too though is like looking forward and this is why bob meyer stepped down probably right like he didn't want to have to make the tough decisions absolutely he just let someone like if you think about the patriots when they were in their runs like they could have gone downhill but they kept moving on from dudes they just knew that they were sticking with tom brady like I feel like the warriors needed to make some tough decisions just knowing they're sticking with steph because like steph is still an mvp type player clay I think is taking a little step back draymond I think bob meyers would have let draymond go I think so too and he didn't want to do it so he stepped down and then done leave he's like well I can't do that so I'll bring in chris paul and then bob meyers is probably at home gets a text that you guys you guys signed who I left I I leave and you signed fucking chris paul well I wonder about both I think um it's fascinating to me that um jordan pool and draymond green I think those are two examples of like they got paid because of steph curry because I don't think they're anywhere near as valuable on another team you know can I uh say that I don't even like people say that about rogers all the time who cares they got paid because like what are they supposed to do not have a great teammate on their team well not take the money their problem is like jordan pool was supposed to be the successor to curry at some point right like that's yeah they had a b squad a squad and I he's never going to be steph I know but like he was supposed to be the guy at some point or at least a guy that could do a little bit of what steph could do and then you just move on from that to keep your guy that is never shuts up and gives you five rebounds a couple assists and occasionally triple single yeah he's so bad I can't believe I'm happy for the whiz that they got him who knows how long he sticks around here but well nobody beats the whiz I mean I'm the whiz the wizards are going to be the most ridiculous offensive basketball team this year where jordan pool and kyle kuzma are going to take so many shots that you just lift your hands up like what the heck is going on when they play phoenix do you think it'll be nba's first 400 point game when they play the suns we got to hit shots too you can't just take shots toby either froze or did not think that was funny at all um yeah he's not he's no selling you I mean it wasn't like I lost it yeah jesus right with your question my wi-fi is like screw part that was almost as good as when tim froze in the tunnel that was an all-timer I was like when phoenix plays washington would be the nba's first 400 point game not like the funniest thing but you were just like frozen yeah it's pretty funny that's all right I got some voicemails you mind if I play them do you guys want to you're welcome to hang as long as you want all right this one's from doug in racine carl's place voicemail line 402 915 b a r t carl of backslash part I'll mention again toby and I were just there I didn't uh I didn't do worse than last time I didn't do better um I think he did a little bit better oh some of the some of the swings weren't bad I mean I think it was marginally better oh okay Bart you would look like tiger woods next to me oh well I don't know about that yeah I mean either maybe like tight like plenty of jokes that he made there maybe like tiger after he just no got on a bender and started going after perkins wait for see no no I was gonna say like a long like rehab damn you used to have the perkins uh thing going on you should have tied that in somehow hey what's that was tiger a denny's or a perkins I don't know I thought it was perkins for some reason I got some I got some back pocket content where I'm gonna go to every perkins location that was in the milwaukee area and critique what it is now like one perkins is like uh sammy sea shack and one perkins is like buckets and brews and bagels and it's just all fucked up yeah all right so doug called he likes robot ump's and then I said no to robot ump's and then he responded hey bark this dog again yeah I get your take on the robo ump's good rebuttal you know I will leave the baseball takes to the experts as I'm not one of them hopefully the brewers come out of the break on fire as I'm a Wisconsin fan but as a Bucks fan I watch the Bucks Denver Summer League game and actually enjoyed it enough to watch another Marjan looked good Jackson and Livingston shined this Nico Mannion kid looks really seasoned and had pretty good ball handling skills um the other guy that stood out though that I really noticed was Tyler Cook he had a high motor he was high flying probably won't make the team but he made the games enjoyable it's also pretty cool to see a seven foot six taco fall mixing it up and blocking shots he looked like he was on a playground with little kids a couple times just swapped it away I know they have a lot of bodies on the bench but hoping to see Vin Baker Jr sometime as Vin Sr was a favorite of mine have a great day and go Bucks packing brewers talk to you soon bye all right Doug and Racine liking Tyler Cook who got 10 minutes tonight eight points Vin Baker headband AJ Green yeah AJ Green and five points what happened I didn't I was why I was following it and then the Bucks so the Bucks not that it like matters but it is funny especially because the Bucks tweeted earlier in the day that they're looking for a social media guy and then and then at night they tweeted a graphic that the Bucks had 92 points and the Nets had 71 when it was reversed there you go Bart there's your job for the Bucks yeah the Bucks got outscored in the third quarter 35 to 9 nice summer league college fans must love summer league more uh drama in the Bart Winkler universe as Austin had called up and said that he was at a Brewers Cubs game and as part of the story he went into a urinal a porta potty and set his beer down outside the porta potty oh Bucky Boyd was flabbergasted about this happening and so Austin called back in and uh cleared up the situation so we must continue the story here's Austin hey Bart Austin in Milwaukee um I was watching the home run derby the other night I was just thinking about how uh that's what the NBA wishes the slam dunk contest was I would get more into that but we got to get down to the brass tacks here um Bucky Boyd was wondering about why I had put placed a beverage outside of a porta john so here's my here's my justification for it we were walking in there's like these three little porta potties out like an island on their own in the middle summer it's not even like close to where shuttles are and there's nobody around and I'm with a group of five other people so six including me so I do I see a perfect opportunity here to go use the bathroom before uh I gotta go before I go in and gotta go stand in the line so I you know did a little jog huffle up there um when you know when went to the bathroom could have been more than 30 seconds somehow some cub fans must have emerged out of a tailgate or something I didn't see anyone around and by the time that I got out like my friends were still behind me but they would have seen you know I kind of figured it was fine that I'd leave it out here because if we were in a line I would pass my drink back to my friend and have them hold it while we go to the bathroom but anyway I thought that would help clear it up and uh Bucky I was just cracking up when I heard your call and uh the utopia world that you think I live in but then I just thought thought I had an opportunity there so I had to take it anyway uh love the show I'll try to get on the uh live after the all-star game but well I would say of all the rivalries this show has spawned this is by far the least interesting it's like two Canadians being in a rivalry he put it he he put a beer outside of the uh porta potty and Bucky didn't like it and then Austin clarified I have a couple things I want to just reiterate about the all-star game if I may one I really don't like the jerseys like just because you are watching someone do something wearing something doesn't mean you're gonna be like oh that looks cool I'm gonna buy it on an unrelated note at if you use the promo code Bart you can get 10 off your order also what I was gonna say before about Shohei I don't like that he just dips in the fourth inning and does his press conference you know he's a busy man I know there's no I don't know I just he should be out there rallying his teammates I know they do it because like they're not gonna get in and there's a lot of media and it's an exhibition game and getting it out did he go back out to the field I don't know did he just leave sometimes sometimes these players leave they straight up leave the game that's confirmed yeah I would think you want to stick around but I mean if it's your I mean what is this third time now I guess sometimes I think they catch the plane after and go home for two days I mean you got to think like these dudes want a vacation and they essentially go to Seattle and do stuff non-stop for a couple of days and then they're right back at it on Friday it's not like they get a you know all-star weekend is decently long for NBA players because even afterwards they get what another three to four days baseball players get what today's Tuesday they're back at it on Friday so they get two days I don't know no judgment from me Shohei's a busy man Bob Brainerd also does not like the all-star game batting helmets he tweeted what font is that on the all-star game batting helmets boring new roman hey oh that's fantastic boring new roman boring boring new roman I retweeted that one times new boring I mean is that boring stands boring new room boring in italic all right I'm going to bed anything else from you guys sure the wizards are playing the spurs on the summer league but we don't have to play victor wendyama that's a shame um I want to say that uh but the better french superstar from what is mr pollinson's 92 is playing the law coolabally mark it better than victor wendyama mark it down all right mark it down all 20 of you watching mark it down um I want to say doug had a hell of a call and he's 100% right with robo umps it's the wave of the future they needed it like 10 years ago already and um I wanted to give you props uh I forgot to bring this up last week when you and um paul were doing chocolate rain I was in near tears so I uh I appreciated that segment well it's a very like that's a powerful song I didn't realize it's iconic it's iconic but apparently not these kids don't understand and also you said uh you're not going to talk about the jets being bad but I sure as hell will um they're they're going to finish last in their division they're not going to be bad they are not going to be good rogers is going to have a bounce back here I would implore you guys to listen to the next episode with grand bills and paul emig it's mm-hmm it was taped tuesday morning and um I probably do a good six seven minutes of tom Hodge accord impressions um I will listen riveting stuff I'll listen to that in about four and a half hours no you this is though this is today's oh that's right yeah you're stuck with into yourself damn it sorry I'll put it on mute okay um oh and sometimes like now at the end of this there may be another podcast that plays in its entirety yeah what's up with that the hell was that how much of it did you listen to I I started fast forwarding I'm like this is a really weird ad and then it just kept going and going uh yeah it was a bizarre it's a new thing they're trying and I'm working promote my podcast yeah bust and lose baseball yeah check out bust and lose baseball if anyone in wisconsin wants to hear about the nationals prospects for that for reason we talk about them like every podcast but bust and lose baseball anywhere you get your podcast it'll be all time paulson you know what shirt this is right what do we got oh no hearing yeah sheering I was wearing that the other day it's still the most comfy shirt I own I used to just wear it as a house shirt because I thought like people would be like that's shared what now it's like one of the few shirts that still fit me I wear it out and I'm like you like my shirt they're like sheering what is that like how like anyone else has the name sheering we got these shirts remember because the nfl was selling them for like 50 for the opening kickoff and then a month later they were selling for like six dollars remember they had like a 300 jacket yeah and then that was for like 35 bucks could you imagine finding someone like we look stupid enough wearing shearing nfl kickoff t-shirts could you imagine finding someone that's wearing a shearing nfl kickoff 300 varsity jacket bonkers can you guys settle the debate quickly sure I think sure I think ed sheeran and tracy chatman are the same person and my wife doesn't think so never heard of tracy chatman tracy chatman sings she's a fresco just trust me listen to them side by side you won't be able to tell the difference have you heard all the rumors that like some of these people are just other singers slowed down and put down like an octave and they sound just like each other like some guys sound like girls if you slow down their tempo or vice versa like miley cyrus is somewhat weird but it just shows you how this is not really miley i've seen her sing on new year's eve no miley's miley but like miley is also some dude singer that you cookie monster the hair and does he tour or anything i have no idea i just see it all over random stuff conspiracy theories you know abra levine is dead and that's actually like her uh stunt double that's been her for the last 20 years i went pretty deep into the paul mccartney really died one because the noses looked like his nose changed all right it's time for bed thank the dogs my podcast is my pockets is over i don't know what you're gonna hear next but the bart wingler show is ending boston loose baseball without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running everything would suddenly stop hospitals factories schools and power plants they all depend on you no matter the weather emergency or time of day you're the ones who get it done at granger we're here for you with professional grade industrial supplies count on real-time product availability and fast delivery call click or just stop by granger for the ones who get it done
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