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NBA play-ins from a coaches’ perspective

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 17, 2024 3:24 pm

NBA play-ins from a coaches’ perspective

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 17, 2024 3:24 pm

Chucky Brown, basketball coach/former NCSU player, on the NBA play in and which teams he would keep an eye on.

How did the Warrior’s not notice this? What were Chucky’s takeaway from last night’s games and where he thinks things will end up? Are the Lakers  threat to the Nuggets, in Chucky’s opinion? Was an eyebrow raised when Zion left the court and it was called “leg soreness”? Who’s the most dangerous team to the Nuggets, in the West?


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Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. My friend, Chuckie Brown, long time NBA veteran, who I'm sure was watching the train wreck that was the Golden State Warriors last night. Chuckie joins us here on the Adam Gold Show. At the beginning of the season, I thought it was kind of a long shot that that group could really muster anything. Did they just go about this season? Was it a year they probably shouldn't have done? They should have just like torn it down before this year and started building it back up.

They looked inept yesterday. Hey, you talking to me? I am. I am.

It's all right. Yeah, I think in any type of business, you have to protect the business. You want to be loyal to your employees and all that good stuff. I think that the Warriors showed a little too much loyalty to some of those guys. I think that they should have moved Draymond when they had the chance to and try to get something for him because, you know, as you know, he missed like 20 games this year for being suspended. I think after the whole like Jordan pool thing, I think, you know, you had to think about moving them.

I think that, you know, if you if you want to take care of them, maybe give them a couple more years on the contract or whatever, some more money and then send them all somewhere. But they they just looked, you know, like they wasn't ready. I mean, the Kings came out and and they didn't handle the depression and, you know, it did. It did look like, you know, it didn't like for a minute there that they were gonna handle it like, okay, you know, we're gonna we're gonna be able to weather this storm, right? The Kings, the Kings kept, you know, they kept the intensity, the entire game. And that's what I love about playoff basketball that you don't really get during the regular season is the intensity and every possession matter. So, and I think that's where, you know, it hurt the Warriors, but I think that they needed, you know, they needed some, some, you know, they needed some fresh legs in there.

They need, they need some, some, some younger guys out there that that, you know, that could help the older guys get through it and they didn't have that. Yeah, I thought, first of all, Steph could not breathe on the court. He could not breathe on the court. I think to me it was the, you know, Mike Brown and the Kings knew if we can limit Curry, they can't hurt us.

Clay Thompson was 0 for 10. Draymond Green did knock down a three from the right corner that looked like, oh my gosh, what year is this? But he ultimately isn't the same player he was, you know, three or four years ago. And I think that's why he played this year the way he did, why he was so obviously frustrated and, and borderline dirty was because he knew he couldn't impact the game the same way. I don't understand why the Warriors didn't see that. Well, you know, like I said, they, they have a, I think they had a certain loyalty, you know, which is understandable. You know, some guys, you have, you have to look at the guys as you go on, you got to look at the guys you're going to keep and build around and, you know, Draymond, you know, not that I'm blaming him. You know, Clay Thompson got to show up too, right? A hundred percent.

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Call triple 8 8 4 3 double 0 13 or text Adam to 600 700. Adam gold is a paid spokesman investment advisory services offered by capital financial advisory group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. I just think that the, the, the warriors were, you know, a little too loyal. They could have moved clay as well. I think Steph is a guy you could build around. He still got something there. So I think that Steph is the guy that you keep, you know, comminga is another one comminga and, uh, the, the big kid loon.

You know, those three guys, I'm definitely keeping now. I'm going to add some pieces around there. You know what I'm saying? And go through free agency and draft. And I think the warriors, you know, now they're going to be caught in a rebuilding state. And you know, that's, that's, you just went into a new arena and you're going to be talking about rebuilding. So, I mean, you know, they, they got to figure something out quick, um, you know, but, but, but they, they just got, you know, they, they, they got, and you only have a certain amount of time when you win in championships. You only have a certain amount of time to be around there because other teams are trying to catch you and, and, and, and get better. You know, and like you said, like Steph had problem breathing, but he still, you know, is able to, to get some buckets another way.

He just needed a little more help and Draymond did hit itself up on the corner, but he also shot an air ball too. Well, that's what I expected. That's, that's what I realized. Okay. It's 2024. I don't know what happened before.

Uh, Chuckie Brown is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Yeah. I mean, uh, the, to me, the warriors were a predictable outcome. Uh, the Lakers played very well in spite of the fact that LeBron and Anthony Davis were wildly inefficient offensive players, but they got enough from you, uh, Rui Hachimura and D'Angelo Russell and Austin Reeves to kind of make it work. Um, I don't know if that was really not, it might've been more about, uh, new Orleans than it was about, uh, the Lakers. And now they get, now they get the nuggets. Are the Lakers a threat to the nuggets in your eyes? Yeah, I think they are. If they are only if, uh, LeBron, um, you know, he said, he's probably going to be, you know, top two best players on the floor every night. So you do it there, but Anthony Davis is the guy he's got to stay healthy, you know, and then the supporting cast Hachimura, uh, D'Angelo, uh, and Austin Reeves.

They got to show up too. So the Lakers have a lot more ifs, but yeah, they, they can be, they can be a threat, uh, because I don't think, you know, what I've seen like last year when I was watching the playoffs, like from the first round, I was like, oh man, they're going to be hard to beat. Yeah. I was like, they weren't probably with you from the beginning, but I don't see that same nugget team with that same, you know, that same fire like that. So I think that right there, um, help the Lakers and I don't know how much better the Lakers are either, but I don't think the Nuggets are better than they were last year. So I think it's gonna be tougher for them to win at this year.

And, uh, just history tells us if you're going to get a team like the Nuggets, you'd have to get him early anyway, right? Yep. Yep. Yep.

Got to get them early for to get going. Yep. All right. Let me, uh, let me ask, first of all, um, do we have, do we raise an eyebrow when a Zion leaves the court and they call it legs soreness?

I don't even understand that. Uh, so I mean, he was a great player last night. He's had a great year. We have 40 and, uh, 40 and 11 and five assists.

And I mean, we all know what Zion brings to the court, but they've got to have him. Right. Right.

Yeah. They, they, they got to have him on the floor and you know, I, you know, that, that 82 games, that's a tough year. I don't know how many, I didn't look and see how many, uh, games he played, but the games when he's out there, he's good.

He is good. So, you know, I don't know whether it's going to be like, and, and, you know, I'm not trying to body shame nobody, but he's just a big, heavy guy. So he's going to have to work on like maybe getting a little lighter or, you know, uh, toning down the explosion to when he actually needs it. You know what I'm saying?

Uh, I hope, I hope that I hope people understand what I'm saying. Like a pitcher who doesn't need his a hundred mile an hour fastball all the time. Right.

Right. Don't, don't, don't explode and be dunking all the time. Like if you get a fast break layup in no time, lay it up. You know what I'm saying? If you're going through, you're going through traffic, go with their explosive and dunk it in, you know, so he's going to have to, you know, and it's hard in New Orleans to, you know, keep, you know, cut your weight down to the food is so good.

You know, we're going to have to ask you to cut down that explosion stuff. You know, it's funny. He played played 70 games this year. Chuckie Brown is joining us. Pretty good.

Yeah. But 70 games this year. And it looked to me like he wasn't necessarily.

He's been in better shape, but played fewer games when he was in better shape. I mean, I don't know if the, I don't know if this is better for, I have no idea, but they obviously, they obviously need him. Who is, I will close on this. Who is the most dangerous team to the Nuggets in the West?

Is it top-seeded Oklahoma City or is it somebody else? Without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running, everything would suddenly stop. Hospitals, factories, schools, and power plants, they all depend on you. No matter the weather, emergency, or time of day, you're the ones who get it done. At Grainger, we're here for you with professional-grade industrial supplies. Count on real-time product availability and fast delivery.

Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Oh, man. The most dangerous team, I mean, I could say right now with the Lakers, because they got, that's who they got next. Right. And I really think that if Anthony Davis is healthy, he can cancel out.

He can cancel him out. I'm going to say, man, oh, that's a, that's a pretty good question. I'm going to say it's going to be, I'm going to give it to the Thunder because they're home. They're a young team. And sometimes those young teams are dangerous to play against because they don't know any better. They don't know.

They don't know the pressure and all of that stuff. So I'm going to say the Thunder. I'm going to say the Thunder. The Lakers are the most immediate threat, but I'm going to say the Thunder. Yeah, they are, they are super talented, too. Oklahoma City Thunder.

They might have gotten here a little earlier than even they expected, but they are definitely coming. Right. Chuckie Brown, NC State legend.

I know you enjoyed your wolf pack this year. We got to talk more about that another time, but I appreciate your time today and I'll talk to you soon. All right, thanks, man. I appreciate it.

You got it. Chuckie Brown. You can hear Chuckie's fun.

Smile. Oh, yeah. Amazing.

Yes. Love, love me some Chuckie Brown. He might have been walking his dogs right now. Chuckie is a notorious carry dog walker. Oh, well, that's a good little hobby to have.

Oh, yeah. He's got great dogs. He loves walking. Walking's good. I see him when I've been out and about in carry. Yeah. Chuckie, there's Chuckie walking his dogs. There is just a tap away.
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