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Where’s Duke’s mindset coming off of a loss and heading into the NCAA Tournament?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 18, 2024 3:46 pm

Where’s Duke’s mindset coming off of a loss and heading into the NCAA Tournament?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 18, 2024 3:46 pm

Chris Carrawell, Duke Men’s Basketball Assistant coach, on where the team is at and heading into the NCAA Tournament.

What’s the mood in the locker room after coming off of the loss to NC State? What’s different with the NCAA Tournament vs the ACC Tournament? What is Chris telling the guys going into the competition? Any prognosis on getting Caleb Foster back any time soon? How does Chris feel about how the ACC has been perceived in the media?


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Visit us at NCAA Tournament starts tomorrow, first four games. Tuesday and Wednesday, Tournament proper begins on Thursday.

The Duke Blue Devils will get into action at 710 on Friday against Vermont. Chris Carowell is an associate head coach with the Blue Devils, and my friend joins us here on the Adam Gold Show. What was the mood coming out of Washington, D.C.? Two losses in a row. Knowing that John Shire keeps talking about, we can control these things. So talk to me about where this team is right now.

Good question, AG. The mood coming out of D.C. was not good. And I think, you know, the state ended up winning it. Congratulations to them.

They did a heck of a job. And we talked to our guys about getting into the Riddick Mother Tournament at the ACC Tournament. State had already played two games.

Right. And we knew it was going to be a tough game. And they just outplayed us and really out. They just outworked us. And it was disappointing because you're coming off a loss against Carolina at home.

And then now you got a chance to kind of new season, fresh new start. And we didn't come out and play the way that we wanted to play. So our guys felt that. Our guys felt that. And, you know, we actually practiced on Saturday, had a really good practice. And I think we're in a good space right now, but you never know.

You never know until you play again. And we won't play again until Friday. Chris Carwell is joining us here, assistant coach for the Duke Blue Devils. And that's the thing. I know Jeremy talked about it after.

I think Kyle Philipowski talked about it after. Now it's it. Now the next game could be your last. And there is a reality that sets in for guys like that. You went through that.

It's not that long ago. I watched you play, you know, in many NCAA tournaments. And you know that every game can be your next game. Can you flip the switch and get into that mode? Yeah, I think you have no choice, really.

And you have no choice. I mean, and, you know, back then it was different because you had guys that had played in a tournament two, three years. You know, by my senior year, I played in three tournaments. It's not the same anymore. So, you know, a lot of these guys, it's still, I mean, it'd be their first tournament.

First time playing in a tournament. So it's different. Everybody's watching, you know, you get the ACC tournament and all these different conference terms where you kind of get the region watching.

But when you get to the NCAA tournament, I'm telling you that everybody in their grandma, they tune into the tournament. So it's a different type pressure. And so we want our guys to be excited as well. It is pressure, but you, you know, it's a look, man. It's an honor and privilege to make it to the tournament to even be playing in the tournament. So yeah, there's pressure, but also you should have a certain level excitement or look, man, like, hey, and you have to be serious, but have fun because you've been doing this all year long. Now the world gets the opportunity to see you play and that's and that should be exciting. It's hard to loosen up and have fun, right? I think when you play, when you're having fun, you're probably playing your best basketball. I mean, a guy like Jeremy Roach, he looked really down. I know they were trying to, you know, like, it's not a big deal.

The next tournament is the one we want. I get all of that. You know, we can use the term self medication. You're convincing yourself that it wasn't a big deal, but it was obviously a big deal because he talked about having a players only meeting. When, when the whole thing, when they, everybody got back to campus, how can Jeremy loosen up?

Because he didn't look himself in either of the last two games. Yeah. Well, what happens is you as seniors, you know, you get to the end and, you know, it really hits home. You know, this could be my last time playing.

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Investment Advisory Services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Whether it's right or wrong, you start thinking about, man, what's next? And right, man, what if this doesn't, you know, you start thinking about those things and I'm not saying Jim has done that, but he's been a rock for us all year long. And he's really underrated to me and in the country and in our conference, and he had an underrated great season. So just doing doing the things that you've been doing all year and now like he's the one guy on our team that you that's played in the final four.

Yep. He's been in more big moments than anybody on our team and we just need him to be him. And the best way to do that is just go out there and let loose and have fun with because if you put too much pressure on yourself and start to thinking thinking about, you know, what's going on next? Be in the moment, be present and then his game is good enough and let it speak for itself. You know, I go back two years ago with as much star power as was on that team. It was really Jeremy making all these little plays, big shots that got you guys to a final. Absolutely.

Absolutely. The reason why we made it is the reason why we made it because we made the switch. I don't know if you remember a G Trevor kills was starting at the point guard spot and coach Cade made the switch right before the tournament. And, you know, the game against Michigan State and the game against Texas, Texas Tech, we don't win those games where all his big plays down the stretch, whether it was making the pass and play or was scoring the ball. He had that.

He had that swag and confidence and that's who he's been throughout most of his career. Hadn't played that way the last couple of games. You know, senior night is an emotional, emotional night and playing against. It's a lot on the line.

We're playing Carolina and then ACC tournament being back home. Yes. All that's over now.

You know, it is all is over now. Like, you know, how you want to be remembered and you want to go out and whether you play well or not. Right. Agee, whether you play well, they shoot the ball where you want to leave it all out on the floor. Chris Carroll is joining us here on the Adam Gold show for a guy like Jared McCain, who I've watched all year long and have been impressed that his game doesn't seem to change. He treats the every possession every game the same way. I think he plays the right way. Maybe he didn't shoot the ball as well. The last couple, but he looks like he was made for this as well.

Absolutely. He's been the guy when you talk about having a competitive spirit. He's the one guy on the team and every day in practice, you know, drills, you know, whatever he's doing. He's competitive, but he has a certain type of spirit and that you love being around. And I see whether he's scoring the ball well, like he did against Florida State when he put on a show of all shows.

Yeah. Oh, when he when he's not shooting the ball is going to where he still feels presence. And so, you know, I know in recruitment, I mean, one of the reasons why he came to do was to be on the stage.

And we all we all know that this is the biggest stage that's coming up. And so hopefully for him, he won't be scared. I'll tell you that he'll be ready to play and whether he plays well or not.

He'll be ready to play and give it his all. And he's been helping in other ways. I know his defense has gotten a lot better from the beginning of the season to now and beginning of the year. I think a lot of people thought he was a liability. How has he become a better defender?

Just working at it. All freshmen have to learn how to defend. I mean, you're playing against Jared. He came in 19 years old. You're playing against grown men, 22, 23. You know, Jay Davis is a you guys are really good and old.

Yeah. And so you got to learn how to play defense in college, not high school, high school. You get away with being the best player you can coach sometimes.

But in college, I mean, especially in our league and competition with players, you have to really learn how to play defense. And that's just the development. And he's evolved on that here. He's put in the work and we drill it every day.

And then you just get comfortable with the schemes and, you know, like you learn how to cut off angles, the positioning. And he's done and he's done a really good job. And I think the most underrated part of his game is his rebound.

Yeah. I mean, he's rebounded the head out of the ball. I mean, he's had multiple games of 10 plus rebounds at his size.

It just shows how competitive he is. Chris Carroll is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Just a couple of things before I let you go. First, any prognosis on getting Caleb Foster back? Not not right now.

I have anything for you. I wish I could say, man, maybe I have. You know, last time I seen him, he was rolling around on the scooter. He's doing his rehab. But I don't have like a current update where I could say, yeah, nay, whether he's a player or not. I wish he had that. Hey, for me, we would love to have him back. You just don't right now.

You just don't know. Yeah. He's got like old man YMCA game, man. I love he's just got a knack about being, you know, finding the little pockets to get shots off.

I love his game. And did the ACC? I'm not saying that Pitt and Wake should have been in because if you give the committee a chance, the you know, you're basically leaving it up to them. I loved Pitt's team.

I loved Wake's team over the course of the season. They're both in terms of personnel. They are both more than capable of not only making the field, but winning games when they get in it. But the narrative of the ACC, obviously, it's different from when you played. We have a lot more teams. The coaching is not quite the same because we don't have, you know, the star level coaches that how many Hall of Famers have we had? Do you think the ACC was just basically trashed over the year and that maybe war, you know, wore off on people? Yeah, I think I think over the last few years we've been trashed.

And and so which I know is still pound for pound. ACC still reigns supreme. And so you think about the last couple years, AG right last year, we had Miami who was a five feet by the way, make it to the final four. But if you use prior, we had us and Carolina and Miami made to the lead eight, two teams in the final four. So then you think about what three of the last eight, nine championships national championships, right?

I've been offering ACC. You think about the countless number of pros. And so for some reason it could be a lack of, I mean, you know, you lose these Hall of Fame coaches that that does have an impact. But for Pitt, not to make it to the to the tournament is crazy. If you look at the net net ranking is 40 and which it make it make sense.

No, you can't. I just they come up with all these analytics and numbers and like I just don't. I don't get it because if you're going to use those numbers, then if you use the numbers, Pitt should be in the tournament. And Wake has a strong case as well.

And I just, you know, the ACC for me and of course you buy it. But the proof is in the pudding. The proof is in the pudding, man. From year in, year out. I'm not saying every year, but like most of the time, we're right there.

We're right there. Yeah. And they used everything against the league this year without reminding us that Miami, Duke, Carolina, like all these teams that made the Final Four and they said, well, they're they're not seated very high and yet they keep winning. That must tell us something.

It must tell us that. I mean, look, it's, you know, basketball is kind of a crapshoot when you get to the tournament. You can do everything right. Sometimes the ball doesn't go in. Sometimes somebody just gets white hot and you can't do anything about it.

But I don't know, safety in numbers. I think there's this is crazy, man. Like if you look at Wake Forest and look at Pitt, just the look test for me, those teams they played with and their NBA tournament teams and for us to not to get those two teams in. And I just don't understand.

I just don't really understand. And you can make the case for Indiana State and a couple other teams across the country. But for in our league, in our league, come on, man. I'm with you.

Chris Carroll. Well, I can't wait to watch you guys start on Friday. Good luck. Thank you for doing this. I appreciate it. Best to everybody over there. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks for having me. You got it. Chris Carroll.
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