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Canes get a shutout on home ice vs the Florida Panthers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 15, 2024 3:58 pm

Canes get a shutout on home ice vs the Florida Panthers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 15, 2024 3:58 pm

Sara Civian, B/R Open Ice, on the Carolina Hurricanes season, win last night, and their potential for the playoffs.

Martin Necas has started showing up in a big way and at the right time. He was one of the 4 goal scorers last night at PNC Arena against the Florida Panthers. Does Sara think THIS is the real Necas? What’s another positive for the Canes grabbing up Kuzy and Jake? Who’s the best team in the East right now, in Sara’s opinion?


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William Peace University, where your success takes center stage. I'm Adam Gold Vittorio, producing the program. I apologized already for ignoring her during the second period, Martine Neches' show. I know, he showed up right on time. He did. You just had to speak it out. Neches punctuated what was otherwise a very terrible Martine Neches shift with a spectacular goal, and the hurricanes then led 2-0.

That became 3-0 on a Evgeny Kuznetsov goal. And joining us to talk about last night and maybe a little bit more of the future, Sarah Sivian, BR Open Ice, Blutcher Report Open Ice, and Too Many Men, the podcast. She is famous, and I still have her number. Thank you very much, Sarah. How are you?

I'm great. You just can't ever let Neches have it, right? Some things never change. Well, it's funny, because you know that I have been openly, disdainful is not the right word, but critical of Marty for a long time to the point where two years ago during the playoffs, and you responded to this right away, I don't remember exactly what you said when I said that, but that'll work next year in Arizona, because I always assumed that they were going to trade him, and they did not. And he had a really good year last year for the most part. It didn't end well for him, and the playoffs weren't good. But for the time since coming back from injury at the beginning of January, I guess, Marty's been arguably one of their best one or two forwards. He's playing in all three zones, he's in the middle of the ice, and he's been physical. This is the Marty Neches that you pay, and you keep, because he is a game changer.

Maybe he's trying to get you to come back. Right. You were never incorrect in your Arizona assumptions. That was always on the table. It was always, fully won't he? And I think it affects a player like that, but I think maybe a more vote of confidence in him and letting him kind of stew a little bit has helped his confidence a little bit. He's been through it a little, but I just absolutely love the situation he gets to be in now after kind of all the grinding. It's funny, you know, when Rod put the gensil and kuznets off with Neches, he put that line together, and all I could think of was Neches got to the rink one day, and no offense to anybody else he's been playing with. It's not like he's been playing with bad players, but he gets to the rink one day and he goes, wait a second, I'm playing with kuznets off and gensil?

All right, let's go. I mean, honestly, Rod wants to move gensil up with Aho. I know that's going to happen at some point, but for right now to watch that line the last two games, that's been impressive, and it looks to me like kuznets off and Neches were born to play with one another.

Absolutely, and the luxury is the options. Like, of course, the lines are going to change, but at this time, it's not just trying to force something to happen. It's like, oh, something's already happening, and then there's even potential for something better happening, especially down the line. We talked about the Carolina Hurricanes scoring woes in the playoffs. It's like when the other team is watching the film and examining, it's like that seems to stop them, especially on the power play, so it's like now they can switch it up even more and be more effective with these elite players.

Yeah, it's amazing. So at the trade deadline, I openly questioned the sanity of so many people when I kept hearing, oh, the Hurricanes are the leaders on Jake Hansell, and I'm like, do you know who you're talking about? The Hurricanes don't do this, and then they went and did this. I did not know who I was talking about.

I don't even recognize them anymore. I know I was very much team. I'll believe it when I see it. But then you have to give credit where the credit is due, like they actually did it, and it goes to show I don't want to pat them on the back too much, right? Because it's like this is what a team in their situation should be doing, but this market at the deadline was so fascinating because it was very much a buyer's market in terms of you didn't have to necessarily surrender a first round pick, and there was a lot of salary retention with the cap set to raise, but they could they could connect leverage out of that type of thing. But at the same time, there weren't many outstanding players, but there was one, and his name is Jake Hansell, and they got him like that.

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Investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. They think they're very cerebral when it comes to things like this and to a fault at some time. Sometimes it's like just do the thing, right? But because they hadn't done the thing in the past, they got to do like the best thing. So I guess the patience is rewarded here. Sarah Sivian is joining us here on The Adam Gold Show.

Too many men, the podcast, you should check it out. Here's the thing about what they normally do, because I get the sense that sometimes they overthink it and they try to galaxy brain it and they try to, you know, we'll call it market inefficiencies, which is what they did really with yes, they pull you to your RV, like, oh, man, we're going to turn him into something and they didn't. He became exactly who he was. I still don't understand why Pittsburgh just gave him a two-year deal, to be perfectly honest, other than there's no real money involved. But then they do, like they did it with Tony D'Angelo a couple of years ago. They saw a depressed asset and got a lot out of him. And I think they're trying to do the exact same thing with Kuznetsov, who, when he's right, is an elite player. And they just put those two guys, Gensel and Kuznetsov, in the middle of a team that was already good.

I will say the positive thing about the depreciating assets thing is they get them for, it's a low risk, at the worst, it's a low risk, low reward, right? Like nothing happens, but they're not ever your players that are expected to be your number one center or whatever, they have those players strategically locked down. So when it comes to a Tony D'Angelo, it's like they can bench him and it doesn't matter. But when they had a best case scenario with him a few years ago, it was great, right? So they can kind of, they have flexibility with their roster, but then it's like you don't ever get the high risk, high reward, which is kind of what you need at this stage.

But now they're doing, I guess, a low risk, high reward when it comes to a Jake Gensel. I mean, point per game in the playoffs player was they played 58 playoff games, but we're talking about Kuznetsov right here. And I just love, did you hear that story about him and Rod Brind'Amour at, I think it was the 2022 All-Star game where he, yeah, they were just talking to each other, like I'm going to score on the next shift.

And then he did. And I just think I never knew about that until this trade happened. And I just think that's lovely. I think it's the perfect change of scenery.

His words were so powerful and it's really a great, a great comeback story that looks like it's on track to happen. Like a third of the Metropolitan Division roster in that All-Star game are Hurricanes. Gensel, Kuznetsov, Anderson, and Aho were all on that team. And so that was Kuznetsov's first experience playing for Rod as well.

And I talked to him about it and he loved it. And I think, and you know what the locker room is like. So it's perfect for a guy like Kuznetsov. It doesn't hurt that one of his best friends, Dmitry Orlov, is here. And, you know, Svechnikov and Kuchetkov.

So there's this Russian contingent. I think there's a great support system for him. Yeah, love it. And of course, just kind of the atmosphere and the maniacs, like they are special people, special fans. And it's, Raleigh's a great place to kind of get on track, I think. I think it's a great environment and it looks like he's going to really, they put him in a position to succeed too. Especially even if the lines end up changing, it's like, this is, I love that they come in and it's not like, oh, you have to, whatever.

They're like, no, we're going to put you in a position to succeed if you work hard. And it was kind of a mutual agreement there. Yeah, but I mean, he might not play with Gensel, but if he doesn't play with Gensel, he could be playing with Svechnikov and Neches. Yeah, he really can't go wrong.

That'll still be fine. Sarah Sivian, Bleacher Report Open Ice is joining us here on the Adam Gold Tour. You have so many, so many credits. I haven't even gotten to Elite Prospects ringside, EP ringside.

You can find Sarah everywhere. Who's the best team in the East? Oh, goodness. I mean, I'm tempted to say the Canes from the recency bias and from what they did at the deadline. I mean, but then the Panthers did what was perfect for them too. And they just had, I don't think they had an off night.

I think Freddie Anderson was absolutely fantastic from the second he got on the ice. And that really set the tone. But I think that was a combination of the hurricane showing up. We, we can rule the East too. And the Panthers, I don't know.

That was such a big game. I'm tempted to go with the hurricanes right now. I don't have to.

I think it's Florida. I know I don't have to, but I kind of want to. I want to reward them. It's very nice. The Panthers and the Hurricanes.

What do you think? No, I think Florida is the best team in the East. I think when Sam Bennett is, you know, is back and healthy and they get fully healthy on defense.

I think they're the best team, but I don't think that they are unbeatable in any way, shape or form. And Carolina shut them out now in their last two times in the PNC arena. The Kachette golf game three weeks ago was one of the greatest one, nothing games. There should have been eight goals in that game. Like, there should have been goals at both ends of the ice.

And Bobrovsky and Kachette golf just took turns making stupid saves. It was incredible. It's just an incredible game. But I think those are the two best teams. I understand there are Rangers fans listening to us going, we just beat you and we won the season series.

I understand that. And I think the Rangers are really good. I don't think there's a huge difference between the two, but I think Carolina is probably a little bit better. The Rangers are a little inconsistent to me year after year. And then you have, I was a little underwhelmed by their trade deadline.

I like Alex Winberg. I think he's a good addition to what their team does. But I think there's too many factors that I don't know are going to pan out when it comes to the Rangers, when it comes to their younger players that are supposed to make an impact. And you see when Loughran years on, they win every single game.

But when he's off, they lose. There's too many variables that I'm not sure about where teams like the Hurricanes and the Panthers have just been more consistent over a longer period of time. The funny thing about Carolina is that they have had two winning streaks longer than three games all year. A five-game winning streak and a four-game winning streak.

That's it. The Rangers, just in the last 20-some-odd games, have had two six-game winning streaks and a ten and a four. It's just they are, they get out the long runs, but they also go through two, three weeks where they don't play well and they lose a bunch of games.

That's the only reason why it's a four-point spread with 16 games left to play. Final thing for you, Sarah Seveen. Who's the best team in the West? The Canucks. I got a ride with them. You know what? The Avalanche.

I'm just thinking about it. You know, Nathan McKinnon is an absolute wagon, a beast. It's so fun to watch him play. When you think about the best team, along the season, you've had the Canucks show that they are resilient, but the Abs hadn't necessarily, after their one stick where there was a little bit of drama, they haven't had to be resilient. They just are powerful, and they have Nathan McKinnon. I love kind of what they did at the deadline to do these maneuvering moves where you improve down the middle, you get contracts set in if Landis Gogg is coming back, then if Landis Gogg is coming back, what a story that is. And I like Sean Walker. I like how he fits as a defensive kind of rover in their system.

So I don't know, McKinnon is absolutely unstoppable, and he's having the best year of his career. So I got to go with the Abs. Yeah, they are. They are very good. The Jim Allen Group, your partner in real estate.
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