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Burns, Luvu, and others are gone from the Carolina Panthers roster

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March 12, 2024 4:08 pm

Burns, Luvu, and others are gone from the Carolina Panthers roster

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 12, 2024 4:08 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on the Carolina Panthers getting rid of Burns, Luvu, and others; while adding a couple of guards.

Did the Panthers make a good move with the trades they’ve made over the past 24 hours? What’s the potential future for the Panthers, with the roster they have right now? What are the Philadelphia Eagles doing?


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Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Let me get to what the Panthers have done. In the grand scheme of things, and I've said this before, I am not anti the moves they have made so far. The shiny object, of course, is the fact that Brian Burns goes for a second and a fifth next year, and then there's, you know, nobody's talking about the big move of swapping fifth-round picks, which gets you from 141 to 140, you know, just in front of the Giants in the fifth round this year. So that's an enormous move.

But, you know, when you look at it, they gave up more for Sam Darnold than they're getting for Brian Burns. That's what I can't square. I forgot, but that's a really good one. I might steal that for a tweet. Take it.

Yeah, I will. Look, here's the thing. You know, we don't, I mean, the Panthers needed to come out aggressively if it wasn't true and say that the Rams offered the two first and the second was never out there.

They haven't done that. And so it's let everybody, I mean, myself included, to believe and to understand that the Rams did in fact offer them that. And I think, you know, I know you, I think you quote tweeted my, what I, what I tweeted out there, but, um, you know, this is a case of, there does feel like the same guy who told the Rams, no thanks. I told him the front office and tell the Rams, no, thanks. Is the same guy who allowed the relationship between the front office and basically the David Tepper, in my opinion was like, no, we're not trading him. And then came out and then was like, he, his relationship, he, he basically said, I'm not paying Brian Burns $30 million a year. And the relationship between Tepper and the front office with Todd France, Brian burns agent, who has done a good job taking hard lines dances and did it with dad, Prescott, and the Cowboys. Um, you know, like in burns himself deteriorated to the point that Tepper basically realized they were going to get nothing.

I mean, they're going to get a third round compensatory tech at best, which is the end of the third round. If they didn't sign him or trade him this off season, uh, cause he's just going to leave next off season. It was me too prohibitive to tag him. And so ultimately I think Tepper said, we're not paying him that go get the best offer you can get to Dan Morgan. And so now you make Dan Morgan look stupid because you wouldn't take the two first and you do take a second round pick, which as you point out is less than what you take.

I don't have a problem. And I told you when we were talking about Brian Burns being tagged, I thought he would be traded. I don't have a problem with trading Brian Burns. It actually makes all the sense in the world because you were going to get, um, late third. Again, at best, basically compensatory formula. And then, you know, whoever you sign and all that it's one more year down the road to by letting him walk next year.

So getting something now is great. But it's just clear that this from this, this ownership group and by extension, the front office, because they do what they, what the boss tells them to do, doesn't understand how to stay away from the football being involved in the football aspect of things. And clearly it doesn't have a good grasp on what to do in terms of terms of managing a team. I liked it. They went outside to offensive line to interior offensive lineman protects price on the inside. It's going to make you better on the left at left tackle. Like it's going to improve your office, your office, your office as a whole for sure.

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And I thought it was two ones and a three and then it's two ones and a two. I just can't for the life of me understand why for somebody who doesn't throw for 4,500 yards would you would decline that who's not about to wear a hall of fame jacket. And I don't care what anybody's opinion is of Brian burns today.

He is not, you know, ticketed for Canton. I just don't understand how that's not the easiest. Okay. Ever ever. Yeah.

I mean a thousand times in a row. I would do that. I mean, I'll quote my buddy Franklin from from ATW. We were talking about the movie yesterday on our text chat on our text thread, but he's like who would turn down to first for any non quarterback, right? Like I mean, maybe primary and Donald you could justify it with or maybe somebody offers you to first-round pitch for any player that is not a franchise quarterback. You take it. It's a and there's a lot of quarterbacks when you take it. If somebody offered somebody over the panthers to first for Bryce Young right now. Yeah, absolutely a hundred percent and again, no smart keys was right. That's true. No offense to Bryce Young.

All right. We need to move off of that because it's one of those things that we could spend here every time I think about it. I get more angry at what and I don't and what I keep trying to tell people is that I am not a fan. I have no emotional tie to the organization. But what I do have an emotional tie to is teams that routinely do the wrong thing. Maybe I'm scarred by being a Jets fan for most of my life for being a Mets fan for being a Knicks fan, right? I grew up and I'm still a Mets fan. I could care less what the Knicks do or what the Jets do. But when teams do continuously do the wrong thing, it makes me angry and the Panthers just like I like what they did. I like Robert Hunt.

I like Damian Lewis. I think those are really two really good additions. Yeah, Robert Hunter, Robert Hunter, really good player. And that's like, you know, spending in the, in the, in the, in the interior on the interior offensive line is sort of an underrated thing that is it like, you know, no, everyone's talking about the Brian Burns trade. Nobody's talking about the Robert Hunt deal.

And that's just because like guards, you know, by buying interior office alignment isn't very sexy. But I mean, that's, that's a smart move. Like the Panthers outside of not getting enough for Brian Burns and having it directly compared to the offer they had from the Rams. The Panthers have not had a bad off season or bad free agent.

No, I like it. I, you know, I would have rather than kept Frankie Louvou, but that price tag is probably above and beyond where they wanted to go for somebody like that. So for starters, yet her gross matters is now at San Francisco burns in New York. Dante Jackson is going to sign somewhere. I don't think Dante Jackson is a tremendous loss in my opinion. And Louvou so for defensive starters are out. I trust the rest of that defense.

Hopefully JC horn will be healthy. And now you got to go and while they're going to release Von Bell to so another important part of that defense is going to be out. But I trust is your ever owed to, to put together a good defense. And now you get a little bit more draft capital, not a ton. But you got two picks early in the second round. And those two early second day picks me if you want, you could parlay those into a first first. Um, but I frankly, I think they need you. Well, yeah, they need, they need bodies for sure. You also, you know, I mean, you're saving some, you know, saving some money.

You don't have to worry about, you know, using the 50 rocks. I mean, if you didn't fit your options night, but I mean, in reality, like we're players good enough. Um, you know, you sign in before the fifth year option becomes necessary to even utilize. And I think too, with this draft class and the Panthers needs. And it wouldn't be surprising. They were in on Calvin Ridley. I'm not saying it'd be a good idea to say it wouldn't be surprised where or, or you take one of those tunes and you send it to 69 for T Higgins. I mean, that's not a bad idea either.

Right? Like I think if you're, I think you're sensing in years, the Panthers already 39, definitely they offered you 33. You would consider doing it because it does feel like things are, are like the way that since he operates with the franchise tag, we've seen it, um, uh, you know, with, uh, they did it with, uh, they did it with, uh, the, um, showing a Jesse Bates, the safety of signing in Atlanta. They, they let these guys play out these one year tag deals and let them walk. And so if you're the Bengals and you can get that high of a pick, would you do it for T Higgins, you know, local Clemson guy.

I don't think that's a terrible idea, but regardless, you know, this, if the papers don't do either of those routes with Ridley or Higgins, this draft class is so deep at wide receiver. It's insane. Right. You know, it's very deep. It's very deep on the offensive line as well. There's all these quarterbacks, right? I mean, as people were like, well, there's nine or 10 wide receivers who grow in the first round. Well, I mean, there's only 32 pick. There's a really good chance that like one or two of these wide receivers who are high quality players could flip to the second round. You have Jonathan Mingo, you know, who you think is going to be a, a pretty good player. Do we?

Okay. I mean, he's a rookie, man. Like I'm not going to sweat anybody's performance in whatever the hell happens.

That is a very good point. I, sometimes I forget because Mingo was so unimpressive. I forget that Bryce Young was also unimpressive. And I'm giving Bryce Young the benefit of the doubt that it was more about the environment than anything else. So I'll give the same benefit of the doubt to Jonathan Mingo. I personally wouldn't waste any draft picks on trading for veteran players.

Not a single one. Not, not understanding that T Higgins is definitely available from Cincinnati, but I would use all of my draft picks to build my team. And he might, he might, he might not be. And the reality is you're not, you're playing devil's avocado with myself here, but like you, you know, you're not a team that's going to compete in the, you know, in, in, in the NFL in 2024, more than likely through the Panthers.

Right? I mean, you're, it's, it's very reasonable to expect that they're going to struggle again this coming season. T Higgins is likely going to be a free agent. It'll be 26.

You can go and, I mean, make him a monster offer and you might be willing to come and play in Carolina for the right amount of cash. For the ones who get it done at Grainger. We're here for you with professional grade industrial supplies, count on real time product availability and fast delivery call click or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done.

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Save up to 25% your first year at slash aware. Will Brunson is joining us here on the Adam gold show. All right, real quick, Saquon Barkley to the Eagles, other than Tiki Barber being upset, which I think he was just sort of joking, and I have no problem with it. Saquon didn't take it that way. Well, yeah, he absolutely took it seriously, which whatever I don't think, which probably portends that they didn't have a very good relationship anyway, which would which, which I guess would, I think put Saquon Barkley in a long line of people that don't have a great relationship with Tiki Barber, he seems to be somewhat I mean, I have a great relationship with Tiki Barber. I've spoken with him several times, and I've liked him very much.

He's incredibly honest. I don't know why he puts off, you know, fellow athletes, but my I still think that Philadelphia I don't understand what Philadelphia is doing. I mean, didn't they have a running back who was at least as good as him just now?

Yeah, they had the other swift to the other judges. He went to Chicago. It's been a while. It's like the craziest running back market ever. They just traded for him. And then now they let him walk. And now I don't know, maybe they saved some money with with Saquon Barkley, who at least can catch the ball in the backfield.

I know. I mean, I don't think we've seen the full blown contract in financials on Saquon, but I mean, it's like 12 million a year, which is, you know, it's a lot, but I mean, it's probably a lot of funny money in there. And I, I think you can make the case that, you know, Saquon obviously taking it to is a terrible idea. But as a player, as it was just as a player, when he's healthy, man, he is when credible, when he's healthy, when he's healthy. But I mean, like if you're in the Eagles, you believe you can keep him healthy and you can, you know, operate, like you believe your analytics and your approach to player usage and running back.

And you should get the most out of guys. And we've seen it like they got the most out of DeAndre Swift. They had the most out of Miles Sanders under mixed reality. They get the most out of Saquon Barkley. Then that can end up being a pretty decent signing. I'm not in the, I'm not in the mode of like paying running back and free agency.

That's just not my thing. The draft, the running back in the fifth round, you probably just as good. And I do, I do want Derek Henry to get signed by the Ravens. That would be fun. Derek Henry and Lamar Jackson together. Absolute dream and a nightmare for defenders, a nightmare for defenders. And at least somebody, the Ravens can, I believe, even in his advanced age, count on to be healthy, which you can't say about any of their running backs over the last, I don't know how many years.

Seems like every year they lose all of their running backs to season ending injuries. Will will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS My friend, I appreciate your time.

I'll talk to you soon. For the ones who work hard to ensure their crew can always go the extra mile and the ones who get in early so everyone can go home on time. There's Granger offering professional grade supplies backed by product experts so you can quickly and easily find what you need. Plus, you can count on access to a committed team ready to go the extra mile for you call click or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done.
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