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UNC came away with a win over Duke in Cameron

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 11, 2024 3:28 pm

UNC came away with a win over Duke in Cameron

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 11, 2024 3:28 pm

Jay Bilas, ESPN, on the huge rivalry matchup between Duke vs UNC in Cameron this past Saturday and what he saw from each team.

What do Adam and Jay disagree on when it comes to Duke’s defense? What does Jay think about the talent each team brings and whether or not one out shines another? Who did Jay see really step up on both teams and which players did not? What’s the impressive thing to Jay about UNC? What did Jay think about Kyle Filipowski’s latest on the court move that has people talking? Was it a trip? Which teams are good and worth of getting into the tournament, but may not this year?

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Save up to 25% your first year at slash aware. For somebody who likes to, you know, we want to fix college basketball, here's my one plan for college basketball. The Duke Carolina game has to be the last game shown on television every time it's played because every game after that looks like it's being played in a production studio. There's just no way to match that environment. The next game just seems like, is this real?

I don't know. Just thinking out loud, it's really more about the atmosphere that you have at Cameron or at the Smith Center. Yeah, you could do that, but it would just push the game later. I mean, that 6.30 window it's been in lately is a pretty good one. So I think you do that game for its own sake and everybody else is going to have to compete with it.

I don't know that putting it at a different time really enhances anything else or all that. It's always our highest-rated game for a reason. It's an unbelievable event. John Shire said after the game, and I really want to make this about going forward. John Shire said after the game that all of the problems are correctable or that are in their control. And I would agree with that, except that I'm not sure that they're in his control against North Carolina and the way they play. Because I think that's their MO, their defense first mentality. I think that's pretty tough for Duke to compete with.

I don't necessarily agree with that. I mean, Carolina got all the loose balls and that's not a defense thing. And there are a lot of teams that are defense first. Houston is defense first.

It's not horribly unusual. It's a little bit unusual for Carolina that you're not talking about their transition game or their offensive rebounding or how powerful they are offensively. They could really score, but it's not like in years past where they had all this lottery talent, they could just roll up 80, 90, 100 points in those games like their own nine team. It's been a long time since, and I can't remember it frankly, where defense was the lead story with North Carolina. But after the initial sort of punch in the mouth that Duke got, they were competitive and got it down to one possession. I think it was how they started and Carolina set the tone and it was one of physicality and they were men and Duke didn't match it.

But once they started to match it later on in the game, it is just too big of a hill to climb. How do you quantify that shot that Cadeau made? He doesn't make that. It's different.

Or maybe it's different, I should say. Cormac Ryan at 31 points, he's knocking shots down. But the first two or three that he got were off of Duke mistakes and let him out in transition.

He basically hit two threes from the same spot in the right corner in the first five minutes of the game. Duke was on the canvas and had to get back up. But I think those things are correctable. That wasn't schematic and neither was doing your work early to come off the screen.

Set your man up and do those things. Duke wasn't doing that early and they started doing it much better late. But in a way, it was kind of too late. Jay Bilas is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. You said they're older, they're men. It actually sounds like Mike Krzyzewski because he has said that before about other teams. But North Carolina is. Their top four scorers, those players not named Elliott Cadeau, have all got a ton of college basketball miles on them. Maybe not all here.

Harrison Ingram of the top four players, he's like the baby and he's a junior. So maybe this is his first go-around in playing games of this magnitude. That stuff all matters, doesn't it? It can. Again, you're talking about a game where I can't remember the final score, but it was six, seven points or something. And it was a one-possession game late in the game. So it's not like we're talking about a gigantic gap that one team beat the other by 25.

We've had games like that in the past, but it wasn't that. Duke is comparably talented. They're probably not quite as deep, but it's not like North Carolina. They're Final Four capable. They're really good, but it's not like they have a huge talent gap. And they've got three guys that can make shots. RJ Davis and Cormac Ryan and Harrison Ingram. No other player on the team had even made threes on the season going into that game.

And I'm not sure that's even changed. I think Cadeau had eight, and now he's got nine after hitting that one. The shot clock went off.

You might have 10, but that's pretty extraordinary. But their role players come in, play their roles. Seth Trimble is a really good defender. And you'd say play him for the drive, and he drives anyway because he's a powerful athlete and powerful driver. And that goes for Cadeau. I mean, Cadeau doesn't make shots consistently, but he gets into the lane and makes things happen. And he's gotten more aggressive and better as the season comes and has gone along. So if they run into a game where somebody decides they're going to take RJ Davis out and turn them into more of a two-point scorer and you have Ryan and Ingram not consistently able to make shots, anybody can get clipped in that scenario.

That's what I'm talking about. This is not sort of a North Carolina team that's had the kind of lottery talent they've had in the past, but what's the impressive thing to me is how gritty and together they are. And they're willing to do the quote unquote, the dirty work out there. Adam Gold here with my man coach Pete DeRuta, Capital Financial Advisory Group. Are most of your clients hands-on or they just give you their money and let it work for them? 90% give the money and then we meet every year and go through status reports, have a financial pit stop, make sure everything's fine. It is like a puzzle, Adam, but for the next 10 of you will solve your own retirement puzzle at no cost or obligation.

Call and claim your comprehensive review with coach Pete and the team, 888-843-0013 or text Adam to 600-700. Adam Gold is a paid spokesman, investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. That not every team is willing to do collectively and and nobody seems to be discontent with their role. They seem to be embracing it and people like me say that because it sounds good, but I really think, you know, I really think that's true with North Carolina this year. It is, it is obvious that they absolutely do embrace all of their roles and the only thing that really matters is winning. I don't want to belabor all the point.

I don't want to waste too much of your time with it. But I know that there are a lot of people that saw what Kyle Filipowski did with Brandon Ingram, rather Harrison Ingram, and they were both culpable in the initial part of the of the incident. Do you have any thoughts on, I mean, I don't think anything should happen in terms of discipline, but any thoughts on what we saw?

Yeah, sure. You know, when it happened and we saw the replay, you know, it was clear that it was an intentional trip to me. And I don't know if you were listening to the game, but I know we've seen this movie before because the first thing you think of is Grace and Alan situation. And it's probably not fair. Like, like, you know, Filipowski should have had a flagrant one called on him. The referees didn't see it as far as I know. And there was no move to go over to the replay. If they'd seen the replay, it would have been an F1 and that would have been the end of it. Filipowski would still be listening to the same thing because, you know, anything that happens with Duke and I'm sure with North Carolina and all that stuff, the big shots, it gets magnified.

But I'm not sure it's necessarily fair to Filipowski that he has to drag the grace now and stuff with them, but he needs to be mindful of that, that, uh, uh, people are going to paint him in that light. Um, and then, you know, the, the thing at the end of the game, um, you know, I'm sure people who are Duke fans are saying, well, the Carolina fans should have been, or the Carolina players should have been saying anything to the crowd. And then the crowd starts throwing stuff.

And you know, I'm, I'm pretty, um, law and order when it comes to that. Like, I think when the crowd says whatever they want, you got to expect the players to say whatever they want. I have no problem with that.

Say whatever you want. Well, you know, within decorum, you can't be a complete loser on that, but, but, uh, once you throw something, I mean, they need to identify whoever threw anything and either, you know, suspend them from going to games. Uh, you know, if you want to take the, the, you know, sort of the extreme route, you can give them some sort of citation or whatever.

I mean, that's a, that's, that's not acceptable anywhere. And, uh, and so that should be dealt with. And if Duke doesn't do that, I think they're missing the boat.

There are cameras all over the place in that building. They can find out who did it. And, uh, and if they do find out they should face some sort of disciplinary action with their students, then the school can do it, uh, through the, you know, student, uh, undergraduate disciplinary board or whatever. Or they can say, Hey, no more games for you. Can't come back to games for a year, six months or whatever they want to do. Um, but, but it shouldn't just be, Hey, don't do that again. Uh, everybody kind of knows the rules in that you throw something on the court, bang, you're out. Uh, I don't, I don't think that's controversial to say that Jay Billis is joining us here on the Adam Gold show a couple of quick things. Then we'll let you go.

And I appreciate your time today. Um, the ACC has fought a perception problem. It might not even be a perception problem. I think North Carolina is good enough to win it all. I think Duke, if they catch some breaks, I think can get to the final four and then you throw your, uh, your hat in the ring. Uh, I don't think that there's anybody else that I can see getting that far in the league.

It really is kind of top heavy. Uh, how do you see the ACC versus, uh, versus the, the bracketologists? Well, I think the league is better than it gets credit for further down. And that's sort of the issue. We're living in a world now where how many teams you get into the tournament. Uh, is sort of the determining factor and how good of a league you are.

I don't particularly see it that way. But, uh, you know, the ACC probably does have some work to do and doing what some of these other leagues have done with, uh, with consulting the analytics and making sure that the schedules of all the teams in their league are helpful to the league. And the ACC has got a problem right now that they can't, you know, the Jim Phillips couldn't do anything about, you know, you had some coaching turnover and some things like that, where some of the brand names in the league are not as good as they've been. Um, you know, Louisville's not any good Notre Dame's rebuilding.

Um, uh, you got, uh, Syracuse had a coaching change and they've done a good job, but they probably are, are outside looking in, in the bubble discussion right now. And you know, there are other teams we could, you know, Miami's had all these injuries, so they're not as good as they've been. So that's really drag, drag the league down. If you lose to one of those teams, you take a huge hit.

If you beat one of those teams, it doesn't help you. And so I think there's going to have to be some scheduling. But if you look at some scheduling revisions in the future to make sure that they're doing it according to what benefits the league overall. And like, if you look at, at some of the middle teams in the ACC, you'd have a hard time convincing me that, that they're not, uh, just as good, if not better than some of the teams that are being talked about as no brainers in the mountain west. And, and what I would do, and I'm not trying to be disrespectful to the mountain west, but I will, I will tell you, and I've said this publicly. If I were commissioner of the ACC, I would call the mountain west and I would schedule an ACC mountain west challenge tomorrow. And I would tell the commissioner, we'll play every game at your place.

And, and like, you know, just go out and start and start fixing this perception issue by or through, through playing. And you may get a black eye, this team may lose, that team may lose, but, uh, but I think overall the league would do very well in one of those things. You know, if we had the football committee, we could watch, we could have them watch Pitt or Wake play and go, yeah, those teams look like somebody I wouldn't want to play because I think Pitt's got players. I think Wake's got players. Look, I know they've lost on the road and maybe we can say to Wake Forest, you shouldn't have lost to Notre Dame, although Notre Dame was certainly much better at the end of the season than they were at the beginning of the season. Uh, but those look like teams that can not only, uh, you know, win a game, but maybe win two or even three given the right matchup.

Uh, and I think Pitt's got maybe a, uh, a couple of pros on it, especially in the back court. I just think those teams are really good and they might not even get in. They are good and they are worthy of getting in, but there, but we had the same discussion last year with Clemson. Like I couldn't believe that the committee left Clemson out. They're not gonna leave them out this year, but they left them out last year and you're kind of going, what are you guys watching? But, uh, but the truth is like, they can't make these judgments. They're, they're, they're looking at all these teams and some of the records look similar and they were, it really just gets down to accounting exercise. Like how many quad one games did you win and how many quad twos and what's your record here? To me, you don't even consider anything that's outside.

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Sign up for your one dollar a month trial at slash listen. You're not going to play any of those teams in the NCAA tournament if you're out of the bubble. Right. So it should be, can you beat the really good teams out there? And if you, if you can't, and I get it, some of these other smaller conference teams don't get as many bites at the apple, but that's not Pitt's fault. And that's not Clemson's fault. And that's not, you know, you named the bubble team.

Right. That's not, that's not, you know, it's almost like they say like this year with Indiana state, you know, Indiana state lost a heartbreaking game to Drake and they won 28 games and they may get left out of the tournament. And people's hearts bleed for Indiana state. They were crying after the game, but, and I get that.

I think that's right. But, but you know, it's really a question of, well, who do you want to make cry? You know, do you think the pit players wouldn't cry if they were left out? Of course they would. And, and so I think the committee has a responsibility to take the best teams after the automatic qualifiers are in and they're going to make somebody cry. And the idea that a major conference players don't cry is kind of absurd. Yeah. Well, they're going to make fewer schools cry later on when they expand to whatever number they're ultimately going to expand to.

So you're going to have to give us the illustrator, look at the top 78, 86, 90, whatever. Are you ready? They're just going to make the fans cry when they do that. Cause who wants to, who wants to watch that?

Or you when you have to write that. Yeah. I'm not, I'm not interested in that, but they're, they're probably going to do it because they're worried that the big shots are going to break away if they don't get what they want. But the idea that we're going to take a 68 team tournament and make it even bigger, you're kind of going really like, come on now, you know, why throw more banana peels in the way of the very best teams to win a national championship? It's a national championship event. It's not everybody gets a trophy and I don't know why we keep doing this, but you know, every time we make it better, people watch it. Well, that's right. That's why they're doing it because they, they believe it will make them more money. And every decision in college sports these days is made for one reason and one reason only.

And that is the sad part about it. Jay Billis. I appreciate your time, sir. At Jay Billis on Twitter. You're going to DC, right? I'm in DC. Oh, you're already there. Yeah. I just learned when I landed that it's the nation's capital. So that was a nice, nice for me to learn. Very nice. You're all, it's already an educational trip.

It's been great. So across the street from the Smithsonian, so I may go in there. Uh, yeah. Go to archives. Archives is fun. I'm a big fan. Uh, thank you, Jay. I appreciate your time. Thank you. You got it. Jay Billis here on the Adam Gold show. We'll be right back.
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