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A view from someone at Super Bowl LVlll

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February 13, 2024 3:26 pm

A view from someone at Super Bowl LVlll

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February 13, 2024 3:26 pm

Bridget Condon, NFL Network, on the things that bothered her about the game and where things went wrong for the 49ers and went right for the Chiefs.

How does Bridget feel about the Kyle Shanahan decision to get the ball in OT vs give the ball to the Kansas City Chiefs? What’s a team in each conference she believes will be successful? How was it in Vegas and why does she say she’ll never go back?


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For the ones who get it done. Bridget Condon, NFL Network is joining us. She escaped the studio just to talk to us.

I feel honored. What have you guys been talking about all day long? Well, there's this guy named Patrick Mahone. Have you heard of him? He's in State Farm commercials. He does insurance.

Yes, and I think a burger commercial with his coach too. Oh, yeah. Well, that's a State Farm. That's the whole thing. That's where they're discussing. They're talking about bundling and it's really like happiness. He also talks about cell phones.

Right, absolutely. Oh my gosh. Do you imagine Andy Reid with a cookout tray? You know, one thing that I really miss about North Carolina is cookout and Bojangles. Like, don't even get me started on Bojangles.

But yeah, Andy Reid with either thing would be amazing. But yeah, we've just been talking a lot about him. Obviously, his youth. He's only 28. Doesn't that make you feel old? There's a lot of things that make me feel old, Bridget. Mostly because I am, but that's fine. I'm okay with it. No, it's okay.

He makes me feel old and I'm not old. But anyways, he's had so much success. That's the big story. The parade is tomorrow on NFL Network.

I mean, that is like must watch television. You never know. Is Taylor going to be there? I don't think she's going to be there. I don't think she's coming to the parade. Although maybe, maybe she's on the float with Travis. Is Jason going to be there? Oh, that's like awkward, right?

You can't do that. I mean, Jason was in every video I saw from the after party. That is something that Jason probably needs to explain. That mask.

I've seen that mask in other settings. I didn't necessarily want to see it like at a club in Vegas. And where was Kylie?

She was like, you go have your phone. I'm going home. I guess. I mean, it's a late night.

It's a late night for everybody. Are we still litigating Kyle Shanahan? Take the ball. Don't take the ball. Are we buying the decision on its face?

You know what my problem is? Why are we pointing? Why do we always have to have these conversations after a coach makes a call? Because had they had gone down and scored and then the chief gotten a shot like their defense, here's the thing. Their defense was gassed.

Okay. So what I think about is had he deferred, put his defense right back out there after being gassed and letting Patrick Mahomes come and tie the game. I think the chief would have scored instantly. Maybe, you know, and then it's like, okay, yeah, well, then they would have known they had to go for a touchdown instead of kicking field goal.

Well, what if they hadn't made it? Everybody would have been saying, Oh, he should have deferred it to give the, or like he should have taken the ball first to give the defensive break. Like, it's just, I don't think it's fair to say that that game came down to that moment. You know, they had an opportunity to win the game. They had multiple opportunities to win the game.

I don't think it's fair to say this is the one thing. This is the coach's fault. Had they deferred, they would have won the game. I don't think that we can put that much emphasis on that one decision. We just sort of went through this with Dan Campbell anyway. My assertion is that Dan Campbell would have won the Super Bowl if he was coaching the 49ers.

Here's why I understand your point. And I said the same thing after Dan Campbell was just lambasted for all the go for it, don't go for it stuff in the NFC Championship game. Because the a lot of weird things had to happen for the Lions to lose that game anyway, including a long completion off the face of one of their own players, which is a great play by Brandon Ayuk, but it's still an improbability that anything like that would happen to hurt you. Because at that point, San Francisco had not done much offensively. But here, the response to should they have kicked it or taken the ball, if, and I think you're right that their defense was gassed, if Kansas City goes down and scores, you're in the same position that you would have been when you first got the ball. Because, see, to me, it's a good decision to go to take the ball first. If you score a touchdown, if you don't score a touchdown, then you're handing the ball to Patrick Mahomes against theoretically a gas defense, and you're about to get beat because he's not going to he's not going to stop with just a field goal. Here's the other thing, though, and this is what Kyle Shanahan said.

Now, this is where I get confused, and I think a lot of people were confused because of the new rules. I think what Kyle Shanahan was thinking is we're going to score a touchdown. The Chiefs are going to get the ball, they're going to score a touchdown, then I want the ball back. Can you get the ball back a third time? If you score a field goal, is that game over?

Yes, right. So that would have worked if you scored a touchdown. If you scored a touchdown, then it works. Don't you say, like, coach, you want the coach to believe in this team, you want the ball in your hand, you want to win the game. You don't play to lose the game, you play to win the game. That's what he was doing. He was setting up his team to win the game. He wasn't saying, oh, in his mind, they weren't going to score a field goal, they were going to score a touchdown. Alright, then on third and four, play it like it's two down territory.

That was a horrible, yeah, I wanted to see something different. So I get, if Kyle Shanahan said we wanted the third possession, okay, then you make sure you get a third possession by doing everything in your power to score a touchdown. Here's what I think, when he kicked the field goal, he knew. He knew how it was going to end. But hold on, hold on, because their defense had Patrick Mahomes on second and long, third and long. They had opportunity.

And it doesn't matter. The thing that bothers me, and you could say Steve Wilkes deserves, you know, some slack against the way that he was having his defense, his corners, like so far off. You know, like trying to protect the middle of the field or like trying to make sure they didn't throw a bomb. But because of that, Patrick Mahomes took off, you know, like, so why, why isn't that getting, you know, the attention that Kyle Shanahan's decision making is? I think it will from Kyle Shanahan. But going in, going into the Super Bowl, the talk was the 49ers play more zone than any team in the league, and that's going to leave the middle of the field open. It left the middle of the field open against Detroit.

It left the middle of the big guy. You mean you saw the Green Bay game? I mean, San Francisco was lucky to escape that. So I look, I think the criticism of Shanahan is fair. Great green log being, you know, that whole freak accident. That is a huge impact to that maybe isn't being talked about enough.

That's also Kyle Shanahan's fault. Why? No, it's not. It's not. Come on. Oh, my God. You're a hater.

I will say this. It's more enjoyable to watch things go wrong for Kyle Shanahan. I don't know why. He's that guy. What do you have against him? I don't. I like Kyle Shanahan. He just seems to take everything personally.

That's just an observation. I hope he destroys your Panthers next year. No, I'm just kidding. I want the Panthers to do well. I am agnostic to teams. I don't have a team anymore. I have a team and I hope it's not. Yes, Victoria has a team. Victoria is a Panthers fan. I root for the show. That's all I root for. Would you pick right now, Bridget Condon NFL Network? Would you take right now the Chiefs toward a third straight Super Bowl? I'll give you the Chiefs or the field.

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And because of the way that literally passion home did not have any help. Imagine what they can do this this off season who they can bring in there. Like we're talking about Tyree kill leaving and everybody was like, oh, they're never going to get back. They've won two Super Bowls now without him. You're telling me they have an off season where they can get some weapons in there and have a little bit of cap space to make things work. Yeah, I'm taking the Jeeves.

Thanks, Amy. Like it's a situation where you never bet against Patrick Mahomes like like we never bet against Tom Brady. Like, yeah, it's probably going to it's probably going to happen. Yeah, here's the thing. I compared it's not a what? It's not really an apple to apple thing here. But the the Patrick Mahomes experience to me based on he's only won three Super Bowls. Brady won seven.

So it's really hard to say, well, Mahomes is better than Brady. But for me, it's very much like Tiger Woods versus Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus has so many, you know, three more major championships than Tiger does. But I believe in my heart that Tiger was by a long, a long way, the better player, the better golfer than Nicklaus was. Tiger's peak just because of injury didn't last as long. But if we're just counting, then yeah, Brady Brady wins. But there's something to be said for there was a time where it was if you gave me Tiger or the field, I would always take Tiger. And we're sort of entering that.

It's almost like it's almost like LeBron versus the NBA. I, I think, too, with Andy Reid coming back, I know there were retirement rumors. You shut those down like hard this week. Travis Kelsey's coming back. Chris Jones. Like, we're not talking enough about him, too, and his impact that defense.

He's back solo. Are you kidding me? Like they we talked, I feel like this entire regular season about the Niners defense, the Ravens defense, like these disciplined teams. We weren't talking enough about the chief defense and it's only going to get better. Yeah, which is scary.

It's scary. This is the year that Patrick Holmes was supposed to not be in the Super Bowl. We'll get to that year eventually. Maybe not.

I don't know. All right. Final thing for Bridget Condon NFL Network.

I appreciate your time. First of all, have you recovered from your your time in Vegas? You know, that was my first time ever going to Vegas other than like a Raiders game. And I never want to go back. Well, I will say this. We aren't allowed to gamble like for working full network.

So I didn't like lose any money or anything. But it's just such a wild, wild place. Like I literally looked out to the street one day and there was a full like six foot Elmo and then there was Elvis on like a motorized wheelchair. And I was like like doing circles in the middle of the street. I was like, this is America, baby.

Like what? Where am I? It's freezing to like I hear it's supposed to be nice. It's not cold.

It is winter even in the desert. You also just described like Midtown Manhattan. But that's another matter altogether. Midtown Manhattan. Fresh air in Manhattan. Like the cigarette smoke in the casinos.

What are we doing? You know, smoke inside. I didn't know that. I didn't know. Oh, my God.

Disgusting. When I was in New York City for the Super Bowl, the it was the Broncos and the Seahawks, the Denver Bronco. You know, the live mascot was in New York. And it's like somebody was walking it in Times Square and nobody, nobody paid attention. People, there is a white horse wearing Broncos gear in Times Square and nobody is stopping and taking pictures.

These are the things that just kind of blend in in Manhattan. All right. Final question for you. Give me a team in each conference that you're thinking about next year.

All right. Look, I'm going to start with the AFC. I'm going to say the Chargers.

I know that I cover them and you're going to think I'm biased. The last time the Super Bowl was in New Orleans, it was the Harbaugh Super Bowl. Oh, that's right. Correct.

I believe so. We have that yesterday from our research team. I think Jim Harbaugh is the right guy for this job. They have the fifth pick in the draft. They're not going to mess this up. They have to be better.

They have to be good. The AFC. Yes, we talk about the Chiefs, but like I think it was wide open for many of these teams.

I think the same thing goes next year. I know that Aaron Rodgers is back, but I still don't have 100 percent certainty in the Jets organization. OK, now NFC. Look, I want to say the Lions. I want to see the Packers. I feel like I should say the Panthers to like give people some high place. I do think they're going to be better with Dave Canales. I wish they had their draft pick.

That is driving me crazy. So instead, I'm going to say the Lions like they were right there. They should have beaten the 49ers. And Dan Campbell is only going to get better. Those rookies are only going to get better.

Samuel Porter, Jameer Gibbs. So, yeah, I'm taking the Lions like I want them. I want to see them in a Super Bowl. They deserve it. I like I like those two picks.

I thought you were based based on the influence of seeing them up close. I thought you were going to go Green Bay. I know, but I can't get that to the Lions. I like the Lions, too. I think they are a team on the rise. I think one of those teams is going to be right up there. Lions chiefs in the Super Bowl because Patrick Milams has to be in there.

So, OK, Bridget Condon. What about the Bills? What about them?

I don't know. I just want to see the fans get to the Super Bowl, you know? Well, look, they were close again.

Again. But the universe knew you could not send Bills mafia to Vegas. You couldn't. It would be literally insanity. It's a very good point. It's a very good point. So it won't be any better in New Orleans. I know.

Gosh. So maybe they have a few more years until it gets. I don't know. Will Salt Lake City ever get a Super Bowl? Maybe when the Bills get there. That's where the Bills will play their Super Bowl. That would be a good place. No alcohol sales after 10 o'clock.

They have nice trolleys in Salt Lake City. You should go check it out. Oh, goodness. All right. Well. Yeah.

Looking forward. Hey, six. Sorry. Three hundred and sixty two days until the Super Bowl.

But who's counting? Not you, Bridget. Thank you so much. I'll talk to you soon. All right. Have a great day.

You too. Bridget Condon, NFL Network, joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Yeah. Where are we going to send the Bills mafia? I don't know.

How different could it be than the Kelsey's? They need snow to put out all the fires that they're setting to help. So I don't know. I don't know. Maybe some water. Oh, that might be a bad idea, too.

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