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What are the Washington Commanders going to do about a head coach?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 17, 2024 3:30 pm

What are the Washington Commanders going to do about a head coach?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 17, 2024 3:30 pm

Chick Hernandez, WUSA-TV, on who he believes the Washington Commanders will try to bring over to the team as head coach and the future of this team.

How did they go about THIS hire so quickly? Which coach would Chip prefer they hire? What does Chip think they’ll do with Sam Howell, if they did go for a QB? Would he be someone they used to get more draft capital or keep to mentor a new QB?


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No purchase necessary. When we want to find out what's going on in Washington, D.C., we talked to my friend Chick Hernandez. Nobody knows what's going on in the nation's capital more than more than Chick.

We will not talk about anything that happened in Iowa. All right, let's get to. Wow. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, why would we talk about that? Let's talk about the the Washington commanders. And just so everybody understands the respect I have for you, this is the only time I ever call them the commanders. So let's talk about the commanders and their head coaching search. We'll get to the GM hire in a minute.

And I know you've spent time with them already. So where is their focus on the hiring of the next head coach? There was talk that Bill Belichick was interested. It almost looks like it's a done deal in Atlanta. I've been floating the idea that, man, I'd go hard after Jim Harbaugh.

But where is Washington focused at this point? Well, I think if you watch the GM search and who was the top candidate, that was Adam Peters. And without Bluster, they just went in, had a bunch of meetings with different guys, brought two guys back and said, all right, we're going to take the guy that everybody in the league says is the top guy. And it's Adam Peters. So I think the same thing is going to happen with the head coach. And the top candidate right now is the guy who's still working the offensive coordinator of Detroit Lions or excuse me, the Detroit Lions.

It's Ben Johnson. I think that's I think that's where we're headed. I think we are two weeks away, depending on what the Lions do this weekend from having Ben Johnson as the next head coach. Now, I certainly obviously could be wrong, but they are looking for that. And Peters and the owner, Josh Harris, told me yesterday, looking for someone that's on the same page as those two individuals. And a lot of times you don't get that, especially if you hire your head coach first.

So this is a new thing for the commanders. They're going to do this the way that most folks think it should work, which is to have the GM first, then the head coach. And, you know, Adam Peters has been through it in San Francisco, watched it in person in New England with Belichick.

He watched how it all worked out. So I think it's going to be Ben Johnson barring a miracle. You know, if he says, hey, I like to eat live chickens, then I think it's not going to happen. But otherwise, I think it's a it's a match up made in heaven. I think they go with an offensive coordinator, which means in turn that they're probably going to get with that number to pick maybe number one, pick a quarterback. And the current offensive coordinator, Eric Bienemey, would be on his way out to find another job. That's too bad for Eric Bienemey.

You know, it's funny. You and I have talked about this. He went from, oh, he's he's definitely going to be head coach to getting no jobs two years in a row to leaving Kansas City, coming to Washington. We had there was some controversy in the middle of the year with Ron Rivera, maybe early in the year with Ron Rivera, although it might doesn't necessarily have to be about Rivera, although I think there was an element of it. And now he's not even mentioned as a future head coach, which is, I don't know, sort of odd to me. But you and I are both old enough to remember when Washington hired an offensive coordinator before they hired a head coach, then couldn't hire a head coach, and then simply named Jim Zorn the head coach. And then he announced that he was excited to be part of the burgundy and maroon or burgundy and black.

Oh, I actually maroon and black maroon and black. The best part of that whole story is he's interviewing for the OC job. And, you know, he's in his normal football gear, his sweats. And they say, listen, we'd like to stop down for a minute. Would you mind going home, putting a suit on and come back? And we're and he's like, Oh, okay. And then he comes back in a suit. And they offer that coaching job.

Like what are we doing here? Wow. That was the, that was the dude with the swinging gate.

Just play. He ran twice in a row. Yeah. Although I loved him. I loved him.

Cause I was a left-handed quarterback in high school and junior college. So we talked football all the time, but he was, he was a lunatic. So yes, that is, that is where we are.

We are coming from. And I, you know, I'm not a, I covered the team. I've covered the team since 1994.

As I said, last night on the air, I quizzed my news anchors. I said, when was the last time the commanders won a playoff game? And they said, uh, four years ago.

And I said, that was close 2005. And they're like, Holy crap. So, uh, I'm, I am, I'm excited from that standpoint that we, that there's a plan and these are nicer people. They look you in the eye when they talk, the ownership group is, is spectacular from a standpoint of being a little transparent. Um, and they're all homegrown. So with Snyder, but he's an outlier. He's a little strange dude. Um, these guys, Mark, these guys, Mark, I and Mitch rails, Josh Harris all grew up together.

Um, and, and, you know, in, in, in Maryland and followed the, the Washington Redskins back in the day, this chick Hernandez, W USA, uh, in Washington, DC, joining us here on the Adam gold show. All right. So, um, the higher of Adam Peters was stealth. How did they go about it so quickly? And if you could just also fold in some something you just referred to, but it does seem that it's not that hard to be nice and genuine, even when you're the owner of a football franchise, which man, we would love to see the Panthers owner do that every once in a while. Wow. Wow. Yeah. You guys, you guys got issues, don't you? We do.

Um, well, I mean, unless you're given friends, free drinks, aren't you? If I told them at them anyway, opposing fans, not, not, not our own fans. It's opposing fans. Okay. Oh, well, that's much better than so much better. Uh, I mean, that's the one thing Dan Snyder didn't do was to throw stuff to people. Uh, I think, you know, and I asked Adam Peters yesterday, uh, here's a plug plug, ding, ding, an exclusive interview with him that I said, you know, what was the view of the franchise prior to this ownership?

And he was very diplomatic and said, I really can't speak to that because I was so focused on what I was doing, which says the system GM at San Francisco. And that's absolute horse poop. So then you get knew what kind of joke this team was.

Um, they could fleece them in a trade and they just weren't thought of very nicely. Um, Hey guys, it is Ryan. I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm a bit of a fun fanatic when I can. I like to work, but I like fun too. It's a thing.

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And I didn't even know how stealth it was. It was all right. Let's set about getting a GM who was a top candidate. He hired Rick Spielman, former GM of the Vikings.

Then he goes against Bob Myers, who was the GM of the warriors. A stroke of genius. Bob Myers is a talent evaluator. And if you can evaluate talent, you can do that across sports. And they went and looked at it and said, who are the top candidates? They brought some guys in and then they brought two back immediately. And, and, you know, and supported Adam Peters. It was just so, it was so aligned for what he wants to do. Um, you know, he was a scout.

He began his career as a scout in new England for Belljack back in 2003. And here we are 21 years later, and now he's about to lead an NFL draft in which they have nine picks. They've got, you know, uh, what, six in the first 102 picks.

I mean, for gosh sakes, you know, and all the salary cap space you could want. So, um, I just, they just, they went about it, right. They didn't, they didn't, uh, I'm hearing my alarm clock go off. Nice. You should wake up.

Uh, I should probably do that. Uh, I thought, you know, it's always, it's always a dream talking to you. That's why, anyway, uh, that's fantastic. That's why you're a TV star. That's exactly right. So I think it made so much sense for Adam Peters, uh, from a standpoint of, uh, I'll use, it's a word I hate synergy, but it makes sense for him to join this group who obviously presented themselves at a very positive light and they're doing things in a very professional manner.

And there's no hidden agendas, nothing like that. And, and he knows that he can, as he said, I want to, I'm going to get a lot of people, but I'm going to have final say. And that's, that's other than in the draft room, when he said, I'm not going to share what the seat I'm in. I was like, well, you can pick your seat.

He goes, well, I'll be either the first, second or third chair in that room because the owner, but the owner is not going to, the owner is not going to go like in the past. Uh, take him. We want him.

Yeah. They take Dwayne Haskins. Cause he went to the late Dwayne Haskins, RIP who, because he went to high school, uh, in, uh, in DC. Look, I mean, um, there were a lot of teams that were in on Dwayne Haskins, so that doesn't have to be right. I mean, so, so let me, let me get to this since we're talking about quarterbacks before we let Chick Hernandez go, uh, W USA in DC sports anchor there. Um, the, uh, the quarterback situation they're going to take, whether, whether they have the first pick, if they want to trade up or they have the second pick, they're going to get either Caleb Williams or Drake May is my guest. Those are the two best quarterbacks in this draft.

Um, we can play around as much as we want with Jayden Daniels, but, uh, it's one of either Williams or may. Um, what do they do with Sam Howell? Do they keep Sam Howell? Cause I actually think how old profiles as a great backup quarterback forever.

If you could keep Sam as a backup because he could play a little bit, they can get you out of games. He does a lot of things. Well, he's tough. Um, I think he'd be a great backup quarterback.

I think that's his profile, uh, or did they trade him for more assets? That is a great question. And I wouldn't shut the door and Jayden Daniels just yet. Uh, I know that that's your, that's your view. I think, yes, I think the ability that he has both with his legs and his arm is, is something that to look at, because if you look at the what's going on in the league that, you know, that's, that's happening more. Um, and so I wouldn't, I'd say all three are viable and I, and I think definitely they're definitely going to pick two or one. You're absolutely right there.

They might trade up to see what Chicago wants to do. Um, the Sam Howell, uh, component, I agree with you completely. Um, he can lead a team. I mean, for a good long while he was leading the league in the numbers, which is that goes back to the enemy and why he's not getting the look. It's kind of strange to me, obviously the results team-wise, but that has to do with offense and a defense that was defense who couldn't, you know, get water from a boat.

They were so bad. Um, Sam Howell, uh, will be in this league for a long time. There's no question in my mind that he's a very smart kid and he is a tough nut. I mean, to be on pace to be sacked the most and never miss a down, uh, that you that's, there's something there. So a durability as a backup, as a, as a starter who can come in and start a few games. Um, and perhaps if his team has a defense and he is the bell cow, he can be, but he's meant to, he made throws that you just went, Holy crap. Like that is, he started the needle and he made some throws or decisions. You went, all right, what the heck is going on?

Maybe he does have CTE already. I'm not sure. So, uh, no, I think he's a, it's a great question. I, I haven't looked back at the history of what Adam Peters did as an assistant GM, but you know, that's also the same team that drafted Mr.

Relevant and looked at brought produce to it. So, you know, so that, so he's going to look at it all. Uh, I, I think they pick quarterback. I would keep Sam Hall as a backup, but if you're going to get assets for him, cause you got somehow in a free agent named Jacoby Brissett and Jacoby can play.

Yeah. Jacoby made a big, she probably made a business decision to miss the last two games after two really good halves of football. So the league knows that dude can play.

He helped Cleveland a year ago. So, uh, you, so one of those guys or, or, you know, if she took over that somewhere else, Sam can definitely be somebody that can get you some more picks, uh, or, or, you know, a free agent here or there because they need to, they need to shore up that old line of that defense for sure. Cause right now you, or I could get by that defense. I could not, you, uh, definitely could. You have, you have better lateral quickness, uh, and, uh, and even straight line speed than I do check Hernandez, uh, the, from W USA TV in Washington, DC.

You do, uh, and you're a better driver of the golf ball. All right, my friend, uh, go about the rest of your day. I appreciate your time. Always happy new year to you. I'll talk to you soon. Mazel mazel my man.

Hey guys, it is Ryan. I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm a bit of a fun fanatic when I can. I like to work, but I like fun too. It's a thing.

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