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One of the men commentating the NCSU vs WF men’s basketball game

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 17, 2024 3:30 pm

One of the men commentating the NCSU vs WF men’s basketball game

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 17, 2024 3:30 pm

Dan Bonner, ACC basketball analyst, walks us through what he saw last night in the State vs Wake game and his big picture takeaway.

What was his view to the double technical foul on Kevin Keatts? Looking ahead to his upcoming games, how does he see those playing out? What is his view of the Duke Blue Devils? Injuries have impacted them so far this year, so how does he see them rebounding and adjusting? Is UNC now defense first, in Dan’s opinion?


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See website for details. I think there was a positive sandwich last night. We had the fight. We had the DJ horn mid-range clinic that was put on. Yeah, he was like the bread.

That was the, those are two things with the bread. And then somewhere in the middle were all the technical fouls. We had six technical fouls in the game. And then the high knees to burn the calories off.

Right at the beginning, the high knees came out early. And you know, honestly, it was a super entertaining game. And part of the reason for that, the broadcast crew was top notch.

Our friend Wes Durham and Dan Bonner on the ACC network. And Dan's joining us here. Mr. Bonner, how are you doing? I'm doing very well. Thank you. Those are kind words. I appreciate them. Well, you are entertaining. You and Wes, you and Wes are awesome together. Well, thank you.

Wes is a real pro. We've known one another for a long, long time. We're friends and we really enjoy working together. And we really appreciate the opportunities that we have when we're assigned together and we make sure we have fun. And you guys are having a tour. You're on tour this week, right?

It's like the last night was the first of three this week. Yes. Yes. We have, uh, North Carolina and Louisville tonight, and then we've got pit at Duke on Saturday. And so we're very excited about that. Our little tour here of, uh, the Durham Chapel Hill area. Yeah.

All right. Let's get, let me start with last night and then we'll branch into the other two games you have, uh, the rest of the week. Uh, first of all, thought it was a super entertaining game. I loved the fight that NC state showed in the second half with obviously was illnesses. They didn't make a three.

They were all for eight in the game. Well, what's your, what's your big picture takeaway from the Wolf pack last night? Well, I was impressed with the fact that they were able to win a game without making a three. First of all, uh, they are a team that, you know, generally has to force turnovers and get transition baskets to win. And that was about even last night was wait for us, but their ability to get the ball into the lane and particularly to shoot those mid range, jump shots, DJ horn in particular, almost every shot that he took and I, every shot that he made, but almost every shot that he took was a jump shot in the lane. And that's where North Carolina state really dominated. I thought they dominated inside with those kinds of shots, not necessarily with back to the basket baskets and their, their aggressiveness really turned the game around.

Dan Bonner is joining us here on the Adam gold show. DJ burns is such a big part of their offense and he's a great passer. Um, but last night, the other two big men to me, I mean, they were just absolute stars. I mean, Mo Diar didn't score a ton.

I think he only had eight points, but he had 13 rebounds and I thought Ben Middlebrooks, uh, would, you know, if we were doing it like hockey, he would have been one of my three stars last night. Well, you know, there's no question about that. And DJ DJ burns was obviously not feeling well. When you see the big guy go down, go off the court with a manager following him with a garbage can, you know, something's wrong.

Right. Um, fortunately he got out of view before we saw anything. I think we saw a little too much last night of a lot of things, but, uh, we didn't see that, but obviously he wasn't feeling well. Uh, you know, he went out there and he played, but if you look at the numbers, he had been Middlebrooks together as like a five man or average and we're averaging before last night, 17 points and eight rebounds a game. And the are coming off the bench gives them another dimension, defensively rebounding block and shots. And so I thought particularly with burns, not able to go at full speed last night, Middlebrooks was fantastic.

And the R was just as good. Yeah. And then at the end of the game with like, what, I don't know about 90 seconds or so left, we had the, uh, the explosion of technical fouls. Uh, Middlebrooks has gone. Diara is gone. Burns is in the back with the trashcan.

NC state was out of big men, uh, at the time, but let me work backwards though. What was your view of the double technical foul to Kevin Keats? Judy was boring. Hello. Then Judy discovered jumbo

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No purchase necessary. Well, you know, I think Kevin Keats had an argument. He had a right to be upset. If the call had gone the other way, I think Steve Forbes would have been upset. But, uh, you know, when the coach, even though he's upset runs well out on the courts to the point where he almost collided with the referee and players had to run around him, that's going to get you a technical shop. That's going to draw the attention of the officials. And once you get that first technical foul and the referee tells you to stop, which we could clearly see on the replay, the referee did, you have to stop. And if you don't, if the referee is going to maintain control of the game, he has no choice but to Tasha. And so I didn't think that I, you know, I, I thought that that could have been handled better on a lot of fronts, but if you're Kevin Keats, you can't get that second technical file, you know, save that for later. And so, but I thought that his team responded very well. I thought that his staff responded very well. And that's what you do.

You pick one another up. So I didn't think there was anything unjustified about Kevin Keats being taught. I agree that it was a controversial call or no call in that particular case that got him mad. And when you get mad, okay, one technical spine, but you just can't get that second one.

Yeah. My, my only view, and I think this is where you and I probably differed is that like you can allow, you can allow Kevin maybe more than the two or three seconds to make his case. The first technical foul is an automatic because you stop play the head coach running out into the court stops play.

That's an easy one. But maybe just let him have his say. And if he, if he continues, if he persists, then you go, Hey Kevin, I got to run you. And then that's at, but it just seemed like that second one. And this is what Kevin said after the game. Also that second one came a little fast, but maybe he wanted it anyway. Maybe, maybe he was done watching because honestly, I didn't think his team was great in the first half.

Well, now I don't think that he wanted it. I think he was just mad and we don't know what was said, but I do know the referee told him to stop. I mean, when you, when you run out on the court that gets, I mean, that's, you can't do that now if he's on the sideline yelling and you call it technical, then I think he might have had a little bit more leeway, but when you're out on the court and the referee's telling you to stop and your staff's trying to restrain you and you keep fighting away from and yelling at the referee, then, you know, that's, that's going to happen. I didn't see from a referee standpoint, I didn't see anything wrong with that second technical.

Was it fast? Yeah. But you don't know what was said. And again, he was out on the court. I mean, you just can't be there.

Yeah. I mean, I don't know if you've seen the video of, was it Travis Ford was now coaching in the Midwest and he's coaching to St. Louis where he actually made a move to play defense in helping his team out playing defense, maybe guarding a shooter. I could not believe while he was standing in the court, it was bizarre to me. What do you think the ACC is going to do with DJ Horn for his signal of somebody being number 11 at the end of the game?

You know, I don't know. It was one of those things where the game was over and West actually said on the air, okay, wake forest isn't going to file. And Steve Forbes had turned and he was started walking toward the other bench when Andrew Carr committed the file. And I was stunned that the file was committed and I wasn't looking at any of the players. I was looking at Steve Forbes who had his arms stretched out and he was saying to car, why? And you know, the camera that got the shot was the handheld under the basket. So DJ Horn had his back to us.

So I never saw that until somebody called and asked about it. And again, I don't know what the ACC will do. Obviously that's a very bad look and you know, he didn't hurt anybody. It's just, you know, it's very bad for the image of North Carolina state and the image of the ACC that you have a guy flashing a sign like that, you know, on television where everybody can see it.

That's so I don't know what they'll do. You know, he may get a reprimand or something, but yeah, that's just such a bad look. You can't have that. I agree. It was, I mean, it, it, from my perspective as a guy who hosts the talk show, the entertainment level, which was already high. I mean, it was like a cherry on top, but it's not a, it's not a, it's not a great look. I agree with that.

All right. Let me ask you about North Carolina, which from my perspective, and I don't know how you look at it has become a defensive oriented team. Like the offense is almost secondary. We know the offense is good, but I think their best thing is their defense. Well, certainly it has been since the Kentucky game and Adam, I've been doing this a very, very long time and I don't know.

Well, I do know. I, I don't know that it's ever happened, but I certainly can't recall a team in the middle of the season, basically flipping the switch and going from being a mediocre team, defensive team to an outstanding defensive team. You know, it's sort of part of your character, your DNA. You either are, you aren't and the tar heels, you know, they've, they've had times where they've been very good defensively in their history. You know, they're famous for all the pressure they would apply and they were always very difficult to play against because they really got after you. So it's not like North Carolina has a tradition of being bad defensively, but in recent years, North Carolina has been much more about the offense than the defense. So this is a remarkable turnaround. I think you have to tip your hat to the players because obviously they've made a real commitment to it.

And I think you have to tip your hat to Hubert Davis and his staff that this is, this is remarkable. And I think it puts North Carolina in a whole different category. They have gone from being a pretty good team to now, given the way they can play offense, if they continue to play defense like this, and there will be some hiccups along the way, but they could very easily be a final four contender. They continue to play them like this.

Yeah, I agree. I think their defense takes them to a new level. Dan Bonner ACC network will be on the call of Carolina and Louisville tonight. Louisville obviously has struggled all year, but the recent look with a win at Miami, they did not roll over against NC state on the weekend. Is there hope for a competitive ball game tonight?

I think there is, you know, obviously North Carolina has been running people out of the gym recently. And so that's the reason to say, well, you know, it might not be competitive no matter who they're playing. Uh, but Louisville, I think there is, there was a perception at the start of the season that Louisville was going to be bad.

And so I think that it's hard to overcome that perception. This is a Louisville team that to my mind is 100% better at least than they were last year. Uh, they, they compete, they play hard in Brandon Huntley Hatfield. They have a guy who can compete with you down on the block.

Uh, Mike James, uh, he's finally healthy and he's playing really, really well. They've got guys in the back court who can handle the ball. They're just young and they're figuring it out.

But I mean, come on now. Um, they only lost to Texas by one point. They were in the game against Kentucky before Kentucky went on a little three minute burst that took the game from like six to 20. And that's what happens sometimes when you have a young team and you're still figuring things out. So if Louisville makes threes and Louisville doesn't turn the ball over, I think that we could have a competitive game.

Although I think it's unlikely. Uh, I hope you hope you guys have your, uh, have your film material. Maybe you guys will start talking about, uh, Duke Pitt, or you could talk about how Georgia tech, how is Georgia tech only nine and eight, uh, with a big win over Clemson last night. What is your view of, uh, of the blue devils?

Uh, I know you still a few game, a few days away from that game. Uh, but, and Duke might be banged up for that might possibly know Mark Mitchell and maybe know Jeremy Roach. Well, I think Duke is a team that is not anywhere near as good now as they have the potential to be by the end of the season, because they have been banged up. I mean, Proctor missed a couple of games and now Mitchell is out and they have been a little bit, uh, banged up for a lot this season.

And I don't think that they've really been able to develop the kind of chemistry. And I know that's a very overused word that, uh, really good teams have, but I really liked Duke. I think obviously in Philip house, he, they have one of the top players in the country, you know, Proctor he's back from injury and hopefully he'll start to play a little bit better.

Uh, Mitchell certainly, uh, he's questionable, but he's been a valuable asset for them. Uh, I, you know, obviously they're, they're near the top of the ACC standings and I think that's appropriate, but I think Duke is a team that's going to be better in a couple of weeks than they are now. Dan Bonner, ACC network, uh, with Western tonight against Louisville. That is a nine o'clock game.

They make us play nine o'clock games in the Eastern time zone. Uh, good luck staying awake and, uh, we'll, uh, we'll be watching tonight and Saturday. Okay. All right, Adam, thank you very much. Thank you very much to Dan Bonner, uh, as West Durham refers to all the time, the tall Virginian. I love it when those two guys are together. It's an absolute blast.

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