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Huge upsets and teams that may or may not have shown up during the NFL Wild Card playoffs

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January 16, 2024 3:57 pm

Huge upsets and teams that may or may not have shown up during the NFL Wild Card playoffs

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 16, 2024 3:57 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on the crazy rollercoaster of Wild Card Playoff games in the NFL over this past MLK weekend.

Which teams surprised Will on their performance and which teams impressed him? Which coaches does Will believe will be keeping their job after this weekend and which should be updating their resume? What are Will’s 4 winners for this upcoming weekend? Where does Will rank the QBs that have made it into the playoffs this season?


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Call click or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done. Week one of the NFL playoffs, six games, one of those games competitive, yet a lot to talk about because we could end up having surprise. I don't know about surprise coaching changes, but I think we could at least one, maybe two surprise coaching changes that we didn't necessarily think about going into the playoffs. But now we're like, huh? I wonder. Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, moderator of the pick six podcast is with us. Yes. Make football great again if you are watching on video. All right.

Let's let's get shot on football club shot on ATW. There you go. Is Mike McCarthy in trouble in Dallas? My God, my gut says no. My gut says no, even though Jerry Jones seemed kind of baffled by the outcome of that game.

Is he going to admit another mistake? I think that I mean, Mike McCarthy did a really good job coaching this year. 12 wins a year last three years.

Yeah, I mean, and the offense took a step forward when he heaps at Kellen Moore, packing mortgage, the Chargers, Chargers win five games with more of the offense looks terrible, even though they dealt with a bunch of injuries. I mean, you know, I mean, you know, I mean, you know, the DAQ was an MVP. He's probably top four.

Definitely top five MVP candidate. CD Lamb has a monster year. Jake Ferguson breaks out despite Dalton Schultz leaving. You know, Tony Pollard didn't really play well, but you've got enough for like Rico Dowell. I mean, everything about this offense.

How about coaching? I think you could make the case, Adam, that he was actually a victim of his own success or perhaps a victim of the Eagles failure. Because to me, if Dallas is the five seed, which was really, really likely going into the final two weeks of the season or the final three, whatever it was, you know, Philly just had to beat Arizona or the or Tommy Cutlets. You know, one time to get the division, Dallas went to games, whatever, whatever had happened. I think they would have had to have won their last two. But again, Arizona at home and at the Giants, they should have been able to negotiate that. Yeah. I mean, they didn't if Philly didn't lose five of the last six is the point.

And we'll get to that in a second. But, you know, I think if Dallas is the five seed at Tampa Bay and loses a close game to the Buccaneers or beats the Buccaneers, we're not having this conversation. But now you have a situation where one Dallas wins a division, gets home, gets a home playoff game. They've undefeated at home all year long, by the way, the only home team to lose in the wildcard round, which is weird and ironic.

Congratulations. They are seven point favorite against a Packers team who's starting Jordan Love in his first year. Mike McCarthy's old team, clear revenge for everybody involved. The expectation is that the Cowboys advance to the divisional round and potentially have a home playoff game this week.

Right. I mean, they're actually guaranteed to have a home playoff game this week. And so instead, the Cowboys are sent packing. And when you factor in that, Dan Quinn, whose defense wasn't good against Green Bay, but it's been very good the last few years, is made it clear that he's going to go take a head coaching job this offseason. And now Bill Belichick's available. Is he?

He is. I'm sure I'm sure he says that, but somebody still has to offer him one. He, people, why would you invite him? Nobody wants Belichick. Bill Belichick interviews you, buddy. You don't want to invite Bill Belichick.

But I think that I think Mike McCarthy should be very, very worried for his employment status because of all these factors. Let me throw this out, because in retrospect, we should have seen what Green Bay was about to do to Dallas. We should have seen it coming.

One. Seriously. No, we should have. And here's why. And again, it's these things are always easier in hindsight.

I didn't see it coming either. Right. Dallas against playoff teams. Their record this year was three and four. All three of their wins were home.

Yes. I know the game against Green Bay was home. They beat Philly at that point. Philly had become trash. Philly had become a bad team already. And frankly, we should have seen Philly's demise coming based on the fact that even when they went ten and one, they were just getting by.

We could we should have been able to see that that was a house of cards. They beat the Rams earlier in the season before the Rams became anything. And they kind of lost to the Lions at home. So those were the three wins against playoff teams in their own building. For the most part, they kicked the crap out of bad teams all year.

That's what Dallas did. Green Bay wasn't bad. Green Bay was playing at a super high level. And Jordan Love last ten games of the regular season, one of the best quarterbacks in football. So I don't think we could have seen forty eight thirty two in a game that wasn't even that close a blowout.

No, but we should have seen that possibility. I thought Green Bay could hang with Dallas. Of all the of all the wildcard rounds, not every wildcard games notwithstanding.

And by the way, it's really kind of curious. We talked about this a little bit of the pie last night, but there weren't a lot of good. There's only one game that was good. The Lions and the Rams. All the other games were toast, but they were really compelling to watch because it was like this absolute destruction and meltdown.

Yeah. A final like of the Cowboys and Eagles, which is always intriguing. You had the snow in Buffalo, the weird cold weather in Casey. And it was twenty six seven. But it never felt close.

But it was also never a runaway. And then, you know, CJ Stroud lighting the world on fire and Joe Flacker throwing back to back pick sixes. The whole weekend was really compelling, despite only one good football game. Agreed. It was just pretty hard to do the NFL.

Stay strong. I mean, like the NFL doesn't play around. Yeah, the NFL the NFL is 100 percent undefeated because there were and even the look, even though the Chiefs and Dolphins was not necessarily a it wasn't a close football game. Kansas City did enough bad that they kept Miami in it. And in some ways, Tampa did the same thing last night with Philadelphia. Buffalo didn't really do anything bad defensively.

Pittsburgh was in the game. Yes, sorta, sorta. But when Buffalo needed to score, they scored. Yeah. I mean, the score is twenty four, seven scores. Twenty four, seventeen. I mean, right. Filling the touchdown.

And then what? But what happened when Pittsburgh scored to make it twenty four, seventeen? Buffalo's right down the field. Buffalo did what they had to do. Let me get to Philadelphia and Tampa.

I think it's more likely that Sirianni gets got than McCarthy. Jeff Lurie looked like he had eaten a bad clam in in the in the visiting suite. He looked like video of the Eagles fan went down to the corner, like where their coaches were all walking back and dumped a bucket of popcorn on Siri audience and you're bleeping done. And they had security chase him up the stairs.

Are you serious? It's wild. That is that is crazy.

But they were so bad. And I and the decision to change defensive coordinators, which made Phillies defense worse. The Pack Therapy podcast is in session. Tim Donnelly here, host of the drive in your guide for pack therapy. Every episode is your chance to score inside information on the pack. We set you up for Wolfpack games all season long, and we break down the ACC competition. What to watch for as we roll towards the tournament madness. Plus, special guests to keep your Wolfpack hope alive.

Follow pack therapy wherever you discover your favorite podcasts or watch it on YouTube. Play for free right now. Are you feeling lucky? I mean, they gave up an average of 30 points a game. I think under Matt Patricia, they weren't given up an average of 30 points a game under what the decide, right?

The defense got substantially worse with Matt Patricia. Yeah, that that pencil thing in your ear. Get out. Miss me with that. Well, I mean, the issue with.

So if you look at the Sirianni stuff, one, you're right. Like Jeff Lurie. I mean, Jerry Jones just looks like Jerry Jones.

We're also used to Jerry Jones in a luxury box in a playoff looking in a playoff game, looking completely befuddled. Like he's going to. You can't believe that that deal with Satan that he made in ninety six. Is it like he can't believe that Lucifer is holding him to that. He's like, I really thought that he also ball might let me out of this contract with my soul for that one time for that third title.

I asked for it. Ninety six. Right. The one without Jimmy.

Yeah. It's like, hey, Jerry, look, I mean, this is yours, right? Radio, buddy. We don't like my pal Garrett. So I tried to say he's trying to sell his soul for ACC title a few years ago. It's like no dice, no dice, buddy.

You gave that one away in college. The the like with the Eagles, you have this whole slow burn of the offense isn't good. Shane Steichen's offense in Indy is really good.

Sirianni is so fiery and is like is out there that you know that that tends to amplify things. The defense is struggling. The play calling is bad. So people are blaming Brian Johnson that he switches to Matt like Matt Patricia, like that's going to save the day. The defense gets worse. Then in week 18, you have a situation where you should really read the tea leaves, see the scores, realize you're not going to win the division, get Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown out of the game. AJ Brown suffers an injury to the point that he can't play right on Monday night in Tampa Bay. And Jalen Hurts has this disfigured middle finger that he calls to issues in terms of his performance.

Sure. He had said as much before the game. And so then you go down and you get absolutely blown out by Tampa Bay.

You can't they look they look like they mailed everybody look like they mailed it in from a Philly perspective, defensively and even really offensively, with the exception of Jalen Hurts is trying and, you know, Devante Smith giving us all out there. But I mean, by and large, Jason Kelsey, that was Jason Kelsey's last game as an eagle. That's drove him into retirement. And I but I think that like but I think with all of those issues simmering, somebody said on a podcast last week that they were like, if the Eagles get blues, it wouldn't be shocked if Nick Sirianni gets fired. I was like, that's crazy. But you sort of floated around the league like, you know, people, you know, before the game.

Maybe it's not that crazy. And then to lose like that, I don't think it's out of out of control to suggest that we could see both Dallas and and Philly open up this offseason. I think Dallas will stay with Mike McCarthy. I think Philly will move on from Nick Sirianni. And if I were Bill Belichick, I would leave Atlanta. And I know he left Atlanta already.

He didn't. He went to Arthur Blanchot. Oh, is that where they're hanging out? Yeah. Then that's probably where he's going to stay.

But it's a good landing spot. What, Atlanta? Yeah. Who's playing quarterback? Yeah, top team pick and get a quarterback. Hey, OK. Go sign Kirk, go sign Kirk Cousins. Bring him in. Oh, gosh, no, he'll hate Kirk Cousins.

I mean, what would be wrong with that? Kirk Cousins is playing awesome. He'll hate Kirk Cousins.

Are you serious? He'll hate him, yes. Kirk Cousins.

I would love Kirk Cousins. I don't think so. You know more than I do. That's Will Brinson, by the way.

CBS He would hate Derek Carr. Yes, he would hate Derek Carr. Derek Carr would be like, hey, Bill, I'm moving in next door. He'd be like, just go away. No, I'm leaving.

I'm not coming. But if I were Belichick, Philly's where I would go. Philly's where I would go.

Philly? Yes, because they've got the guy who can build a roster. Howie Roseman is one of the elite player personnel guys in the entire sport. And Bill can just coach and they've got the bones of a really good team.

Well, I will say this, too. I think that people and Panthers fans might have gotten a whiff of this a little bit over the past week because he did interview in Carolina, I think. But Will McClay, who is the I think his title is now like VP of football personnel or something, whatever the hell his title is. And it doesn't matter because Jerry is the technical GM.

Will McClay's been the guy shopping for the groceries in Dallas for a while. And he does a really good job. He doesn't require the GM title. Belichick wouldn't have to be the GM. And I think Stephen Jones has a lot more input into what's being done on a on a global macro perspective than Jerry gets the credit. Jerry just wants to be the GM of a Super Bowl winning team. That's all he wants.

He just wants to be able to be like, I told I told y'all, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy, one Jimmy Johnson with me. I did. I did.

I'd say, Jerry, they haven't won since 96, dude. Are you not going to figure out that this is you? It's you. Stop it. Give somebody else a GM title. Yeah.

And he doesn't like to admit mistakes. That's why I think Mike McCarthy stays. All right. I said this.

I said this earlier, Will. The biggest overreaction game is going to be Miami, Kansas City for this reason. One, we're going to run the Dolphins through it, including us to any good.

We don't know if two is any good. Look, when Tyreek Hill had the high ankle sprain and Jalen Waddle, who had been dealing with injuries all year long anyway, when he became just good and not dynamic. Same thing with Tyreek Hill, even though there were bursts of Tyreek Hill, they their offense kind of went the other way. The defense wasn't great. And frankly, is anybody surprised that a team from Miami would struggle when it was a zillion degrees below zero? Why?

Why are people making? Oh, they just can't play when it's negative 30. Well, no kidding. It's like, well, the whole thing about the Dolphins is that, you know, people are like, oh, God, you got to go down to Fort Lauderdale in September. You know, like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, that that area, South Florida in September, then you have the Miami's. Why don't you guys wear the black uniforms out there? It's like it's roasting. And it's everywhere anyway. It's the payback you get, though, when you have to roast in September, then your opponent is not used to like dying in the Fort Lauderdale Miami heat in September.

Well, yeah, you're not used to used to four degrees or negative 28 degrees or whatever it is. I think the Dolphins and by the way, like these coaching things need to linger out as long as possible. So we don't start having the to a conversation because that's going to be that's going to be the quarterback, quarterback does your kind of the offseason is how much is to get paid? Do you pay him? What do you do?

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The website for details. That's the conversation we have. We have Jackson and Alan and Mahomes.

And who am I missing? Burrow, right? Stroud. I'm not putting Stroud in that category yet. Are you serious?

Yeah, I'm totally serious. Way better than Tua. I'm not saying he's not better than Tua. I'm just I'm just a quarterback right now. I'm not arguing that.

He probably is. All I'm saying is there are as I'm using the Cam Newton for the kind of category. There are game changing quarterbacks and there's only like four of those. It's not a game changing quarterback. It's not. It's unbelievable. We're just going to how how open were those receivers?

He did make a couple of great throws. But if nobody's covering me, I mean, I should be able to. Nobody is taking Tua over C.J.

Stroud. I didn't. I didn't. Again, I am not arguing that. See, we're already doing that. We're already doing that.

Everybody's going to do this. I am simply saying that there are game changing quarterbacks. Right. And I'm and I don't put C.J. Stroud in that category at all.

I would put Stroud in there. But I mean, we don't need to. I mean, OK. I don't want to have the point being the point being is Tua is going to be talked about this offseason.

But Tua is in that group of quarterbacks. He's a game manager. Yeah.

And there's that shouldn't be a negative connotation. Brock Purdy is a game manager. Right. These Jaylen Hurts is probably a game manager. The best of Jaylen Hurts might be closer to that other category, though. Right. But I'm not going to put in there yet because the second half of the year he was pretty pedestrian before the injury.

Although we had a shoulder injury. Jordan Love. Jordan Love might be in that. Jordan Love might be a game changer. He's also he's also he's also in that next category.

Right. We have a bunch of quarterbacks that you can argue are top 10 quarterbacks. How much do you pay to how much do you pay Baker Mayfield, who had a very good year?

Not a great year, but a very good year. How much do you pay Jared Goff? How much do you pay these guys who are not of that ilk?

How much do you pay 40 to 50 million dollars a year? I'm sorry, I'm not doing it. Your team's not going to be good. Well, I mean, that's the but that's the debate. But that's the price. And that's the debate. And that's what I'm saying. Like, that's going to be all offseason long. Is going to be the two a talk.

And Dak, by the way, had his best at one of the best years, maybe the best year of his career. He's working here. Could be better. He's going to get his contract to get redone. He's going to be the 50 plus million dollar range.

Not for me. But he just he just is after that. Right. Bye, Dallas.

We'll see you. But I'm saying like that's like that's going to be the conversation with two is salary caps going to go up. Fifty million is two are going to get forty five to fifty five million dollars a year. Yeah, I wouldn't pay him that I wouldn't pay any quarterback unless you're a game changer. If you're Herbert Jackson.

Yeah, I want to see more from her. I understand why everybody loves Justin Herbert. But I got to see some success from Justin Herbert before I'm throwing bomb. He's already got paid.

So what are we doing? Yeah, he's I mean, he's already got the bag. You like to win more than five games a year when you're paying fifty four million dollars. I mean, coaching can't be that bad.

You're supposed to be supposed to be able to overcome bad coaching. But anyway. All right. Give me give me your four winners before before we have to say goodbye. Will Brinson, four winners this weekend. We have what? A Houston at Baltimore.

Money where your mouth is. We're happy to see Jay Stroud, the best quarterback we've ever seen. Just kidding. I'm just kidding.

He's great. I mean, I think Lamar, I mean, look, I've got I've got I've got chalk across the board here. I think. I bet you Baltimore and San Francisco both have struggles, but both win. I think those nine point plus favor.

Yes. Both of those upstart teams are playing at an extremely high level. Kansas City.

That was the real reason I brought it up. I think people are going to overrate Kansas City based on the win over Miami. I like Buffalo. Not big, but I like Buffalo comfortably.

Buffalo is one. This is Patrick Holmes first career road playoff game. He's won two Super Bowls, two MVPs. He's been in the league since twenty seventeen. And he is like he's been wildly successful. And he's he's starting his first career road playoff game. That is insane.

It'll be on CBS Sports and Paramount Plus six thirty p.m. Sunday night. Beautiful. Settle in. Maybe we'll get some snow. It's gonna be really, really cold.

It is going to be cold and twenty three high twenty three that day. We want to love it. Worry about it because both teams are used to it.

I agree. I like I like Buffalo in that game and Buffalo in a close. Great game. I think Tampa at Detroit. I got Detroit. Detroit's a six point favorite. I think the Lions. I think I think Tampa's playing really well. And this could be a shootout. The Lions past defense has been very suspect throughout the course of the season. They get Chelsea Gardner Johnson back. I mean, McNeil was huge back for them. They're just slowing down the run. Go pack. Yeah, go pack.

Big, big state. I mean, maybe like one of the most underrated defensive lineman in the NFL. Honestly, like he is. And he was this way at NC State, too. He would play for Dave Dorton in the pack. He was you know, he would get pressures, but he wouldn't pile up the sack numbers per se, but he was just unbelievable against the run. And he still is.

And that's a huge difference maker against a team that loves to feed Rashad White. So I got the the the Lions winning by double digits. I do. I haven't picked scores, but I also had the Lions winning. And I love your hat.

And that's Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS Sports dot com. And I will talk to you next week, my friend. Hi, buddy.

See you, man. OK, round two. Name something that's not boring.

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