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Michigan 34-13 over Washington, Carolina Panthers HC search, and college basketball…

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January 9, 2024 3:42 pm

Michigan 34-13 over Washington, Carolina Panthers HC search, and college basketball…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 9, 2024 3:42 pm

Michigan 34-13 over Washington…

-That final score seems accurate in terms of the way the game looked.  However, this was absolutely a game that was there for the Huskies to steal.

-How many possessions did Washington have down just 7 points and how many times did they miss on plays that they could have made?

Let’s not forget that Michigan has been dealing with the signal stealing scandal the back half of the year.  And, while it didn’t have anything to do with their wins over Alabama and Washington, to say that it didn’t have anything to do with other wins is silly.


-It might have had NOTHING to do with it, especially since they played one of the easiest schedules in the run up to the end of the season.

-But, you are just wishing it to be true if you think it was irrelevant.

-What was there to do about it?  Nothing from the NCAA perspective.  This was always going to be up to the league (HA) or the school (double HA).  

-There is no honor among thieves.


Panthers have a list of interview requests and you won’t be surprised to know that it leans primarily to the offensive side…

-No, Jim Harbaugh and Bill Belichick are NOT on the list.


Duke is at Pitt tonight (9pm) in a game that will be a ton more difficult than you might think.

-Road games aren’t cake walks.

-Pitt should  be better than their record (1-3, 10-5)

-Duke hasn’t really established a rhythm of who they are just yet.


Tiger and Nike split…

-$660m in Nike money


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That's University of Michigan beat the University of Washington in a future Big Ten matchup, 34-13. We'll talk about that game.

Also, I don't know, have you seen it? Jimmy Kimmel snapped back on Aaron Rodgers last night? He did, man.

The saga continues. Yeah, I watched it. I didn't think it was as savage as people are posing it to be. Well, you got to get the headline out there so people click it. But it was clearly pointed and I think it's pretty clear that Jimmy Kimmel simply wants Aaron Rodgers to say, hey, my bad. Sorry, didn't have said that.

That's where I think Jimmy Kimmel is. Like, dude, come out and say that I was just talking out of my rear end. Sure. Own it. We'll see if Aaron Rodgers does that. I don't think it matters at all to Rodgers as a football player or Rodgers with the Jets.

I don't think anybody cares about anything other than can Aaron Rodgers help the Jets win? Next year. That's it. Yeah. Next year. Right.

Obviously, since they were not winning this year. Didn't they finish what, seven and ten? I believe so, yeah. Seven and ten with nothing from Rodgers and nothing from an offense. Yeah.

So there you go. The argument that the Jets could actually be a factor in the playoffs was reinforced for the second straight year. How do they win without an offense? Because they for two seasons in a row, they didn't have one.

So lucky. And they managed to win seven games each time. It's crazy. But, you know, it's football. We had a lot. You know, we're going to talk, obviously, about the national championship game last night and what happens going forward. But the NFL playoffs are super intriguing to me in terms of the matchups. You've got Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

We're going to get into that matchup today. Right. Buffalo and Pittsburgh, the Steelers have not won a playoff game since 2016, since that season.

It's a long time. The Steelers. This is not the Lions haven't won a playoff game or the Jets haven't won a playoff game. Right.

This is the freaking Steelers. Right. Who haven't won a playoff game since the 2016 season. With Mike Tomlin. Right.

Who I believe ultimately will be an NFL Hall of Fame coach when it's all over. And they're playing against Buffalo that I believe is actively has been actively trying to lose games. They have.

Pick and choose when they show up to games. They've won their last five. Yeah, they tried to lose in Miami. They did everything they could to lose that game and couldn't because they could have gone back to Miami next week. They would have had they lost that game. They would have played. They already already clinched the playoff spot.

They would have gone back to Miami. So we'll talk a little bit about Pittsburgh and Buffalo. But you've got Dallas and Green Bay with Mike McCarthy going against his former team. You've got Detroit and the Rams. The two quarterbacks used to play for the other team. The Rams didn't want Jared Goff. And now Jared Goff is the guy in Detroit. And while Matthew Stafford had a great career in Detroit, they traded him. And part of part of it was because Stafford like, I want to go somewhere where they can win. And now he's going to he's coming back with a team that absolutely can win. Right. And playing against a team that absolutely can win. So, again, none of this probably happens if Matthew Stafford is still there. That's not a knock on Stafford.

He has a Super Bowl title. Yeah. So it's just super interesting. Some of the matchups and then, of course, the Monday night game, Philadelphia at Tampa, where Philadelphia is trying to stop sucking. Exactly. Talk about a team that you're like, how did this happen?

I saw this and it struck me as like, amazing. I saw I was, you know, ESPN's on and all day in the studio. Could the Eagles move on from Nick Sirianni if they don't beat Tampa? Right. Like it's a valid question. Last year you were in the Super Bowl. Yeah.

You were 10 and one this year. Now, the decision to change defensive coordinators thinking that that was the problem, their defense got worse at the end of the season. Maybe that was a poor decision. Maybe it was a reactionary decision. But are you really moving on from a coach that has won so many games simply because, look, at the end of the season, the defense wasn't as good.

The offense wasn't as good either. It is Ryan here and I have a question for you. What do you do when you win? Like, are you a fist pumper, a woohoo, or a hand clapper, a high fiver? I kind of like the high five, but if you want to hone in on those winning moves, check out Chumba Casino at Choose from hundreds of social casino style games for your chance to redeem serious cash prizes. There are new game releases weekly plus free daily bonuses. So don't wait.

Start having the most fun ever at But that doesn't mean the head coach is the problem. Sometimes your players aren't playing well. They've dealt with a lot of injuries. Jalen Hurts hasn't been the same quarterback the last four or five weeks, maybe even longer.

The truth is it's hard to do this year over year over year over year. Are the Chiefs going to move on from Andy Reid? Chiefs aren't as good as they have been.

Yeah, they're absolutely not, though. There's no way. They're not moving on from Andy Reid. No way. So, I mean, look, I'm not putting Nick Sirianni in Andy Reid's category because Andy Reid is, to me, he's like a notch below Bill Belichick when it comes to being historically great. Reid's one of the greatest coaches ever. Yeah. But I'm not saying that you get, you know, moving on from Nick Sirianni as much as we like to make fun of Sirianni when he came in with his rock, paper, scissors thing, which was the dumbest thing ever. But it was funny. We loved it.

Gives us things to talk about. Nick Sirianni and Dan Campbell. Campbell gave us, we're going to bite their kneecaps. And Sirianni's like, we're going to play rock, paper, scissors.

We're going to find out how competitive you are. And then Frank Reich is talking about how vanilla we are. That's what we got. Darren Gant said that he was, we shouldn't disparage the flavor of vanilla. I love vanilla. Do you?

I do. You could dress it up with whatever you want. But you have to. That's the problem.

That's why it's vanilla. You have to put other stuff in it to really make it, to make it exciting. All right. Let's talk about last night. 34-13 final score, Michigan over Washington.

Interesting. I think people will understand what I'm about to say here. I thought the final score, the score line was accurate. I thought Michigan was that better, that much better than Washington last night.

They were. However, if you watch the game, even into the fourth quarter, this game was right there, right there for Washington to win. So many passes that should have been caught that weren't by Washington. I mean, it's not just dropped passes. There were a couple of those, but there were missed receivers by Michael Pennix.

Oh yeah. So many champs. Then they do complete one and it's called back for a hold, which it was probably a little light based on some of the penalties that they didn't call earlier in the game. But honestly, we'd be stupid to focus on that.

So I hope people will not. Calls are missed. Calls are made over the course of a football game. If you watch the game, Michigan made more plays than Washington made when it was crunch time, when those plays needed to be made.

There were two big touchdown runs, right? By Donovan Edwards to change the game. It was 17 to 3 and Michigan was about to deliver the knockout blow. And I think this is what Jim Harbaugh was going for. They went for it right near midfield.

I don't remember if it was just plus territory or minus territory, but it was around midfield in the first half. They have a 14 point lead. You could punt it and pin them back.

But at this point, if you're Michigan, man, we could deliver a knockout blow now. So I respected going for it. They didn't get it. Washington ends up scoring. And ultimately that game was there for them. All second half long, the game was sitting there for Washington to win, right? And they overcame their own mistakes because the first play of the second half, they come out of halftime.

It's 17-10. You have the ball. You score a touchdown on this drive. It is a completely different game.

Changes everything. First play, interception. Michigan didn't do anything with it. I think they kicked a field goal. I think they kicked a field goal off of that possession. Maybe they didn't.

Whatever. Ultimately the game got to 20 to 10. Then it got to 20 to 13. It was still right there. Michigan was actively keeping Washington in the game. Washington's defense was also at that point, pretty good, but Michigan just did enough. And then the end, the separation came with the final score. But I thought that this was really, that was Michigan was that much better. My eyeballs told me that Michigan was a couple of touchdowns better than Washington last night.

Here's Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, if you didn't know, after the game. Glorious, glorious win. Could not be happier or prouder. Our team, 15-0. Yeah, it took on all comers.

Last one standing. It's a great feeling. So happy for our players, for our parents, for their grandparents, our coaches, Tron Moore, Jesse Minner, Jay Harbaugh, the coordinators, the coaches, the staff. I just couldn't have had a better game.

Jesse Minner, I mean A++ the whole way. And for me personally, I can now sit at the big person's table in the family. They won't keep me over there on the little table anymore. My dad, Jack Harbaugh, won a national championship. And my brother won a Super Bowl.

So it's good to be at the big person table from now on. And that was entertaining, by the way. He didn't mention that my big brother, John Harbaugh, won the Super Bowl against me. He didn't mention that.

I was there for that game. But yeah, he didn't mention that. But yeah, I mean, look, there's other things about Jim Harbaugh we could talk about. But that was cool, right? He's talking about his dad, by the way, was Jay Harbaugh, I think is like another brother or cousin, whatever.

He's on the coaching staff too. Yeah, that was a cool element. I will say, though, you didn't really take on all comers.

No. I mean, if we're being honest here, you didn't exactly extend yourself in the non-confident schedule, East Carolina, UNLV and Bowling Green. So all comers, nah, you can miss me with that. And your schedule within the Big Ten, frankly, it's hard to have a good schedule within the Big Ten because the league is ultimately trashed. We could sit here all day long and you could pretend that the Big Ten is something that it isn't. But what it isn't is a great football league. It's a rich football league, but Michigan had a one-game regular season. I'll give you a game and a half. We'll count Penn State, who's a bit of a front, good team, but not a great team, by any stretch of the imagination.

Very limited. They were not going to ever win that game. Ohio State wasn't even the great version of Ohio State this year. And then you play Iowa in the conference championship game. Iowa could still be playing now and not score.

They're terrible, a terrible offensive team. So ultimately they had a one and a half game regular season, counting the Big 12, Big Ten championship game. But Alabama and the win yesterday validated a 15 and 0 season. Not taking anything away from, they were the best team and they looked like the best team, even though they were playing nobody. They looked like the best team all year long. They played like a team that was going to win a national championship. And they were great last night.

So many different elements of that game, of the way they put it together, that were, that was really, really cool. And here's what Harbaugh will take away. The team, the team, the team.

That's the thing that's just echoing in my ear right now. As I said, it's, it's nothing super fancy, just good old fashioned teamwork. And as Bo Sambechler used to say, Scott, no man, no player, no coach is bigger than the team.

Team 142 is now legendary and has given a, has given a new standard, a new ceiling, you know, for future teams to, to break through. Michigan, who I believe has more wins than any other program in the history of college football has not won a national championship outright since 1948, they won a split national championship in 1997. This is before the, actually the year before the bowl championship series, before the Rose bowl became part of the BCS and Tennessee beat Florida state in the very first BCS title game before it was termed mythical because there were two different polls and sometimes the polls split. And in 1997, they did Michigan got the AP version and Nebraska got the ESPN coaches poll. The AP is the media poll, the coaches poll, which was also sponsored by USA today.

And I guess he has be, I don't know who, who, who was sponsoring it. Um, but the coaches poll chose Nebraska and you could argue for both, right? Um, Michigan, I'm not going to tell you who was better or not.

They did not play. But that was the last time Michigan even shared the national championship 1997. They've only got for all of their history.

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See website for details. I mean, ever 97 48 and then 1901 and 1902. Wow. Yes.

That's throwing it back. That is definitely, I don't remember either of those games. They were not televised. No, they weren't.

They were not televised. Um, but last night they did look the part Kalen DeBoer, Washington's head coach after the loss. Well, first of all, just, uh, congrats to coach Harbaugh and, uh, Michigan on a, on a great season. And, um, you know, well played game tonight. Um, you know, they're obviously a very good football team and, um, you know, on our end, I'm just proud of these guys, starts with these two that are up here and, uh, everyone in the locker room, um, wasn't what we were expecting. Um, we came and I know our mentality and mindset was to come in and win the football game.

But, um, you know, sometimes things don't always go the way that, uh, that you want. And, um, you know, I'm proud of what these guys have done this year over the last two years. And we got a lot, got a lot, uh, got a lot of great things happening within, uh, you know, our program and, um, we've got a lot to build off of, you know, Michael, that's, uh, Washington coach Kaelin DeBoer. Um, Michael Pennix had a great year after the semifinal game, the win over Texas.

There were a lot of people screaming that he should have been the Heisman trophy winner. Uh, well, we should wait until the end of the season before we vote. That's fine.

I mean, um, it does create recency bias when we see players do it at that on that stage, but maybe on that stage should also matter. I'm not arguing one way or the other. Uh, the rules are you vote when the regular season ends and that's through the conference championship games. And I did vote for Michael Pennix first this year. Um, I voted for, uh, Daniels from LSU who won it.

I voted for him second and I voted for Bo Nix, the quarterback at Oregon third. Uh, it was not a great year for defensive players. So I didn't vote for a defensive player. I like to vote for a defensive player when I can. Um, but there wasn't anybody that this year that really screamed, you got to vote for that person. Um, but Pennix was not good last night. So ultimately, uh, if we waited for everything to play out, it's very possible that people just go, Oh, James Daniels is the best player. And that's fine.

I don't even care. Um, but Pennix had opportunities to make plays and it wasn't all his fault because there were some drops last night and the, the, the fourth down pass to, uh, Roma Dunzay in the first quarter, which he was wide open on a fourth and seven playing. So open that might have been a Dunzay's fault, not Pennix's fault.

It's possible that a Dunzay was supposed to track back outside the numbers, but because he was so open decided, I'm just going to stay where I am. And Pennix could have already delivered the ball. So I'm not sure whose fault it was, but there were plenty of other throws that Pennix made that were simply too high.

Yes. He had chances to hit receivers. He also looked, didn't notice open receivers when he had some of those. So it was not his best game. And boy, did he get beat up too.

He did. He got hit a hard Michigan's defensive tackles. We're going to talk about this with Mike Felder, uh, in a little bit, two things that jumped out at me about the game. Michigan's tackling was spectacular.

Yes. And Michigan's defensive tackles applied the pressure right up the middle and made it difficult for Pennix to have time to feel comfortable in the pocket. And maybe that contributed to a lot of passes being a little too tall for his receivers.

Um, it was, it was a really, really good defensive game by Michigan, even though, uh, Washington had tons of opportunities to make plays and it was a game they really could have won. Real quick, before we take a break, Mike Felder is going to join us on the other side and we'll talk about the national championship game and all of that. So the Panthers, now we have their list and I'm sure they will be adding to this list over time. Uh, they have uh, they have requested permission to interview the following coaches, uh, across the NFL.

Um, and you'll won't be surprised. There are more offensive names on this than defensive names on this. And these are all coordinators, offensive or defensive coordinators on the offensive side of the ball. Lions, offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson.

That's been the hot rumor. Uh, Texans, OC Bobby's slowing, Texas, uh, the Texans had a very good year. Uh, Brian Callahan, the offensive coordinator for the Bengals, uh, Frank Smith, the offensive coordinator for the dolphins, even though the head coach, Mike Daniel is really the offensive coordinator, uh, Todd Munkin, who runs the Ravens offense and Dave Canales who runs the Buccaneers. So those are the offensive guys that the Panthers want to interview defensively.

Dan Quinn from Dallas, Mike McDonald from the Ravens boy, did their defense have a great, great season. Rahim Morris, defensive coordinator for the Rams. He is the only one on this list other than Dan Quinn with head coaching experience, Raheem Morris. Um, I'd love to see him interviewed.

We'll talk. We can talk to Steve Logan. Logan was on staff in Tampa when Morris was the head coach there. He thinks the world of Raheem Morris, a really smart coach that was put in a very difficult position.

And he was very young, maybe even too young to be a head coach, even though we've seen what we have today, which is super young, brilliant mind, offensive minded head coaches. But, um, so that's the list as we see it now. Uh, and you can't do anything for another week or two weeks, uh, but you can do something on zoom. You can't do anything in person. Um, and these guys probably all have to exit the playoffs, uh, before you could really do anything anyway. It is Ryan here.

And I have a question for you. What do you do when you win? Like, are you a fist pumper, a woo-hoo or a hand clapper, a high fiver? I kind of like the high five, but if you want to hone in on those winning moves, check out Chumba casino at Chumba choose from hundreds of social casino style games for your chance to redeem serious cash prizes. There are new game releases weekly plus free daily bonuses. So don't wait, start having the most fun ever at Chumba
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