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College Football Championship: Michigan vs Washington tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 8, 2024 3:32 pm

College Football Championship: Michigan vs Washington tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 8, 2024 3:32 pm

Michael Felder, CFB Analyst, on who he believes will come out with a win tonight and what we might anticipate seeing.

Is this the best offense for THIS team we’ve ever seen? Michael feels passionately about it. How about the defense for THIS team? What should Michigan’s plan be for this game? Since Michael played football in college, how are players potentially looking at this game?


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Visit our website for details. I thought I was going to be different than most people. Now you should be worried.

You should be worried. The thing for me, and this is something that I've been doing it all year over at the sub stack, but I've been looking at plays and tracking plays. And so I dialed down into plays for Washington, dialed down into plays for Michigan, and Michigan is really happy in the game. They played an overtime game with Alabama where they only ran 59 plays.

Yeah, 59 plays. That's where they're, they're like, we love this. And Washington's like, let's get to 75.

Let's get to 72. Let's, let's do it this way. And that's the part that's been really interesting. And so again, I talked to my guy, George Whitfield, the quarterback guy.

He, he was like, styles make fights. So this is about one team trying to impose their will. And the other team being like, just going like the other team, Washington is a mani-pixic dream girl. That's what they are. Like, they're like, oh, okay, we'll do what you want, but like, we still are going to do some of our stuff too. And so it's just like, you know, like, I'm, I'm just, we are, we are living in our own zone and like, we don't care. Like, you don't get to dictate to us if we have to do it that way, we will. But at the end of the day, like, honestly, I'm pretty flighty.

And much like in the movie Paper Towns, like, you don't even know if they're real or not. We get movie references, you get everything with Michael Felder. Go check him out at It's Felder on Substack. All right. Is this the best? This is absolutely the best offense that Michigan has faced this year.

Is this the best offense that Washington has faced this year? No, absolutely not. No.

What? No. Texas. Texas. Texas is better.

Oregon is better. Right. Offensively. Yeah. So they played three games against better offenses than what Michigan is bringing to the table. And that, that, that's, and that's part of the reason why I liked Washington in the game going in. Because the knock on Washington over the last month or so of the season has been, well, you know, I just don't know how good their defense is. Yeah.

You know what? Their, their defense has been good enough to beat. And they hadn't played Texas yet. Yet. You're right. Yes, everyone. And even though they, they, they, you know, had to outscore the Southern Cows of the world as well.

I think their offense is super dynamic and I just don't know how Michigan stops all of it. So here's what I'm thinking. Have you seen Coming to America? I assume. Of course. Soup too hot soup too cold. Aha.

Where's the spoon? And that's the part for me that I get with Washington is like, it doesn't matter if the soup's too hot or the soup's too cold. They figure it out. Right.

They will figure it out. And that's the part that I love about them. They are, they are not a good defense. They are a timely defense.

Those are two completely different things. Michigan is a very good defense. Washington is a very timely defense. They, with one second to go, they made a play.

Right. In the semifinal against Texas. One second to play, they made a play. And I don't know if you, I don't know, I've watched this play probably 50 times so far. And to watch Elijah jump, he jumped backwards while putting his hand forward to knock the ball away. Because he was like, we can't get a penalty on this play.

We have to do it. To watch. And you know what? They're lucky too. Because they got a butt fumble recovery. They did? Yeah. Against Texas it was a butt fumble.

That's a butt. They didn't do anything right. That play was going for yards.

Right. That was a first down. And then they got a butt fumble on accident.

And it's like, yo, okay. Mike Felder, real quick about, I actually thought in the fourth quarter, it looked like they were really leaning on Texas. And they were going to possess the ball for the rest of the game. And then they had that one possession where, you know, if they pick up.

Their brain malfunction? Yeah, where they, three incompletions where they have the ball for like 30 seconds. And it just left the door open for the Longhorns. I thought if they had done better with that possession. They never would have got the ball back.

Right. They can run the ball. Is the key to them, Dylan Johnson, being healthy? I think Dylan Johnson's health is critical. I think we also saw something against Texas that we hadn't seen all year. Which is Michael Pennix running.

Yeah, he does not run. And I this is so this is crazy. And it's like ironic and wild. My kid goes to school. One of her best friends from her kindergarten class there. Her father played football at Washington.

Oh, wow. He's a diehard Washington fan. We watched the Seahawks game together last night. So he and I talked about this.

Not good. And it was nice to talk football with another football guy. And our wives are sitting there like, oh, they're the same people. Like this is I they're like, I like it because he has a friend, but I hate this because it is annoying. Right. Like you can't just like sit back and watch a game.

It's just two guys just being like right here, right here, right here. But he brought it up as well. Like the key for me, like if Pennix is going to run, that's a problem that I don't think. So there's two things with Pennix.

If Pennix is going to run, that's a thing that I don't think Michigan has accounted for. The second part is Pennix is a lefty. And I say this as a lefty. It's a problem.

It is a problem. Substack drops in about 30 minutes of how a lefty can roll right and still throw to the middle versus a righty being trying to roll right. And they can't throw to the middle.

So the defense is completely broken because when they teach you defense, and I know this is someone who's played defense. Right. When they teach, they teach you when a right-handed quarterback and like 99 percent of quarterbacks are right-handed.

When a right-handed quarterback rolls to his right, he's never going to throw across the middle. Ever. Okay. I see that. Unless you're Josh Allen, but that's another story altogether.

Sure. But with Pennix, when Pennix puts his right foot in the ground, his whole body swings. And so now he's got a full face to the middle. And whether it's on a scramble or it's on a design roll, he's better moving to his right than he is moving to his left. Because his left, he knows that they understand that he's always going to throw to the sideline. Okay.

When he rolls to his right, he can throw to the middle. So, and I was talking to my buddy about, my new friend about this. I got a new friend. Wow. It's great. It's great to have new friends, especially as we get into our 30s. Yeah.

30s. You're like, you're being very generous. But no, but the thing for me is like, that's the part where Texas is going to have to figure things out, especially when you're talking about the best receiving corps in the country. And I get it.

You could talk about Ohio State and Marvin Harrison, Jr. and then talk about a book. But like the reality is, Washington has the best receiving group in the country. So this is all about time. Yeah. Time is the most important thing. And he was telling me, so he got his, one of his friends is like deep into analytics and it's like Michigan got to Milro in like 2.4 seconds. Pennix gets the, excuse me, Michigan got the Milro in 2.6 seconds.

Okay. Washington gets the ball out in 2.4, unless they're throwing deep. And I was like, I think the deep is more important than the short. And that's the part that I'm looking for in this game. Time.

Time is the most important thing. Can Michigan get to him? Can Michigan get to him? Can Michigan get to him? Can Michigan get to him? Can Michigan get to him?

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See terms and conditions. 18 plus. Before he can get the ball off, can they get as many sacks as they had against Milro? Because that was a game changer.

Also, by the way, I trust Washington Center way more than Alabama's who just put the ball on the carpet. And I was talking to EJ Manual last week and EJ goes, imagine. So imagine this.

Don't imagine this. You're driving in your car, right? Your phone's in the cup holder or whatever rings.

You got to get it. You pick it up. It slips out of your hand.

It falls into the passenger side, not the seat, but like into the bottom. Right. And you're like, but this is a call. I got to answer. And you're like, everything looks good. This is pretty snap.

Everything looks good. Yeah. Then you do this and then you look back up and it's just all brake lights. Yeah.

And a telephone pole. Yeah. You're in trouble. It's trouble. It's trouble.

Yeah. I have not. I've never been there, Mike. But neither have I. And I've never heard an analogy like that.

So shout out to EJ Manual because like he, I've never heard anyone describe it so accurately because you do know what it's like like with kids or with whatever and you turn around like you're giving them a juice box and then all of a sudden you're like, no. Right. Yeah.

That's what it's like for a quarterback to like, yo, I, what, there's nothing I can do about this. Let me ask you about Michigan's plan here. Yeah. Can they simply say we're going to try and let Blake Corum win this game? I don't know if that's what they should do.

I think that's what they're going to do. I think he's their best player. I see. I don't. Okay.

I think Donovan Edwards is more explicit. Okay. I think that JJ McCarthy can be a weapon if you let him. I the problem is I just don't know if their wide receivers are like willing and able in terms of vertical down the field, like they're not, they don't scare me at all. They don't have a single player that scares me down the field, but JJ being able to move. Okay. If they let him move all of a sudden Washington, then you can create space down the field.

That's what I'm looking for in this game. Is Michael Pennix, I mean, he's the best player. I mean, I voted, he was, he got my Heisman vote. Part of that was I kind of had been on Pennix for, uh, for the entire season. But if, if Washington wins, is it about Pennix or is it about Roma Dinsay or, uh, Jalen Polk or Dylan Johnson? I think those guys are a unit together.

Okay. So I, but Pennix has to make the throws. I mean that throw he made against Texas where those defenders were crossing and he just slipped it in the window. Are you kidding me? Like that's insane. Like that's not a thing you're supposed to be able to do.

We did in Texas look at each other like, wait, how we thought that was going to be definitely be like at least a batted ball. Right. Is, is he an NFL quarterback? Yes, absolutely. If I'm, if I'm looking, if I'm looking at it, I go, if I just meet personally, there's two things. So there's two things. There's one where I know what's going to happen. Caleb Williams is going to go number one, Drake Mays, probably going to go number two.

And then you'd get into Jayden Daniels and Pennix and bone eggs and whatever. But if I'm looking at it and maybe this is some left-handed bias, cause I am a lefty give me Pennix, give me Pennix, Pennix, Pennix is released is like this combination. It's a sick combo of Lamar Jackson's like quickness, the suddenness that Lamar Jackson has with the shot put that Phillip rivers has. Yeah. So it's, it's a strange throwing motion.

Right. Somebody will screw up and try to fix it rather than just let him play, leave it alone. Just don't touch it. He don't touch it.

He is such a great player. Oh, let me ask you, this is a big picture question and I'm gonna let you go. Mike Felder and hit the sub stack. It's Felder.

You get more than football there. By the way, we're doing a show tonight. So it'll be, it'll be in everybody's inboxes in the morning.

We're doing a show tonight for Learfield. Oh, awesome. Even better. Even better.

I'll get that tomorrow. And the, as a player, how are you looking at, I mean, I know there, there are opportunities to win a national championship, but we're going to 12 and I think we're going to end at 24 when we get to the playoff. Um, how do players you think look at these types of things? I think there's, it's, it depends on where your mindset comes from. Like there's a lot of guys that really just want a chance.

Right. And then there's other guys that are like, man, I'm really just want to get to the NFL and those two things don't work together all the time. And so obviously we're watching it with the opt outs, uh, in the current bowl system, but now these guys are going to get forced into playing because in theory you could still get to win a national championship, but it just is, it's really weird. Like to like talking to players, dealing with players, families, which I talked to more parents than I talked to players, uh, whether you're on the sideline at a camp or you're like, just parents are like, Hey, check out my kid. Like I talked to, I talked to more parents and it's just, they're like, is it better to get playing time or to play in a, you know, play at Alabama?

Is it better to get this? And I was watching the guy today that, um, he was like, D two is go D two play and then transfer because it's easier to do that there. The reduction in high school kids being offered is insane and it's really, it's heartbreaking like to me, but I also understand like these coach, everyone's, everyone wants to make their job easier and that's what they're doing. So it's going to be really interesting because as a player, yes, you want, do you want the Alabama offer? Sure. Do you want the Nebraska offer even? Yeah. Do I want the Baylor offer?

Sure. But is it easier for me to go to, even at this point, Sam Houston state is in their D one now, should I go to Sam Houston, ball my behind off and then I end up at Texas or I end up at Oklahoma or I end up at even at TC, like, do I do that? What do I do? So it's really, it's a weird space and I don't have a good answer for you. I'll be honest. Like I don't have a good answer for you and it's a really, it's a really scary space for the sport to be in. But honestly, I think if you're a high schooler and you can get into school, go play football and do it. Like, like I'm not saying go play football and do, if you can do anything else, do that.

But if you can, if you can, if that's what your ticket is, you can all, you get at least one chance to do something else or go somewhere else. It just is like, I mean, go, we're looking at a world where we're looking at Houston, we're looking at Cincinnati, UCF during the big 12 now, they're not used to that. So they're learning and then we're looking at USC, Washington, Oregon, UCLA.

They're in the big 10 now. They don't know what that's like. They don't know what that's going to be like. They have no clue what that looks like.

They have no idea. And then you're looking at Oklahoma and Texas and they're like, well, I guess we're walking into this and we're going to, no, you're not going to be the big boys on the block because they already got big boys on that block. It's like, it's like the wire, right? Like like, what are we doing? Like you think you're going to come over and take over this block? Nah, dawg. It's Avon already here.

It's a whole new world for, uh, for the supposed blue bloods, uh, across college sports. It's just, uh, who knows how it's all going to play out. All right. The sub stack it's Felder show will come in your, uh, in inbox. I appreciate your time, man.

Uh, it's everybody's celebration. If you're a college football fan tonight. Thank you so much. I'll talk to you very soon, man. Sounds good, man.

You guys take it easy. I'm Mike Felder here on the Adam gold show. Hello, it is Ryan. And I was on a flight the other day playing one of my favorite social spin slot games on I looked over the person sitting next to me and you know what they were doing. They're also playing chumbacassino coincidence.

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