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December 20, 2023 4:48 pm


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December 20, 2023 4:48 pm

Florida State University is still upset and they're still pointing fingers... 

Grant of Rights - locked in

Exit fee - $120 million

During a board of trustees meeting in August, Florida State president Richard McCullough made it clear the school would "very seriously" consider leaving the league if things did not change.

Any ACC school that wants to leave the conference would have to challenge the grant of rights to be able to get out before joining another league. The grant of rights, which runs through 2036, gives the ACC control over media rights for its member schools -- including the broadcast of games in all sports.

In addition, any school that wants to leave the ACC would have to pay an exit fee of three times the league's operating budget, or roughly $120 million.



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Hey, that's pretty mean. There's always a new reason to play. Cash prizes every day of the week. Pulse in your pocket, you can play anywhere. They're clambering to get out of the ACC. By the way, Dennis Cox sitting in for Adam Gold today. Adria Adelson, Pete Thamel, ESPN, doing reporting once again that there have been conversations from people at Florida State. They're just having discussions like, hey, how do we get out of this thing? How can we get out of the ACC? Well, guess what? I think if the way the grant of rights, the ACC, all the ACC schools have signed into, pretty locked in. I think someone would have figured out a loophole by now.

I mean, there's a lot of billable hours from a lot of lawyers from pretty much every school in the ACC that have looked over the grant of rights. And guess what? No one has found a way to get out. Oh, wait, wait. If we do this thing, we can get out. No one's found that yet. But here's one key thing when it comes to the conference realignment stuff.

One very key element that a lot of people are forgetting. You still need to be invited to another conference. Yeah, you do. You can find a loophole to get out. But guess what? Someone's got to accept you. You can't just crash the wedding, folks.

Be like, hey, where's my seat? No, you weren't invited here. You weren't invited here. There's a reason why initially the Big Ten only went after USC and UCLA. They didn't go after Washington and Oregon right away. They didn't invite them. Same thing with the Big 12, seeing Texas and Oklahoma go to the SEC. Well, there's a reason why that Oklahoma State and others weren't invited because they didn't want them. You have to invite schools to your conference.

That's the biggest factor into all this. There was a conversation that Pete Thamble of ESPN had recently on a podcast. I can't remember which podcast it was off the top of my head.

My apologies for it. But he talked about what's the most desirable program in the ACC that the Big Ten or SEC would be interested in. It wasn't Florida State. It wasn't Clemson.

They weren't even the top two. It was North Carolina was one. And then Virginia, too. Because guess what? Well, why would the SEC not want Florida State? Well, the SEC doesn't want Florida State.

You know why? At least a lot of those schools don't. Florida doesn't want them in there. They're already competing with them as it is for recruits. LSU is losing to them. They've lost back-to-back years to Florida State.

So, wait a second. That school's beating us when it comes to the college football playoff and making it. They keep beating us. That's going to hurt our chances of getting in. And then also you've got Georgia that's right there as well. You're competing for the same recruits. Alabama's not far away. And Auburn's not far away.

You're competing for the same recruits already. And if you're Florida State, why would you also want to jump into a spot where you're going to be fighting, scratching, and clawing for a CFP spot? Let's keep in mind, folks, that starting in 2024, the college football playoff expands from 4 to 12.

So, you know what? If it was 12 this year, Florida State's a five seed. And you have a game at home, a college football playoff game in your home stadium. That's what you're looking at. So, why do you want to jump ship?

You have to be invited. Of course, the Big Ten probably doesn't. The Big Ten maybe because the Big Ten now can reach into a different television market because guess what? That stuff still does matter for the Big Ten network and those kinds of things.

Okay, now you can reach further south. But also, here's the thing as well, is that do Big Ten schools want to open up the south for recruiting? Because if there's a really good player in the state of Pennsylvania that's really good. You know, Western PA are really good players in Ohio, that Florida State could pull those players down. And they're like, hey, you know what?

You can come down here, weather's warmer, but we're still going to go up to play Penn State and Ohio State and Michigan and all these other schools. Hey, you know what? If I'm a recruit, why not go check that out?

But you have to be invited. And there's a reason why Pete Thamo of ESPN said that when he talked to some people that North Carolina is most desirable for a couple reasons. One, it's an untapped media market the state of North Carolina is for both the SEC and the Big Ten. So you're bringing that in.

That stuff still does matter. But also, they look at North Carolina in terms of football, not a threat. If I'm Penn State, do I want Florida State to come in? If I'm trying to push for one of those 12 spots, if I'm Florida State, I'm sorry, if I'm Penn State, do I want Florida State to come in? No, because they can push me down. If I'm LSU, do I want to bring in or Texas A&M or Texas or Oklahoma, do I want to bring Florida State into the mix?

No, you don't because they can push you down possibly. This isn't a bash on North Carolina. Please don't get me wrong on UNC. But Penn State looks at North Carolina like, hey, you know what?

That's a name program. That's a big time national brand. And they're not going to push me down the pecking order when it comes to the CFP. And you know what? It's going to elevate our basketball. So when we get to March Madness, we're going to get more teams in because North Carolina, great basketball school as we know. And SEC is probably thinking the exact same thing.

Hey, you know what? This isn't going to hurt us in terms of football and our current powers that be. But it's still a big time national brand. It's a major public university. And they bring that name recognition and they're going to help boost our basketball profile too.

So that makes sense. Virginia, there's no threat to anyone on the Big Ten that's competing for a CFP spot or the SEC competing for a CFP spot. There's no competition there. But it's a big time, big time public university.

It's an untapped TV market because you can reach into Richmond and touch up into Washington, D.C. as well. So you kind of, I mean, granted, I know Maryland's up there already for the Big Ten, but for the SEC, makes perfect sense. And they also bring really good quality basketball as well.

So you're going to raise your basketball profile as well. And there are no threats to you on the football field in terms of pushing down your teams that are already there. Like if you're Florida State, I get that you want more money. This is where you tap into your fan base and your donors and other people and find other revenue sources and say, hey, you know what? If we pull together the money, we can actually close that revenue gap somewhat between the Big Ten and the SEC. Because right now, it's again, it's one hundred twenty million dollar exit fee to leave the conference. One hundred twenty one million dollars to just leave on top of the whole grantor rights stuff. Now, people might say, well, you can maybe go to the ACC and say, hey, how much how big of a check do we got to cut you in order to leave the ACC?

The ACC is going to say probably what? Five hundred million. Three quarters of a billion dollars to leave. The ACC says that like, well, if you if you got that kind of money laying around, then why are you whining about money? If you got that kind of money laying around, why you whining about money? Because if you had that kind of money to cut a check to the ACC to leave. Well, you could just have that money, just disperse it out in your athletic department for the next 12 years or so. And guess what? You would have as much money as any ACC or any SEC or Big Ten school in terms of the revenue they generate. You use that money for for NIL. Guess what? You could buy yourself championship team. Now, I understand that you guys are still like, well, what if we're in the CFP and all that?

Well, guess what? The CFP changes next year. It sucks what happened to you this year. By the way, Mike Norvell, as they're getting ready for the Orange Bowl, talk about the what ifs.

Florida State head coach. Mike Norvell talked about, well, what if what I always have the feelings of what happened. But at the end of the day, I wasn't I wasn't in that room and wasn't my choice. So my beliefs of what it is, I mean, that's that's that. But, you know, ultimately, I'm really proud, you know, as you for the feelings I have that maybe didn't get an opportunity at one thing.

I'm why I'm so proud of what and who this team is and what they represented for 13 weeks of the season. And now with all the whatever, whatever challenge presents itself moving forward. There's going to be something that we're going to point back to says, you know, we've dealt with it, you know, and we've grown from it and we get to be better throughout it. But I'll never lose the feelings I have.

And, you know, I hope these guys don't either. You shouldn't lose your feelings on that. I'm not trying to discount your feelings about the CFP. We get that.

But here's something you got to keep in mind. The whole talk of, you know, the ACC, if the ACC was just kind of better, we will look a little bit better and all that. Bob will be part of the solution is right now you're being a big problem. Florida State, you're being a big problem right now. If you really want to elevate the ACC, because this is what's going to help elevate the ACC.

Now, granted, what didn't help this year, Clemson had a down season and UNC sputtered down the stretch. But if you want to help the ACC, go beat Georgia in the Orange Bowl. Go beat them.

With your backup quarterback. Do that. Yeah, we just did that. Tell us we're not good anymore. And flip the bird to the CFP while you do it. That'll boost the ACC. You know, next year, if you win the conference again next year, if you're they probably say, you know what, the Florida State team is really good.

Maybe we'll make them a top four seed and give them a bye. But like, you're already good. That's the thing.

You're already good. You didn't make the CFP this year because you didn't have enough money. You didn't make the CFP this year because the cowards of the committee didn't put you there. That's the problem. Not the ACC.

ACC does have some issues in terms of revenue gap between SCC and Big Ten. But focus your energy where it's supposed to be. Stop whining. PULSE in your pocket. You can play anywhere.
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