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Bryce Young or Andy Dalton vs the Falcons?

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December 14, 2023 4:23 pm

Bryce Young or Andy Dalton vs the Falcons?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 14, 2023 4:23 pm

Darin Gantt,, on Bryce Young playing the rest of the season and another former QB’s comments that are making the rounds this week.

Cam Newton made a statement about QBs who are “game changers” vs “game managers” and now the internet is going crazy about it. Does Darin agree with Cam’s assessment? Has Bryce Young regressed from his first game to the last one this season? Should Bryce see the field anymore this season or should Andy Dalton be out there to help keep Bryce from going backwards? Would Bryce benefit from this?


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Hey, that's pretty mean. There's always a new reason to play. Cash prizes every day of the week. Pulse in your pocket, you can play anywhere. Indeed. Tua Tonga Violoa or Jared Goff are game managers or game changers. I don't think any of them are game changers. Cam Newton was a game changer, and then when you say that, people lose their minds. When you think about Cam Newton's career, what is it?

I think he's a borderline, if not, should-be Hall of Famer. I think Cam Newton changed the game of football, changed the way it was played. Basically, Cam Newton walked so Lamar Jackson could run. I think he was the guy who opened the door for a lot of people who play it differently. He was better at it than anybody.

There were people who ran around and also played quarterback in the past. Steve Young did it. Cam Newton broke a lot of Steve Young's records. Michael Vick certainly did it. Cam did it way better than Michael Vick. I think Cam's a different kind of quarterback.

He opened the doors for a lot of people. To me, if you're looking for modern comparisons, look at Josh Allen in Buffalo. He plays the way Cam Newton plays. I just think the guy was one of the great quarterbacks we've seen in the last generation. He did not always benefit from a tremendous amount of help around him in terms of skill position talent in the passing game.

Sound familiar? He still played at a high level and played at an MVP level and had really a five, six-year run equal of anybody in the NFL before or after. Unfortunately, the injuries caught up with him. Everybody worries about little quarterbacks, but the biggest and strongest one we've ever seen got derailed after about seven and a half seasons. The second shoulder injury was the one that ended it. The one that he suffered that Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

That was the end of it. That season, arguably, was shaping up to be better than his MVP season. His only 4,000-yard passing season was his rookie year. It's kind of weird.

Darren Gantt asked the old guy at Darren Gantt. What, 75 or a million rushing touchdowns? Whatever the number is. Well, it's funny when people look at the yard. Well, he only had pass for 4,000 yards once. I'm like, yeah, look at all the rushing yards. Those count, too. All the rushing touchdowns, they all counted. That whole greatest rushing quarterback of all time, yes. That was the thing that also happened.

It really is amazing. Real quick, before we get to Bryce, did you have... Let's keep talking about Cam. Did you have much of... I understand. Did you have much of a problem with the characterization of those other quarterbacks as more game managers? I mean, game changers is different because I think there's only a handful of those in the league.

There might only be four in the entire league who fall into that category. Did you have any problem with the characterization? Not really.

Not really. In addition to things I say a lot, like Cam Newton makes people stupid, there's always Darren's favorite game, find the lie. And if you can find one in what Cam Newton said, I'm all ears. I mean, the way he described Dak Prescott seems pretty on target. But I mean, Cam has, because he makes himself a lightning rod sometimes, became one.

You know, we started talking about Cam and so the substance of remarks. I mean, listen, Dak Prescott's a really good quarterback and he's playing that system in the way it needs to be played. He's efficient.

He's got weapons. He's making plays downfield. But I think if you had a draft of all the available quarterbacks in the NFL, Dak Prescott ain't going in the top five.

No. Yeah, it's just, you know, you're talking about guys like Lamar, guys like Patrick Mahomes, you know, guys like Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, before you ever get down to the Dak Prescott's of the world. I think it's, he's the difference between being one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game and having one of the greatest seasons of any quarterback this year.

Very, very well put. Darren Gantt. All right, now to Bryce Young. Sorry to throw a damper.

I just asked this question. We can still talk about Cam Moore if you want to. We want to bring up the tie gate again. He's addressed all this stuff this week. We can keep talking about Cam Newton, I promise. Has Bryce, and this doesn't have to be only about, I have an obligation. Has Bryce regressed over the last four or five weeks? Um, I don't know if he's regressed. I think the situation around him has regressed. I mean, when you fire a first year head coach and his quarterback coach 11 games into a season, obviously things weren't working out well.

And I think the whole thing's gotten a little sideways. I think if anything, you know, the stuff they're trying to do right now is probably a little closer in line with what Bryce has always been good at. You know, get him up under center every now and then, which is going to be a thing he's going to need to do or do a little play action, get him out on the move, take some shots downfield.

Early on, they were very protective with what they were calling for him and keeping it so simple. I mean, I think, you know, as I try to always look at the long game on stuff like this and think about things with a little bit of perspective. And it's impossible to do that with Bryce right now because he's got such a limited body of work. But I think we might look back on this one day and think that the disservice was not making him change coaches. So suddenly in his career, the disservice might have been the things they were asking him to do. So I just think that, um, he's a big boy. They tried to be very, very careful with him.

And, you know, I think it backfired, honestly, I think he was probably looking for more things to do than they wanted to allow him to do. So, you know, we'll see. I mean, we'll see how this thing develops.

I am here. Here's what I'm not willing to say. I am not willing to say, Oh, clearly he was the second or third, fourth best quarterback in this class. I'm with you. I mean, there's all, all the revisionists are out in force right now saying clearly CJ strap.

No, I mean probably 28 or 29 or 30 of 32 teams would have chosen Bryce young first and CJ Stroud second, given the opportunity in April. So, um, don't let anybody tell you any different. That's the truth. Don't let anybody tell you Bryce is physically incapable of doing this thing because I mean, honestly, if there are questions about his toughness, he's been sacked 48 times in 12 games and he's still getting up and making plays. So I'm not concerned about that from that standpoint. I mean, obviously they want to protect them.

Obviously they want to protect them better, but I think you can do that with scheme and play calling in addition to, I don't know, maybe having two guys play guard next season instead of six different left guards and seven different right guards. So, you know, I think all those things kind of combined to make this the, the imperfect storm for Bryce young, Darren Gant, pro football, a blast from the past, the Washington football team. is joining us here on the Adam go show. It's funny. I just, I, I slipped into like six years ago. I don't even know how that happened. It wasn't that, but not long ago. Uh, anyway, I mean, by the end of this segment, it'll be Darren Gant from the Rock Hill Herald.

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See website for details. This benefit. And I asked you this question six weeks ago and you said, no, what Bryce benefit, especially with as, uh, all the offensive line injury and turnover and turmoil.

What do you benefit by letting Andy Dalton play out the rest of the year? Still? No, I am. I am nothing if not consistent, Adam.

Uh, and I, and this comes with the side benefit of me actually believing this. I think you opened the door for all kind of bad stuff. If you do that, and we address this and ask the old guy at just the other day. Um, I think the question becomes, what are you afraid of happening? And if you're afraid of him getting physically broken again, he hasn't so far. He's taken some shots.

He's learned how to protect himself in the pocket. I think if you let him sit and all of a sudden this offense looks like the 1999 Rams with Andy Dalton at the wheel, then you open the door to Oh, my gosh, what if he's the wrong guy? That's when the that's when the confidence questions creep in. That's when you plan a seated out in a lot of people's heads, including his. I mean, listen, Bryce is the guy, whether whether this I mean, this season clearly hasn't gone the way anybody anticipated it, but they're going to hire a coach who believes that Bryce is the guy. And that guy is going to be tasked with fixing Bryce and fixing an offense to make it look like what everybody thought it was going to look like when they hired Frank Reich and all these cast the thousands on offense. So I just think that.

You open the door to bigger questions for some kind of short term benefit, and I think you know that might be a little short sighted. You know again. Am I saying he is going to turn in. To Peyton Manning.

I am not saying that. But let's remember Peyton Manning's rookie year when he led the league in interception went three and 13 for a pretty shabby Colts team. And then that team started adding parts around him like Adrian James and Reggie Wayne eventually, and all of a sudden he turned into the best quarterback any of us have ever seen. So I think to me get through the next four weeks. Let Bryce experiment with getting under center running more play action. Turn around handed to Chuba Hubbard 25 times a game and let it roll and just he's going to learn things. I mean, Chris Tabor is trying to keep things tight in these press conferences, but he said best way to get good at playing football is playing football.

And I kind of where I am on Bryce. I think you run the risk of doing more harm by opening the door to some of that bad stuff and by you know anything that's going to happen. What are they going to do lose another game? Yeah, I mean the Bears right now have a greater than 99% chance of getting Carolina's first round pick and that for the first overall pick and that is well, they have a 100% chance of getting the pick. Well, yes, but if that's true, I said it poorly. Yeah, okay. I said it poorly.

It's fine. I said it poorly and deserved deserve to be called out on a Darren Gantt The other way to look at that is the Panthers have a 95% or better chance of having the 33rd overall pick. Yes, and with that 33rd overall pick the Panthers select wide receiver.

I don't know. What is the mission because look, I think I have been more far more bullish critical of the roster than you have. You may know more about it than I do and I don't do not doubt that at all. But I think that they are their roster is maybe on the offensive side of the ball, maybe the worst in the entire NFL. But I again, I don't know everybody's roster top to bottom, but I do I do see a dearth of weapons. I see an offensive line that can't protect him recently though.

They have at least started to block one block. Well, which is what they did really well last year after the coaching change of Matt rule to Steve Wilkes. How how far they don't have a lot of draft capital. How do you get that draft capital unless you're willing to make difficult decisions on players like Burns or heaven forbid Derek Brown. I will I would not trade but no, no, you don't trade Derek Brown. You just you just in fact, they don't let me make decisions like this.

I'm no general manager. I'm not even the assistant to the assistant to the Traveling Secretary around here, but I would start the process of resigning Derek Brown right now. I mean, it's just you've got to reward that guy not only because he's playing like an insane man, but because he's doing it in the way you want people to do it and he's the guy that you can point everybody else toward and says see how Derek Brown doing his work. See how Derek Brown's going out on Sunday.

That's how we want all 53 of y'all to act. And so Derek ain't going anywhere. I mean, there's a reason when the Bears were trying to do that deal last year, you know, they were asking about Burns and they were asking about Derek and ask about DJ and you see which ones in Chicago now. I mean, I think that's based largely on the relative value of the position and also the relative value of the player, you know, I mean, and this is no side against DJ Moore. He's very good and he's a lot of the reason the Bears are having a little bit of a resurgence here. You know, he's a guy who can make plays in unusual situations or knows he's been in enough of them here.

And I just think that when you look at that you you want to build around either Burns or the stuff of Burns is going to get you. I'm kind of operating under the assumption at this point that he's going to be franchise tag and then they'll either figure out a long-term deal or figure something else out. But as with so many questions, that's going to depend on who the next coach is and what he wants to do because we can project out an offseason. I mean, it doesn't take much creativity to say, gosh, I think they might be interested in a T Higgins or somebody like, you know, I mean, yeah, this just in Panthers need wide receiver help. But I think, you know, if the new coach comes in and he runs this versus that or, you know, priorities are going to change based on who they hire and we don't know that yet.

Darren get ask the old guy at Darren Gantt with two T's for extra talent. I appreciate your time, sir. Always and absolutely. I will talk to you soon. And I love and a lovely holiday to you and yours.

Oh, yes. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah to all my friends in Raleigh. Thanks, man. See y'all cash prizes every day ads up when you play at Pulse casino, over 700 casino style games and counting and no terrible lounge singer promise.

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