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Drake Maye, Grayson McCall, and now a new QB in the mix?

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December 13, 2023 3:40 pm

Drake Maye, Grayson McCall, and now a new QB in the mix?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 13, 2023 3:40 pm

Chip Patterson, CBS Sports, on NC State’s new QB, Duke’s new head coach, and this player’s decision to sit out of a playoff bowl game.

What are Chip’s thoughts on the Manny Diaz for Duke’s new head football coach position? Why was Chip feeling one way about it, but now he feels a little differently? Drake Maye announced he won’t be playing in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Some people are very upset about this, where does Chip stand on this decision? Where might this local football player land from the transfer portal?


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Hey, that's pretty mean. There's always a new reason to play. Cash prizes every day of the week. Pulse in your pocket, you can play anywhere. All right, so many things to talk to my friend Chip Patterson about, so let's. There he is, not wearing a bow tie today. You guys didn't have any award ceremonies on the Cover Three Podcast? No, we were doing your favorite thing.

Oh my gosh, Adam, I know you're going to rush to download it. We were previewing National Signing Day. Seven days out. These are the storylines to watch.

I know that has always been your favorite thing is really getting into the grind. And look, it's so funny because today really crystallized something that, you know, across the great state of North Carolina, National Signing Day is incredibly important because it is about building out your depth. But the drama and the newsiness of National Signing Day basically is limited to seven programs and one state. Because every kid that's on flip watch, I swear they're all from the state of Florida. And they're all trying to decide between FSU and Alabama and Auburn and Georgia. So I understand why the drama doesn't always seem to connect with our programs here in the state of North Carolina.

By the way, the five programs you just mentioned, all from the Southeastern Conference, at least one of them in their minds. Chip Patterson is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Yes, I have National Signing Day not just circled, I have like a pulsating on my, I have alerts of all of that.

Gosh, I just, my least favorite day in the world. Before we get into some other things, your thoughts, I know I reached out to Bud Elliott offline to get his thoughts on the Manny Diaz hire at Duke. So your thoughts on Duke's new head coach? I've come a long way with this. Okay. Because you've evolved.

Or at least I've gone on a journey. Okay. Because there is my initial gut reaction, which is I think Manny got a bad rap at Miami. He did? I think that Manny Diaz being fired had more to do with the fact that Mario was available. And all of Mario's big money buddies wanted Mario. And what Manny Diaz was, was simply a piece that needed to be removed to bring the golden child home. Right.

As though Manny Diaz doesn't have his own ties to South Florida. But, you know, whatever. Dad was the mayor. Yeah. Dad was literally the mayor.

Yes. But, you know, and so I was like, I thought he got a bad rap. I'll be interested to see, you know, how it goes. And then I started thinking about how much fun it is with all of his ties to other ACC programs and coaches. His relationship with Mac Brown, his relationship with NC State, with Florida State.

What obviously is going to be a, you know, tense and interesting new Duke Miami rivalry with Manny Diaz now there any time that Manny and Mario get to meet on the field. But there is a very fair question of ceiling and of consistency, because while the body of work as a whole across three seasons was three bowl teams, one top twenty five finish, nothing at the end of the season that looks particularly bad. Winning record overall winning record in ACC play. There were horrid individual moments. The loss to F.I.U. on the site of the old Orange Bowl in which a distraught and white faced Manny Diaz just said, this is a very dark day for Miami football. The bowl loss to Louisiana Tech that followed.

I mean, there are a lot of bad losses throughout what as a whole is is, you know, OK, body of work. He hasn't spent that much time as a head coach. The key is going to be consistency for Manny Diaz. Can you still have that, you know, high floor and eliminate some of the consensus consistency issues that you had during your time as a head coach at Miami? I'm willing to give him a chance because back to my first point, I thought he got a bad rap at Miami.

Curious to see if he's grown and improved in some of that other stuff. I mean, I agree with everything you just said. My initial reaction, we're at a staff meeting last Monday when it became obvious that Manny Diaz was going to get the job. I'll be honest. My initial reaction was, no, don't.

But I've also had a journey and I'm not I'm not 100 percent sure that it's going to work out. I think you're talking about one of the most difficult places to recruit to to generate support at in me, maybe the most difficult place in the entire power five. It's certainly in a conversation because you don't have a great stadium. You don't have local fan support at all.

They could talk to me all day long. And I mean, there were games this year when you look at the stands like, really? We're we're half full for a game with that football team. And I said the same thing during the David Kuklofera that I was shocked at how awful their attendance was when they had a legitimately good football team. But the problem is they'd have no local alumni base.

And what they do have is a little bit older than other local fan bases. So it's in order for Duke to have good home crowds, they are very dependent on the opposition state. Carolina Central, right?

A Bull City classic is as I do that every year. If I were Duke, I would have central play at Wallace Wade Stadium every single year. Virginia Tech. It's got to be Notre Dame.

They have to have really good home attractions, I think. We are talking about a former Miami coach. It's not as though empty seats or anything that are going to be new.

But not about what you know, that he'll get used to it. Duke's got to win now. The bar, maybe the bar is not set where Mike Elko had it for for a year and a half, but they've got to win. If like, I don't think they're going to fire Manny Diaz for going six and six at Duke. If they can consistently get to bowl games, I don't think they're going to fire Manny Diaz, but they've got to win. And it's not easy to recruit, especially when we saw how many good players Duke is losing to the portal. Yeah, I mean, I think that when you are getting Manny Diaz, you are inherently making a recruiting play and not necessarily just out of the high school ranks.

That while you're losing some of Elko, the players who are committed to Elko and Elko staff, I, I think that we also saw the way that that staff was able to use the portal to get Miles Jones or Al Blade. So, you know, to be able to add to their offensive line from the transfer portal. So you are you're getting somebody who's run with the big boys on the recruiting trail. You know, none, none, nothing is going to be too intimidating.

And for that reason, I do like it better than. We try to think of like a good, you know, up and for example, as critical as I am, a lot of people believe that Toledo's Jason Kandel, who's had one of the top programs in the Mac, is somebody who might be ready to jump up. And I would say I'd rather have Manny Diaz than a G5 up and comer because you at least are used to playing those games with those kinds of recruits, where you are you're trying to get in there and you're trying to evaluate as much as recruit and be able to offer the NIL.

I think that Diaz is more fit for that than a rising star from the group of five ranks. Chip Patterson, as always, on a Wednesday is here. So Drake may announce that he was not going to play in the Mayonnaise ball, which, frankly, I can't even. There are apparently people who are upset about this. I don't understand why you would be.

He shouldn't play in the ball game. You know, you can be upset or excuse me, not upset with him. You can be disappointed. Oh, yeah, that's fair. Yeah.

Bummer. I would have loved to have seen him torch West Virginia if they're playing West Virginia right in the in the mail. We're trying to avenge the 2008 Continental Tire Bowl loss to Pat McAfee in West Virginia. Hakeem Nicks had like 280 receiving yards, but they didn't score enough touchdowns to be able to win that game. Look, I think that if you if you said in like any very storybook manner, you know, and Pollyanna, as it may sound, you've got a Charlotte native in Drake Bay.

You've got a Charlotte native in Tez Walker. You've got a team that finished losing games that they made like really did not want to finish the season in that manner. The opportunity to finish it on a better note, if you are a North Carolina fan and you're disappointed, that's fine.

I don't think that you can be upset with individuals shouldn't be right. I think you can be upset that the opportunity for what would be a feel good finish to the Drake May era is now gone. And that the final pass that he threw was in an interception against NC State. I am waiting for the day where a head coach and maybe it's happened and I missed it, where a head coach says, I'm not letting this player play in a bowl game. Peyton Wilson is still contemplating playing in the Pop-Tarts Bowl.

I would I would not let him I would take his helmet away if I was Dave Dorn with his history of injuries. And I'm not I know he's played an entire season and he was great and he didn't get hurt all year long. But man, for this game, I can't I can't I would not be able to sleep if he played in this game and got hurt and lost out on draft position or a pro career. I'm forever scarred by Deontay Williams, Carolina defensive back who got hurt in the Music City Bowl and never had a chance to play in the NFL.

I'm forever scarred by that. I mean, no offense to the Pop-Tarts Bowl, but it ain't all that. So I would I would not let him play.

I would not step in his I would not do. Cash prizes every day adds up when you play at Pulse Casino. There's always a new reason to play cash prizes every day of the week. Pulse in your pocket. You can play anywhere. So sign up now at Chumba to claim your free welcome bonus at Chumba and live the Chumba life. That if I was if I was a head coach and, you know, a player wants to play, then maybe I would that could impact some substitution decisions based on how the game is going. Right. But right. And that's NC State from everything that I've gathered one series from everything that I've gathered.

NC State football means way too much to Peyton Wilson. I know that if it again, like he may decide last minute. Hey, guys, I'm not going to play or I mean, look, I'm going to have to start making bowl picks on the cover three podcast tomorrow.

Good luck with that. There are going to be tons of we're traveling with the team. We're thinking about our status or maybe even we're traveling with the team and then warm up starts.

And guess who's out there in sweats? You know, I hope that happens. I, I, I think that there is going to be a lot of availability manipulation that's going on. And so we'll we'll see. I mean, I guess if you want to know whether Peyton Wilson is playing or not, check the betting line. I mean, most linebackers don't move a betting line, but true. You talk about a consensus All-American, the guy who's like the heart and soul of a defense.

Maybe that one ends up jumping around. But to your first point, if I was a head coach, I would not prevent I would not remove the opportunity right from somebody who wanted to go compete with their teammates one last time. But you could certainly say, hey, if he asks me, I would tell him to not play. But if he wants to, I won't stop him. Would that be a fair way of putting it? Because that would be my public stance. I am always going to feel a lookout for the well-being of my player.

Sometimes the athletes need to be saved from themselves, too. First of all, I didn't I have a Heisman vote. I did not vote for Peyton Wilson, but I would be lying if I said it didn't enter my mind. I didn't put him in my top three. I did vote for Michael Pennix first, though the performance against Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game pushed me over the top for him. I'm Jayden Daniels had a great year. Michael Pennix, because I think he was playing with a little bit of an injury down the stretch, because you had mentioned the the stats had kind of diminished some as they were playing much better teams. But that performance against Oregon was awesome.

And it just pushed me over the top for him. I voted for Pennix one, Daniels two and Bo Nix three. That was also the finish in the Midwest. Interestingly enough, Pennix won the Far West. Jane Daniels, unsurprisingly, won the Southeast. Jane Daniels won the Mid-Atlantic in the Northeast. Michael Pennix won the Midwest. Shout out to the Indiana Hoosier and his heroics with Indiana's one good season. Right. Best of luck to Kurt Cignetti.

I think that he's going to do a great job trying to bring stability to one of the worst jobs in the Big Ten. But that pretty, pretty fair argument. You know, I had Daniels one, Pennix two. Man, it's called outstanding.

That is all they ask us to do. Right. That they are an NCAA football player at a school that plays football and that they are the most outstanding player. I had Jalen Milro as my third.

Wow. His improvement over the season and his play in the biggest games, the second half against LSU. You know, obviously the Auburn game and the Hail Mary against Auburn backing it up against Georgia. I thought Jalen Milro was outstanding. And so I had Milro as my third, but I had Daniels one, Pennix two. You know, it's it is not a best player, best team award.

It is for people who literally stand out. And I think that whether you're going Pennix or Daniels, you know, that was the one, two and pretty much every main voting region. I was surprised that even though Marvin Harrison was a finalist, he was not like he didn't crush it in the Midwest. So Nick's got more voting points than Marvin Harrison Jr. did in the Midwest because Ohio State's quarterback wasn't great.

And it was hard to for Marvin Harrison to compile just ridiculous stats. I mean, I thought I thought Roma Dunes was a Tom for Nelly didn't have Michael Pennix. He had Roma Dunes.

That's fair. He is great. He's like, yeah, Michael Pennix was incredible. But the last he said Michael Pennix was awesome. But the last five games, it was the Roma Dunes a show. And that is like a little bit of a commentary on the offense, but also just like the how awesome a dunes it was.

And I had a dunes a as my first place for the bullet in a cough awarded to the number one wide receiver. But I was surprised that it wasn't as much of a landslide in the voting points as it ended up being. I was taking that assumption based on the Las Vegas betting odds. But, you know, you're not betting on the finalists. You're not betting on the margin. You don't have a spread for voting points when you're betting on the Heisman. It's just who's going to win the award.

And it increasingly looked heading into the final week that it was going to be Jane Daniels. All right. Final final couple of things very quickly. Where's D.J.

Ouyeungele going to land out of the portal? We know. Let's see. Riley Leonard went to Notre Dame. Grayson McCall left the coast of Carolina, came to NC State. But what are your thoughts on Grayson McCall to NC State? So Tim Beck leaves NC State to go to coastal Carolina, spends one year with Grayson McCall sends it back to NC State. Nice.

Good trade. Yeah, I just. Here's the case. It makes me think that haven't Jonathan Paylor incredible athlete skill player who's part of the NC State recruiting picture. They hold on to him. You bring back Casey Concepcion that Grayson McCall does not have a incredible deep ball. He does not have a push it down the field, but you get all those skill players who are like good in space. And Robert and I often it is what make the right decision, deliver it on time. Grayson McCall can make the right decision and deliver it on time. So he's got a skill set that I think could be very strong with that group of skill players. I wonder if some of these Texas A&M players will come to Duke.

I'm just just kind of as a joke to you, by the way. I think so. Florida State is looking at like a Cam Ward, D.J., you situation where if Cam Ward ends up getting locked down by Miami, then no. No, D.J., we I'm going to lay is a very nice other option that they have right there.

And then let's see who else were you trying to get your eyes on? Or common courts, probably the Nebraska and Nebraska spending a ton of money right now. Matt Rule told us we know if they get a good quarterback, we know it costs at least a million, million and a half. Good for good for you, Matt.

We were going that route. He's just he's so two faced. He's just he's three faced, actually. Matt Rule, not two faced.

He's three faced real quick. How many Florida State players will opt out of the Orange Bowl? Nine or between nine and eleven.

Yeah, I've gotten the max max opt out scenario. I think is 12 or 13. Yeah. And I think we'll probably end up around nine or 10. I mean, it's a tough scene.

It's going to be real tough. And a the game doesn't matter. So you shouldn't play Jared verse and players like that shouldn't play in it because you have to consider your your pro future. And to my first reaction was, man, I'd opt out of the game as a school. But they didn't. But that's fine. Good for them. But it is not going to be the Florida state.

But you know, people are going to take it. See, they didn't belong because they're probably going to get run by Georgia unless Georgia has a ton of opt outs. You know, I tell you what, they don't belong on the same field as Georgia, because what what Mike Norville has is a team that was built out of a transfer portal. And what Georgia has is a team that was built over year over year elite recruiting. And the reason why Georgia is going to walk the dog with Florida State in the Orange Bowl is because their twos and threes are worlds better than Florida State's twos and threes. Right. And that, you know, Mike Norvell maybe neglecting some scholarship opportunities for players and also having a little bit of an uphill battle to fight on the recruiting trail.

Like Kirby Smart's fine with opt outs. I'm just out to get these boys out here and go go go see what 65 has to offer, you know, put him let him see some live bullets. Listen, you're the best man. I'll talk to you next week.

Sounds good. Y'all be well. Cash prizes every day adds up when you play at Pulse casino, over 700 casino style games and counting and no terrible lounge singer promise.

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