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NBA In-Season Tournament and college basketball

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 6, 2023 3:32 pm

NBA In-Season Tournament and college basketball

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 6, 2023 3:32 pm

Brenden Whitted, HU Bison Express, discusses the in-season tournament going into the semi-finals and how it’s impacted the sport thus far; as well as upcoming college basketball games.

UConn used to be the best in the 90’s and has 5 national championships; how are people not calling them a blue blood? Which game should we watch out for that will really determine where their at this season?

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Hey, that's pretty mean. There's always a new reason to play. Cash prizes every day of the week. Pulse in your pocket, you can play anywhere. Is the run up to the playoffs. In American sports, there is nothing more exciting than in baseball, the pennant race.

Yeah. Mid-August on through September into the playoffs. In the NBA, the last two months of the regular season, as teams are jockeying for position in the NHL, man, you're pushing for the last playoff spot. I would argue the most exciting Hurricanes game in the entire Rod Brind'Amour era was the night they made the playoffs for the first time in a decade. It was the second to last game at home against the New Jersey Devils.

They had to win that game, get help elsewhere. Both things happened. It was as exciting. Anybody that remembers the Peter Mrazek interview on the bench after they qualified for the playoffs.

Mrazek wasn't even part of the previous decade. You live for those moments as fans. And it's been a long time since the Panthers have experienced anything remotely close to that. Yeah.

Yep. What the NFL needs is an in-season tournament that the Panthers can get behind because maybe they'll get lucky and it'll be the day they win. Or we should start like doing, I don't know, a test or an exam or questionnaire for owners. Like you have to pass this common sense test before you can own a football team. Maybe.

Maybe that would help. That's what it all comes down to, isn't it? Let's bring in my friend Brendan Winard at hucocell on Twitter, bison express, all of that. We'll get to the celebration bowl in a sec. But I kind of I led us into the NBA's in-season tournament. I think you were skeptical at the beginning. And I don't know if your opinion has really changed as we are now down to the final four.

But your thoughts on what we have seen other than the courts, which are hard to watch and what we're going to see in Vegas. I'm so in on it now. And thank you for calling your skeptical. So now that's being very kind. It's a terrible idea, but I'm so into it now that I even like the courts. Like I'm like, yeah, nobody likes it. No, aesthetically, they're a mess. Okay. Fair. But I love the idea.

You know what the in-season tournament is like? I don't know if you've ever gone to a hotel in the city you live in. And like, let's say, you know, you and your, your, your, your, your, your pair of more, just go hang out in the hotel.

Right. Do we know each other? Of course we know each other. Is it the same? We're creating little scenarios here. I'm just saying like, is it this, are they the same players that they always are?

Yes. But you know, it goes down a little different in the hotel than it does. I'm just saying, that's what the in-season tournament is, man.

Like this is the same characters, the same place, but it's different and you feel it. Guys care. Guys legitimately do care. Like I, that was my whole thing. My whole thing was if they don't care during the all-star game and they wait, I think they make a million if they're, if they win better.

There's, there's a, there's a monetary bonus for that as well. I was like, if they don't care for that, they're definitely not going to care for this. Who cares about different courts and in-season tournaments, no one's hanging a banner for this. I'm wrong. I was wrong. And you felt it in that, in that Suns Lakers game.

Like, like guys were going to go get after it. There was, there was some chippies, Cam Reddish and, and Devin Booker getting into it and stuff like, these are things that don't, I'm not saying that they don't care for all of the regular season games, but 82 of them, you're going to wane a little bit. They were fantastic.

That was, that was fantastic. Tyrese Halliburton, the performance he put on versus the Boston Celtics by becoming that sort of a household name. They said it was only his second time being on international stage since getting into the NBA, which there's some issues with the NBA and how they kind of decide who they're going to promote and who they are. They're a good player.

They don't vote that don't play in New York or LA, but like, that's what you, if you're the NBA, that's precisely what you want. You want Halliburton become this big time name so that people are looking him up and maybe checking Pacers games all of a sudden, this has worked out beautifully. Shout out, shout out to Silver and company for, for putting this together.

I, I look, I love the concept. I think it will work in other sports too. Our, uh, the, our head coach rod, Brendan, Boris, not a fan, uh, but maybe he'll change his tune.

I don't know who's the end. The NHL is going to do it. I think ultimately major league baseball will do it as well. Uh, but we'll see. It may take some time, but I hope the, uh, hope the NBA community sticks with it.

Um, real final, final thing on this. LeBron really sold it. LeBron was talking about you're representing your family and your, your community and all of that. I think he was overselling, but I think that's okay because I think he understands that the NBA wants this to be a thing and he is willing to help them make it a thing. It will mean more money. It'll be maybe a separate television package.

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So sign up now at Chumba to claim your free welcome bonus at Chumba and live the Chumba life. That is because he he's been playing against Ghost for a really long time. Sure. And so, you know, he would love to, hey, you know, Mike never had his season tournament championship. He would love to hit him with that old shrug. Like, I mean, Mike can't have it.

You know what I mean? Like, yeah. Did he?

Was he eligible for it? That's not like somebody else's problem to me, fam. He don't have one. How about your boy? So yeah, he 100% thinks that. Yes, absolutely.

All right. Now, speaking of Michael Jordan, his old stomping grounds, Chapel Hill. I think they, for the most part, had a pretty good preseason, you know, pre-conference season, even though I think everybody's played a conference game now. But before we get to later in the month where now we're starting to get into league play, I think they've had a very good run up.

What was your take on last night's loss to UConn? Uh, I'm really high on this team. That was my takeaway. Yeah.

You know what I mean? Like, you guys are good team. Like, you're going to lose some of these games early on. But I thought that they fought back. They looked early on in that game, like they were kind of withering a little bit. They still had their defensive issues, but that's going to be the biggest thing for them. But there's been a lot of, I think, positive takeaways from this. They're a lot deeper than they have been. I know that that final that they had that they ultimately lost with Huber Davis.

I thought that was as big of an issue as anything. Just not having guys, they feel comfortable playing. Sure. Davis will probably shorten up the bench at some point, but they, they look really, really comfortable.

Yeah. Capable shooters. They're athletic.

They they're deep and, and, and kind of amorphous enough to be able to change what they want to do at any given time. Harrison Ingram, man, that is a professional basketball player. He is no joke. He is at his size and the things he's doing, he's shooting over 30%.

It's weird. He actually does remind me a lot of Harrison Barnes, but the inside version, the guy that's not going to rely on the jumper as much where he grant inward feels very comfortable, put his shoulder down, putting it into his defender and working with his back to the basket. That's not something that I feel guys are as comfortable doing now because there is a lot of more spacing and let's shoot the three, particularly at Ingram size, but he's legit. You put that with RJ Davis, who man, every time I watch him play, he looks like, looks like a pro and not just because of his shooting ability, although he is a three level score.

He's gotten his, I think his layout package is better than it was. He feels very comfortable in the mid range. And obviously, you know what he does from deep, but he knows when they need him.

Right. He, he understands, Hey, I can get up. I can get my shot anytime I want to his quickness and his, and his basketball IQ allow that. But the other thing that you does, it makes sure, Hey, let me make sure to feed this big right here.

Who who's who just gave me the pig and he's rolling down. Let's make sure to get him something. Let's move, let's move the ball around and get guys in positions to score the ball. That to me is the, the known noble part about point guard. Do you know what you need?

They call it a coach on the court for a reason when we are struggling. Yes, you go get RJ. You don't look for nobody else. You go get it.

But other times, let everybody else eat. He seemed to have a really good understanding of that and impressed, even though he wasn't great last night by Baycots, improved me on the free throw line. Yeah. I know everybody wanted him to learn how to shoot threes and all this, man.

That's not him. No, what is him is a guy that, because he is so physical and it's going to get to the last so much. If he's shooting at about an 80% clip, you no longer have to worry about taking them out at the end of the games.

And he's going to just get three to four more points that you don't have to manufacture at all, just based off of office. And it's interesting that you get that because a, I, at the beginning of the show to me, Harrison Ingram is their best player. I would, to me, that's the guy that I center my offense around.

Everything works off that. I think the, the emergence of Elliot Cadeau as the primary ball handler, even though they have two and RJ Davis does a lot of orchestrating with the offense. I think the fact that they can rely on Cadeau to run the show more often than not, I think is really good. I love him. I love him as a player. He's going to go through a dip, but I think he's really good.

You get Cormac Ryan. Who's just a really good spot up shooter, but he does more than that. Not just a shooter. He can drive.

He's got some, we'll just say tenacity to him. Right. We can, we can call it whatever we want. If it was playing for another team, we would hate him, but he doesn't, he plays for North Carolina. So we like him and that's good.

But I liked the depth too. I don't, to me, Jalen Washington's going to be part of the rotation, right? Absolutely.

And Seth Trimble is going to be part of the rotation. I think there'll be an eight man team pretty much all year. And that's really all you need. You don't need 10.

You don't need 11. Eight is more than enough. I think that maybe seven or no eight was the show, right?

Eight is enough. Yeah. That was the show.

I apologize for, I mean, it's right in my wheelhouse because I'm almost a hundred years old. But I liked that team. Last night was just a loss.

It's a great game. I think UConn played well. They probably shot more, I don't know.

I haven't seen UConn enough. They shot a lot of threes. They didn't make a high percentage, but they made 10. Carolina made seven. And I think that they had those two stretches in the second half that they stretched the lead out to double digits a couple of times after Carolina had eaten into it. And it was just too big a health decline. But I wasn't discouraged by anything I saw from UNC.

No, not at all. And that's a good environment for them to play. And they still got, I think their next game is versus Kentucky. I think they have another one of these kind of big time showdowns. But I love that. I love the toughness.

You mentioned like, you mentioned like, hey, that's called Moxie or whatever it was that you came up with. Yeah, but I want that. I want them playing with a little bit of edge. If there has been an issue in the past with Carolina, regardless of who the head coach was, it was the nice guy thing. They're a bunch of nice guys. Well, nice guys finished second in basketball. You got to have a little bit of that mean streak in you. And I like to see, let me tell you, the chatty Kathy Spencer for UConn. He was, I mean, he had a lot, he had a lot to say.

He certainly did that. You need, you need to go up against that in, in, in New York, you know, go up against UConn, that kind of a story program. Go let's put them in some boiling water and they will cook and they will be fine. Like it's going to be great. Like I'm, I'm, I'm really high on this team right now. I am too. But real, real quick aside, there was some question about whether or not UConn is a blue blood program.

Why is that? I mean, how many national champions? I mean, it's not like they've just started being good. Like when Jim Calhoun got there in 1990 or 89 or whatever it is, they became great. They were one of the best teams in the nineties. It just took them a while to win a national championship. One of the best teams in the nineties, they got five national championships. I mean, how do we not call them a blue blood? They're a blue blood. They just haven't necessarily been one of the, you know, legends of the game since 1952.

I don't even understand people. Yeah. I think folks don't want to let other people, especially fans of the teams that everybody knows is in there, they're a little bit more reluctant. And in a weird way, I think that the women's basketball team success has hurt them because it hasn't been as done. It's always been there. They've been the other team on their own campus for a long time.

I think that hurts them too. More of a blue blood than Indiana. No, I'll just leave it right there. Yeah, they are.

All right. When do you head down to, uh, to Atlanta for the celebration bowl? Head down there Saturday, super excited.

Um, you know, this will be a big, this is a big opportunity for, uh, our program. They were called me at champions last year, but because of the tie breakers couldn't actually represent the maniac in the celebration bowl this year, get the big wins at verse Morgan state and central, uh, late in that season, after we lost the South Carolina state in a really tough game where I thought that that was the season they were able to fight back, get into it. They got there. They got their biggest test coming, uh, coming Saturday, uh, coming next Saturday, uh, when, when they play fan because fan, they score the most points in the sweat. They allowed the least amount of points. They're 11 and one, but they're only lost being the South Florida. Like this is a legitimate team that they are playing. And so it's a really good measuring stick to determine where, where your program is. So, so shout out to coach Scott for, for, for rectifying this program.

Cause it was looking really rough for a little while. That's Brendan Whitted at H U Co cell on Twitter. Good luck to the bison in the celebration bowl.

You can read his stuff at bison All right, my man, I'll talk to you soon. Absolutely, man. I love it.

You got it. That's Brendan Whitted here on the Adam gold show. Hello, it is Ryan. And I was on a flight the other day playing one of my favorite social spin slot games on I looked over the person sitting next to me and you know what they were doing. They were also playing chumbacasino coincidence.

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