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Looking at the NFL and where the teams rank going into Week 14

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 6, 2023 3:32 pm

Looking at the NFL and where the teams rank going into Week 14

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 6, 2023 3:32 pm

Trey Wingo, former ESPN, on the best teams, the worst teams, and the college football playoff rankings.

Will this be the first year the team who wins the Super Bowl may NOT have their QB winning MVP? What does Trey make of the Kansas City Chiefs? How does Trey feel about the college football playoff rankings and leaving FSU out, especially because of the reasons they stated? Does Trey believe in the Dallas Cowboys and/or the Philadelphia Eagles? What’s the problem with David Tepper, in Trey’s opinion?


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See website for details. The San Francisco 49ers are the best team in the National Football League. We've been saying this for weeks and weeks and weeks. Even when they lost three in a row, there were two elements missing from their lineup.

As soon as those elements came back, they have started to win every single week. Trent Williams left tackle. Deebo Samuel, maybe not the best wide receiver, but one of the best players in the league. Trey Wingo joins us now from the 33rd team and everywhere else. I mean, Half Forgotten History, Pro Football Network, you are a man about town. Trey Wingo joining us at Wingos with a Z on the end of it on Twitter and Threads too. I know you post a lot on Threads.

Good for you. Are the 49ers the best team in the league? Adam, great to be with you. I think they are. I'm really glad you mentioned what you just said about Trent Williams and Deebo Samuel.

Because as you know, one of the crosses I bear is that a quarterback wins and losses are not a quarterback stat. Yes, it's on your Twitter. Yeah, thank you very much. Or X. By the way, I'll never call it X.

It'll always be Twitter. Let's just be honest about that. So you go look at those. If the game against Cleveland, both Trent Williams and Deebo Samuel left because of injury. Then they missed the next two games. They lost those three games.

When they came back, suddenly they have a four-game winning streak or a three-game winning streak, whatever it is now. And it's low and behold. It's like, wow, you really need a complete team to win games. It's a crazy concept that so many people seem to struggle with. It is. They even struggle with it in college.

But maybe that's another conversation for another time. Because it is about teams, not just about one specific player. Just to extend the 49er thing here, it doesn't amaze you because it's human nature now. We have suddenly made Brock Purdy the MVP candidate. Whereas if it was going to be anybody from that team, I think it would be Christian McCaffrey, no? Yeah, look, you're right. I think McCaffrey is extremely valid.

I want to be clear. I'm not discrediting Brock Purdy in any way, shape or form. I think he's played great and he's worthy of that conversation. But it does feel like this is a year, finally, where maybe we break the stranglehold of the MVP being the quarterback on the best team with the best stats.

Right? You look at what Christian McCaffrey is doing. He's the first 1,000-yard rusher for the Niners since Frank Gore in 2014. He has an incredible string of, what, 16 straight games or 15 straight games, scoring at least one touchdown. You have Tyreek Hill doing remarkable things for Miami on pace to shatter Megatron's single-season receiving-yard record.

If there's ever going to be a year where the quarterback doesn't win the MVP, this might be the year. So, if you look at odds, it seems to be all quarterbacks. For me, AJ Brown in Philadelphia, to me, is their best offensive player. Tyreek Hill in Miami. Christian McCaffrey.

And, heck, if we wanted to go to the defensive side of the ball, we'd probably have a few candidates there. What do you make of the Kansas City Chiefs? Because we do a Top 5, Bottom 5 every week.

And I legitimately removed them from my Top 5 this week. Because as great as Patrick Mahomes is, and as great as Travis Kelce is, I just don't think they have a wide receiver that you have to worry about. Well, I think Rasheed Rice is becoming that guy, but the problem for Kansas City right now is Patrick Mahomes has given up on trusting Mark Westalva Scantling, rightly so, and given up on trusting Sky Moore, rightly so. Like, you go back and look at that Packers game. There were times where MBS or Sky Moore were slightly open, and he was like, nope, I'm going to fit it into Kelce or find Rasheed Rice. And teams have figured that out.

And Kedarius Toney needs to step up, too. But for all the Chiefs' problems, let me just say this, for all the Chiefs' problems, they're eminently fixable. Like, for example, the difference in that game Sunday night was the two possessions in the first half. In the Packers' two possessions, they got inside the red zone and scored touchdowns. In the Chiefs' possession, they got inside the red zone and had a sack or a penalty that pulled them back. And, you know, that was the difference in the game, and obviously a blatant missed PI. The officiating is just horrendous. On both sides, the hit on Patrick Mahomes out of bounds also wasn't a penalty.

It's a joke. It's a joke across the league, and the league needs to fix it. But the only way I'm not discounting the Chiefs, all of the Chiefs' problems are fixable. And I go back to the Indianapolis Colts of 2006. Week 15 or 16, they go down to Jacksonville, and the Jags run for 370 yards on them between Maurice Jones, Drew, and Fred Taylor. And Tony Dungy said, look, guys, all of these things are fixable. And people are like, yeah, okay, your run defense has been crap all year.

Well, what do they do? They go into the postseason that year. They take on, in the wildcard round, they take on the Kansas City Chiefs and Larry Johnson, who at that time was an incredible runner. They win that game. Then they go on to Baltimore and take on Steve McGear in the Ravens and a defense in Jamal Lewis, an incredible runner. And they win that game. And then they go in the AFC Championship game.

They host that one because they're the three seed. And Lawrence Moroni was a featured back for the Patriots. They find a way to stop him in the Super Bowl. They stop a really good running game of the Chicago Bears. So listen, they're not playing as well as they should. And they're certainly capable of playing better. But I would not discount Kansas City in any way, shape, form. Their last tough game is this Sunday when they host Buffalo. You go look at the rest of their schedule.

It's the Raiders, it's the Chargers, it's the Patriots, and it's the Bengals without Joe burrow at Arabic. They're winning four of those, at least four of those barring injuries to Patrick Holmes or Travis Kelsey, whatever. They're winning at least four of those remaining five games.

What does 12 and five get you? Well, most of their losses have been against the NFC. Three of their four losses have been against NFC opponents. So they have the tiebreaker over Jacksonville if they have the same record. They have the tiebreaker over Miami if they have the same record. And if it goes down to it, because all of their losses would be, most of them would be against NFC teams. And the first tiebreaker in multiple teams with the same record is conference record. They still have a very legitimate shot at being the number one overall seed. All they have to do is play slightly better. Trey Wingo is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Are we sure that Jacksonville is going to be invited into the playoffs because of Trevor Lawrence's injury?

It's so stupid, right? The college football committee just needs to, I have more respect for them if they just say, you know what, Alabama's going to spend more dollars. We're going with Alabama.

I put this up on Twitter. I don't know if you saw it. I said, thank God the NFL does operate like the committee. Because if that were the case, arguably one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history and one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history would have never happened. Super Bowl 52, when backup quarterback Nick Foles runs the Philly special, right before half the score, the touchdown on fourth down. And they come away and beat the New England Patriots.

How many threw 500 yards in that game? And Nick Foles was the MVP and won because, but because he was a backup quarterback, he wouldn't have been allowed in the playoffs due to the committee. It's a joke. It's a sham. It's disgusting, quite frankly. It's funny. You did morning radio for a good amount of years. When the committee did that, I remember the way I felt.

I was at one of my kids' soccer games that afternoon and I'm like, I could not wait to get onto the radio the next day to blast these clowns for disrespecting an entire football team's work for four months or longer when you can't consider what they go through in the offseason. That's another matter for it. But did you have like a little bit, man, I wish I could go blast these people? No, because I can do that wherever I want. I can do it on Twitter. I can do it on Instagram. I can do it on your radio show.

I can do it on Threads. If people want to hear me rant, there are plenty of places where they can find it. It's just so asinine. It's just so dumb and it's so transparent.

It's just so transparent. Alabama has arguably the worst loss of any of the teams in the playoffs. I mean, they got beat at home by Texas by double digits.

Double digits. But it's Alabama, as you said. It doesn't matter because they're maybe the number one brand in college football.

Trey Wingo, let me ask you one quick question about the Dallas Cowboys. They haven't beaten anybody with a winning record yet this year. Well, they did.

They did on Thursday. Last Thursday, they beat the Seahawks. They had their first win over a team with a winning record. Right. They had a winning record at the time.

Right now. But that's the way the metric goes. Just so you know, when you look at that, it's what is the record of the team at the time you play? Well, they beat the Jets at a winning record when the time they played them too. The Jets were 1-0. There you go. That was, yes, that didn't last very long. How good, is Dallas legitimately good?

Because I think they're a threat because they can be, I mean, explosive offensively. Listen, this game is everything. With Lucky Land slots, you can get lucky just about anywhere. This is your captain speaking. We've got clear runway and the weather's fine, but we're just going to circle up here a while and get lucky.

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See website for details. Because if they win, first of all, it would be their 15th straight win at home and they'll beat the Eagles and suddenly the Eagles will go from the one seed to the five seed based on a conference record and standings. So this game is everything. And if Dallas wants to take advantage of their incredible home field advantage, again, they won 14 straight, longest active streak in the NFL. It's like the longest streak in franchise history to a time. They won 18 straight at home in the seventies and eighties.

They have to be able to win the division to get a home playoff game. So this game is everything they're capable of. A DAC is playing an MVP level. That's got since the sporting, go look at his numbers since the 49ers game. It's absolutely remarkable the run he's been on. And that defense got taken part a little bit. I mean, everyone loves Ron Bland and his five pick sixes, but my God, DK Metcalf torched him.

He's never been torched before in that game to the benefit of my fantasy team. But the Eagles are wounded. The Eagles are hurting.

They're not the same thing. Jalen Hurts is not physically there. It's not now when to the Dallas Cowboys. This is their time to step up and say we are the team that everybody thinks we can. I agree with you about Dallas. I also think that Philly has been kind of playing with. Yeah. I don't know about coasting, but their point differential, which I think is a very meaningful stat over time, has been just a little bit over.

It was like plus sixty seven when they were ten and one. And again, I think it should eliminate you from the playoffs if you do lose to the Jets. Trey Wingo is joining us here on the Adam Gold show real quick about David Tepper and the Panthers organization.

And I'll just leave the canvas blank for you. I just don't know if David Tepper is ever going to learn how to be an owner in the league because he hasn't demonstrated any acumen for it. I can't disagree with you. Again, when he gets up and says, I want to coach to be here for 30 years. Well, then quit firing him for 50. That might help. Let's start there.

All right. Let's just start there. Problem with David Tepper is he's a billionaire and billionaires are used to getting their way. The best billionaires in the NFL are guys like Robert Kraft, who made a ton of money and realize, you know what? I don't know this business.

I'm going to find really smart people to run this business and I'm going to make them, let them make those decisions for me because that's what's best for me. David Tepper, his, his ego is involved here now and that's a huge problem. And here's the other problem for Carolina Panthers.

All right. One sure looks like they picked the wrong quarterback. Not saying it can't turn around, but right now, would you take CJ Stroud or would you take Bryce young? I think everybody would take CJ Stroud. Number two, let's look at the draft capital that they gave up to get ratio to try and turn things around.

You're going to have to find things that you don't have. And here's the other thing that nobody's really talking about conservatively. I mean, conservatively seven to 10 NFL head coaching openings going into the 2024, uh, off season. But what is exciting and sellable about the Carolina Panthers show?

I think I definitely agree with the last two. I am still of the mind that Bryce young is going to be really good. They have the worst offensive line and the worst skill position players in the league.

They have given him no chance at all. Correct. Um, so I'm like, as good as CJ Stroud is, I'm going to hold judgment on the quarterback until Bryce young, I feel has a fair chance. Um, and I think that's fair. The only thing I'll say in response to that, and it's fair, I think Bryce can still turn it around.

Here's the list of quarterbacks that have grown for more passing yards in the first 12 games in CJ Stroud, Patrick Mahomes. That's the end of the list. That's right. That's the end of the list. That's the end of the list.

It's a good list to be on if it's, especially if you're near the top of it. Um, correct. So I'm fortunate for, uh, for, for Bryce that the malpractice began at the draft. Especially the malpractice malpractice began well before the draft, but that's where the trade and everything they have done trading up to get Matt corral was a dumb idea.

They don't even have Matt corral in the roster one year after doing that. Uh, yeah, that was not good. It is a, it is a cluster from jump street, Trey Wingo at Wingos on Twitter and threads. I appreciate your time.

33rd team. Uh, you're everywhere. My friend. I appreciate your time. Anytime. I'm always good to talk to you. You got it.

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