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Which team is likely to get knocked out tonight?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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November 21, 2023 3:37 pm

Which team is likely to get knocked out tonight?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 21, 2023 3:37 pm

Danny Kannell, Cover 3 Podcast, on which schools may get left out; even though they’re undefeated.

Could Florida State get left out, even if they go undefeated? Is there some lesson to be learned on how we schedule football? When looking at NC State and this SEC school, the ONLY difference between the two is that one is SEC, yet they’re ranked. Danny discusses where he thinks things are falling apart and what he doesn’t agree with when it comes to deciding rankings? Is Danny surprised that UNC is the favorite in their last season game against NC State this Saturday? How does he see Ohio St vs Michigan going?

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See website for details. Danny Kanell. One of my absolute favorites. Cover 3 Podcast. CBS Sports. He is everywhere. Serious XM. I'm frankly surprised he is not on the air somewhere right now.

Today, BetOnline makes it all possible. Sir, do you have eligibility left to take over since our guy Jordan Travis is done? Oh, man, was that heartbreaking.

Yes. I wish I could. You know, there's a lot of talent around him, you know, or on the field for Florida State.

That's why I do. You know, it's devastating. I feel awful for Jordan Travis. But if anybody's thinking about writing off Florida State, I would say just hold on a minute because they still have maybe the best duo at wide receiver between six foot seven Johnny Wilson and six foot four key on Coleman. Yeah, like that makes a young quarterback's job that much easier. But what I worry about the most is just the leadership aspect because Jordan Travis has provided so much to that team stability, you know, work ethic. Hey, let's focus on the prize at the end of the season. It's a devastating loss for sure, but it also could be Adam. It could be that cause to rally around, you know, I mean, you know, 18 to 23 year olds always looking for something, you know, coaches are looking to spark their team in some way.

And maybe that is something they could kind of rally around to kind of do it for Jordan. Danny canal is joining us here again. Thanks to bet online. Tate roadmaker is the the guy who will take over and he did and he got at with just North Alabama got him out of that game going down to the swamps. A little bit of a different animal, but to Gator animal, but the there were also without their starting quarterback is Graham. Wirtz is out and it's really the next week. Not that that's this is going to be an easy game this week, but it's really the next week. That is the bigger problem, probably with Louisville at 10 and one on the year. But here's my question. If if fad Busby and Peter Tom Willis could be on the cusp of winning national championships, you know those names.

Some of our listeners don't know who those people are who those two guys are. So it is about the rest of the team. So and I saw I heard so many people basically knocking Florida State down the list, even as we head to tonight for the the latest fake selection show that I think we got to wait and see how Florida State plays on Saturday in Gainesville. And then the following Saturday against Louisville and Charlotte before we make any determination.

You're a hundred percent, right? I do think they're going to get knocked tonight. Like even if Jordan Travis had been healthy and been fine and through for 600 yards, they probably would have dropped because it was North Alabama. And meanwhile, Washington was beating, you know, a top 10 opponent in Oregon State on the road like that's an impressive win. So I think Florida State was going to drop and I it's finishing because I've seen a split between analysts.

I've seen some and I mean shoot even before Florida State lost Jordan Travis. I thought Desmond Howard and Kirk Kurtzry saying man undefeated Florida State could get left out. If certain things unfold, which I think is crazy.

But to your point like yeah, you have to let this play out and I'll take it a step further. What if Florida with Tate Rademacher throws two interceptions, but they win against Florida and if he throws two more interceptions, but they win against Louisville, how can you crush a team for winning? You know, it may not look the same, but that to me would mean maybe their run game steps up. Maybe the defense steps up like it's the greatest team sport. We know for a reason and I do I think Tate Rademacher will play fine.

I think he's really good. Remember last year against Louisville, ironically on the road Jordan Travis got knocked out of the game before halftime and Rademacher finished out the game for him and brought him from behind and that was a tough spot for him to be in then. So he's been in this situation. Granted, it's not the swamp, but I totally agree with you. Like let's see how this thing plays out before you start, you know, just saying well no matter what they can't be included because they don't have Jordan Travis like that's just ridiculousness.

If anybody, you know has that thought with a lot of meaning behind it. Danny Canell is joining us former Florida State quarterback. Now he has 17 jobs including Sirius XM. He is here representing Bet online.

We're going to get to some some of the lines which I find pretty interesting coming up this weekend. I realize now that I've been mispronouncing Tate's name Rademacher not Roadmaker. I don't know don't worry. Everybody's been doing it's fine. Everybody's been doing it, but that's the thing about him. Nobody knows who's like who he is.

I mean, I remember it was you know, good luck to a tag of it like that's right to it took a vulgar logo as no one knew his name. Like this is the time when you learn his name and good for him because you know, I this is great Adam. I used to remember like I was K now I was you know, Cannell and I got was a lot of different names before I got to play at Florida State like it's a part of the process, right? It's what something he's going to go through because all of a sudden he's the guy and I get a look at Florida State's, you know future regardless. He's the starter next year too.

So we'll get a look at how he goes. All right, by the way, it took me until DJ Ooyounga-Lilay transferred to Oregon State to get his name correct. So real I want to I want to pare down the scheduling thing here because Washington schedule has been back loaded last year. TCU schedule was back loaded. Is there a lesson here that maybe the ACC should sort of incorporate where their schedules are sort of I mean smart people can figure out. Yeah, we think this team is going to be really good. We think this team is going to be really good not only back load the schedule, but maybe have some maybe we reserve the right to pick and choose certain games. So we know that this team who should be good isn't going to be dinged for a bad schedule like Louisville, even though Louisville schedule ended up being better than people think in the in the league based on how everybody finished.

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Find Zicam in your local cold and flu aisle. Yes, especially when you have this finish where it becomes more of a beauty pageant than it does a true playoff, you know, like I mean, it shouldn't matter whether Florida State and I keep going back to them because they're kind of the one on the outside looking in and they need style points and their schedule appears week as they're coming in the home stretch and they can't help it that the Florida Gators are five and six, you know, they could have helped North Alabama. That's an FCS opponent, but they already played LSU which seems like one of the best wins of the season.

And yet here we are it's like no one remembers that right of day boy. They have been impressive Clemson was front-loaded that was in the first month of the season and now, you know, people are trying to write off that win like I'm not that big a win, but they're still probably going to finish eight and four and then meanwhile, you've got Georgia who played nobody first six wins of the season number one. You've got Michigan played nobody till week nine. They're number three and they've had some of their more impressive wins. Like they beat Penn State like oh that looks great. Meanwhile, I don't think that great of a win but Penn State's undefeated when they beat them. It's like, oh man, that looks like a really were one loss but still you get my point. Yep. So like if I'm an athletic director paying attention, I'm saying if I'm Michael Alford athletic director of Florida State, like why did we why did we risk a loss versus LSU when we could have scheduled somebody much easier and maybe on the back end either plugged in LSU or a strong group of five or another power five opponent this past weekend.

That would have been a better resume builder. Like it's some of the dumbest things that happens in our sport. I love our sport, but like the fact that we have to judge resumes off of 12 game season and we're supposed to do it as in its entirety, but recency bias 100% creeps in. It's one of the many flaws of our sport.

There's no question. I criticize the ACC every year for patting themselves on the back for scheduling more non-conference power five games than any other League and they do it is routine. How many more non-conference power five games the ACC schedules, but they don't get credit for it because there's no mechanism really in the sport. They talk a good game, but George's you and do you remember because it seems like it was a decade ago when the ACC was four and one in the first couple weeks of the season versus the SEC.

Yeah, I mean it was like and no one remembers that like, oh the ACC is awful. They only have two teams ranked in the top 25. Well, what about those records don't they matter by the way NC state is absolutely 100% deserving of being a top 25 team try Tennessee is a top 25 team. The only reason you could say is because SEC. Yeah, like they only have SEC losses which weigh more than ACC losses.

It drives me insane North Carolina another one. They're still having a really strong season. They're going to get probably bumped out of the top 25, even though I don't think they should like it's just ridiculous. I think Clemson will finish the season in the top 25, but like they like how quickly we forget that. Yes that the ACC dominated those matchups. The only one they lost was Tennessee, Virginia, which you know, it's kind of a write-off because Virginia still struggling this season, but every other matchup like the ACC dominated no one cares like I do think some of that is on the ACC for not promoting it enough throughout the season and then you know, how come the ACC doesn't get credit up for banging up on one each other and yet the Pac-12 who's widely viewed by everybody is the strongest conference this year.

They've been kind of falling apart here towards the stretch the home stretch, but no one seems to care anymore. You're a hundred percent right it is it is about perception it and it's funny because we talked to your your friend Jerry Palm a couple of weeks ago and we were comparing, you know, I guess it was Georgia and Florida State and I'm like, wait a second Florida State. Well, the ACC is not that good.

Like wait a second. How do we measure the ACC not being that good? Is it because that's what we imagine because we've been told this now for eight years or do we look at results and the ACC on with still some games to play this this weekend five and two against the SEC.

So how do we measure the if we can't use the results then why do we even play the games? So are we is that is that what the record I'm writing this down Adam because I hadn't been told was four and one I knew through the first couple weeks. We're up to five and I thought it was I thought it was five. You might be right.

You might be four and one. I know Virginia lost. I know the first weekend it was Virginia lost to UVA, but it was a and M lost to Miami Florida State beat LSU North Carolina beat South Carolina and wake beat Vanderbilt. That was early day. And then and then we still have for the ACC a lot of game like Georgia Tech.

We'll just go ahead and assume that's the law. That's a lot we have but it could be a huge weekend again. Now the ACC this is a spot where I would have my PR tweet articles, whatever you want ready to go because if Florida State beats Florida, if Louisville beats Kentucky both favored in those matchups, you better have that ready to go. Like why wouldn't you pump up the conference? They absolutely should you I think I think your foreign one number is probably right, but there are three more games this weekend Clemson needs to beat South Carolina, Louisville makes needs to take care of Kentucky. And how about Georgia Tech just be plucky and they are plucky. Just be plucky make life be a be a speed bump beam, maybe even more maybe a speed bump with one with like a nail sticking up out of it for Georgia.

Just to give them a little bit of a difficult time. Let me let me ask you quick before we have to say goodbye couple of games North Carolina at NC State. Are you surprised that the Tar Heels are a slight favorite in this game based on how everybody's playing a little bit. I get it because it does feel like, you know, North Carolina. They're kind of like they're having the same defensive issues are cropping up.

You can't get the stops. I do think this has a lot to do with the advantage of quarterback, right? I mean, you know, you've seen Brennan Armstrong and sort of back to MJ Morris situation boy.

That was a interesting scenario as he takes the red shirt, but I do think that's probably more about just kind of the respect for Drake may more than anything. And I get I think Dave Dorn has done one of the better jobs in college football. Yeah, you know this season just being able to play with multiple quarterbacks overcoming a lot of adversity throughout, you know, but like I mean and North Carolina a couple weeks ago was in a dogfight with Duke without Riley Leonard, you know, so yes, that's a good point Carter Finley. I think that's a really tough place to play and in a rivalry game.

I am I am surprised by that one for sure. I actually like state in the game, which might be an indication that North Carolina is going to win. I would lean with you as well. I'm with you too.

I would like the home dog here. All right, let me go to maybe the it's probably the best game or the most anticipated game every year Ohio State and Michigan though. The line opened at Michigan minus four. Is it a Jim Harbaugh?

Is he worth a half point to Ohio State? Because the line is now three and a half Wolverine's favorite. This one is so tight, you know, you mentioned it. I think this is the perfect example of how cyclical college football is because as rivalries go like a few years ago. It was you know, LSU Bama was always the game to have for National Championship location for that. It might have been the Iron Bowl Alabama all the Florida State Clemson for a while. There was always implications national title implications and now it's kind of Ohio State Michigan time and it is per like it is great, especially the off-season storylines we've had this year. Oh my goodness.

Yes. I'm going to make a prediction here and this has nothing to do with the line. I kind of think Michigan is going to dominate and win again the line of scrimmage. But here's my prediction.

I think you can lock it and take it to the bank. Okay, if if Ohio State wins Ryan Day will give one of these because it's very trendy for college coaches now to have this WWE like victory speech. I mean, we were just talking about Dave Dorn. Remember he called out Smith Smith senior and he's like, yeah, I'm gonna come here. You like remember that one fantastic saw we saw Ryan Day after they beat Notre Dame call out Lou Holt. If he goes into the big house and if he beats Michigan, I can guarantee you there's going to be a expletive written like brand that he's going to give because I guess everybody's allowed to curse on national TV. Yeah, like that's just a thing.

So there's going to be some f-bombs and he's going to tell everybody for the last two years. We've been playing with what they've known the signals and they've been with the only reason we've been losing is because they knew our signals and now you see what happens when it was a level playing field. I guarantee you Ryan day has that one dialed up and ready to go if Ohio State wins that game, but I do give the edge to Michigan. I still think they're more physical and I have my concerns about Ohio State's quarterback coming into this matchup and probably his toughest test yet on the road. And I was just looking at bed online right now. That is if Ohio State wins Ryan Day WWE style postgame rant is minus a thousand.

So that's a given Danny canal. You are the best my friend. I appreciate your time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and we'll talk to you soon. Appreciate it. I'm always great catching up. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Danny is Danny is dynamite real quick. I meant to throw this in but obviously did not we don't have to go back that far where the most anticipated game every year Florida State and Miami. I don't know if we're ever going to get back to that partly because I don't even know if Miami is ever going to be anything close to that again, but that game used to be it first Saturday in October every year. Usually a noon kickoff every year and noon games. I know Fox does their big noon Saturday stuff noon kickoffs. Really? That's the prime time for college football.

Yes. I know prime time college football at night blah blah blah. Noon games used to be it in college football. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Saturday night between state and Carolina and Michigan, Ohio State's going to be great and there are a bunch of rivalry games this weekend that are going to determine who's going to be in the final four of college football and we'll get another fake rankings release tonight. I know you're excited. I'm so excited real quick before we get to the other football because something weird happened last night. I do think we'll see Georgia State at number one. They I mean completely ran over Tennessee who Danny mentioned. I mean, we don't know how good Tennessee is really Georgia will stay number one. Ohio State will stay number two Michigan will stay number three. I think we'll see Washington at number four Florida State at five Oregon at six. And I think those are the leaders in the clubhouse if you will Texas 7 Alabama 8 Louisville 9. Those are the are still players in this. Although I don't think Louisville really is a player. Although I don't see why they wouldn't be the win over Notre Dame was pretty good.

Right their only loss is as a bad one at Pitt, but that's their only loss. Okay round to name something. That's not boring laundry book club computer solitaire, huh? Sorry, we were looking for Chumba casino. That's right Chumba has over a hundred casino style games join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. Chumba no princesses apply see website for details.
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