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The Carolina Panthers got their 1st win of the season vs the Texans!

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October 31, 2023 3:36 pm

The Carolina Panthers got their 1st win of the season vs the Texans!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 31, 2023 3:36 pm

Travis Hancock, WFNZ/Mac & Bone Show, on the Panthers offense, Bryce Young, and the NFL draft deadline.

What were Travis’ takeaways from Bryce Young during the Bryce vs CJ Stroud rookie bowl? What is it like trying to analyze Ickey Ekwonu? Would Travis take Davonte Adams? Since Travis is closer to SC, what does he take away from Dabo Swinney with his latest phone call about where Clemson is as a football team?


As it turns out, Butterfinger is a peanut butter core.

Okay. I mean, it's not, it doesn't taste exactly like peanut butter to me, but that's fine. Maybe I'm wrong.

I could be wrong. It's just heavy on the butter part. It's just, I don't know, it's, I can't describe what that is in the inside other than it, it like grabs you. A dentist visit? Yeah, it's just weird. It just sticks to everything.

And I'd get rid of it, especially when other things are available. Happy Halloween to my friend Travis Hancock, WFNZ, Mac and Bone in the mornings. I'll be talking to them tomorrow, I believe.

I don't remember the time. You'll just call me when I'm ready to go, and that's fine. How are you, my friend? Good. We have a candy draft tomorrow right before you get on.

And I have the third pick, and I am, Butterfingers is my number one candy, and I'm on hold here, and I believe I heard Butterfinger slander happening, and I love this. I get rid of it. I totally get rid of it. It sticks to your mouth, man.

What do you do? Well, yeah, you have to drink something immediately. Yeah, that's why I love it so much, because you can, you can drink stuff. Anything from the Reese's family or Butterfinger is my top choices there. Not really too into like anything of the sour family.

It's not really my thing. Fruit candies, by the way, need to be stored in a separate room from chocolate candies. Can we do that?

Yeah, yeah. Maybe even in a different house than chocolate candies. And can you identify what a Tootsie Roll is? Tootsie Roll, well, I know that's the, that's the dance that Sir Purr does for the Panthers. Oh, is it? Yeah, he does the Tootsie Roll, but the candy Tootsie Roll is a, it's a Tootsie Roll. It's a mistake.

It was an error. I think we have to admit that. It's chocolate, and it's, it's chocolate, right? Is it? It's brown. It's brown. I don't know if I'd call it chocolate. Yeah. Or Tootsie, that's in there. I don't know. Yeah, that's a great question. I'll have to look at that up now. Thank you very much.

I have too much time on my hands. Travis Hancock, WFNZ in Charlotte. We're gonna, let's start with Bryce Young, and then we'll get to some other things. And we just played for everybody the Dabo Sweeney rant from last night from the Coaches Show. But do you remember the Dabo Sweeney clapback of Steve Spurrier in 2011?

Yes, I do. Yeah, I do, but I don't remember the exact, there was a lot going on. Oh, there was. There was. We're gonna, I'll set it up, and we'll play it in a couple of minutes, because it is, it is the greatest thing I've ever heard.

The greatest thing I've ever heard. Anyway, I thought, Travis, going into this past Sunday, I thought I was told by national media, by even members of the pseudo media that we encounter every day on Elon Musk's website, that the Panthers had definitively lost the draft leading into Sunday. Do we now say that they have definitively won the draft since on the same field, under the same weather conditions, same position of the sun in the sky, that Bryce Young was better than CJ Stroud? He was on that day, and look, if you look at the last couple of games, the last two or three games, including that one, it's getting a lot closer to what we thought it would be when when Bryce Young got drafted.

CJ Stroud is still had a phenomenal season, still most likely rookie of the year. He, you know, he got really hot for three games, and it really skewed the narrative to him over Bryce Young and Bryce got out, you know, he didn't get off to a great start. But if you look at the numbers in the last couple of games, it's really either been even or going in Bryce's direction and what you love about the performance on Sunday, you know, there's still something there.

He's a rookie. He's going to have his moments, but that was the most Pamela Bryce that we've seen where I felt like, who knows if it's the play calling, I don't know what it is. There's offensive line problems more with it there, but it, but it felt like he was sort of playing football and not overthinking. Bryce got drafted in large part because he's such an advanced processor, but you wonder this year if they threw too much at him too soon because he can process well. I felt the other day he was making decisions quicker. I felt that that was more, he still has to make quicker decisions on when to go sometime. Like anyone hurts goes immediately.

You see, he knows where he's going. Bryce isn't there yet, but I felt like you're starting to see the evolution of playmaking more so than we saw three by week. You mentioned Iki Ikhwanu who grated out quite poorly as a pass blocker. He's a very good run blocker, which is why a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month or so ago, we were talking about it, maybe not you and I, but I was talking about on the show about a lot of people, a lot of the evaluators going into the draft thought that he was better as a guard than as a tackle in the NFL. It is very possible that he might be better suited to playing guard and you can be an elite guard in the NFL and make great money, Quinton Nelson and others. So I know left tackle is the most important put position on the offensive line, but right now, I mean, he gets blown up more often than you would ever want your left tackle to get.

He's not even getting run over slowly at times. I think on the pass to Adam Thielen down the left sideline, which was a great throw and just a 35 yard flick, I think Iki Ikhwanu ended up behind Bryce Young. We were talking to Lauren Brown though today about Iki and Bryce Young about her podcast. I said my image of Iki all year is trying to analyze the crime scene behind him of what just occurred. He's almost like a detective trying to figure out why Bryce Young is on the ground and he's got his notepad. And he says, Well, what happened here?

Because he has no clue. Really, these guys are moving so fast. Every type of rush, those delayed blitzes, you know, you can't always can't always tell like what exactly is his fault, but they're going that way. The delayed blitzes, the bull rushes, I mean, every type of rush.

I talked to someone that that was with the Panthers for a long time the other day, no longer there, but sort of the inner workings of how things are going right now. And he said that, you know, last year, and it's obvious to us, but the way he explained it made even more sense that under Steve Wilkes, they wanted to push ahead with the run game. And that type of style really fit Bo's been at center and Iki at left tackle because they were plowing ahead with power with force. This offense is more spread out. It's more pass protection.

It's quicker feet. And it's, it's a big reason why not only Iki, but Bo's been as well, they're getting beat a lot because they're playing in space and they're not that quick. So Iki was, you know, kind of protected some last year while Wilkes was there because they ran it so much.

But you know, this is a, this is a, it's quite the, quite the conundrum now. And, you know, I'll say today, you know, if, if a receiver drops a pass or Bryce young makes a mistake, well, those, those types of mistakes in the game, Adam, aren't protect potential mistakes that may hurt your franchise. Iki over there because he's protected Bryce young, man, it only takes one or two things to happen. And all of a sudden, you know, Bryce takes a hit and we saw with cam, it doesn't take many hits.

So it's one thing if a guy makes a mistake within the other positions, but if he makes a mistake and gets blown by like that, that all it takes is one shot on Bryce young. And all of a sudden we're not only looking for another quarterback, but we're looking for a left tackle as well. So I'm very concerned about this. Travis Hancock is joining us here. WFNZ Mac and bone in the morning.

I'll be talking to them tomorrow. Again. I'm not really sure. It's like nine, something like that. Nine o'clock. I've lost complete track because we moved you a different day last week at a time.

I believe you are on the, you're on the, you're in your, your, your famed nine o'clock with fame. Exactly. Are they going to make a Panthers going to make any trades, whether it's out or in.

I don't, I don't, I don't really think so. I mean, there's only so many guys that, that, that they could potentially trade it. And very few guys, the other team actually won. I think Jeremy chin was very much a trade candidate, but he got injured. So now the other team would have to take a risk on what he's available. Brian will not be traded. Dr. Jackson is a piece, but he gets injured a lot. So I mean, I could see him going.

And then of course, Terrace Marshall Jr. He, he got told to find his own trade a couple of weeks ago, and apparently he's not finding many speakers for himself, which is, which is quite the walk of shame. That is the coldest thing to do to a player. You want to get traded, go find somebody that cares. Yeah. And then you have to come back and be like, yeah, I got a, you know, I've made a few calls and I, I, yeah, that's a, so I don't really think he's going to be moved. So yeah, I think Dante Jackson is a guy that helped to monitor here at the deadline, but I just, I don't think we're going to see much activity there. What about somebody coming in? I know there were people who thought, well, Jerry Judy, Hey, Devante Adams is available.

Yeah. I mean, yeah, I don't think Devante Adams is going to be had Jerry, Judy. He's going to have to hide from Steve Smith. If he comes to town, that might be a whole nother issue we have there. He's been asked to fuse right now. Doesn't he? He's busy. He's fighting two fronts.

It's got a lot going on. I just, I don't know, but I think if they could add a receiver, anything to help Bryce young would certainly help. I just don't know what, you know, the other thing is too, they have no first round pick next year. They have no second round pick the following year also.

So they, and here's the thing. They, they got to find some depth here on this team. So I need all the draft takes they can get.

I heard something yesterday that blew my mind watching the lion's game with the Raiders as we're talking about the Panthers and these moves. So the GM Brad home for the lion started in 2021. So he's had three drafts. He's drafted 23 players. 22 of them are active on the lion's roster right now.

Uh-huh. The only one that's not was the seventh round pick in 2021. I counted up today, Scott Fitterer in the last three drafts, 13 of 20, I think it's 13 of 22 are on the roster right now, but it's also guys like Barno, Harris Marshall, Jr. It could go down to like eight or nine very quickly. So it's, man, it's, it's, it's eye-opening how many misses they've had.

I said it, I've said it like repeatedly for the last couple of months. The jury is very much still out on whether or not Scott Fitterer should even get another draft, um, because it just hasn't gone well. Part of that is JC horn has not been healthy. It'd be great if they could get, uh, you know, get horn on the field and have another dynamic playmaker would make their defense that much better before I have to let you go. Think about the front real quick. Think about the first round pick.

It's it's horn. It's icky. It's Derek Brown who's great.

And Bryce Young, who he thinks is going to be great, but he doesn't draft well past the first round, but we thought he could bank on his first rounders, JC horn and icky. Uh, if those guys aren't healthy or not productive in icky's case, um, what are we doing here? Exactly. I mean, look, it's not easy. Nobody said it's easy.

It should be easy. If you draft number one, I think they got it right when they drafted Bryce Young. All right. So since you are right there in the midst of the Clemson, South Carolina madness, this goes back to 2011 South Carolina had actually beaten Clemson three times in a row and in a rivalry that has been very, very one-sided in favor of the Clemson tigers. And Spurrier was feeling himself and said some things like, well, we might not be Alabama or LSU, but we ain't Clemson either. And we pick up Dabo Sweeney at night, uh, meeting the media, like after a team function or something.

And here is slightly edited for, uh, for brevity, but here's Dabo. It's beautiful. I think he's exactly right. I think that they're not Clemson and I, and I, again, they, they never will be, you're looking at the best era in the history of South Carolina football right now. I think they just had their second 10 win season and, you know, they won a championship in 1969 and the 2010 SEC East. And this rivalry, uh, you know, there's a lot of rivalries out there. This is more of a domination and that's the fact my kids, grandkids won't live long enough to ever see this really become a rivalry.

It is what it is. This is a place that's won a national title, 17 conference championships, two division titles that we've, we've won more bowl games than they've ever even been to. You know, Coach Spurrier has been there seven years, you know, and after five years, I think they had, I think he had 35 wins and a new contract and all that kind of stuff. And, you know, after five years at Clemson, if I only got 35 wins, there's going to be a new coach here. You know what?

There should be because there's a different standard. And, uh, so he's exactly right. Uh, they ain't Alabama. They ain't LSU. And they're certainly not Clemson. And, uh, you know, that's why Carolina is in Chapel Hill and USC is in California and the university in this state always has been, always will be Clemson. And it's right here in Clemson, South Carolina.

So you can print that tweet that that is the greatest thing I've ever heard anywhere. Hmm. Yeah. I remember, I remember it. Well now, now I know Jack. Yeah. Cause we had Fred that tweet that as a sound effect for about a decade.

Uh, we've been using this for 12, 10 years and you forget the car. Now I'm going to bring it full circle though, because of what happened with dad while yesterday and his collar Tyler from Spartanburg on tiger calls, which by the way, they're still doing coaches, calling shows in 2023. I can't believe it.

Here's my thing. Tyler from Spartanburg is his last name. Spurrier.

Is it possible that he's like the, one of the grandkids of Steve Spurrier and he finally got revenge on Dabo after a decade yesterday. Oh my gosh. See, it's so great. And Dabo was so ready with the receipts that it almost feels like a plant. Doesn't it?

It does. But one of our guys did some, uh, did some digging today and he found a mutual friend of the guy. Our guy, Willie P, one of our hosts did some digging and he found out he's really legit. Someone knows him and said, yeah, he's, he's a little bit, uh, a little bit of a loose classic cannon. So I, yeah, we questioned it too a little bit, but it turns out that per what our research shows us, this guy's legit. That's a real tall, by the way, Dabo, Dabo didn't say anything on that response. That was untrue.

That was, it was a fat hashtag facts only response. And I'm here for it. One more, one more thought on that. You and I have done this for a really long time. Yes.

I produced coaches shows long before I didn't lose the live Bobby Lutz live for years. Wow. Here's my thing. Yeah.

Here's my thing. Like, is anyone going to stop the call? Like Don Munson's the host, the voice of Clemson. He likes this Tyler guy go for like three and a half minutes.

No one like in the studio drops it. Like the guy went on for ever. Did anybody like what let Dabo put up a hand and say, let him keep going. We can't see it.

I don't know. But like that dude got like heart blonde. He went on forever, man. He got more airtime than I do in our morning show. And Dabo did eventually go, Tyler, what's his name? Tyler. I've had it. I've heard enough of you, Tyler. That was it.

Yeah. I used to produce the Gary Williams radio show in Baltimore. And I am telling you, they took phone calls and the callers would call in and tell them, tell Gary why they knew more than Gary after like four sweet 16s in a row. And Gary, I mean, did everything but curse them out. It was awesome radio.

But yes, that has to, I don't know if it has to stop or not, but it was, it was super entertaining. As you know, he's the voice of question. He posted like, what, where'd he go? Like it was Dabo and Tyler. Did he go get out?

I know they do these things at restaurant. Where'd he go? Well, you know where to be found. What happened to Don Munchkin? He was, he was, he was getting a refill of his Coke Zero.

That's, that's where I would, I mean, crying, laughing. It was so good. And I appreciate your time, Travis. I'll talk to you and you and what's his name?

Mack Tamar. You got it, man. We'll look forward to it. Take care, man. I hope Travis goes back and say, he called you, what's his name? Yeah, that'd be great. Mack and Bone are, are, are awesome, awesome dudes.
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