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How much more can the Carolina Panthers mess their season up?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 4, 2023 3:33 pm

How much more can the Carolina Panthers mess their season up?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 4, 2023 3:33 pm

Julian Council, Locked On Panthers, on the rumors of the Carolina Panthers now potentially trying to go all in on a WR.

Why is it funny NOW to Julian that THIS is what the Panthers are thinking about doing? Why has the offensive line not been addressed earlier than right now? Austin Corbett is said to be cleared for practice now, so how does Julian see his return to the field going with this roster? Chase Claypool: the quick answer from Julian: no”. Joe Person talked about trading Brian Burns to get assets, and Adam has an opinion that Burns should’ve been traded, but what does Julian think? Why does Julian feel this way and which former player to he bring us as an example?

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See Adam Goldschule and Adam Goldsch. Victoria's here. Big Panthers fan that she is and it's been a rough start to a season.

Always. At 0-4 with a trip to Detroit. And then if that doesn't work out, a trip to Miami after that, I'm sure that'll go swimmingly. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be great. That'll be fantastic. Julian Council, Lockdown Panthers Podcast.

And I also believe that post-game, was it Bleacher Report? We can catch your act and all of that stuff. You're a man about town. How are you?

I'm doing well, Adam. And yes, got me pulling double duty with Bleacher Report immediately following the game and then I get to my podcast, Lockdown Panthers. And check out on YouTube, wherever you listen to your favorite podcast, Monday through Friday, but also live about an hour after the game there on the Lockdown Panthers YouTube channel.

Thank you for the plug and good to hear from your friend. We have a lot to talk about. Sounds like what I do with the Hurricanes.

Alright, let's get right to it. We'll get to the return of Austin Corbin in a second because we all know that that is significant and he's still not yet going to play, but he's back in practice and that is a huge, huge boost for an offensive unit that has struggled to say the least. Let's deal with the report from NFL insider Jordan Scholten. He's been with ESPN and Yahoo before.

He's doing his own thing now as a lot of people are. He says that the Panthers are actively seeking out a top-tier wide receiver. My head hurts from the thought of trading the future for whatever top-tier wide receiver might become available to you.

What are your thoughts on this? Um, it's hard not to laugh, honestly, um, Adam, because it was apparent to anyone who was paying attention that the Panthers wide receiver Corps was going to be a serious weakness for them this year after they decided that it was easier to replace DJ more than the replace Brian Burns and Derek Brown when they traded up to number one in order to get Bryce young. So it shouldn't be shocking to anyone at all, but the Panthers have had bad receiver play considering that they had to go out and get a 33 year old Adam feeling that the Vikings no longer wanted to go out and get DJ shark who struggled to stay healthy. And it's probable season that he had in Jacksonville is an anomaly. When you look at the rest of his career and they drafted a wide receiver, Jonathan Mingo, who unfortunately without last week of a concussion, but he has not shown to be all that ready. So far in Terrace Marshall, while he had a career had nine receptions on Sunday, it still felt like a minimal impact. So it should not be surprising to anyone that the Panthers wide receivers have been bad, especially to the Carolina Panthers who had opportunities this off season to maybe try and get in with the Deandre hockey sweepstakes. They didn't want to call the sweepstakes and they didn't seem to be all that interested. Now the money he got in Tennessee, I don't think he was going to get that in Carolina, Odell Beckham Jr.

I don't really blame them there. He's more of a name than an actual player could help you. And he hasn't been healthy for Baltimore. Like the receiver market wasn't great. I just find it funny that now they want to try and trade for a number one wide receiver.

And the first report came from Rappaport on Sunday morning. So it wasn't even after the Vikings game was before the Vikings game. Three games into the season, they're like, oh crap, our receivers aren't good. Let's do something about it to help our rookie quarterback who we traded the farm to get.

Yeah, and you know, it's funny because I think the last time you and I talked was like the middle of preseason. We talked about it then that like Adam Thelen is the only guy that I know will be at least good everybody else. I thought Hayden Hurst would be much better. At least more impactful and I don't know that it's a Hayden Hurst problem as much as it's an everything else problem.

I don't want to throw Hayden under the bus. He has been essentially a non-factor. I do wonder with Hayden Hurst biggest impact in the preseason. I know he scored a touchdown. I think he scored a touchdown on week one, but his biggest impact in the preseason was a negative one with like false starts in case in case situations.

I wonder if that has kind of put him behind it. But I we knew before the season that the wide receivers weren't going to be good. Yeah, I want to add some fan who I DMV actually Council Twitter, by the way, I had to give me being like what I'm so tired of like knowing these things in the team to see me way not knowing the issues and just sitting there and watch letting these issues play out in real time. Like the offensive line, which I'm sure we're going to get to momentarily.

I don't think that they could have foreseen it being as bad as it's been so far because of the injuries at that group. But wide receiver like it was obvious and I don't know what's going on with Hayden Hurst. He had one party in the preseason and one and then he had that ball started against the Giants on that that field goal drive that they had on that game on Friday evening.

Looks great. Week one. He was her leading receiver. Then he didn't receive a target until the second half of week two against the Saints second half of week two against the Seahawks. And then he got three last week in the game against the Vikings, but it was only one reception for seven yards, which is the first down one of the rare first down they got in that game. So I don't know where he's been. You would think that a Titan would be kind of that safety valve for a young quarterback that he would least he would at least be targeted more, but so far that has not been the case.

I mean, you look at DJ charge. It's not like you can get out of Target. So those that he's gotten came in the game that any don't start out in Seattle with a through the wall 58 times out of I don't know what's going on. Well, that brings us right back to the offensive line. They have not been able to run the ball at Frank Reich wants to run the ball, but they have not been able to run it. I think they have been I think they have abandoned it before they should have certainly in the game against Seattle.

They abandoned it before they should have you got to be a little bit more persistent with it. I think we could learn a lesson from Duke University and the way they run the way they approached the second half of the game against Notre Dame. They tried to throw it in the first day from the Duke football program.

I think they were out the Carolina Panthers and Mike Elko has been a great job. Don't get me wrong. It's not Duke April like come on. Yeah, no, but but it's true right in the second half Duke said, you know what screw all of it. We're running team. We're going to run it and the Panthers have not committed to that at all this year, but I was it was it. I think there was a more more of a balance in the game is like 32 35. But against against the Vikings and they looked better this there was still a lot of mistakes and it wasn't awesome, but they looked better against Minnesota.

Some of that could be Minnesota. But what is Corbett's return mean for the offensive line? Yeah, well, is it possible to Adam that Duke has more NFL caliber offensive lineman in the Carolina Panthers have? Oh, you know that hurt me when you look at Barton and monk. Those guys are both media. All right, so I don't know. And Barton didn't even play against Notre Dame, by the way.

Yeah, I kid, of course. But yeah, the run game and the only it's Corbett. But yeah, the run game. It's been interesting because week one, they ran it pretty well. They read it 32 times and for over a hundred yards. I think it's like 154.

Yeah, and then we two and three combined. They ran for come. They ran the balls combined 33 times and then they ran at 32 times on Sunday or 31 or whatever was one of those numbers on Sunday ineffectively. So I think that miles Sanders was clearly not healthy. He shut up on the injury report, which is right injury, which is the same great injury that caused him the preseason.

He hasn't looked explosive. I'm not going to pretend like I watched a ton of Eagles games last year, but when I did watch the Eagles, he looked pretty doggone good. Eagles also have a great offensive line. The line through the first four weeks of the season is dead last in ESPN run block win rate.

Actually, shockingly, when it comes to pass block, when they're actually 15th in the league, which course is middle of the road, but they're the worst offensive line and pass block win rate. According to ESPN through the first four weeks of the season. So I think that will change if they're able to, of course, get quarterback here soon. Now he's out there practicing.

I just listen to what Frank Reich had to say. They have 20 days, 21 day window to get him out there to actually be active. And once he is, I think that will help them from the interior as far as just running the football. And also as far as, you know, pass production protection because Chandler's have all posted a 0.0 grade according to pro football focus. When it came to pass blocking against the Seahawks, how that's possible.

I don't know. He's someone that probably should be coming out whenever it comes in. I know they moved in the left hat and left guard because, Oh, he put a key for a grand total of five games at NC state.

So they have some sort of relationship there. I'm not seeing it because Vicki hasn't played well either, but yeah, corporate will help by having a guy who is your second rated or often to line in last year, according to pro football focus to have that experience, that leadership. Cause Bryce was just saying the press conference that he had earlier today that Corbett still in the meetings. He's still showing leadership. He's still active. So getting out on the field that has to help this team, especially that Brady Christiansen's out for the rest of the season without bicep and the ball is struggled.

And Brock Gordon hasn't looked all that great either filling in that right garden last few weeks, Julian council locked on path to podcast joining us here on the Adam gold show. Two things. One of them will be very quick. The second one, I don't know.

It'll be up to you. Uh, uh, chase Claypool is basically, uh, getting, no, not like a seventh round pick to Chicago. Okay.

All right. I mean, why would you, they're going to cut him? He came out and said to the media that, and who filmed it, he came out and said, they are not using the right.

And then Matt Hebrews was asked like 20 straight questions on Monday about chase Claypool, why he was told not to show up and like refuse to say like what it was, bring him in for free. So he's going to play for the bears again. He's like, Oh, we'll see what happens.

No, no, dude. You don't tell the guy to not show up and then tell him not to come and work another week. And then he plays again.

Like what's the deal here? Like he's clearly done in Chicago and no one's going to trade for him. Like Mike Tomlin put up with Antonio Brown, who was an amazing talent for all that time. He put up with Le'Veon Bell was in Roethlisberger and all that nonsense.

And he didn't even give chase Claypool three seasons. Yeah. So no, I'm good. All right. Now, uh, Joe person wrote about this yesterday.

I talked to him about it, uh, yesterday and I talked about it last year and I thought the opportunity last year was the time to do it. You and I disagree on this, but. That's so clearly you. Like fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or cough, or if you have history of hepatitis B or C liver or kidney problems, high triglycerides, or had a vaccine or plan to. So tick two inhibits tick two, which is part of the Jack family. People 50 and older with heart disease risk factors who use a Jack inhibitor are at increased risk for certain side effects, sometimes fatal. It's unknown if so tick two has the same risks as Jack inhibitors.

Call 1-888-SOTYKTU to learn more. It's an interesting to me because I've gotten a lot of hands or hands recently who've, uh, said to me, I cannot believe Scott better or trade away Christian McCaffrey. And I've just put my face in my palm being like, weren't y'all the same people who talked about how much you couldn't stand the Capri because he was never healthy anymore. I just need to trade him and yada, yada, yada. So I'm just kind of confused because like they're mad at fitter for doing that, but now they're saying, Hey, let's get rid of another good player on our team for drastic. I'll never understand how people are picks over players and burns is a proven commodity.

Yes. I know he wants a lot of money. He's worth it. Is he worth, uh, Nick, most money, obviously not.

He's probably worth more than mass Crosby. If you really look at it and just like when Crosby signed one burn, if that's just how the market works out, just give them the money that he's owed, but it's wild to me that they decided to not treat him when his value is probably the highest it's going to be last year. And then they don't sign him. Like if you don't trade them, they could have done it last year. They could have done it when they decided to get rid of DJ more instead of him back in March and they didn't do it. I don't really understand it at all, but if you do that, all you're doing is leaving another massive gap on your roster is like, okay, let's trade Brian Burns, get traffic, still get a wider receiver.

Who knows that working receiver. If it's in the first round is going to come out and play amazing right away. Cause they're not getting Marvin Harrison Jr. Like that's not going to happen. No, the bears might, yeah, the bears might get him and Caleb Williams. That would be a coup for them, but just knowing how the bears go, it won't matter either way. Um, but as far as like with burns, no, man, you, you, you go out there, you might get into edge rush. You might get into wide receiver, but I have a hard time believing that those two guys will end up being better players and burns. And then what more work for you in Carolina. So yeah, go ahead. Do that DJ Johnson. He hasn't even played a single staff. So that's already proved to be probably a bad decision by the Panthers.

Gross models has looked fine, but he's not a world beer and Mario Bardo has also barely played. So yeah, sure. Get rid of the guy at a premium position and get draft picks.

And then I'm sure that will help you. And if they do that, is that the fan base then admitting that at least fans want that too, but is that the organization admitting that they're in a rebuild? And that's, that's the reason they won't do it for a year. That's the reason.

Yeah, that's the reason they won't do it, even though I think it would be, I, and I had advocated for it last year, uh, because they're telling us they want to get a receiver one because they're trying to win right now. Even though their own board history tells them they're already screwed, right? No, no, they're, they are.

Look, they are living in denial. There's no question about that, about what they are. And to me, Brian, Brian Burns, a wonderful player.

He's not a top, you know, I don't think he's a top 10 edge rusher in the league, but he's still an outstanding player. But right now, the pant, the Panthers are far enough away from being a playoff team where by the time they become a playoff team, I think they would have the sell by date might be done. Um, and that's, and that's the problem. They wasted three years. Ideally what you want to do ideally is to like, yes, have guys like Derek Brown and Brian birds, you become really good players. So you'd be able to have McCaffrey and to have DJ more, pay them whatever, pay them what they want, and then, you know, fix the offensive line and then drop in a rookie quarterback where you have a competent team around him. But instead they traded those two other guys.

I want to help them off. And two guys that solely would help them on offense. The offensive line is an unfortunate injuries.

And you've seen the regression for making a quantum defensively. If you really don't look at how bad they are against the run, they could be ready to go, but now we're having a conversation and getting rid of another piece where you're looking at this. It doesn't mean the way things are going and the way we're talking about, Hey, trade away burns and Oh, got to go find a wide receiver somehow and trade more assets for that. It feels like Frank Wright's never going to even get a chance to even have a team that would be even close to competing for the playoffs. Cause how long is David said we're going to wait around? Well, he's willing to wait three, four, four more years for them to finally have a team that's capable of contending. Like it feels like they need to just have an overall reset.

But if that's the case and you shouldn't have traded up to get Bryce young and that you should have just kept building and some of us, some of us were not advocates for trading up for a quarterback in this draft either. Uh, Julian council. I love you, man. You're the best. I appreciate your time. I appreciate you too, man.

You got it. Man. I love the passion. My guy, Julian. All right, man.

I'll talk to you soon. Uh, locked on Panthers podcast, all of that. Uh, gosh, there, there are lessons to be learned. Lessons to be learned from Duke lessons to be learned from the Mets. That one hurt. That one hurt.
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