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Even with recent NCAA decisions regarding UNC, is there any way Tez can play this year?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 14, 2023 3:22 pm

Even with recent NCAA decisions regarding UNC, is there any way Tez can play this year?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 14, 2023 3:22 pm

Adam Smith, Inside Carolina, on Mack Brown’s response to the NCAA and what’s next for Tez Walker.

Is Mack Brown is a sticky situation now that they UNC is asking against what they once asked FOR? Because of August 8th, there’s been a million layers that have been unravelling. Where are we at now and what else might come about? What’s NCAA’s argument to everything? How does Adam believe UNC did against Appalachian State? How have they looked in their last two games? What does he anticipate for their next game? Where are they in terms of the passing offense?


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Take it easy Judy. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chumba. The Chumba life is for everybody. So go to and play over a hundred casino style games. Join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chumba. Yeah, Adam, I think the most important thing is what's best for Tez Walker, period. A hundred percent. And we wanted to tell him in person. We wanted to make sure he was okay. We wanted to make sure that that night he was okay. And where he was going to be and be around friends and people that he cared about because we constantly are concerned, as I said, about that young man this morning. I am responsible for every one of these young men to their parents. And this morning we were talking to a parent when we weren't sure where the young guy was and we couldn't find him. And that's a frightening thing.

And everybody loves their kids. And when we take one here, we're responsible for them. So I'm not going to apologize for standing up and trying to do what's best for our young person and making sure that he understands that we have exhausted every possibility that we can to help him.

Because if we haven't, then we're not doing our job. That's Mac Brown, the head coach of North Carolina. And I believe the person who asked that question is with us. Adam Smith inside Carolina at Adam underscore Smith underscore. I see you ask all the good questions, Adam.

Maybe not all of them. But I mean, because you can't ask all the questions that would be that would be selfish. But I appreciate your time. Where are we with this where we'll get into the, you know, the back and forth. The silliness between the NCAA and the university in a second.

But where is the university now? Are they doing anything? Are they exploring any possibilities to continue the fight for test this year?

You know how it is, we need to carve out like three hours for this. Yeah, it depends on who you listen to AG. Obviously, they had the emergency board of trustees meeting the other day. And we have been told that from people I trust that a lot of that was just for show that they didn't come out of there with anything concrete moving forward that could really change this. Now these are sources.

Right. If you believe what we have been told from Tess Walker's camp that this is not over. And I heard yesterday yesterday was pretty busy.

Yeah, it's been pretty busy for ever. And we heard yesterday I heard yesterday that that one of the people I know in that camp said we haven't even started turning up the heat yet. So, I don't know what that means.

I mean, I'm throwing up my hands like what are they going to do? It's a great sound bite. Is that what they call in your business sound bite? Yes. This is a money quote, I would say.

For me, to answer your question, I think that the reality has set in if it hadn't already for people at UNC. I think Mac says a lot. He's a great communicator. That's what he does. And, you know, he went on his radio show on Monday nights.

He always has a radio show Monday nights. And he obviously this all this stuff was going on. He's talking all about it.

And he said one sentence in there. I don't think you'll play this year, which to me, I took that as Mac accepting reality or reality starting to set in. And then he qualified that very quickly by saying, you know, I'm not a lawyer. I don't know all the legal ramifications.

I don't know the different paths. That's why we were with the Board of Trustees today. So where we are is he's not playing against Minnesota.

I personally do not think he will play this season, but I have been wrong before. So that's where we are. If that helps.

It does. Actually, we spoke to attorney Adam Smith from Inside Carolina is joining us here on The Adam Gold Show. We spoke to an attorney, sports attorney, antitrust attorney out of New York. And he said North Carolina's got a legal path to get Tez eligible probably within seven to 10 days. But it would also mean a massive contradiction to what the university and what Mac Brown has argued for, which are, you know, further restrictions on waivers granted to second time transfers. Because according to Mark Edelman, says it's an antitrust violation that you have, however many athletes and without the ability to collectively bargain, which obviously they do not have at this point, they have had their rights squashed. And that would be a violation of antitrust law. So but North Carolina could argue that. But then again, you'd have to be arguing that the rule that you lobbied for is wrong. And you'd have to sue yourself, would you not? Would UNC have to, if UNC is going to, you know, I just missed law school, just missed it. It was real close.

Me too. Well, you know way more than I do. Would you not, as an NCAA member institution, I believe have to sue yourself if you're going to sue the NCAA because you've agreed to these bylaws, I think.

Yes. And that's what isn't that what the NCAA also said, if we could get into just that element real quick. And I do want to talk about Carolina versus Minnesota, because that's a big deal. But when the NCAA in their second to last paragraph is like, this is what you wanted. This is what all of you for a year and a half have screamed for to make it more difficult for second time transfers.

I personally think you should never have to ask for a waiver that I don't if you're a college athlete, you're a college student, you're a coach, anybody can go wherever they want at any time. But it's, this is exactly what they wanted. And now, because they kind of miscalculated how the new rules would be applied, which is what I think happened here. Now they're kind of, they got bit by it. There's a million different little layers that we have learned about since that day on August the eighth when the news just dropped, and it was like, Oh, crap.

It's, it's the biggest onion ever. You know, I don't know, just talking about the layers but what what what UNC what Mac argues is that yes, I was vocal about the two time transfer the multiple transfer rule guys being on a fourth school. You know, UNC has some guys that have transferred out that are on their fourth school right now that are playing. But Mac has been, yes, I was vocal about that but what they have said in their defense is they don't view Tez Walker as being a two time transfer, even though he's been to two different schools, UNC's third college he's been enrolled in. Their argument is, you know, they canceled the season at NC Central because of the pandemic. He didn't play, although he participated in spring practices. The only games he ever played, which are true, were at Kent State, played 20 games, and that's it so that UNC's argument is it's a one time deal, but you're right, the NCAA made a point to word that and underline that in addition to calling out, calling out Jack Brown by name, in addition to essentially calling him a troublemaker, as they said we're troubled by these, and in addition to saying that they received violent and possibly criminal threats because of the PR campaign that Carolina has sort of launched against it. The whole thing, I mean, I wish none of it happened. You and I are in agreement, Tez Walker should be eligible.

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Samsung, more wild than ever. A two time transfer because they felt like that was purely for, well, I just want to go there. Not that I'm right.

Not that I'm afraid that my season is going to get canceled again, which ultimately didn't happen, but certainly could have. Alright, let's talk about the Golden Gophers. We got like three minutes to do this. North Carolina didn't get any sacks in game two against App. I think they played a better team in game two than they played in South Carolina in game one. We could probably debate that, but I think App is a better football team than South Carolina. I think they're better on both lines.

It has something to do with it. But what's your read on North Carolina through two games? Well, the steel curtain did not show up against App State in terms of sacking the quarterback. But I think this is going to be an interesting game for UNC. In terms of Minnesota, they have really not been scored on, although their teams they have played are Nebraska and Eastern Michigan. They pitched a shutout last week. Eastern Michigan did not have positive yardage in the second half. The only team that's been in the end zone is Nebraska.

So what you're saying, I'm deviating from what you're saying. No, they had the nine sacks against South Carolina. It was unreal considering what they did last year in that department and how maligned they have been by some of this fan base. But they did not set App State JUCO transfer quarterback Joey Aguilar, who was making his first ever NCAA start on the road. You thought they might get to him.

Well, you thought that he might be a little bit have like, you know, compared to a guy like Spencer Rattler, you thought they might could maybe rattle, you know, a guy who's making his first ever start on that level. They did not sack him. They hit him. They had they had nine hits on him.

They were there. They just just did not get him to the ground and then some of the key moments against App State. The play that ended the game came in Rucker was right there with some backside pressure and an interception in the second half. I believe it was the fourth quarter.

Cedric Gray was mauling him and he got the ball off and Don Chapman intercepted it. The numbers took a precipitous drop. Yeah, but I still think that through two games, UNC has showed market improvement in that area. I don't know if they'll get nine against Minnesota.

Don't think so. The way Minnesota runs the ball. Yeah, but I think that that has that area has gone from a huge question mark to a possible strength. They're deep and they're getting after it up front. Yeah, sometimes it's not even the sacks and I was more looking at the sacks were grading in South Carolina. I thought it was their work against the run that really jumped out to me and like because if you can slow teams running games down or shut them down, it kind of makes everything else easier. I mean, I hate to be football coachy about it, but it puts them in, you know, difficult, you know, down and distance situations. And that's what you're looking for to eliminate their options as an offense. Minnesota is probably not the greatest passing offense we've ever seen.

I'm going to I'm going to go out on a limb and say that. But so if they can stop the run, if they can slow the run down, then they'll be in they'll be in good shape. I was impressed with that real quick before you have we have to say goodbye to Adam Smith of inside Carolina offensively. And this says this speaks to the absence of Tez Walker, really.

Where are they? We know Amari and Hampton can run, but we haven't seen. Although there were a couple of nice plays down the field from from Drake May. Where are they in terms of the passing offense? They have been this is this is becoming a concern among some of Blue Heaven.

Just because, you know, they got they've been spoiled. Yeah. You know, like they're not there yet with their passing offense. And it's really if you want to get into the numbers. I mean, we've been playing law and order on this show.

We did Friday Night Lights just now. Yeah. Coach speak. If you really want to get into the numbers, they are interesting. Drake May has started now 16 games in college. There were 14 games last year, two games this season. The first eight games. The numbers are unreal. And some of those games, he did not have Josh Downs or Antoine Green.

Right. Both are in the NFL now. But the first eight, I mean, nasty. Now, the eight since then, there has only been one game he has thrown for more than two hundred and ninety five yards. I know that two hundred ninety five yards are a lot, but he averaged well over three hundred right last season. There's been one of those like monster nights, which was at Wake Forest when they won the coastal division last year. The numbers have dropped off. But part of that is because of the run game that they have found so far this year. Marianne Hampton's number two hundred thirty four yards this past weekend were the most in college football. No one ran for more.

But they're searching there. They expect to have Nate McCollum, the Georgia Tech transfer full go were the words that we heard. He's been battling a groin. He didn't play against South Carolina. He played nine snaps against App State.

So they expect to have him back. He's a twitchy guy in the slot. But they have missed on someplace to the head. Kamari Morales, the tight end open on what would have been a touchdown. And he didn't catch it as a little behind him or he might have dropped it. Missed Gavin Blackwell, who's a who's a burner down the field.

But that's an area. Yeah, that they're trying to iron out. I mean, it's a it's a new guy calling the plays in Chip Lindsey. Drake, I thought interestingly, you can find the videos over on inside Carolina YouTube page.

That was interesting. We're talking to Drake this week and he said that there were about eight plays against App State called pass plays that he checked out of at the line of scrimmage into runs. Just because App was, you know, it's like NC State did them last year, Adam. Like, you know, they just dropped what Tony Gibson just dropped everybody.

Right. He rushed three guys and dropped eight. You know, these teams are dropping these guys and not getting beat over the top right now. And Drake hits, you know, I think that's what you ask of a quarterback at the NFL level is to diagnose it.

Get yourself in the right protection, the right play call and and try to beat what's in front of you. But that is definitely an area to watch because some people, they want 400 yards. They want his name up there with Caleb Williams and the Heisman and Dion's kid and everyone else who's going off right now. I'm glad you mentioned Chidora Sanders because he's at this point with two games is stupid small sample size.

But I mean, he's been amazing at 500 yards his first game, 300 and some odd his second game. So, yeah, he's probably deserves to be mentioned in a list. I'm putting you on that list.

Adam Smith inside Carolina at Adam underscore Smith underscore. I see my friend. I appreciate your time. Great work, as always. We'll talk to you again. You betcha. Always good. Thank you. You got it.

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