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From Greeny himself: How’s he coping since the NY Jets/Aaron Rodgers loss?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 14, 2023 3:24 pm

From Greeny himself: How’s he coping since the NY Jets/Aaron Rodgers loss?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 14, 2023 3:24 pm

Mike Greenberg, ESPN, goes through his mental process watching Rodgers being carted off of the field during Monday Night Football.

Mike said he is NEVER going here again, and if you saw where he watched MNF then you know exactly where this is. Has he bounced back at all? Is there something that would help make him feel better about this whole situation? How does he feel about Zach Wilson being their QB and his level of confidence? What’s the ceiling for Zach Wilson, in Greenberg’s opinion? Which QB does Greenberg think Coach Saleh should grab for this season? What’s another reason that NY Jets’ fan’s spirits couldn’t be any lower?


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Chumba Casino has over a hundred casino-style games, so join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. Monday night at about 8 30 I thought of one person and one person only and I wish I was kidding or maybe I don't wish I was kidding but I am not kidding. When the cart met the blue tent and I realized that it was serious for Aaron Rodgers, I thought only of ESPN's Mike Greenberg who joins us on the Adam Gold show.

I mean I'm very serious about that. I really thought I wonder how Greeny is doing because I've lived vicariously through your summer and the lead up to this and the excitement of it all and throwing trying to throw Bill Barnwell out of your studio that day when he picked the Jets last. Are you okay now?

No, I'm definitely not okay now. We have been we have been going through on my show what the five stages of grief are because I don't I don't think that's over um stating this. We are grieving.

We who are fans of the Jets and I think all fans of really passionate fans of all teams can relate to this. When something really bad happens to your team it is legitimate grief and people are reacting toward me as though you know I've I've had a death in the family. I'm on the street and at the golf club and everywhere I go people are checking in on me to make sure I'm okay and offering their condolences and all I can say to you is I think I'm still in the first stage which is denial which is to say I obviously understand intellectually that this has happened but I don't think I have fully processed it.

It doesn't feel real to me. It just feels impossible to imagine that after everything that happened after how well everything was going after the magnitude of this that it would end in four plays it just it just seems impossible. There were so many ways I could have seen this going badly but this was one I have to admit I never even really considered so I mean it's the only word I think I can think of to use is devastating and I don't know that it has hit me yet maybe it will hit me at four you know whatever 25 eastern time sunday afternoon when the ball is kicked off in Dallas and Zach Wilson runs out there onto the field it's just it's really really really sad and I feel really really really bad about it. Again when Mike Greenberg is joining us I thought of you immediately I actually put out a tweet I wonder if at ESPN Greening your twitter handle I wonder if he is okay and then I went wait a second I don't want some of the shmoes that that yell at me to get in your mention so I deleted it but then everybody was tweeting at you. I believe Dominique Foxworth was tweeting from your house by the way I thought it was a missed opportunity Tuesday you guys should have done the show from where you guys watched the game like on your pajamas like because it was a sleepover it was the was the greeny sleepover. I'm never going in that room again I'm not ever setting foot so where we watched the game I had Damian Woody and Dominique Foxworth and Dan Graziano all of whom were doing Get Up With Me the following morning and uh Brendan Baba Peregrin who produces the radio show all came over that night and my daughter was there with some of her friends and my nephew was there with his buddy and Stace and me and the dog and there is a in the building in which we live in New York there is a screening room downstairs that you can reserve like first come first serve people in the building and people always reserve it for things like Super Bowls or you know whatever it might be and so I reserved it for this night and we brought in all this food and I and I can do that so that's where we were sitting and anyone who has seen the pictures and videos that people were posting that's where we were I can tell you right now and I'm not kidding I'm never going in there again it is the scene of one of my great like maybe years from now I will face it and I will go back in and and try and overcome that but that that room now becomes a place of devastatingly painful memory uh just sitting there frantically begging someone to tell me it wasn't true you know when he first went down it didn't there's no way to know how bad it is right he was he wasn't riving on the ground in pain so then they showed the replay in our first you know I'm asking the football players because you know how it is you work with football players they all recognize this stuff immediately and I they were the opinions going around the room was it an ankle is it the calf that he had the issue with before it was not until that cart pulled up to the tent that it really sunk in that this could be something way way worse than it looked and that was when it just went south my man I mean it yeah it just went south and I will tell you that as happy as I was that they won and I certainly was and I'm incredibly happy for them those players because at a fight through something like that and still find a way to win a really big game at home and that was wonderful and thrilling to them and of course I was happy but I never bounced back I did not I did not celebrate with anywhere near the vigor that I normally would my team winning on a walk-off punt return in overtime against their arch rivals in in the opener um that it still was not the whole of the night I mean it is the definition of winning the battle but losing the war Mike Greenberg from ESPN is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show I watched Dominique Foxworth on your set guess it was yesterday still trying to uh convince everybody that they could still be a playoff team with Zach Wilson they were nearly a playoff team last year um mostly with Zach Wilson some with Joe Flacco a couple of games with Mike White but I think they won they had a better record with Zach than they did with the other quarterbacks uh what is your level of confidence that Zach might rise to the occasion and at least be good enough well so it depends on what good enough means it depends on what rising to the occasion means he he almost has to be better than he was a year ago I know that they won a lot of games with him in there but he was he was so bad that not only did they bench him but his offensive teammates made up shirts to celebrate his backup Mike White and then when the season was hopelessly lost they their final regular season game of the year when they had already been eliminated from everything they chose to play a 30 whatever he was five-year-old Joe Flacco instead of putting Zach on the field because they just couldn't do it there would have been a mutiny like they just or that his teammates couldn't handle him it would have to be but it has to be better than that um good enough is a relative term I think the Jets are good enough to even in the loaded AFC and loaded AFC East make a playoff run with Zach Wilson yes I do could I see them winning nine or ten games yes I could but hey Carolina Panthers fans Chris Lee and Dennis Cox here we're excited to offer you all the inside information on your team with the newest member of the capital broadcasting podcast network panthers playbook twice a week we'll keep you updated on your Carolina Panthers we're talking about locker room insight exclusive interviews and of course in-depth looks at all of the panthers wins touchdown Carolina panthers playbook download and subscribe today at or wherever you discover your favorite podcasts that will in some way only I think add to how painful this is because it will make it all the more clear that with Aaron Rodgers this was really a team that had a chance to win the Super Bowl I mean you never know how a ball is going to bounce right when you start getting deep into this and there are a lot of good teams in the AFC but all anyone watching that game Monday night everyone watching could see what you and I already knew this was a this is a championship caliber team in every way but one and and they were exactly Aaron Rodgers away and tragically they are once again Aaron Rodgers away so I think that they could make the playoffs I think they could win nine or ten games but I don't see any conceivable chance that they win playoff games against Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow or any of those guys with Zach Wilson at quarterback yeah because at some point your quarterback has to win you a playoff game you're not getting to the Super Bowl without your quarterback winning a playoff game although I would argue it has been done Tom Brady didn't have to win a playoff game in fact Drew Bledsoe won I believe the AFC championship game in year one but you know that's Bill Belichick and the Patriots and everything's just a little bit different with him I think the Jets what you're speaking to the Jets showed just how good Garrett Wilson is just how good Breece Hall is and the addition of Dalvin Cook as running back too because ultimately that's what he is and how good their defense is and Quinnen Williams and all the other pieces that they've got so who do you go to we talked to Jason Fitz I know you know Jason very well uh Jason is now with Yahoo we talked a little bit of fantasy football he suggested they try to trade for Ryan Tannehill um what do you do if you're the just you go trade for a quarterback there's really nobody left to pick up Ryan Tannehill I mean I understand what Jason is saying because right now all you have are bad options if there were good options then they wouldn't be options one week into the start of a season so what you're looking at is do you want to see if some team is willing to trade a veteran back up to you um why would they do it why would the Colts trade um uh uh Gardner Minshew right why would the Panthers right there in your backyard why would they trade Andy Dalton and these are guys who one would think will are there on are on their respective teams for a reason even with the young guys playing so then you turn to guys who are on the street Nick Foles Carson Wentz those kinds of guys are on the street for a reason because they're generally not good enough to play for anybody right so I don't think there's any good option if there is one or if one should come available I think if they are treading water if the Jets are keeping their heads above water long enough that we get six seven eight games into the season we approach the trade deadline and some other teams have fallen out of it or whatever the case may be maybe someone is willing to trade you a more legitimate backup quarterback but that's realistically all they're getting I don't know that Tennessee is going to be willing to trade you uh Ryan Tannehill and frankly I think Ryan Tannehill is stinks I mean there's really no other way to say it he gave away a game this past weekend um I'm not a Ryan Tannehill fan at all I'm uh I'm with you um Richard Todd is still out there I think uh Mike Greenberg is joining us here Matt Robinson is Matt Robinson still with us I mean Ken O'Brien is he still around I was actually watching a video of Boomer Esiason who now hosts a morning radio show in New York talking about this you know sadly and I did find myself thinking you know Boomer yeah yeah we're there are worse ideas I mean someone has to go in there if nothing else you can mentor look I don't I hope Aaron Rodgers is going to be around to do this one of the many huge mistakes the Jets made in drafting Zach Wilson was not giving him anyone around him to be a veteran presence to lead him and um to show him the ropes and all of that and Rogers I think was doing that enough so that I think Zach Wilson might very well have been ready to be the starting quarterback of this team two years from now um but we don't have two years we've got like three more days so I would like to see them get someone in there just to do that um and and if Rogers is going to be around after his surgery and everything else that'll probably help but they don't even really have that guy on their roster right now they need to get someone just to do that um and I I hope I look they're gonna have to sign someone at some point and and we'll see who it is I'd like it to be an experienced uh someone who has been through it all so they can at least impart some wisdom and try and keep the kid calm through what is unquestionably going to be a rocky roller coaster sort of a five or six weeks he has ahead of him we'll close on this because this is about the I guess the new Aaron Rogers that we've watched whether it's through hard knocks or just kind of following through the media is that while there were some questions from some teammates in teammates in the past about his leadership in Green Bay there were none of those in his time with the Jets so if this Aaron Rogers engaged with teammates is the new Aaron Rogers he can certainly be valuable once he's able to be around the team again after a surgery and uh whatever recovery comes from that then he can maybe help Zach Wilson through all of this and then you just need somebody who is at least capable of playing yeah look I love him I will say this about Rogers when they I was all in favor of it as you know yeah and they did it and I was thrilled they did it and but I was willing to admit I may have said to you um of course it comes you're a little have a little trepidation because we all know what the reputation was and we all know how badly it went to the very end of Green Bay and we all know that he had taken on a persona of someone who could be prickly and difficult and people were questioning his leadership I'm telling you he has been well beyond your wildest imagination since he got here I live in this city he's been everywhere he's been with all his teammates he's he you saw it I mean you don't need to tell you that he showed up in all the many camps and all of training camp and according to my buddy McAfee he hired a guy to sort of get him in the best shape he's ever been in he was as ready to go as you could possibly be and his leadership was above and beyond what you could have hoped for in your wildest fantasy so I will say this and he never plays another down for the Jets I hope he does but if he even if he never plays another down for the Jets I will always love him I will love the way he came here I will love the way he embraced it I love the way he he was he was willing to stare down the the challenge of all of the bad things that have happened to the organization in in years past be they recent or not so recent I love that this is where he wanted to be and I love the way he handled himself from the minute he got here so he he was terrific I hope that he will be around them and I hope that he does try and come back and and is able to recline recapture something even with a devastating injury at the age of 40 I don't think it'll be easy but even if he never makes it back I will always love him for the way he handled the whole thing he did say on Instagram yesterday the night is oh is darkest before the dawn and I shall rise again which I think means he's coming back how many Aaron Rodgers jerseys do you have Mike Greenberg I have two and and one of them is in a frame in studio I am actually you want to hear how awful things are for the Jets I mean you want to talk about the worst week in the history of the franchise so Aaron Rodgers of course was was our great hope the greatest legend in Jets history of course is Joe Namath and today is Joe Namath's celebrity golf outing that he does every year to benefit the March of Dimes at Bethpage out on Long Island which is a beautiful golf facility and he has it every year and I have been privileged to host it for him many times I am as we speak in a car on my way out there to host the Joe Namath celebrity golf outing award ceremony at which Joe Namath is not going to be in attendance because he got COVID this week oh you're kidding so 80 year old Joe Namath will not be at the Joe Namath golf outing this week because he has COVID now everything I'm told is that he's well he's fine there's no cause for tremendous concern but he's he's not here so um this is the kind of week where Joe Namath isn't at the Joe Namath golf event it's it's hard to imagine spirits being lower than they are right now for our beloved franchise Mike Greenberg I appreciate your time I appreciate you letting us share in your rehabilitation from the trauma of Monday night I really do uh it's cathartic to be honest with you I think there is there is something cathartic about talking about it with people who feel equally badly you know like have you processed it like like does like if this had happened what I think I'm not grasping is if this had happened to any other team let's just let's just say this uh this had happened the year that Brady went to Tampa the world was so different because it was right at the beginning of COVID yeah but let's try and envision this same scenario having taken place with any other team the way I would be thinking about it the enormity of it like the enormity of this story because it's happened to our team I think is just not fully sunken into me and I don't know when or how or even if it will have you fully taken in and processed the magnitude of what happened here and it's because it's because of the history of the jets is that not that we should have expected something like this to happen but it's when it does happen you just go Luckyland casino asking people what's the weirdest place you've gotten lucky lucky in line at the deli I guess uh-huh in my dentist's office more than once actually do I have to say yes you do in the car before my kids pta meeting really yes excuse me what's the weirdest place you've gotten lucky I never win and tell well there you have it you can get lucky anywhere playing at play for free right now are you feeling lucky no purchase necessary 18 plus terms and conditions apply see website for details kind of fits the uh kind of fits the playbook like NC State fans down here the joke joke is we we can't have nice things for NC State the Duke Carolina they all they win something it's been a while for uh for NC State in a in a major sport it just something is going to happen to to get in the way of uh of you know something like this so uh that's that's kind of the way I process all of these things plus I'm numb as a Mets fan I'm more a Mets fan than I am of anything else I've been numb since May 8th. Yes it's been a look I mean and I don't know that anyone in in uh where you are is interested in in hearing about our troubles but it has been about as bleak a sports year in this city in New York as I can ever remember and look that's saying a lot we've had some bleak years but the Yankees are going to finish last for the first time in three generations the Mets are the most expensive flop in the history of baseball the Giants just lost 40 to nothing to their arch rivals on national TV and still somehow have the better weekend of the two New York football teams oh by the way the Brooklyn Nets look like a championship team it couldn't possibly go wrong and in the blink of an eye they became even more irrelevant than they've ever been before it is a brutal time in New York sports. Well this is a phrase that nobody has uttered probably in 25 years maybe longer at least you have the Knicks.

Yes I mean they are actually right now probably the most on the most stable footing of any of the major New York sports franchises and you're correct it is it has definitely not been in this millennium that we've had the opportunity to say that. Mike I thank you very much for the time we'll talk again write another book. Write another book. I'm working on it. All right talk to you later. Take care.

Mike Greenberg from ESPN. I have nothing I have nothing to add but I'm just glad I'm just glad that we could be just I don't know a sympathetic ear as much as anything else. Yeah I get it.

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