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Bryce Young won’t be playing this Sunday vs the Seattle Seahawks

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September 22, 2023 2:45 pm

Bryce Young won’t be playing this Sunday vs the Seattle Seahawks

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 22, 2023 2:45 pm

Anish Shroff, Carolina Panthers play by play, will also be calling the NC State vs Virginia game tonight.

Why is Armstrong coming back to Virginia not as cut and dry as some may think? How big is this game, on so many different levels? What kind of narrative does Anish believe is in this game? Bryce checked all the boxes except for one, so is it easy for fans to go to that ONE thing? What will we see from Andy Dalton? Does Anish believe this will be good for Bryce to have the opportunity to watch? And throws a curveball asking if Anish’s orange are for real??


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See website for details. Nie Sharaf from ESPN and the voice of the Carolina Panthers. We're going to tackle two subjects here with Mr. Sharaf who is in Charlottesville or headed there.

Well, you should be there now. The game starts soon. Tonight on ESPN, the Wolfpack taking on the Cavaliers. When you approach a game like this tonight, because there should be some emotion for Brennan Armstrong, right? He was teammates with those three young men who were victims of the shooting a year ago. I think this matters.

How much focus do you put on that? What do you do with that information as you head into this game? You know, I think it's part of it because this isn't as simple and cut and dry as Brennan Armstrong's coming back to Virginia. He's got his offensive coordinator, Robert and I with him. And they said all the records at Virginia while they were there. And then once an eye left, we saw what happened to Brennan Armstrong last year. He struggled. So I think that's probably the big hook for the game. Yes, he is coming back, but there's no ill will.

We're talking to the Virginia folks. It's not like Brent Armstrong returns as this villain, right? He just, he just was not a fit in the new offensive system.

It was this pro style system timing based. And when you think of not just what he meant to that program, but even last year when he struggled what he went through with those teammates, that's very real. That is real on a depths of your soul type of level. I don't think you forget that.

And if you read everything that Brennan Armstrong has said this week, there's a lot of friendships and a lot of relationships in that locker room. This isn't like, oh, I'm here. I'm going to get my payback. I'm here for revenge there that sort of narrative.

I don't think exists in this game. Yes, he's coming back and he's trying to win for NC State. But what he went through with those guys, especially last season, that is very real. And and hopefully we can do it justice. And he sure off from ESPN and the voice of the Carolina Panthers.

And we will talk about Bryce young here in a minute. What's what's your sense of how Virginia has kind of navigated this whole thing? I mean, they I don't know when you ever get over anything like this. I know they played their first home game, I guess against JMU last week. What's your sense of where they are?

There's a couple of things. One part of this healing process for them is hey, can we win a game? Right? And I think it would mean something for them to win a game at home. They've lost six straight going back to last year. And remember the last two games of 2022 after the shooting were canceled, they had mentioned to us the first two games of this season were hard first game of the year. It's the first game for all these guys after what had happened. And then the second game against James Madison. It's the first home game and you see the numbers of the three players emblazoned in the end zone.

Well, as much as you want to progress and as much as you want to process and heal and move forward, it's like any of us who've dealt with loss. There are these reminders and for Virginia Wednesday was Deshaun Perry's birthday. He was one of the players who was shot and killed last November. And again, that's a moment where for the coaches and for the teammates and for the guys in that locker room of the staff, you're not just going to gloss over it.

You're not just going to ignore it. And so they took the time out. They had a celebratory birthday cake for them. They remembered him.

They shared their memories. And again, that emotion bubbles to the surface. And I think sometimes, you know, we think of it as X's and O's and sports and moving on. Man, that's real. That's real on a life and death level, not the life and death level that we equate sports to.

So I don't think that process is linear linear like any healing grieving process is. So it is something they still deal with it. And I know they had to deal with it this week when again, one of the fallen teammates should have been out celebrating a birthday instead of the remembering a birthday where he's not there.

And he sure off is joining us here in the Adam Gold show. We spent on this program for the like the last month talking a lot about and not talking about mental health issues, but it's all in the subject because of North Carolina wide receiver, Tez Walker and North Carolina was, you know, one of their arguments, if you will, to the NCAA was that is a mental health issue, an emotional issue that Tez Walker should be allowed to play. So this is where the real life mental health issues for college students, you know, you know, young people. This is where it hits home where it should hit home for a lot of people.

And we can't, you just can't like overlook the element of these are all, you know, 19, 20, 21 year old guys who are dealing with the loss of a brother. Hey Carolina Panthers fans, Chris Lee and Dennis Cox here. We're excited to offer you all the inside information on your team with the newest member of the Capitol Broadcasting Podcast Network Panthers Playbook.

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So join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. It is something unless you have been through it. And even if you have been through it, every circumstance is different. I don't think we really understand how to process it.

I'll share with you. I lost my mom when I was 17 years old and I was two weeks away from graduating high school. And then a few months later, I went off to college and of those months in the aftermath felt like a blur. I didn't know how to properly process. I did things that I regretted and I wasn't sure and I acted out of character just because you're lost and you're searching and you're trying to to figure this out and we all don't know the right way to heal. And back then again, there was no way go see a therapist go talk to a counselor. You just kind of had to how to figure it out.

And you know, I told people all the time. There's no road map for any of this Tony Elliott walks in first time head coach right at Virginia. There's no road map on what do you do when three of your players are shot and killed in the middle of the season.

Nobody tells you how to do that when you sign up to become a head coach. And again, I think as sports fans were so fixated on the outcome. Did they win? Did they lose?

Why did he play so poorly? You know, I can't speak to everything on mental health, but I think sometimes we don't give these athletes enough currency as human beings and real people and he sure off is joining us here on the Adam go to the game tonight. NC State at Virginia 730 on ESPN, he will be there and then you will get on a plane. I don't know if it's later tonight or probably tomorrow morning and you will fly to Seattle where you and Bryce young will have something in common. Neither of you will play against the Seahawks. The injury is the injury at midnight whether it happened in the game and we just found out about it Monday rather Tuesday, or it happened something in Tuesday doesn't really matter big picture.

And I just was talking about this earlier a couple of times today. I don't think in the big picture that it's a terrible thing that Bryce young watches. Andy Dalton play a football game. I think sometimes being on the sidelines can just give you another perspective of everything that's going on.

It can I think there's a couple of ways to look at it. Andy Dalton obviously is a pro. This guy has started what at least six games in every season of his pro career. So it's not like you're throwing somebody into the fire. Who's not ready hasn't had the reps. Andy Dalton is a serviceable quarterback and you can do a whole lot worse than Andy Dalton, but no for Bryce doing I think you know, the one thing it does call into question right is the optics when he was drafted. This guy checks every box.

What was the one box? He didn't check the physicality the bill, right? He's small and so I think again naturally human reaction.

If you're a fan, I think you do go to that place, right? Okay ankle injury is this going to be a trend. Can he hold up in the NFL? Listen, it's very early in his career.

You hope this is a blip but it's hard for that not to creep into the back of your mind. The other thing is I looked at this game as an opportunity for Bryce young New Orleans and Atlanta are vastly superior right now defensively to where Seattle is Seattle's banged up on the defensive side. I they have no path rush whatsoever. They have two sacks one came on a corner Blitz Bobby Wagner finally looks slow. Their other linebacker Jordan Brooks is coming off a torn ACL. Now they're beat the heck up in the secondary Jamal Adams may or may not play. He's coming off an injury now.

Greek woolen who had the great rookie season. He's heard, you know, Devin Witherspoon their other cornerback missed the first game. He's a rookie.

This is only his second game at this level. So you got a lot of injuries and I thought hey, this might be an opportunity to get right and then people talk. Well, I live in field Seattle 12th man.

It's like come on, dude. This guy played night games at LSU. He wore crimson at Auburn. He played in Starkville with those incessant cowbells going on non-stop. He played at Tennessee in front of a hundred thousand fans with all due respect to Lumen Field atmosphere wise.

It doesn't compare to some of those places. I mentioned to the SEC. So I thought this could be a real opportunity for Bryce Young and his passing offense to you know, maybe get right a little bit against Seattle. I think you're right. I also think that the Vikings are not exactly the purple people leaders from the 70s and know the following week could prevent just the same type of a of an opportunity for him. Like I how did you look at the two games real quick and he sure any sure off of joining us here.

I know we don't have a lot of time left. But how did you look at the two games? My view was I thought game one was pretty good other than the two interceptions and I thought game two was not good because I thought there were other things that he looked like he was inaccurate with some throws. I thought he rushed when he didn't have to and I thought he held the ball too long.

I saw some worse signs from game two that I saw from game one. I look at both games where I think the first game again, three turnovers led to 17 points difference in a game second game. Really the difference was three plays you have the fourth down and one offside. You kick a field goal, right?

Take a touchdown off the board. There's the red zone fumble and then Crystal Lavey makes the juggling catch and I bring that up because what Bryce young has not had is guys making plays. Terrace Marshall showed he can do that last year hasn't done it so far this year. The discussion all showed he could do that when healthy last year has not done that this year. DJ shark has not been at full strength to Adam Thielen.

We know what he is. He's an underneath guy who's a safety net, right? But they have not had explosive plays. They've had one pass play of 20 plus yards. And so I think going into the season, we thought the o-line would have been better injuries of hit. We thought the skill guys could maybe take some pressure off Bryce. He's probably been asked to do more than I think what we thought.

He would be asked to do this early in the season at the end of the day. It's still a rookie quarterback making his second start and he sure off is joining us here. Before we say goodbye, are your orange for real? You know, Adam, I'm just curious. I don't know that, you know, it's like the line from what Godfather three, right?

Just just when you think you're out, they pull you right back in and I I wait with a baited breath. Okay, let's go beat army this weekend. If you beat army, you're for know and then you got a three-game stretch. It's Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina. I forget the exact order.

If you get one of those three for the back end of the schedule soft, then you could start to dream it and who knows two losses in the ACC that might put you in position for Charlotte. That's easy. You're doing it to me. Look what's happened to me.

Look what's happened. This is I can't I can't see I wasn't even going there. You brought you know, you were ready. I appreciate that. I appreciate that and he's thank you very much for the time. Enjoy the game tonight.

I know you'll you'll kill it and then we'll we'll that's probably a bad thing to say. I apologize for that. I didn't mean that you'll you'll do a great job tonight and we'll be listening on Sunday when the Panthers are in Seattle. Thank you so much. Always a pleasure Adam. Thank you. You got it. And he sure off here on the Adam Gold show didn't use that in the in the performance sense, but I apologize for the from I heart podcast Supreme the battle for row tells the story of the unlikely champions behind the landmark case Roe v. Wade starring Maya Hawk as 26 year old lead attorney Sarah Weddington for challenging the Texas abortion laws and federal court and Academy Award nominee William H. Macy as Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackman time is not the most important factor getting it right is listen to the podcast. Supreme the battle for row on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts.
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