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Carolina Panthers are now 0-3…what are we doing?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 25, 2023 3:15 pm

Carolina Panthers are now 0-3…what are we doing?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 25, 2023 3:15 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on his overview of the Panthers and others like; like the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, and Taylor Swift.

Could the Aaron Rodgers injury actually HELPING the Jets, by exposing their bigger issues? After the Cowboys vs Cardinals game, are we all seeing that Dallas isn’t the juggernaut (again?) Sam Howell and the Commanders are back to Earth after their loss to the Bills? Is this more reflective for the Bills or the Commanders? The Chiefs crush Chicago, but really all anyone is talking about now is Taylor Swift. Is it possible that the Bears should be patient and it’s not THAT bad? The Chargers had a 4 point lead, on the road, went for it on 4th down to give the Vikings the ball back. Is Brandon Staley TRYING to make bad decisions?


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See website for details. It's the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. We're bumping with Travis Kelsey all day, aren't we?

Is that what we're doing? Yeah, Mrs. Kelsey. Yeah, we're bumping with Travis Kelsey all day. There has been way too much conversation about that, but it's alright. It's fun.

I got no problem with fun. I do believe if there was a prop bet, how many times would Fox cameras pan to Taylor Swift with Travis Kelsey's mom in the luxury suite during the game? Or her chant behind a mom. Right, oh yeah. Does she work blue?

Taylor Swift working blue? That's good. I mean, honestly, the game wasn't exciting.

No. I mean, the Chicago Bears are terrible. It's bad.

It's just bad. They're working for that first and second draft pick. Ah, yes. Oh, we'll talk about the Panthers. Alright, it's time to talk to Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, pick six podcast, moderator. We'll get to Travis and Mrs. Kelsey in a little bit. Let me ask you about... That's the only thing I cared about.

That's the only thing I just made by par. I was trying to think of other things football related to that. I just had a blank space in my mind because the only thing I could think about was Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift.

See, here's where I would go with this. Who would be the proper, who would be the proper celebrity for like Zach Wilson? Right? So Travis Kelsey... Christina Aguilera, current... No, no, no, no, no. No, I'm trying to come up.

See, if I were still a Jets fan... Whitney Spears? What? No, no, no. Oh, that would be. You know what?

I think you might have hit on it. She's older. I mean, did you follow her on Instagram? No.

Do I follow her on Instagram? What is wrong with you? You know me, right? Yeah, that's true. I don't know why.

I guess I was trying to tell you that you asked the question without saying the statement. So that way I'm not like, I follow her on Instagram. It is a hot mess. I think you've just given the right answer as Britney Spears will be at MetLife for the Jets game against the Chiefs on Sunday night. How fast can NBC flex out of that game?

Well, if Taylor Swift's there, not that fast. Yeah, I don't think they can flex out until later in the season. Yeah, you can. They're stuck with it. Yeah, we're stuck with it. But I mean, certainly, you know, this is one of the issues with, you know, when the NFL... You know, when Aaron Rodgers was traded before the NFL schedule was made and the NFL schedule makers and the NFL go all in on Aaron Rodgers. You know, I know you're a recovery Jets fan, but the NFL wants the Jets to be good.

Sure. The NFL would prefer the Jets because the Jets are a very popular team. It's New York. There's a reason why they brought two teams to Los Angeles, even though the city of Los Angeles had no interest in any teams. But they gave them two, even though they didn't. And not only did they give them two, they gave them the wrong two. They should have given them the Raiders and anybody. They could have given them the Raiders and Navy. Panthers. And they would have been fine.

It would have been fine. But instead, they gave them the Rams back, which I guess there's some Hollywood history there. And the Chargers, who started there, but nobody cares.

Right. But the point being is like the schedule makers went all in on Aaron Rodgers and the Jets being the only thing we talked about this all. And look, Aaron Rodgers is healthy right now. The Jets are two and one or three and oh, or even one and two, which they are. You know, we're still like, this is a huge game.

It's Rodgers versus Mahomes instead. Right. All right.

How badly like how many times can the cameras cut the toes? Please, Taylor, are you busy on Sunday? If not, we need you not to be busy on Sunday. Yeah, we need you to be at MetLife Stadium supporting your your future husband. All right.

I'll be real, real quick, since I don't want to come back to this, since we're already here. I texted you during the think it was either maybe after the game against the Bills or during it. And in my opinion, I could be wrong, but this could be a hot take. In my opinion, the Aaron Rodgers injury. Is quietly the best thing that has happened to the Jets because it is really exposing the real problem. They knew that Zach Wilson couldn't play, but they really had no other option.

Right. Maybe they could have just jettisoned him and brought in another quarterback other than Aaron Rodgers. But they were trying as best they could to basically buy time for two years so they could have either another quarterback. Or maybe Zach Wilson would have gotten it watching Aaron Rodgers for two seasons.

There's no chance they would ever pick up his 50 or option zero. But ultimately, the Jets have so many holes. I think it's even showing on defense a little bit that they were never going to be that good ever. That the whole thing was their record last year when they were seven and three with six of those wins coming against backup quarterbacks.

That everything was overinflated. Joe Flacker Brown's win in week two, which was a once in every 200 years. Literally every couple of decades a win like that happened. Yeah, I think that this offensive line is a problem.

It's terrible. People said the Jets are a quarterback away. And then they got Aaron Rodgers. It's like, well, this team just got a shot to win the Super Bowl.

It's like, well, then why is it they're over under butched? It didn't move once this off season. Once the Rodgers rumors started happening, it got moved up to nine and a half with the over minus 120. And it didn't move once until the start of the season.

It's crazy. And that's because there was still, and I wrote about this after the injury, but it was like there were still question marks around the Jets. I mean, if the offensive line was bad, it was going to be problematic for whoever played quarterback. Rodgers, you know, played four snaps.

You got in your three drop back and got hit on all three drops. Right. You have a defense that is really good. But people are treating this like he was like the 2000 Ravens defense or the right exactly.

Right. And it's like it's a good defense. The top five NFL defense right now. But it's not like it's not. It's not historic.

It's not historic. And they didn't play well defensively against Buffalo until late. They certainly didn't against Dallas. They allowed Dallas to move down the field on them, especially third and long.

There was a third and third time. Wait, we're spending way too much time in the Jets. The defense wasn't as good.

We'll just leave it at that. And we're seeing all the all the warts offensively. I think that they might be to your point to your point Aaron Rodgers injury allows them to maybe recalibrate their expectations for 2024 and to make adjustments that they need to make in order to be successful. If he's able to return every draft pick is enough is an offensive lineman.

All of them. Yeah, every single one and everybody they target in free agency should be an offensive lineman because that's what they're missing. They have skill. They have skill guys. They have running backs.

They need offensive line. All right, let's get to teams that matter. Before Sarah discovered Chumba

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Sarah often thinks about the old boring Sarah and wonders if that Sarah ever really existed. Chumba Casino has over a hundred casino style games. So join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. Is Dallas simply a product of playing the Jets and Giants in weeks one and two because they went to Arizona and they ain't good and Dallas's offense looked at. Yeah, I mean look Dallas is two and one great story a great start and then you lose in week three badly double digits to the Cardinals Arizona came out did some stuff on offense Josh Dobbs using RPOs in order to sort of keep Micah Parsons right at bay and like isolate him and keep him like for basically fortunate to be like a like like alright buddy play the run and instead of letting him just be a pass rushing maniac and that that changed things for them and then you know the Cowboys are also missing two offensive line to starting off with Zach Martin Zach Martin somebody else were ruled out like right like like surprisingly late in the in the afternoon and Arizona's trying hard. Jonathan Gannon has played against the Cowboys coach get the Cowboys you know a lot because he was with the Phillies every year so he knows that personnel well I don't think that the Cowboys like I put this on coaching right Dan Quinn and the defense didn't weren't prepared for Arizona's attack the way that they attacked him and then Mike McCarthy you're not like not dogging for the play calls necessarily I don't think they were great and they were awful in the red zone that question one of nine in the red I believe you score the red zone if they went one to five maybe on their on their trips to the red zone but like the other problem is I think that that team sort of sauntered in areas into into the Cardinal Stadium thinking like what how much are we going to win by and you can't do you know you can you can do a little bit of that in college if you're you know you can just count can just overpower a team and sometimes you can sneak by in the NFL but like if you if you get if you get the if you get a bad team's best effort in the NFL and you don't show up you can lose 10 times out of 10 and that's what happened there's no question everybody gets paid the Jacksonville Jaguars are one and two and probably you could make an argument should have been should be three after the the opening win at at the Colts after getting I mean Houston Houston came in and just I mean took it to him for however many minutes how many minutes did they play I don't even know how many minutes they play anymore says something like that all right so I think Dallas and they play 60 Dallas who knows if Dallas will be will be like I thought they might have been the best team three three three underdogs seven and a half points or more one outright yesterday and there were four and the only one who lost is the Bears well let's well we can we can talk about the Bears because there is a full on mutiny going on it appears now in Chicago is it possible that maybe patience wouldn't be a terrible thing for the Bears or because it's it is just three games in and maybe I'm not saying they have the the right quarterback or the right anything but that it ain't this bad I think it's this bad okay the Bears over under for the for their win total this season closes seven and a half I mean really really yeah and they're like people Justin Fields was 20 to 1 to win the MVP yeah when those are when the season began 20 to 1 he was one of the top 10 favorites I mean I was I was ripping it every chance I got the idea that those odds came that far down because Justin Fields but you know athletic freak can run like run around like crazy if if you're if they designed it for him in the offense and they use his legs on purpose but he like he hasn't shown he can be an accurate passer from the pocket no the Bears kind of have protect they went out and got big Davis and they drafted Darnell right but then they lost their left tackle and you know they traded for DJ Moore but did you know this isn't like this isn't the same thing as like the the the bills like like all right we've got a lot of stuff in place we feel like we're almost there let's go trade for Stefan Diggs right or you know I mean you know it's or even like even the Raiders be like Davante Adams on the block let's go get Davante Adams like that's you know you know this is a good player great player night receiver he's a good player but the Bears don't want to the Bears are trying to you make doesn't feel the passer and that was a mistake right but but also like last year when they did they're like okay fine our mistake um and this isn't working with fields like let's let him run and they they started running it was like god you know amazing fields was and like he's just this place is running so much like piling up the yard is like yeah they're also losing they lost 10 games because it's decent and he got hurt running in those games and so the idea that they're just like if you just start letting Justin Fields run that's going to unlock this offense and the team would suddenly be good it's acid I'm like this is just they were the worst team in football last year they had some off ball linebackers they improved what the worst offensive line of football but a little bit and they got a good number like a 1-b receiver on the team like it's they didn't get that much better correct and do you know anybody who picked the Bears to win that division don't answer the question because I may have been that guy all right let me ask you about let me ask you about three coaches other than me I know plenty of people who thought the Bears are gonna be a playoff team and and but there's a reason Justin Fields the numbers didn't he never didn't get to 20 to 1 magically like a bunch of people bet it yeah all right let's get to three coaches two of which I believe are actively trying to get fired so let me start with the guy that won the Los Angeles Chargers won at Minnesota because Kirk Cousins doesn't know that he can spike the ball that he that he has the authority to do that and refused to do it for some silly reason and then threw an interception torn a torn ACL by the way oh really all right thank you that's bad but the Chargers had a four-point lead on the road with like minute 40 left fourth and one from their own 24 and went for it and didn't get it and invited a loss Brandon Staley won the game but should be fired anyway correct so there I think you're gonna pack there's several different ways I look I ripped Braden Staley last week with good reason defense has been terrible decision-making has been awful inhalation been thrown out the window and like he was brought in to make to be a really good defensive coach to be a really like he's allegedly like a great decision-maker and he was gonna really embrace analytics and so like if those are the three reasons they hired you and all three reasons are going really poorly should they continue to employ you probably not having said that I thought that the decision to go for it on fourth and one the analytics say that he should have gone yeah it's it's why did the analytics say that because well because if you you look the Vikings had been the Vikings had had four drives before Sarah discovered Chumba casino dot-com she enjoyed chamomile tea come on big jackpot and being in PJs by six let's go the new fun Sarah often thinks about the old boring Sarah and wonders if that Sarah ever really existed Chumba casino has over a hundred casino style games so join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. We'll be right back. an offer today. What that ended inside the Chargers six yard line right and all those four drives they got 10 points combined that is horrendous it is I agree I agree with all of that even if their defense had been playing well except if you get if you get the first down the game is over right the ball if you put the ball you were asking the Viking you're giving the Vikings a minute 40 to go score I think the difference is 80 it's somewhere between 7 and 10 percent an increase in win probability if you do by going this is this is the problem this is the problem with all of these data all of this data is that it's stupid it doesn't take into account humans the the notion first of all the first consideration has to be what happens if we don't get it oh we give them the ball on the 24 or worse and they only have to go 24 yards with no timeouts as opposed to having to go oh I don't know 74 yards with no timeouts it's infinitely more difficult the fact is within it is with the I mean infinite is the infinite is it is the wrong word to use infinite the wrong word to use more difficult but like dude the Vikings are moving the ball and this is this is a perfectly fair to argue at this point I haven't I'm gonna text around with me Pete Pristo and a couple other people and like we're like fighting to fighting what was to the point that things I can't say for FCC purposes but like it's like anything like I don't think the analytics are a hundred percent I don't think you said the analytics say that you have to go yeah we gotta get rid of the analytics are sometimes smart and they're sometimes nonsensical and if you follow them all the time don't take into account the fact that Kellen Moore was gonna run Josh Kelly who's after 1.7 or 1.1 yards per carry up the middle of the middle on the fourth and one when you've got Justin Herbert who you can bootleg out right like Keenan Allen or anybody else so yeah like the play call has to matter the inhalation basically say like the analytics is taking like a bunch of raw data and saying okay over time distance the percentage of this and this is precision this crazy like it needs for instance if it's the Eagles and you have jail and hurts you're like why wouldn't you go for that you know but with the charges I do I mean like I guess you guys can get a yard I'm not a hundred percent sure cuz you're running the instincts right now yeah and like if you have Austin Echo it's different too because you can get a shotgun which I hate to do on fourth and one but you can get shotgun and you could have a run like a Texas route or you could have them you know run a draw you could run a play action draw an RPO there's like the personnel should matter to all that should matter I mean I think like here's my thing too brandy's tail is on the hot seat he got in his head at some point I my theory is because of the front office and ownership telling him that like they're just sick and tired of like this crazy analytics stuff you're doing and and that he last year he stopped doing what would he would he would got him the job in the first place it's really a fire but good I'm swinging what you believe good I'm swinging with what you believe well that's fine but it's that's a to me it's a fireable offense even though they got away with the win Minnesota had the ball at the six yard line with I don't know 30 seconds left again if Kirk Cousins had the ability to think on his feet then the Vikings could have run maybe he called the play he called the play himself actually eventually yes after however many seconds ran off the clock because he couldn't hear at home the whole thing was dumb real quick I only have completely agree real quick Josh McDaniel said they were two scores down they were two possessions down that's why I kicked the field goal I mean I I can't I just can't be the if Josh doesn't understand the difference between two possessions and two scoring plays then maybe Mark Davis should move on from him too but I'll just ask you this the worst coaching job in the history of the NFL last year Sean Sean right Sean Payton is 0 and 2 against two teams that will not be in the playoffs the Raiders at home and Washington also at home and then got 70 hung on him in Miami Jefferson style 70 I am oh I can't love that anymore if you listen to the pictures podcast don't be offended I forgot I was like Wilson is it you that keeps telling me I was like somebody I know is one somebody I'm good friends with keeps telling me are we sure it's not the second worst it was the second worst coaching job but it's you so don't don't be offended I forgot I'm sorry I was like it's quite all right all the time it's yeah that's yeah that's your line you may be onto something Mike McDaniel former Broncos ball boy also sneaky thing I thought of midway through the podcast last night Sean Payton actually is the one who cost the Broncos cost of the Dolphins their 2023 first-round pick with the tampering stuff with Tom Brady so I wonder if Mike McDaniel sort of wanted to send a message to maybe to Payton yeah remember because it was the Tom Brady Sean Payton stuff where they were tampering and the NFL investigated they lost their first round yeah yeah and I mean maybe a little message here from Mike McDaniel he could have gone for four more points should have gone for 73 I'm enjoying it just thought he'd take his foot off the gas yeah I mean Sean Payton man I mean Denver Sean Payton should be really really glad like the biggest winner in the whole Taylor Swift thing isn't Travis Kelce it's Sean Payton because that's people people are sure did he talk about Taylor Swift that they're not focusing on the fact that Sean Payton Stevens gave up 70 points we haven't seen it happen since the Rochester Jeffersons 70 it's beautiful as a recovering Jets fan I'm even open to enjoying the Miami Dolphins they are fun and it's even more fun when Sean Payton has the big number 70 say yeah oh yes I should be very good by the way I'm not buying the bills just because they beat the Raiders and the Washington Commandos Will Brinson senior NFL writer CBS Sports dot com we'll talk to you next week my friend bye buddy see you man gee honey those new shoes look great on you and look they show off my new toenails too new toenails what happened to the old ones well they're not really new just clear and healthy looking remember how embarrassed I was they were so discolored really awful looking well they sure look clear now I wish I could wear sandals again my toenails are a disaster look this one looks white and that one's thick and yellow here's my secret non-x nail gel it clears out yellow and keratin debris the cause of nail discoloration so that's it I've got ugly keratin debris build up under my nails and non-x nail gel gets rid of it you'll need to use it daily but clear nails are worth it you bet when we go to the beach next summer my toenails are going to look just as good as yours do thanks to non-x nail 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